The McGilvray

McGilvray-Raymond Granite Company


In 1907, John D. McGilvray reincorporated under the name of the McGilvray-Raymond Granite Company. Besides operating a quarry at Raymond, Madera county, McGilvray-Raymond Granite Company had quarries at Sites, Colusa county; at Greystone, Santa Clara county, and at Lakeside, San Diego county.  "The plants at all these quarries, with their modern mechanical equipment for extracting and cutting the stone are among the largest in the country."

John Duff McGilvrays five sons helped to manage the McGilvray-Raymond Granite Company:  Eldest son John Duff McGilvray III became  president and general manger, after the death of his father in 1916.  Henry S.  McGilvray is vice-president and has charge of construction work in San Francisco.  Alexander B. McGilvray is treasurer of the firm and managers the great granite quarry at Raymond.  Walter S. McGilvray has charge of the company's plant in Los Angeles, at 678 South Utah street, while Malcolm McGilvray, was assistant secretary. Sons Alexander B. McGilvray, Walter Scott McGilvray, and Malcolm McGilvray all attended Stanford University.

Call Building

 St. Francis Hotel

Sandstone from the McGilvray-Raymond quarry was used in the construction of the St. Francis Hotel, Shreve Building, Park Emergency Hospital, Mutual Savings Bank Building, Miller, Sloss & Scott Building, Kohl building, the Italian American Bank, the Flood Building, and the F. W. Woods building.

The McGilvray-Raymond granite is of superior quality both in strength and firmness, holding up well in construction, polishing, and carving of designs. The McGilvray-Raymond Granite Company built the first skyscraper in San Francisco for Claus Spreckels in 1898.

The stone from Lakeside quarry in San Diego County called "Silver Gray" was used extensively in the construction of mausoleums and memorials for cemeteries.  Notable mausoleums include the M. H. de Young memorial in Holy Cross, the I. W. Hellman memorial in the Home of Peace Cemetery, the Hitchcock and Murphy memorials in Cypress Lawn and the Musto and DeBarnardi memorials in Holy Cross.


 List of San Francisco Bay area Projects  of the McGilvray-Raymond Granite Co.

Emporium Building - built ca. 1890s
Flood Building
Claus Spreckels Building - built ca 1898
First National Bank
Call Building
Palace Hotel
Stanford Chapel
Stanford Quads
United States Custom House
U. S. Mint, Federal Reserve
San Francisco City Hall (with Bakewell & Brown)
San Francisco Public Library
San Francisco Civic Auditorium
Union Trust Bank Building
Kohl Building
Newhall Building
St. Francis Hotel
Examiner Building
Chronicle building
American National Bank
Sacramento courthouse
Solano courthouse
Kern courthouse
Yolo courthouse
Commercial Insurance Building
Southern Pacific Building
  (installed 21 foot long interior Sandstone columns)
Standard Oil Building
Pacific Coast Stock Exchange
War Memorial Opera House
Veterans Building (with Arthur Brown)


Klaus Spreckels Building
first great skyscraper
of San Francisco


A testimony to
 John D. McGilvrays advancement in architectural standards was demonstrated in 1906  when two of his buildings, the Emporium building and the Flood building were both left standing, practically intact,  after the Great San Francisco earthquake


Flood Building
survived the
1906 San Francisco Earthquake

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Chronicle Building




San Francisco City Hall
John Duff McGilvray built City Hall of San Francisco with with Bakewell and Brown
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