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John Ramsay & Janet Whitton

Janet Whitton (b. ca. 1822)  and John Ramsay (1820/1-1911)
All photos are from the family photo album of Marilyn Ramsay, Nebraska.

John Ramsay, b. ca. 1820/21, was the son of  Benjamin "Binnie" Ramsay and Margaret "Betsy" Baxter of the Parish Inverarity, Angus Scotland.  Janet Whitton, b. ca. 1822, was the daughter of  Robert Whitton and Janet Millar, the Ward Farm House, Rescobie, Forfar, Angus, Scotland.   Benny Ramsay is listed in the register of Heads of Families in the Parish of Glamis in Communion with the Church of Scotland, December 1834.

Janet Whitton was a native of the parish of Newtyle, located seven miles directly north Dundee in the Sidlaw Hills measured 3 square miles in size, chiefly known for it grains crops of oats, barley, clover, turnips, and potatoes.  Hand loom weaving and quarry of  gray slate supplemented the household income.  The chief land-owner in Newtyle was Andrew Whitton, Esquire of Couston.

John Ramsay of  Kirriemuir, married Janet Whitton of Newtyle in Meigle, Perth Scotland on the 14th of June 1846.  They had four children: George (1847), James (1851), Jane Millar (1855), and John White (1858)  all born at Couston, Parish of Newtyle. 


James Ramsay - 1851

James Ramsay married Isabelle Gilchrist in Scotland, 30 October 1884, at Edrom, Berwickshire, Scotland. Isabelle was born about 1851 in the parish of Berwick, Scotland. James and Isabelle had two children: James Ramsay (1886) and Maggie Ramsay (1888). 

Family legend has it that James received a commendation from the Queen for a pistol part invention while living in Islington of London. 




Jessie Ramsay (1855-1921)

Janet "Jessie" Millar Ramsay, born July 14, 1855,  married John "Jack" Boath Wishart on 31st December 1889 in Rescobie, Scotland. John, son of James Wishart and Margaret Grant, was born September 20, 1859, in the parish of Rescobie, Angus, Scotland. 

Jessie and John Wishart had four children: Janet Whitton Wishart, Jane Grant Wishart, John James Ramsay Wishart , &  Isabella "Bella" Margaret Ramsay  Wishart.


George Ramsay (1847-1921) and
brother John White Ramsay (1858-1942)

London, England

Brothers John White Ramsay and James Ramsay apprenticed as machinists in London, Middlesex, England.  The 1881 census enumerated James Ramsay living in the household of William J. Fraser, on 43 Arlington Road, while John lived in the household of Swan Marshall at 40 Morton Road along with fellow Scotchman Robert Wishart, all employed as engine fitters.

Natives of Scotland, born in Couston, Parish of Newtyle, Angus (now Forfarshire) County, the Ramsay brothers were the sons of John Ramsay and Jane Whitton

George and John W. Ramsay immigrated to the United States about the year 1881.  Pooling their money together, John and George purchased land located in Franklin County, Nebraska.

Sometime between the years 1895 and 1901 the George Ramsay family returned to Scotland. George Ramsay died in Forfar in 1921. John White Ramsay died in 1942 in Bloomington, Franklin County, Nebraska.

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