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    It should be noted that we do not yet know what the family relationship is, if any, between the French American Blondel families and the people on this page.  If there is a known family relationship it will be noted in the text announcing the web site.
    Here is a link to the history page of Fort George:   Fort Royal   Fort George was originally under French control and named Fort Royal.  It was commissioned by the French government in 1666.  The fort was designed and built by an engineer named François Blondel in 1666.
    This is an interesting site that again involves an Engineer named Blondel who had the honor of having a Cay named after him:  Cay Blondel
    A sea captain named Blondel apparently assisted in the exploration of the Caribbean islands and was involved in the expedition, "LeClerc" as recorded on this French web page: Captain Blondel   If you use Alta Vista's search engine to link into the site they have an automatic translation program call Babel Fish that will translate the page for you.  This is yet another site concerning the pirate Robert Blondel.  This site is in Spanish: Robert Blondel   During the early Spanish settlements of the Caribbean and the West Indies the Spanish ships were frequently tormented, robbed and harassed by French Priates.  One of the pirates was a Blondel and may be the same "Captain Blondel" mentioned above.  For an historical accounting of this group of pirates in English click on this link: Pirate Blondel
    There was a french jeweler named Paul Blondel who lived in the Netherlands and who made a watch that was recovered in 1960 underwater excavations near Fort James, Jamaica.  Read about it here:   Paul Blondel
    Another interesting note in history involving a Blondel was concerning Lieutenant Philippe Blondel.  He led a French military force that removed many of the Spanish military installations from Eastern Texas.  This historical period became known as the chicken wars because the Spanish generally abandoned their posts with no resistance.  You will need Acrobat Reader to access this document:   Lt. Blondel  If you do not have Acrobat Reader download it here: Acrobat Reader Download  Click on the download tab after the page loads and follow the links.  Or here is another site with much of the same information that does not require Acrobat Reader: Philippe Blondel
    This is a site that describes the unfortunate invasion of a Caribbean island by a group of pirates. Ensign Blondel was there and tried to defend the island. EnsignBlondel     Hopefully, this island was not raided by the Pirate Blondel.
    And, of course the remainder of this page could be filled by repeating the information concerning Antoine Blondel and his family or the Blondel family that lived on the island of Martinique -- but, we'll just give you the links!

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