Gunn, Richard M., Poet Laureate

by Richard M. "Pek" Gunn, Poet Laureate of Tennessee

I'se been frettin' 'bout the future
            And de things dat I'se been told,
'Bout what happens to us folkses
            When we starts to gittin' old.
But I took a little journey
            To de Eastern part of state;
Gazed at all dat pretty scenery
            'Til de time was gittin' late.
Sakes alive what gorgeous colors;
            Like de rainbow in de sky;
I just cain't explain my feelin's
            But I couldn't help but cry.
As I stared at dem big mountains
            Trees and flowers everywhere;
From my heart there welled up praises
            'Cause my Lord had put 'em there.
Now, I'se ain't frettin' any longer
            For there's one thing dat I see;
If my good Lord made dem mountains
            He can shore take care of me.
Copyright 1963 in Tumblin' Creek Tales
By Tumblin' Creek Enterprises
Nashville, TN

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Transcribed August 2003