Riverside Cemetery, Adams County, Colorado


 Father John W. Sigi Sr and son John W. Sigi Jr.
 are buried in unmarked graves on either side
of sister Mrs. Amelia Rose Sigi Warwick.




MORRIS SIGI,  Proprietor.

Supplied with Beer In any Quantity,
San Louis Street, between Fourth and Fifth.

 Denver Business Directory by D. O. Wilhelm,
Byers & Daily Printing News Office,
No. 6 F. Street, Denver, Colorado, 1866

Morris Sigi, Proprietor of the Colorado Brewery, 1866

Amelia Rose Sigi
, born ca. 1865, Denver, was the daughter of  Moritz (Morris) Sigi, a native of Baden, Germany, b. ca. 1830, and wife Margareta, b. ca. 1830 Württemberg, Germany. Moritz arrived in Denver in 1862 from St. Joseph, Missouri. He opened a bakery on Blake street, where the Colorado House now stands.  Mr. Sigi quit the bakery business and became the proprietor of a brewery in 1864, called the Colorado Brewery located on San Louis Street, between 4th and 5th Street, lying to the west of lower downtown Denver across Cherry Creek (Speer Boulevard).   Morris Sigi represented the First Ward at Denver City Council in 1866. The streets in the Congressional Grant neighborhood were renamed when Denver County was formed from Arapahoe County in 1904. San Louis Street was renamed 10th Avenue and 5th Street as Larimer Street. After Moritz Sigi's death in 1874 the brewery was sold to John Good who renamed it the Tivoli Brewery. The brewery still stands today on the Auraria Higher Education Center Complex, named the Tivoli Student Union serving the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the Community College of Denver.

Three children were born in Denver to Morris and Margareta:  John W. Sigi, b. ca. 1857-Michigan, Louisa Sigi, b. ca. 1863-Colorado, and Amelia "Molly" Sigi, b. ca. 1865-Colorado.  

Fatal Accident
Denver Daily Times
March 23, 1874, page 4

About six o'clock, Sunday evening, an accident occurred at the corner of 19th and Wazee streets, which proved fatal in its effects, and which filled the city with all sorts of rumors.  Shortly after starting from the Sherman House on 19th street, a dog became loose and frightened one of a fine pair of horses attached to a barouche, in which Mr. Moritz Sigi was taking his wife, Mrs. Koch and child, Mr. W. Mollandin and Mr. L. Sumner out for a ride.

The antics of the horse aroused Mr. Summer's dog, which further scared the horse and caused the pair to break into a run.  Mr. Sumner jumped out and escaped injury, but at the corner of 19th and Wazee streets, the barouche was upset, and its occupants thrown violently to the ground.

Mr. Sigi and Mr. Mollandin were picked up in an insensible condition, and Mrs. Koch apparently seriously hurt.  Mrs. Sigi and the child were hardly scratched.  Mrs. Koch's injuries were shortly ascertained to be a severe wound on the forehead, and two bruises upon the lower limbs.  She will shortly be about as usual.  Mr. Mollandin received several severe bruises on the face, had five teeth knock out of the lower jaw, and sustained a partial fracture of the skull.  He is conscious, but the result of the blow upon the head, time only can solve.  The chances are in his favor, however.  Morphine and ice are used, and at times he complains of severe pains in his head.  He is cared for at the Sherman House by Dr. Stein.

Mr. Sigi was taken to his home, and Drs. Justice, Diedrichs, Bancroft, and Gehrung have attended him, but in spite of this large array of medical skill he died this morning at a quarter past nine o'clock, without pain, not having spoken a word, or recognized any one since the accident occurred.

Mr. Sigi was 43 years of age and leaves a widow, one son and two daughters.


Widow, Mrs. Margareta Sigi, of 293 Wazee Street, secondly married Frederick Smidt (or Schmidt), a boarding house keeper, born ca. 1831, Germany, on the 15th of March 1880, in Denver.  Shortly after their marriage, Frederick Smidt and Margareta moved from Denver to Central City along with daughters Louisa and Amelia (Mollie). Frederick Schmidt managed a boarding house in Central City with eight boarders and a servant.

Frederick Schmidt died sometime between 1880 and 1884. In the 1885 Colorado State Census, widow Margaret Sigi, age 55, is found living with her three children, John W. Sigi, age 28, Lizzie, age 21, and Mary, age 20, in Central City.  Margaret Sigi married a third time to August Divikey (Diveky) , in Denver, on 7th of January 1886.

Son, John W. Sigi, at age 19, was a co-partner in 1876, with Max Wilhelm, operating a saloon called "Sigi & Wilhelm" located at 289 15th Street, in Denver. John W. Sigi married Mary Pressler, in Central City, 23rd November 1887. They had one son, John William Sigi, born 1888.

