53rd Massachusetts Field Officers

Field Officers and Staff, 53rd Massachusetts Volunteers

The following information is taken from the "53rd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers" by Henry A. Willis.

 Rank  Name  Town
 Colonel  John W. Kimball  Fitchburg
 Lieut. Colonel  George H. Barrett  Ashburnham
 Major  James A. Pratt  Sterling
 Adjutant  Henry A. Willis   Fitchburg
 Surgeon  John Q. A. McCollester  Groton
 Asst. Surgeon  William L. Bond  Charlestown
 Asst. Surgeon  William B. Barrett  Fitchburg
 Quartermaster  Edward A. Brown  Royalston
 Chaplain  Benjamin F. Whittemore  Berlin
 Sergeant Major  Harlan P. Partridge  Fitchburg
 Q. M. Sergeant  Herman M. Partridge  Royalston
 Com. Sergeant  James R. Brown  Barre
 Hospital Steward  Charles G. Allen  Barre
 Drum Major  Edwin D. Atherton  Fitchburg
 Fife Major  James M. Lewis  Leominster

Compiled by Walter G. Blenderman;

Prepared 10/25/97, updated 6/23/2000

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