RANSOM LAWSON, b. Abt.1842 in Hawkins Co. Tn. / d. 19 Mch 1924 in Bell Co. Ky.(cause of death Cancer)

Ransom's family migrated to Harlan Co. Ky. Around 1842 / 1846. Ransom's Mother Manerva Lawson married John Saylor Jr. He was the son of Martin & Mary Saylor, the Saylor's migrated to Harlan Co. About 1801 they settled among relatives on the Cumberland River. Before coming to Harlan they lived in Russell Va. In an area around Copper Creek they had migrated there from Mecklenburg N.C.
Because as I have said before Alexander & Susan Lawson were there in Harlan in the Census of 1850 but have not found them anywhere there in the 1840 Census of Harlan Co.On further research I located an Alexander in Hawkins Co. Tn. In 1840.
I am led to believe that "Manerva Lawson" is the daughter of Alexander & Susan Lawson and or related because they are living really next door to each other, I need to research more on Alexander to verify this.

John Saylor Jr. married Patsey Helton 05 Oct 1836 in Harlan Co. They had three children;

1) Barbara Saylor, b. Abt. 1837
2) Sally Saylor, b. Abt. 1839
3) Mary Saylor, b. Abt. 1842 / d. 15 Aug 1916 in Harlan Co

John Saylor Jr. married Manerva Lawson on 06 Jul 1846 they had five children;

1) John M. Saylor, b. Abt. 1846
2) Samuel Saylor, b. Abt. 1848 / d. 14 Aug 1918 in Bell Co. Ky.
3) Margeret Saylor, b. Abt. 1849
4) Alexander Saylor, b. Abt. 1852
5) Gilbert Saylor, b. 13 Jul 1861 (Harlan Co. Birth records)

After the death of John in 1865 Manerva married Franklin Hall on 10 Apr 1869 as far as I know no children were born to them.

Ransom Lawson married Louisa Taylor around 1860, Sarah J. Lawson b, 12 Jun 1861 (Harlan Co. births)according to records this is not the daughter of Louisa unless she went by Sary Lawson also. According to Harlan Co. Records the mother of this daughter of Ransom was named Sary (Sarah) Taylor, Sarah is also the name given to this daughter born in 1861 and is raised by Ransom & Charity.

Ransom Lawson enlisted in 49th. Kentucky Infantry in Company-E on 20 Jul 1863 in Harlan Co. He was discharged on 26 Dec 1864 in Lexington,Ky.
During Ransom's stay in the military he was stationed at Camp Nelson, following is an excerpt taken from History of Kentucky vol-2, by the late Lewis Collins, judge of the Mason County Court.
Jessamine County: In the late war between the North and South, this country was the principal point for the concentration of Federal forces and munitions of war, In 1863, Camp Nelson--so called in compliment to the late Maj. Gen. Wm. Nelson--was established on the Kentucky River, at the mouth of Hickman Creek, in Jessamine county, and occupied till the close of the war. It had a fortified circumference of about 10 miles, formed in great part by the high surrounding hills and cliffs of the Kentucky River, and partly by breastworks thrown up, that yet remain. The lands thus occupied had been heavily timbered, but were rendered a barren waste, though the county elsewhere was not materially damaged--there having no battles of note fought therein. This was the principal camp in the state for the enlistment of colored troops, and the refuge of colored refugees from slavery.
On these lands is now established a U.S. Military cemetery, finely and substantially improved, and in which are interred thousands of Federal soldiers.

Children of Ransom Lawson & Charity Taylor Lawson;
0)Sarah J. Lawson, b. 12 Jun 1861 in Harlan Co. Ky.
1) Mary J. Lawson, b. Abt.1866 in Harlan Co. Ky.
2) Samuel J. Lawson, b. 05 Jun 1867 in Harlan Co. Ky./ d. 21 Oct 1939 in Bell Co. Ky.
3) William H. Lawson, b. Abt. 1870 in Harlan Co. Ky.(As near as I can tell he died young about 18 in Bell Co.)
4) Lewis Lawson, b. 10 Aug 1872 in Harlan or Bell Co./ d. 04 Mch 1946 in Bell Co. Ky.(My Grandfather) (WW-1 draft card=b.10 Mch 1872)
5) Elizabeth Lawson, b. Abt. 1876 in Harlan or Bell Co.
6) Manerva Lawson, b. Abt. 1878 in Harlan or Bell Co.(As near as I can tell she died young woman)
7) Goodin Lawson, b. 05 Nov 1885 in Bell Co. Ky./d.
8) Carlo Lawson, b. 15 Oct 1887 in Bell Co. Ky./ d. 17 Jun 1961
9) Margeret Lawson, b. 10 Dec 1888 in Bell Co. Ky./d.
10) Marinda Lawson, b. 10 Jan 1890 in Bell Co. Ky. / d. 20 Apr 1973 in Bell Co.Ky.

Charity Taylor Lawson passed away on 24 Feb 1892 in Bell Co.(taken from a page of Ransom's pension record)

Ransom Lawson married Sarah Neal on 22 Nov 1893 in Bell County Kentucky she had one daughter and five daughters were born to them;

0 )China Mills, b. 08 Sep 1893 Bell Co. Ky.
1) Pearly Lawson, b. 15 Mch 1896 Bell Co. Ky.
2) Susie Lawson, b. Abt. 1899 Bell Co. Ky.
3) Fannie Lawson, b. Abt. 1903 Bell Co. Ky./ d. Abt. 1904 (?)
4) Mollie Lawson, b. Abt. 1907 Bell Co. Ky.
5) Martha Lawson, b. Abt. 1910 Bell Co. Ky.

Ransom drew a pension for having fought in the Civil War but Sarah was denied the pension she re-applied but also was denied a second time. Sarah took care of Ransom for as long as he lived, but never drew a dime.
Ransom can be found in every Census 1850,1860,1870 (Harlan Co.) 1880,1900,1910,1920 (Bell Co.)
Ransom contracted the fever while at Camp Burnside, his half-brother Samuel Saylor was in the war in the same company as Ransom was, he returned to Bell Co. Ky. And lived out his days there he even had one son named "Ransom Saylor." Ransom Saylor died on 27 May 1938 in Bell Co. Ky. Samuel also had eight other children that I am aware of. Something else I will touch on is that on the tombstone of Lewis Lawson it gives his birth year to be 1870, which could be correct but in my research I put the year to be 1872 / 1874.
Ransom Lawson migrated to Bell Co. Ky. Abt. The year 1870/1880, Ransom can still be found in Harlan Co. Ky. In the year 1870 while Daniel Lawson who I believe very close relation of Ransom came here by way of Clay Co. He is there in 1870, but ended up moving to the area where Ransom lived called "Beverly, Ky." Located in the said county of Bell. Beverly is located toward the edge of Bell Co. Where the Counties of Leslie & Clay join.

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