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Eugene Blondel

    Eugene Blondel was born at Spotsylvania, Virginia in 1828 to John M. (Jean Marie) Blondel and Catherine Aimee Celeste DuBois Blondel.   We do not know a lot concerning Eugene's life but are striving to learn more.
    Eugene served in the Confederate Army in the American Civil War.   He enlisted at Bowling Green, Virginia in 1861 for a tenure of one year;  however, he was still serving on April 9, 1865 and was present with General Lee's army when the general surrendered to Lieutenant General Grant at the Appomattox Court House.  He was in Company "F" the 30th regiment Virginia infantry.  We can speculate as to what his experineces may have been in the "horror" of war.  But, we do know that after fighting for a cause he believed to be just and right he laid down his arms at the Appomattox Court House.
    Since Eugene enlisted at Bowling Green, Virginia we believe that at that time he was closely associated with his sister, Susannah Placette Blondel Hoomes.  Susannah  married George W. Hoomes of the prominent Hoomes family.  That family was extremely wealthy and owned several mansions in the Bowling Green area.  The Hoomes patriarch was responsible for importing many race horses to the United States and history honors him as beginning the sport of horse racing in America.  Mr. Hoomes also entertained President George Washington on his estates.
    After the war we believe that Eugene may have migrated north to the District of Colombia area and went further north after that.  We strive to find out more about that and will update this page when more is known.
    Eugene appears in several census records with his wife and children and perhaps step-children.  His occupation is listed as that of a painter.  We wish to find Eugene's descendants and learn from them the historical record  of Eugene's life.  We believe that he was a fine man with high moral standards.  We do know that he loved and lived and sought happiness just as we do today.   In short, we wish to honor him with his life's biography along with the rest of the Blondel/Blondell family members.
    Eugene, we salute you sir!

    Below are links to his family's information and history, his war records, and maps of the Virginian states.

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