53rd Massachusetts Co. I

Roster of Company I, 53rd Massachusetts Volunteers

Men from Ashburnham, Clinton, Lancaster, and Westminster

The following information is taken from the "53rd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers" by Henry A. Willis.

George H. Barrett +, Captain
Edward R. Washburn ++, 1st LieutenantJosiah H. Vose +*  **, 2nd Lieutenant
First Sergeants
Marcus J. Hagar ***William T. Freeman # %Byron H. Nourse
John C. Ayers ##William D. CapronCharles W. Moore
William Orr, Jr. Edmund C. Whitney
Charles C. BurdettSpencer FrostWilliam Wallace
Walter A. BrooksRansom G. StowellOrange E. Howe
Roscoe H. Nourse Joseph A. Vint
John G. Albee
Jerome S. Ames
Francis S. Balcom
Patrick Bannon
Thomas W. Belcher
Lewis Breassean
Christopher Brockleman
Marshall H. Bourn
Aaron G. Buttrick
Alpheus H. Carter
Frank W. Chandler
George E. Chaffee
Patrick Coyle
David M. Cushing
Edwin J. Cushing
Henry A. Cutler
Bernard J. Edeman
William H. Fisher
Oscar Frarey
John Fuller
Lewis Glazier
Frank Graichen #+
Harris C. Harriman
Charles Hoffman
William P. Holder
Thomas M. Howard
David W. Jackson
John James
Charles B. Jones
Thomas Kenny
William H. Kidder %#
Carl Lammlien
James F. Lincoln
Horace O. Mansfield
Henry A. Marble ****
Augustine May
Francis H. Merriam
Joseph B. Moore
Francis A. Monroe
Thomas Ogden
Robert Orr
Patrick Owens
George H. Patrick
Edward P. Pevey
Hobart W. Piper
Oren Pratt
Henry Rathbone
Thomas W. Ried
Harvey J. Rice
Walter C. Rice
Thomas Roberts *
Edwin Sawtelle
Lincoln L. Sawin
Rinaldo H. Shattuck
Lewis Strauss *%
Charles H. Thurman *
Walter S. H. Turner
John A. Waters
Frederick R. Whipple
Russell Whipple *
Stephen C. Whitney
Charles H. Wilder
James M. Woodell
Charles C. Wright
William M. Young
John Zimmerman

* Killed in Action; ** Died from Wounds; *** Died at Sea; **** Died, unk. cause
+ Promoted to Lt. Colonel, 11/10/1862
++ Promoted to Captain, 12/15/1862
+* Promoted to 1st Lt., 12/15/1862
# Promoted to 2nd Lt., 12/15/1862
## Promoted to 2nd Lt., 5/22/1863; 1st Lt., 7/3/1863
% Resigned 3/26/1863
#+ Never joined for service
%# Deserted, New York, 12/7/1862
*% Deserted, New York, 1/16/1863

Compiled by Walter G. Blenderman;

Prepared 12/28/1998, updated 6/23/2000

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