Letter to General LaFayette From Catherine Blondel  

Letter From Catherine DuBois Blondel

to General Le Marquis La Fayette

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Letter to

General LaFayette

From C. A. C. D. Blondel

We believe this letter was written by:

Catherine Aimee Celeste DuBois Blondel

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Post Script

Courtesy of the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections,
Cornell University Library

Letter from the Arthur H. and Mary Marden Dean Lafayette Collection,
1520-1849, Collection Number 4611
Blondel, C.A.C.D.
ALS to M. le Marquis de Lafayette, 2 Novembre 1827, 1 l.
Box 44, folder 31

Brief Commentary & "Partial Translation"

We sincerely thank Cornell University's staff and salute them for their assistance in our research.  Without them we could not have had the letter above; and therefore would not have been able to produce the commentary below:

Page #1     Apparently Blondel is thanking the marquis for intervening on her behalf in an "insurance"  investigation of the St. Dominigue (Haiti) slave revolt of 1791-1804. There are no details about the case or what exactly the marquis wrote for Blondel, except as noted below. The large part of the letter is a succession of honorifics and other expressions of gratitude.

Page #2    Blondel's letter (from Baltimore, dated 2 Nov 1827) seems to be a response to a letter the marquis had written on 30 October, 1826. Apparently, the marquis had written on Blondel's behalf following the insurrection at St. Dominigue.  This appears to have been Blondel's second letter of thanks;  the first evidently went unanswered. The only bit of information that appears to be at all genealogical is that Blondel states that the marquis's letter of 1826 would be for his children tangible evidence of his regard for their family and a lesson for them of the sad experience of their parents' credibility (financial, we assume).

Postscript   Is the most interesting part of the letter (this is not an EXACT translation, but close) -- Mr. Forest, Rue Romeau, No. 6, our Chargée d'affaires in Paris, has given us much cause to hope for the indemnity. The liquidation commission has given us all that we had asked for; what is very flattering for us if destiny favors us, is the idea that they have decided that we are to be given some acres of land in Florida, especially significant in view of the large number of French families who will be moving there next Spring.

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Le Marquis La Fayette

John-Baptiste Paon's portrait of General Lafayette
accompanied by his orderly James Armistead. Courtesy
of the Lafayette College Museum, Easton, Pa.
Portrait of LaFayette
as a country gentleman. Courtesy of Cornell University,
Ithaca, NY  14853

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