Rutherglen, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Margaret's sister Elizabeth Findlay remained in Scotland with husband Andrew Ogilvie, living in Rutherglen, which is located on the southeast corner of Glasgow. Over the years the two sisters remained in contact, sending letters and Christmas bread.   Elizabeth Findlay married on the  20th of September 1878, Andrew Ogilvie at 31 Zoar, District of Forfar, Scotland. Andrew Ogilvie, son of Andrew Ogilvie, a cattleman, and Ann Bowman, a linen weaver, was a resident of Rutherglen.  Elizabeth and William had three children: Anne (b. 1883) , Elizabeth, and William Ogilvie.  Anne B. Ogilvie married David Buchanan (b. 1879-son of James Buchanan and Isabella Morison)  on 23rd September 1919 in Rutherglen.   Elizabeth also married a Buchanan.

 The area of Rutherglen was foremost known for its quality horses which were shown each year at the county fair.

Sign on wagon reads: A. Ogilvie Rutherglen,


Elizabeth Findlay


Photos from the family album of Bill & Marilyn Ramsay, Nebraska
Picture is unidentified from Ramsay photo album.
Either the farm in the photo is the Ramsay farm located in Couston, Forfar, Scotland
or the Ogilvie Farm, located in Rutherglen, looking north toward Glasgow, Scotland.

Note the church steeples in the right-hand background.  A 1894 topographic map at the Scotland Digital Library shows there are five churches clustered together in Rutherglen called St. Mary's Church , St. Columbus R. C. Presbyterian Church, U. P. Church and East Free Church going from left to right. Could this farm be located on the rolling hills to the south of Glasgow with a view to the north?


Andrew Ogilvie, brother of William Ogilvie, sitting on right. 
 Are the other men in the photo all Ogilvie men or members of group
such as elders of the church?


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