Honorary Members

  1. Mrs. Charles BEAVERS
  2. Mrs. William E. BLAKEMAN
  3. Mrs. Eli BRACKETT
  4. Mrs. P. D. BURRES
  5. Mrs. Henry COCKRAN
  6. Mrs. Leslie COX
  7. Mrs. J. F. CRAIG
  8. Mrs. Isaac CURTIS
  9. Mrs. L. H. DAVIS
  10. Mrs. Lee S. EADS
  11. Mrs. George EALES
  12. Mrs. B. J. GAUGH
  13. Mrs. James GILROY
  14. Mrs. Robert GOODPASTER
  15. Mrs. W. C. G. HOBBS
  16. Mrs. C. T. HOOVER
  17. Mrs. J. L. JORDON
  18. Mrs. Sarah F. MARTIN
  19. Mrs. L. E. MATTINGLY
  20. Mrs. C. R. McCLANAHAN
  21. Mrs. John McCLINTOCK
  22. Mrs. J. E. MOORE
  23. Mrs. W. C. MOORES
  24. Mrs. K. G. PULLIAM
  25. Mrs. John D. ROCKETT
  26. Mrs. Jerry ROGERS
  27. Mrs. Milton SHARP
  28. Mrs. J. F. SKIDMORE
  29. Mrs. William SLUSHER
  30. Mrs. Minnie SPICARD
  31. Mrs. Neal STALY
  32. Mrs. John TILTON
  33. Mrs. George WASHINGTON
  34. Mrs. B. S. WIERMAN
  35. Mrs. Ora WILSON


(Note: Not included in honorary list are deceased mothers: Mrs. Andrew L. Ellett, Mrs. Alex Stone, and Mrs. Alex Tripp).


"I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage

the anguish of bereavement and leave you

only the cherished memory of the loved and lost,

and the solemn pride that must be yours to have

laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom"

Abraham Lincoln.

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