53rd Massachusetts Co. A

Roster of Company A, 53rd Massachusetts Volunteers

Men from Fitchburg, Clinton (1), Lunenburg(1),
Marblehead (1), South Adams (1), and Westminster (1)

The following information is taken from the "53rd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers" by Henry A. Willis.

Eugene T. Miles +, Captain
George G. Nutting*, 1st LieutenantDaniel W. Tuttle +, 2nd Lieutenant
First Sergeants
William B. ChaneyGeorge H. Bailey** ~
Jerome K. Taft** #Albert D. TourtellottEphraim E. Farrar
Merrill CarltonWilliam H. Simonds
Frederick A. Hale %John F. BruceP. Charles Conner
James F. BartlettAndrew J. GreenGilbert D. Kendall
Francis N. RayEdward H. SpencerCharles F. Russell
William H. Eaton
Charles W. CarterEdwin D. Atherton
Francis A. Alvord
Alonzo P. Barnum
Thomas Bartlett
William S. Bardeen
Charles P. Battles
Daniel W. Bemis
John H. Booth
Peer M. Bowen
Charles H. Brown
Joseph W. M. Brown
Charles H. Caldwell
William M. Caldwell
Horace M. Churchill
Henry H. Daisy
James Daley
Patrick Dinneen
Edward P. Farwell
Francis F. Farrar
Morris Farrar
Patrick Flynn
Arthur Forister
Edwin Gates
Eugene Gates
Henry D. Green
Albert Griswold
David A. Harrington
Mason A. Harrington
Cornelius Harrington
Charles T. Harris
Edwin A. Harris
George F. Hartshorn
James A. Hartwell
Junius Harwood
John M. Hastings
William E. Henry
Alfred O. Hitchcock
Francis D. Hill
Isaac P. Jaquith
Forestus M. Jewett
Alphonso Kempton
J. Henry Kendall**
Thomas G. Lesure
Ozro J. Livermore
Albert McIntire
Boardman Parkhurst
Henry T. Pratt^
John Roach
Amory Robinson
Charles Rock
Francis C. Russell
Alvin M. Sawyer
George A. Sawyer
William H. Shattuck
Josiah Spaulding
Charles W. Stewart*
Alvin O. Stickney
Lysander F. Thompson
Orrin A. Thomas
Thomas W. Tolman
Edward M. Underwood
Bradlee N. Upham*
Harvey H. Wellington
William H. Wetherbee
Horace E. Wheeler
William C. Wheeler
Alfred Whittemore
Henry F. Whitcomb
Waldo Whitman
Robert G. Wiley
George G. Winchester
Hurbert W. Winthrop
Frederick F. Woodward
Henry S. Woodbury
Oscar F. Woodbury
William Wooldridge*
Frederick L. Works
George F. Works
Jackson Wyman

* Killed in Action; ** Died from Wounds; + Resigned
~ Promoted to Captain, 5/21/1863
# Promoted to 1st Lt., 5/21/1863; Captain, 6/10/1863
% Promoted to 2nd Lt., 5/21/1863
^ Promoted to 1st Lt., 6/10/1863

Compiled by Walter G. Blenderman;

Prepared 10/15/1997, updated 1/31/2001

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