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Jean Marie Blondel

    Jean Marie Blondel was born at the Blondel plantation in Caracol of the ancient French colony of Saint Domingue in the Caribbean in 1790 to Antoine Blondel and Rosalie Antoinette Loche.   He immigrated with his mother to Philidelphia in 1802 as a refugee from the Haitian Revolution.  There he was reunited with his father Antoine Blondel who had searched frantically for his family and had feared their lives had been lost.
    Jean Marie served briefly in the War of 1812 and was discharged because he was not an American citizen -- To paraphrase his military record, it states that he was discharged due to his "alien" status.  He served under Captain Sadtler with the "Baltimore Yagers" in 1814.
    In 1812 the marriage license of Jean Marie Blondel and Catherine Aimee Celeste DuBois was recorded as being purchased with the county clerk of Baltimore County in the city of Baltimore.  Catherine Aimee Celeste DuBois was born in 1792 in Cap Francais in the French colony of Saint Domingue also in the Caribbean. The marriage was registered with the French Embassy in Baltimore in January of 1813.  That document list his parents as Antoine Blondel and Rosalie Antoinette Loche.
    Jean Marie Blondel was known to the French as Jean Marie as was his French birth name.  But, he became known to the English speaking population in the United States as John M. Blondel.  His father, Antoine Blondel also became known to the English as Anthony Blondel.  Rosalie, Jean Marie's mother became known as Rosella.
    We believe that Jean Marie returned to Haiti in 1816 to assess the condition of his family's property there.  We also believe that he traveled to Paris, France to file a claim for reimbursement of the property that was lost to the Blondel family in the Haitian Revolution.  He returned to the port of New York in 1826 having sailed from the port of Le Havre, France.  We believe his claim was probably filed pursuant to Haitian, French, and American treaties that provided for the acknowledgement of Haitian independence from France in exchange for the Haitians' payment for the colonists' confiscated property.
    His wife, Catherine, wrote several letters to General le Marquis La Fayette concerning this property and apparently the General attempted to intervene upon the Blondel family's behalf.  The 1827 letter that we have a copy of descibes the General's relationship with the Blondel family as, "good family friends"  and the Saint Domingue tragedy as being very sad.
    Jean Marie died in 1838 in Bowling Green, Virginia after a short and severe illness.  He was 48 years old.  We believe that he had practically no property or money and that his employment and subsistence was possibly arrived at through his contacts with his daughter Susannah's marriage into the wealthy and aristrocratic Hoomes family.
    According to Jean Marie's obituary he was a kind man with high moral standards and abounded to overflowing with love and affection for God and his wife and children.   For that caring heart and realization of the value of family -- We, your family thank you!

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