Daniel Lawson

Daniel Lawson b. Abt 1838 in Hawkins or Hancock Co. Tn./ d. 08 Mch 1914 in Beverly,Bell Co. Ky.

Daniel can be found living with Alexander & Susan Lawson in the 1850 Census of Harlan Co. I have the death certificate of Daniel and it indicates the father of Daniel is Elisha Lawson it does not indicate the mother, going on this I assume Daniel is living with his more than likely his grand-father. Daniel also had a stint in the civil war from ;
13 Oct 1862--13 Jan 1863 in Co-G of the Harlan Co. Battalion.

Daniel Lawson married Sarah Brock 25 May 1856 in Harlan Co. and as far as I can tell from research they had six children, what I also have is the will of Daniel Lawson which has the children from his first marriage listed,he was living with his second wife before he married her, his second wife was Elizabeth Farmer he married her on 11 Oct 1874 in Bell Co.Ky. But can be found living with her in 1870 in Clay Co. Ky. They had at least six children.
He had made it to Bell County by the year 1880 and can be found in the Census there it is also known by old timers as Red Bird this is a name taken because of the Indian Chief in the area long way back.

Children of Daniel Lawson & Sarah Brock Lawson;

Michjah (Cager) Lawson,b. abt.1857/d. 15 Nov 1916 in Bell Co.Ky.

Ellender Lawson, b. abt.1858

Thomas Lawson, b. abt. 1860/d. 25 Sep 1941 in Bell Co. Ky

Samuel Lawson, b. 01 Mar 1860 Harlan Co. / d. 02 Aug 1940 Beverly,Bell Co. Ky.

Daniel Lawson,Jr. b. abt. 1866

James Lawson, b, abt. 1868

Children of Daniel Lawson & Elizabeth Farmer Lawson;

Henry Lincoln (Link) Lawson, b.Aug 1872/d. 28 Apr 1951 in Bell Co. Ky.

Elijah Lawson, b. abt. 1876/ d. 28 May 1949 in Bell Co. Ky.

Wilkerson (Wilk) Lawson,b. abt 1879/d. 05 Jun 1939 in Bell Co. Ky.

Fannie Lawson, b. abt. 1880

Link to;Will of Daniel Lawson;

Civil War

Daniel Lawson service in the Civil War; Report of the Adjutant General of the state of Kentucky (vol-2)

Roll of Comapany G (Harlan County Battilion)

Daniel Lawson (Private) Oct 13 '62 / Jan 13 '63

Death Certificate of Daniel Lawson

Death occurred abt. 4: P.M. On 08 Mch 1914
Birth-Place; Hancock Co. Tenn.(Hawkins Co. has been used extensively)
Father; Elisha Lawson
Birth-Place of father; Tennessee
Maiden Name of mother; "Don't Know"
Birth-Place of mother; "Don't Know"
Cause of Death; (? ? sick)
County; Bell Co.
Vot Pct; Left Fork

My search on this Elisha led me to this marriage in Hawkins Co. Tenn.;
Elisha Lawson-to-Elizabeth Adams dated; 05 Jun 1837
Daniel was born abt. The year 1838 and found living with Alexander & Susan Lawson in Harlan County Kentucky in the year of 1850, Daniel at this time was age of abt. 12 yrs. I have been told that in the 1840 Census of Hawkins Co. Tenn. There is one Elisha Lawson with a small boy living with him about the age of Daniel and they are living next to Alexander Lawson and in my checking I do find an "Elisha Lawson" living in Hawkins Co. Tn. In the 1840 census.
It is rather hard to get anything concrete but it looks like this Elisha Lawson & Elizabeth Adams Lawson could very well be the parents of Daniel Lawson who came to Harlan County Kentucky with Alexander & Susan Lawson, Daniel also lived in Clay County for a brief period of time (1870) but later moved to Bell County Kentucky and lived out his days around Ransom Lawson, the part of Bell County they lived in is next to the lines of Clay & Leslie Counties.
The area today is known as Beverly but, a long while back it was simply called "Red Bird" this being the name of an old Indian Chief who lived in the area, a lot of the land today in the area is the "Daniel Boone Forest."
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