Western Cemetery Dundee Scotland

Western Cemetery
Dundee, Scotland

General view of Western Cemetery



Kinnear burials in Western Cemetery

Lairs a and b were bought on November 7th 1859 by John Kinnear. (This was the John Kinnear who married Catherine Brown.) He bought lair c on April 11th 1860. The lair was bought because of the death of their son James aged 4 who died on 4th November 1859 and was buried on the 8th.

 All the graves were cleansed, probably between 1911 and 1917.


Grave 1: Section IV, Lair 13 a, b and c

Lair 13a:  John Kinnear and Catherine Brown

Lair 13b:  John Kinnear, son,  and Elizabeth Finlay

Lair 13c:  Mary Kinnear, daughter,  and Andrew Smith  

                                    and families



In loving memory of
John Kinnear, who died 29th September 1882, aged 74 years
And of his wife
Catherine Brown, who died 22nd March 1883, aged 61 years
Also of their family
James, who died 4th November 1859, aged 4 years
Margaret, who died 12th July 1874, aged 27 years
Mary, who died 21st September 1883, aged 41 years
John, who died 21st February 1889, aged 45 years
Also his wife
Elizabeth Finlay, who died 31st August 1917, aged 72 years
And their daughter
Isabella, who died 13th February 1901 aged 18 years
 John Kinnear Smith, who died 3rd August 1917 aged 49 years
Son of
Mary Kinnear and Andrew Smith
And his wife
 Joan Young who died 9th July 1922
 Mary Kinnear who died 27th January 1934
Margaret Kinnear who died 21st September 1949


Section IV, Lair 13a

Date Buried Name Age Relationship
8th November 1859 James Kinnear 4 son of John Kinnear & Catherine Brown
16th July 1874  Margaret Kinnear 27 dau. of John Kinnear & Catherine Brown
24th Sept 1883 Mary Kinnear 41 dau. of John Kinnear & Catherine Brown
wife of Andrew Smith
(Grave cleansed)      
14th September 1917 Elizabeth Finlay 72 Wife of John Kinnear
11th July 1923 Jean Young   Wife of John Kinnear Smith
30th January 1934 Mary Kinnear   Possibly a dau. of John Kinnear &
Elizabeth Finlay


Section IV, Lair 13b

Date Buried Name Age Relationship
 3rd October 1882 John Kinnear 72  Husband of Catherine Brown
 26th March 1883 Catherine Brown 61 Wife of John Kinnear
(Grave cleansed)      
24th September 1949 Margaret Kinnear   Possibly a daughter of John Kinnear
& Elizabeth Finlay


Section IV, Lair 13c

Date Buried Name Age Relationship
 25th February 1889 John Kinnear 45 Husband of Elizabeth Finlay
15th February 1901 Isabella Kinnear 20 Daughter of John Kinnear & Elizabeth Finlay
(Grave cleansed)      
4th August 1917 John Kinnear Smith 48 Son of Mary Kinnear & Andrew Smith
5th November 1958 ?    





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