Ships Guard, Port Royal, South Carolina

Ships Guard, 2498-B, Port Royal, South Carolina


Postcard mailed by Private Benjamin Wierman to his mother Winnie Briscoe Wierman, Lexington Kentucky, on August 4, 1917 from Marines Corps Recruit Depot, Paris Island, Port Royal, South Carolina. Benjamin Wierman entered service May 5, 1917, Marine Corps, 83rd Company, 6th Division and was killed in action June 8, 1918 at the Battle of Belleau Woods, 50 miles outside of Paris. Over one thousand men were killed or wounded in the Battle of Belleau Woods-Chateau Thierry Sector, June 1-26, 1918. Buried at Lexington Cemetery National Plot.

Letter of Sympathy from American War Mothers Chapter - Fayette County, Kentucky

"Whereas we the members of Lexington Council No. 27 D. of A. have learned with deep regret of the death in France of Benjamin Wierman .......We wish to extend to his family and friends our heartfelt sympathy for their loss. Be it resolved that these resolutions be pinned to our minutes and a copy be sent to the bereaved family." Committee on Resolutions; Emma Glover and G. B. Thurman

Benjamin Wierman
Lexington, Kentucky
Son of Burner Wierman and Winnie Ann Briscoe
Killed in action 8 June 1918
Battle of Belleau Woods

Oh, blessed sleep that will not break,
For tears nor prayers, nor love's sweet sake
Oh, perfect rest, that knows no pain,
No throb, no thrill of heart or brain
Oh, life sublime, beyond all speech.
That only the pure through dying reach;
God understands, and his ways are right
Bid your beloved a long good-night.
Weep for the days that will come no more,
For the sunbeam flown from earths and door,
For a missing step,
For the nameless grace,
Of a tender voice and a loving face;
But not for the soul,
Whose goal is won,
Whose infinite joy is just begun,
Not for the spirit enrobed in light
And crowned where the angels are tonight.

Copyright Lewellen @ 2005

The photograph of Benjamin Wierman and his Ships Guard postcard are from our Wierman_Scaggs family album. 
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