Port Hudson CSA Defenders

CSA Troops Present at the
Surrender of Port Hudson

  • 1st Alabama, Col. I. G. W. Steedman.
  • 49th Alabama, Maj. T. A. Street.
  • Maury (Tennessee) Artillery. (1)
  • 1st [8th] Arkansas Battalion, Lieut. Col. B. Jones.
  • 10th Arkansas, Maj. C. M. Cargile.
  • 11th and 17th Arkansas (detachment).
  • 12th Arkansas, Col. T. J. Reid, jr.
  • 14th Arkansas, Lieut. Col. Pleasant Fowler.
  • 15th Arkansas, Col. Ben. W. Johnson.
  • 16th Arkansas, Col. David Provence.
  • 18th Arkansas, Lieut. Col. W. N. Parish.
  • 23d Arkansas, Col. O. P. Lyles.
  • 4th Louisiana (detachment) Capt. Chas. T. Whitman.
  • 9th Louisiana Batt'n (Infantry), Capt. T. B. R. Chinn.
  • 9th Louisiana Battalion (Partisan Rangers), Maj. J. De Bann.
  • 12th Louisiana Heavy Artillery Battalion, Lieut. Col. P. F. De Gournay.
  • 30th Louisiana (detachment), Capt. T. K. Porter.
  • .Miles' (Louisiana) Legion, Col. W. R. Miles.
  • Boone's (Louisiana) battery, Capt. S. M. Thomas.
  • Watson (Louisiana) battery, Lieut. E. A. Toledano.
  • 1st Mississippi, Lieut. Col. A. S. Hamilton.
  • 39th Mississippi, Col. W. B. Shelby.
  • Claiborne (Mississippi) Light Infantry, Capt. A. J. Lewis.
  • 1st Mississippi Light Artillery (three batteries). (2)
  • English's (Mississippi) battery, Lieut. P. J. Noland.
  • Seven Stars (Mississippi) Artillery, Lieut. F. G. W. Coleman.
  • 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery, (1) Company G, Capt. James A. Fisher.
  • 1st Tennessee Light Artillery, (1) Company B, Lieut. Oswald Tilghman.
  • Improvised Tennessee Battalion, (3) Capt. S. A. Whiteside.

Gen. Franklin Gardner
Garrison Commander


  1. Attached to De Gournay's Twelfth Louisiana Heavy Artillery Battalion.
  2. Abbay's, Bradford's, and Herod's. Remainder of regiment surrendered at Vicksburg.
  3. Composed of details from the Forty-first, Forty-second, Forty-eighth, Forty-ninth, Fifty-third, and Fifty-fifth Tennessee Regiments.

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