53rd Massachusetts Co. C

Roster of Company C, 53rd Massachusetts Volunteers

Men from Primarily Leominster and 15 other towns

The following information is taken from the "53rd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers" by Henry A. Willis.

Joel A. Stratton, Captain
Alfred R. Glover *, 1st LieutenantJames W. Hall, 2nd Lieutenant
First Sergeant
Albert M. Haskell
James Gilchrest, Jr.George A. BishopEbenezer F.Cozzens
Charles F. CarterGeorge A. CowanCharles E. Fisher~
Cassius A. WoodworthWilliam H. HeustisGeorge W. Chute, Jr.
George W. BixbyGardner O. NorthCharles Q. Pierce
Richard EaslerJames M. Lewis
Marvin Adams
John B. Allen
Hugh Arthur
Charles Ausburn #
James H. Ayers
Henry T. Balcom
Orlando Benson %
Mark K. Brown
Daniel Burke
Daniel Butterfield
Cornelius A. Canty
Francis G. Carter
James Carlan *
John Cassen +
Sidney J. Chase
Judson A. Conant
George W. Conant
Eber F. Clark ##
Daniel Coffee
Moses Cotton
George B. Damon
John B. Davis
Edmund O. Day
Leonard S. Day
Edward Dever
Bernard Dowe ~~
William A. Easler
Edward M. Ellis ~~
John Ferguson
Ira B. Foster
Jerome S. Gates
John P. Giffin
Stillman Gilpatrick
Edmund Hardy
Joel A. Hayward ##
Thomas A. Hills
James N. Hunt ~~
Adelbert W. Johnson **
William H. Johnson +
Willliam H. F. Kelley ^
John N. Kendall
Patrick Kenefick
Russell B. Lewis
Charles Linscott
Cornelius Mack
Addison D. Maynard
William F. McMeekin
Harry Morse #
John Orcutt %%
Edwin L. Palmer
John Parks
Henry G. Pollard
Michael Pierce ++
George E. Priest ^^
Augustus M. Rice
George L. Rice
William E. Rice
John Richards
Merrill Sawyer %%
Edward Sharon
Thomas Shime
James Sullivan
George M. Tenney
George Thompson
Robert B. Thomas
Henry S. Treadwell
Patrick Welch
David A. Weston
Francis S. Wheeler ##
James Wheeler +
Alfred A. Whitton
Edward Whitney
Salmon Whitney
William Whitney *#
Alphonso J. Wilder ~#
John R. Wilder
George P. Williams
Samuel A. Wright

* Killed in Action; ** Died of Wounds
~ Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, 7/2/1863;
^^ Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, Co. H, 11/15/1862
# Deserted 11/25/1862, Groton, Mass.;
% Deserted 11/19/1862, Groton, Mass.
+ Deserted 11/11/1862, Groton, Mass.;
^ Deserted 12/18/1862, NYC
%% Deserted 11/20/1862, Groton, Mass.;
++ Deserted 11/15/1862, Groton, Mass.
*# Deserted 11/17/1862, Groton, Mass.
## Transferred to Co. B, 11/28/1862;
~~ Transferred to Co. E, 12/30/1862
~# Transferred to Co. K, 12/30/1862

About the high number of desertions: From Willis' Regimental History, pp. 10-11:

Men who enlisted for the bounty merely were not soldiers; they were called "bounty jumpers" in those days. We had a few such recruited in Boston to fill up Company C, but most of them disappeared before the regiment left its first camping ground.

Read Captain Stratton's short memoir published in 1919.

Compiled by Walter G. Blenderman;

Prepared 12/25/1997, updated 5/8/2000, 5/5/2007

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