McGilvray Stone Quarry California

The McGilvray Quarry
Madera County, California

The family of John D. McGilvray moved to San Francisco, establishing "McGilvray Stone Company" in 1897. McGilvrays company was hired in 1898 to build the new Stanford University. The McGilvray family moved into the Escondite Cottage, on the campus of Stanford University. His company built Memorial Church, the outer Quad, and all the other stone buildings at Stanford.

The McGilvray Quarry, Raymond, California (east of San Francisco) ca. 1905.
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McGilvray-Raymond Granite Company Merger

The McGilvray Granite company consolidated with the Raymond Granite Company in 1928.  John Duff McGilvrays five sons, of which three attended Leland Stanford University: Alexander, Walter, and Malcolm, along with brothers John and Harry McGilvray managed the McGilvray-Raymond Granite Company.

Sandstone from the McGilvray-Raymond quarry, located in Madera County, California, was used in the construction of the St. Francis Hotel, Shreve Building, Park Emergency Hospital, Mutual Savings Bank Building, Miller, Sloss & Scott Building, Kohl building, the Italian American Bank, the Flood Building, and the F. W. Woods building. They built the War Memorial Opera House and Veterans Building (with Arthur Brown), the new U. S. Mint, Federal Reserve, and others.


Stone Cutting Machinery at the McGilvray-Raymond Quarry, ca. 1905
San Joaquin Valley & Sierra Foothills Photo Heritage program


Cut granite awaiting shipment
San Joaquin Valley & Sierra Foothills Photo Heritage program

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