Bald Point Cemetery
Marshall Logan
Marshall Logan
Marshall Logan

The Logan Cemetery is located on  Big White Oak Road, Greenup Co., KY.
The remarks that are in parentheses are my own;  BEL.
Last Name
First Name
Dates (if any)
Dyer Della 1883- 1914 (B. 18 Oct. 1883, D. 3 Feb. 1914; wife of Everett Dyer; daughter of Marshall Franklin & Sarah Margaret (Cremeans) Logan)
Logan Isaac

1876 - 1918

 (Isaac Newton Logan; B. 18 Dec. 1876, D. 27 Oct. 1918; Husband of Eva Chaffin; son of Marshall Franklin & Sarah Margaret (Cremeans) Logan)
Logan Josephine 1896 - 1896  (Daughter of Marshall Franklin & Amy F. (Jessee) Logan)
Logan Margaret C.

1849 - 1890

 (Wife of Marshall Franklin Logan, B. Mason Co., VA(WV); daughter of Andrew Jackson & Martha (Powers) Cremeans)
Logan Marshall Jr.

1898 - 1898

 (Son of Marshall Franklin & Amy F. (Jessee) Logan)
Logan Marshall Sr.

9 Mar. 1845 - 1 Nov. 1929

 (Husband of (1) Sarah Margaret Cremeans (2) Amy F. Jessee; son of Edward & Minerva (Thomas) Logan)

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