Rosters of the 53rd Massachusetts

These four rosters each contain a complete listing of members of the 53rd Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. They are variously alphabetized by last names, companies, occupations and home towns of the soldiers.
The column entitled R. H. Pages is an index to the Regimental History written by Henry A. Willis (index prepared by John W. Hager). The entries with an X are listed with the 53rd in the Soldiers' and Sailors' database of the National Archives, but do not appear in the regimental history text. I suspect these are due to errors of handwriting interpretation, since the S & S database also contains many duplications with alternate spellings of names.
Notes Key: c - captured; d - died; e - re-enlistment; j - order of the court; k - killed; m - discharged May, 1863; n - never joined for service; o - order of Adj. Gen. Schouler; p - promoted; q - Special Order 179, 23 July 1863; r - deserted; s - disability; t - transferred; u - resigned; v - order of Col. Day; w - wounded

Compiled by Walter G. Blenderman;

Prepared 7/6/2007

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