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Alexander Lawson b, abt. 1800 / d. Aft. 1860 Harlan Co. Ky.

Susan (?Forkner) Lawson b, abt. 1795-1796/d. Aft. 25 Aug 1870 Clay Co. Ky.

1850 Census of Harlan County Kentucky
ALEXANDER LAWSON-50,,B-TN.(d.Aft 1860 & before 25 Aug 1870)
SUSAN LAWSON-------54,,B-TN.(enumerated 25 Aug 1870 in Clay Co.Ky.In the house of John Neal(spelled Neel)
While doing research I came across a marriage record in Hawkins Co. Tenn. The record I found is;
ELISHA LAWSON--TO--ELIZABETH ADAMS ON--05 JUN 1837 in said county, this relates well to Daniel Lawson's birth being about the year 1838.
More about Daniel Lawson
Alexander Lawson is living next to the families of 'Solomon Saylor(Sailor,Salyer,Sallyer,Salyard)of Russell Co. Va. A Manerva Lawson who at this time have not proved to be Alexander's daughter married Solomon's grandson John Saylor Jr. Manerva Lawson was born abt. The year 1827 in Tn. or N.C. Both have been used in different census, Manerva & John also had a son named "Alexander."
Susan has been located and is living after 1860 and is actually living on the date 25 Aug 1870 enumerated in Clay Co.Ky. I knew Daniel Lawson was there in 1870 so I took apart the census bit by bit and low and behold up comes Susan alive and well and living among family and friends, just down below Samuel Saylor son of Manerva Lawson Saylor & John Saylor Jr. I am also assuming that Alexander died before the enumeration in the County of Clay because they had been together for awhile, I don't believe he just ran off but that he died. I am also assuming that Alexander Lawson probably died around the last address for him which is Harlan Co.Ky. And for Susan that would be Clay Co.Ky.

Bell County Kentucky was created in 1867 from Harlan & Knox counties the boundries might have changed a little but where Daniel & Ransom Lawson ended up at was a few miles from the Clay County line as it stands today, I will have to check the maps to see exactly where they are the maps of 1870 to be exact. But this is Susan Lawson of Harlan Co. And that I am sure and in 1870 she says she was born in North Carolina which is very interesting indeed, and could be the 'Susan (Susanna) Forkner' who married Alexander Lawson there now on this I can say it could be. But what I can say is this Susan in Clay Co. And the Susan in Harlan with 'Alexander Lawson' are one in the same. She is living in the house of John Neal (spelled Neel)age-55 b, N.C. & Sally Neal (spelled Neel)age-48,b,Tn.& Sally Smith ,age-18,b.Tn. & Lucinda Smith-age-1,b.Ky. (which means?) John Neal was born about 1815 in North Carolina a full 4 years before Susan married Alexander,,o.k. Many have questioned the 1820 census of Surry Co. N.C. Here is the layout of that census;

Alexander Lawson=1 MALE UNDER 10, 1 MALE 26/45 / 3 FEMALES UNDER 10, 1 FEMALE 16/26 1 FEMALE 26/45

Now I am not saying that Susan is the mother of the 16/26, but, she very well could be the mother of some of these smaller children? At the time being I could not say if Susan is the mother of John Neal that I don't know at the time but it does warrant a little more consideration, for her to be living with this John Neal in her old age well I can't see him as just a stranger to her, Alexander died sometime I would think between 1860 / 1870 or at least we can say before Aug of 1870 for certainty, it is a puzzle to say the least but it can be solved on piece at a time.

More about Solomon Saylor

Now let me begin by saying the following entry is not proved at this time by me, but ALEXANDER & SUSAN LAWSON DO APPEAR IN THE YEAR 1850 IN HARLAN COUNTY KENTUCKY. THE FOLLOWING IS A NEAR COUNTY IN 1819, IT WAS A SIDE BY SIDE COUNTY WITH HARLAN.

pg- 292 John Lawson-0(to-10),2(10-16),1(16-18),2(16-26)Females-1(16-26),1(26-45)
(looks like?Annie)Fortner-1(to-10),1(10-16),Females-2(to-10),1(16-26),1(45+)
The ones above are on 'Brush Creek' (just off the wilderness road)
pg-284 Jonas Fortner-2(to-10),1(26-45)Females-2(to10),1(10-16),1(26-45)
Jonas is in the Barbourville Dis, abt. 10 mile from 'Brush Creek.'
pg-294 John Fortner-1(to-10),1(16-26),Females-1(to-10),1(16-26)
This John Fortner is on 'Stinking Creek' the other side of the road from "Brush Creek."
In this census there is another John Fortner located with same information on 'Little Raccoon Creek' I am unfamilier with this area what might have occurred here is John (beat the census taker to the other precinint, or another John with same ages? He is on page-314)
Marriage in Knox County Kentucky-04 Apr 1820 John Lawson & Polly Smallwood

David Lawson-3(10-16),1(45+)Females-3(to-10),2(16-26),1(45+)
Nathan Lawson-1(to-10),1(10-16),1(26-45)Females-3(to-10),1(16-26)
Located on page-66
Also in year 1810-marriage took place in Knox Co.Ky. between one ARTHUR HELTON-M-SUSANNAH LAWSON 20 FEB 1810

