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Click on the icon on the left to go to the French site that has a lot of information about genealogy and genealogy sites in France.  This site is in French and the sites referred to in it are also in French.  We suggest using the free translation service that is at the bottom of this page.

Monsieur Blondel, who was a wealthy jeweler, was arrested in Lyon, France, and burned to death in Paris for his faith in Jesus Christ.  Here is a link to the text in "Foxe's Book of Martyrs" that describes that tragic event and the religious, social, and political cultures of that period of time in French history. Click on the gem at the left or this link:  Foxe's Book of Martyrs

This is a French site that lists Jean Blondel as a lawyer practicing law at "The Parliment of Paris"  The title and link for the page is:   Tableau Des Avocats Au Parlement de Paris

This is the web site of the association in France that has provided us with information and documentation concerning the French Caribbean Blondel family: Généalogie et Histoire de la Caraïbe   Philippe Rossignol runs the site and is very helpful.

    This is a link to records mentioning many Blondels including Antoine Blondel and his wife Rosalie Antoinette Loche in the context of the value of their property in Saint Domingue and their reimbursement entitlement.   Entitlement

     FrancoGene is a French Site in English

American Links:

    This is a link that has many searchable census databases: Searchable Census    In addition, you can request two searches per day that will be performed manually by a volunteer without any cost to you.
    This is a site that clearly shows the confusion the population on the American mainland had concerning Saint Domingue. Holy Trinity Catholic Church Records These are the records of the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  They confused the Spanish colony of Santo Domingo with the French colony of Saint Domingue.  If you do a search of the page for Domingo your browser will find many entries.  Often with the residential listing of the colony of San Domingo the city of Cap Français will be recorded as the city of residence of the people referred to.  Cap Français was without question in the French owned colony of Saint Domingue.  This site also contains records about  Anthony Blondel.
    This site contains the Blondel/Blondell death index records that the United States Social Security office publishes:   Social Security Death Index Records

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Translation Sites

     Free Multi-Language Dictionary   This site offers a free language dictionary in many languages.  It is accurate and easy to use.  If there is a word or phrase in a web page or document that AltaVista's auto-translation feature doesn't quite translate correctly for you and you need to understand it better, one can probably get an accurate translation of the text by enteing it manually within this service.

Alta Vista offers a free translation service that enables anyone to translate to and from many different languages.   There are no fees for this service.  It is possible to paste a web address into the translation box that appears after following the link below and translate it with Alta Vista's translation service.  Alta Vista will translate that site and all succeeding links within that site.  To translate your own written text, translate copied and pasted text from another source, or an entire web page go to this site: