53rd Massachusetts Co. E

Roster of Company E, 53rd Massachusetts Volunteers

Men from Athol, New Salem, and Royalston

The following information is taken from the "53rd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers" by Henry A. Willis.

Farwell F. Fay, Captain
Benjamin H. Brown, 1st LieutenantVarnum V. Vaughn, 2nd Lieutenant
Byron A. French, First Sergeant
Alfred T. King Adrial C. White
David Hamilton, Jr. Enoch T. Lewis
Alonzo FrenchF. Edward StrattonLevi B. Fay
George C. WarnerFreeman G. PerryEmerson E. Bissell
Frederick A. StrattonJacob O. GouldGeorge W. Knights
Jerry C. Haskins
Horace W. Andrews
Adolphus Bangs
Harding R. Barber
Willis H. Barton
Charles H. Bliss
Charles P. Bliss
Francis H. Bliss
Amos B. Bosworth
Joseph W. Bosworth
Otis B. Boutwell
Thomas Burns
Daniel Casavant
Ephaim F. Chase
Edward P. Clapp
Welcome J. Cleveland
Marshall Collins
Artemus W. Conant
Cyrus W. Conant
Edward W. Cross
Uri C. Day
Anthony V. Dinnock
Bernard H. Doane
George W. Drury, Jr.
Simeon S. Drury
Edward M. Ellis
Martin Falon
Freeborn R. Fay
William G. Fay
Charles H. Fisher
Azro B. Folsom
Leyton W. Follett
John K. Freeman
Reuben Gibson
Alfred Goddard
Charles V. Goddard
George L. Hancock
Aron H. Holt
James N. Hunt
Arthur N. Judd
William A. Judd
Charles W. Kendall
Loriston I. King
George W. Lincoln
George McRea
George F. Moore
Henry C. Moore
James A. Moore
John S. Moore
George W. Morgan
Rufus H. Moulton
Andrew J. Norcross
Adin Oakes
Ozi Oliver
Asa A. Palmer
Herman M. Partridge +
John R. Pierce
James L. Powers
Rufus Putnam
Walter T. Putnam *
George O. Richardson
George W. Russell
William W. Sherwin
Elbridge L. Smith
Henry S. Smith
Warren E. Smith
Henry H. Southland
Harrison Stockwell
Spencer Stockwell
Henry H. Stratton
Peter Stanton
Charles E. Tenney
Warren Thatcher
William L. Thrower
Abner E. Towne
Harlan P. Townsend
Charles H. Tyler
David Walker
Freeman H. Walker
George H. Wood
George B. Wood
John M. Wood

* Killed in Action;
+ Quartermaster Sergeant, 10/17/1862

Compiled by Walter G. Blenderman;

Prepared 6/28/98; updated 8/1/2008

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