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Jules François Blondel

From a photograph taken in London at the time
of his meeting with General Charles de Gaulle

    Jules François Blondel was born in Arras in 1887.  From his youth up, he made frequent visits to England.  He was an attache in the London Embassy from January 1914 to May 1915 under Monsieur Paul Cambon, who had been an ambassador there since 1898.  He returned there for two years following the First World War.  In the interval he served for three years in the embassy at Washington.
    He held posts in Mexico, Constantinople, Athens and Buenas Aires.  He was transferred to Rome where he reamined for three years.  From 1935-36 he was the French Minister Counselor, and in 1936-38 he was the French Charge d'Affaires.  He moved his family to the Palazzo Farnese, which is the historical Embassy building and remained there until the end of 1938.
    Jules was the minister in Bulgaria at the beginning of the Second World War and he joined General de Gaulle with the "Free French" in London in 1942, after a long odyssey of three months through Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Africa which he crossed from East to West.  He remained a year with de Gaulle, after which the French government in Algiers sent him as Ambassador to Norway and finally to the United Nations.

For a brief commentary by Ambassador Blondel concerning General Charles de Gaulle please click on the book.     That is just one story from 50 that the ambassador wrote and that are included in his book:  "Etente Cordaile"   Many of the stories in that book are true life adventures from his childhood and many are directly drawn from his experience as a diplomat in the service of the French government.  Many are amusing, such as the time he was certain he had been condemned to two years in the gaol and yet another, even more humorous, of his marriage to his cousin at the ripe old age of 10.


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