John W. Sigi and Mary Pressler divorced, May 05, 1897, in Gilpin County, Colorado. 

John W. Sigi died at the age of 54 of pneumonia.  The Rocky Mountain News (pg2), reported on February 22nd, that "John Sigi, a resident of Central City for thirty years and a prominent man of Clear Creek County, died yesterday (February 21) of pneumonia on a train while en route to a Denver hospital.  He was 54 years old and is survived by a sister, Mrs. Amelia Warwick, and a son John Sigi, Jr., both of Denver."



Thomas Warwick, a miner,  and Amelia Rose Sigi married October 19, 1885 in Central City, Gilpin County, Colorado.   They had five children all born in Central City. 

1. Thomas Warwick, b. 1888-before 1942.  Married May T. Donahue, 1909, Gilpin County, Colorado
2  Lester Divikey Warwick, b. 1890 - d. 1948. Married Cecile Orrock, 1923, Castle Rock, Colorado.
3. Ann Marguerite Warwick, b. 1892, who married Albert Warner Higginbottom in 1912 in Denver
4. Walter Allen Warwick, born 1894, married Stella Klatt, sometime after 1953, Denver or Golden
5. Viola Evelyn Warwick
, born between 1895-1897, who married Ronald H. Vosmer, 1915 in El Paso County,

Eldest son, Thomas Warwick married May T. Donahue, August 19, 1909 in Central City.  They are present in the 1910 census for Central City, but not in the 1920 census. Thomas died October 24, 1940. He was first buried at Riverside Cemetery and later moved to Fairmount Cemetery in Denver.

Lester Divikey Warwick married Cecile Smith Orrock in 1923, in Castle Rock, Douglas County, Colorado.  Lester died in 1948 and is listed on the gravestone of wife Cecile Orrock at Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Colorado. Cecile died in March of 1975.

Ann Marguerite Warwick married Albert Warner Higginbottom in 1912.  Albert worked for the Railroad and in 1920. By 1920 Albert and Anna had two boys.

Walter Allen Warwick married first Mary M. Morrison in 1920 in Denver.  Mary, born 1899 in New Mexico died in 1952 in Jefferson County, and is buried at Chapel Hill in Englewood.  Walter secondly married Stella Klatt sometime after 1953.  This was a third marriage for Stella.  She was first married to George Richardson and secondly to Harry I. Tenenbaum.  Stella Klatt, was the daughter of John Klatt and Nora B. Platner of Golden, Colorado. Stella died in May of 1973 and is buried at Fairmount Cemetery with second husband Harry Tenenbaum. (Source: Debbie Way of Telford, Pennsylvania )  Walter died June 27, 1966 in Jefferson County and is buried at Chapel Hill in Englewood with his first wife Mary M. Morrision.

Viola Evelyn Warwick married Ronald H. Vosmer, 1915, in El Paso County, Colorado.  Ronald H. Vosmer, born 1895 in Denver, was the son of Henry W. and Sophie (nee Ruefly) Vosmer of Denver. Ronald and Viola in 1920 lived next door to sister Anna Marguerite and her husband Albert Higginbottom on South Lincoln Street, in Denver. They had one daughter  born in 1917 and a son PFC Ronald W. Vosmer born ca. 1922, of the U. S. Marines Corps, who was killed in action in the Battle of Tarawa, on November 20, 1943, the frist amphibious assault in the Pacific Arena, World War II. Ronald was buried on Betio Island, and his name is inscribed on the Honolulu Memorial in Hawaii. History of Flight discovered the remains of 35 marines on Betio Island, of which positive identification was made for Ronald W. Vosmer. Funeral services with full military honors were conducted on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, Colorado.

Father, Thomas King Warwick, born February 11, 1858, died in Central City October 5, 1897; (Find A Grave Memorial# 25473946), widow Amelia Sigi Warwick, settled in Denver after the death of her husband Thomas Warwick.  The 1913 Denver Directory lists Mrs. Amelia R. Warwick, living at 684 Fox Street, along with four of her children, Thomas Warwick and Walter, are both drivers employed by the Adams Express Company; Lester D. Warwick, is a meter reader for D. G. & E. I. Company; and Viola Warwick, is a clerk at the Daniels & Fisher Stores.  

Amelia Rose Warwick, died at age 77, on October 14, 1942, after suffering an heart attack at her residence located at 1569 Williams Street, Denver. Children surviving Amelia in 1942 were Lester, Anna, Walter, and Viola, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


Debbie Way of Telford, Pennsylvania provided Walter Allen Warwick family information.  In addition Debbie  found the article "Fatal Accident" involving Moritz Sigi, in the Colorado Historic Newspapers files.

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