Susannah could be a daughter of David Lawson? The two Lawson's above are the only two I have been able to locate in this census year. Two Helton's John who it looks like married Barbara ? & Shadrack Helton who married Polly Brock 24 May 1809 can be found in Harlan Co. In the year 1820 & the year 1830 it looks as though John has died but Barbara Helton is still living next door to Shadrack, what does this mean well Alexander Lawson comes on the scene in 1850 living in the near vicinity of the Helton & Saylor families. John Saylor Jr. Who was married to Patsy Helton then marries Manerva LAWSON, who could be the daughter of Alexander & Susan. So Arthur Helton who looks like the brother of Shadrack & John among others in Knox Co. Married Susannh LAWSON, who could be a daughter of David LAWSON, remember I said "could be." So who is David well, he "could be" a brother of Alexander. Some have said that John Helton was married to Barbara Shephard he could have been, it is just I have not found it at this time, I do know that John is more than likely deceased by the year 1830, because Barbara Helton is living next to Shadrack in Harlan Co. With the kids I am assuming that John is dead there was a marriage in Harlan Co. 9 Feb 1837 where a "Barbary" Shepard married Aaron Brock, there are two in the area a Jr. and a Sr. In 1840 there is Barbara Helton still living below Shadrack she is now 50/60 years old, but in searching the area it does seem that the Helton's could some way be connected to my Lawson's or could be sheer coincidense? Another thing is I have not been able to find David or Nathan Lawson in 1820 in Knox county Ky. Also the census taker signed this document on 20 Dec 1810, the marriage between Arthur & Susannah took place in Febuary of that year. In 1820 Arthur falls into the 16-26 category and so does Susannah.

All people have connections and we in genealogy ought to look within the whole family "unit" that is where we can tie people together, o.k. Alexander & Susan Lawson show up in Harlan Co.Ky. In 1850 in the vicinity of the Saylor's & Helton's we know from Knox Co.Ky. The Helton's are beside of the Lawson's there The Saylor's came from Russell Co. Va. "Copper Creek" to be exact, there are Helton's in Hawkins Co. Tenn. In 1820 the Helton's are vicinty of Lawson in Knox Co. The Patriarch (James Helton,Sr.) is on pg-292 same page as John Lawson (son of David or Nathan Lawson?). Another point is this Susannah var. of Susan, Alexander married "Susannah Fortner,Forkner,Fortney in Surry N.C." Genealogy is like a puzzle one piece at a time.


1810-David Lawson, Nathan Lawson in the Knox Co. Census

1809-Nathan Lawson, Knox Co. Tax list

1808-John Lawson, Knox Co. Tax list

1807-Thomas Lawson-upper district of Clay County, neighboring county of knox

This Thomas being located in a near county to the others could mean something or nothing? I came upon him checking the old tax list of Clay County, he is not listed in the 1811 list. So now I have placed a Thomas Lawson in the area I am not going to say if this is the Thomas of Hawkins Co.Tenn. Or Surry Co. N.C. Or even Stokes Co. N.C. What I will say is this there are Lawson's within the area before Alexander came to Harlan Co., Harlan was cut out of Knox and Clay counties Kentucky.

Lawson's marrying in Madison Co.Ky. Before the formation of Clay and Knox;

Aaron Lawson-m-Elizabeth Banks� 15 Nov 1793 (license)

Elihu or Elisha Lawson-m-Elizabeth McSadden� 10 Nov 1791 (license)

Thereis a record of one Nathan 'Lauson' marrying Tempy Coffee in Hawkins Co. Tn. On 04 Jul 1841 whether they are one in the same I do not know at this time, I know that Nathan & David Lawson are gone from Knox Co.Ky. By the year 1820. This could be the David Lawson who lived in Hawkins for a period of five years then went to Campbell Co. And died in Scott Co.This David will be discussed further below on this page, again this is what 'could' have occurred, Alexander was rather old when he shows up in Harlan, Co. Ky. We must keep in mind also that Harlan Co. Ky. Was not created until the year 1819 so we don't know exactly where the Lawson's where actually living. Where they in the vicinity of "Solomon Saylor's" family?
This is a good question cause remember "Alexander Lawson" does not show up until 1850, and, he is living next to Solomon Saylor's family or rather Solomon's Sons & Grandsons, I will check the deeds and get this on later but he could be even living on their land? Did the Alexander Lawson know the Saylor family of Russell Co. Va.? Or, did they just show up living there?

Some information posted on these pages are posted to help others I am trying to put together something on Alexander & Susan Lawson who showed up in Harlan County Ky, in the year 1850, at the time I have dug a little deeper and found that the Lawon family had a connection with this part of Kentucky as far back as 1808 at least. The Alexander Lawson who married one Susanna Forkner in Surry Co. N.C.

Alexander Lawson (married) Susanna Fortner 16 May 1819 in Surry Co.N.C. It is also of note that Martin Lawson put up surety for this marriage, but whether this is the same Alexander Lawson is not proved at this time it is work in progress.

I have found that in Knox Co. Ky a neighboring County of Harlan that in the Census of 1820 the Lawson's and the name 'Fortner' asssociated with this area they are living next door to each other, but much work has to be done,so let us begin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Shows on page-670 a Thomas Lawson-age-26-45,having one male in his house-hold age-10-16,,,which could fall into the age group of Alexander Lawson born abt. 1800, also of note is this Thomas Lawson is living next door to "Joseph Forkner" who has a female that falls into the 10-16 age group and next door to Joseph is living "John Forkner" who also has a female falling into 10-16 age group. I found five other Forkner's living in this county but none falling into that age group of females.

Also in this census year there is a "Susanna Forkner" found on page-631, she falls in the 45 & up age group. One of these Forkner's could have had a daughter named for her?

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