53rd Massachusetts Co. D

Roster of Company D, 53rd Massachusetts Volunteers

Men from Lunenburg, Pepperell, Shirley,
Stow, and Townsend

The following information is taken from the "53rd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers" by Henry A. Willis.

Andrew J. Clough, Captain
Anson D. Fessenden +, 1st LieutenantStephen W. Longley #, 2nd Lieutenant
Daniel L. King, First Sergeant
Harlan F. GreenSamuel A. LawrenceJames E. Pierce
John Q. AdamsHenry P. Kilburn *Clesson Kenney %
William Bush,Color Sergeant
Daniel C. WheelerJohn A. BrownCharles A. Sears
Isaac W. PierceCharles E. SmithNorton E. Chamberlin
John Haynes
James H. LittleHarriman Longley
Isaac Allen
Wallace S. Arlen *
Ebenezer L. Blood
John B. Blood
Daniel Brogan
Oliver F. Brown
Norman H. Bruce
John C. Burgess
Edward E. Carr
Jonas W. Center
Charles S. Champney
William A. Chapman
Absolom W. Churchill
Ancil Davis
Charles B. Davis
William Dunlap
Clark Dutton
John Erving
Charles F. Fairbanks
William Farmer
Maurice Flaherty
Albert W. Fletcher *
Isaac W. Fletcher
Andrew Foster
Adams S. Graham
George S. Graham
Charles F. Hale
Richard Haley
John P. Hildreth
Nathaniel Holman
Robertus F. Holden
Webster Hofses
Samuel G. Humiston
Leander C. Jefts
Dennison S. Kimball *
Frederick J. Lawrence
George F. Lawrence
Francis A. Law
Lewis O. Law
John Linehan
Thomas C. Litchfield
Thomas S. Litchfield
William Messer
John F. Miller
Lewis H. Miles
Frederick Moor
Francis W. Moor
John R. Moulton ##
Joel C. Neat
Harrison Nelson
Henry C. Nichols
William S. Ordway
Levi T. Parker
Stewart J. Parks
Shubel B. Pierce
Walter E. Pierce
Edson A. Richardson
Charles W. Richards
David Richards
Hiram F. Richards
George Sargent
Dennis J. Sheehan **
George A. Sherwin
Aldin W. Smith
Benjamin B. Spaulding
Frederick F. Spaulding
Augustus G. Stickney
William E. Sylvester
Granville P. Travis
Henry Walker
Lorenzo O. Walcott
Willard Walcott
Alson S. Warren
Levi Wares
Thomas H. Warren
Henry A. Waters
Henry J. Whitney
Marshall Whitcomb
Luther Wilkins
Luther E. Wilkins
William H. Woodward
Charles F. Wright

* Killed in Action; ** Died from Wounds
+ Promoted to Captain, 5/22/1863
# Promoted to 1st Lt., 5/22/1863
% Promoted to 2nd Lt., 5/22/1863
## Deserted 11/20/1862, Groton, Mass.; no parental consent to enlist

Compiled by Walter G. Blenderman;

Prepared 3/22/98; updated 2/8/2008

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