Generation 4


4A John BLUE (Capt.)(1740-1826), m1. Catherine WILLIAMS, m2. Sarah HERRIOTT (b.1768). He was probably born in NJ and came with his parents to Hampshire Co. VA (WV) in 1752. John most likely served in the Revolutionary War, since he was captain of the Hampshire Co. Militia on 28 Apr 1790, shortly after the conclusion of that struggle. Capt. John and his family lived in Hampshire Co. VA on the South Branch of the Potomac River. He inherited Fairfax Lot 30, and one quarter of the “new survey” (203 acres adjoining), from his father in 1791. He also obtained a nearby land grant of 225 acres on 13 Oct 1800 from President James Monroe. John’s second wife, Sarah, was a daughter of Ephraim and Jane (ALLEN) HERRIOTT.

First marriage:* Barnett BLUE (1777-1846), m.ca1799 Elizabeth MURRAY (1783-1872).* John J. BLUE (1779-1844), m1. Virginia _____, m2.1808 Pencelia REEVES (1783-1835).* Remembrance BLUE (1781-1864), m.1 Sarah WOLVERTON (ca1785-ca1813), m2. Eunice WILLIAMS. Margaret BLUE, m. Daniel ABE, lived in Ross Co. OH.* Hannah BLUE (d.bef1861), m. Henry HINES. Jane BLUE (1788-1835), m.1810 Isaac BLUE (1785-1840) []. Their children are listed under his number in the 5th generation section. She has been called “Mary Jane”, source unknown to the compiler.
Second marriage: Isabella BLUE (1789-1861/4), m1. Thomas DARNEILLE (d.1830), m2.ca1831 John HENDERSON (d.ca1839), m3.1839 John BRADLEY (1782-1853).* Ursula BLUE (ca1792-1865), m. William BELFORD (ca1790-1845). Nancy BLUE (1796-1872), m. David LONG (b.ca1793). She is buried at the Blue Cemetery on Fairfax Lot 30, Hampshire Co. WV. (Ref. B39). They may have had a daughter, Mary A. (LONG) HEATH, who was living with them in 1860 Hampshire Co.* Garrett I. BLUE (1798-1871), m.1828 Sarah Ann LONG (1808-1900).* Uriah BLUE (1800-1863), m.1834 Jemima WELTON (1813-1871). Rebecca BLUE (d.ca1843), m. Isaac BLUE (1800-1863)( Their child is listed under his number in the 6th generation section.
References: A14, A274, A379, A1009, B39, B84, C8, C15, C18, C77, C157, C235, C293, C357, C386, C1086, C1090, C1271. Uriah BLUE (1746-1814), m.ca1770 Susannah WILLIAMS (1754-1815). They lived in Hampshire Co. VA at the "Lower Rocks", near what is now called "Blues Beach". Uriah received a grant of land in Logan Co. KY, in a district set aside for officers and soldiers of the Continental Line, which he sold to Benjamin NEAL of Hampshire Co. VA in 1800. When Susannah was one year old, she and her father, Richard WILLIAMS, were captured by Indians. Her father escaped, but Susannah was held captive for 13 years. She was released in an exchange of prisoners and identified by a birthmark on her arm. Her scalp-lock had been taken and she was said to have worn a little cap all the rest of her life. The birthdates of Uriah, Susannah and their children, and several death and marriages, were recorded in a family Bible, now housed at the Virginia State Library in Richmond VA.* Richard C. BLUE (1773-1850), m.1794 Hannah NEWMAN.* John Uriah BLUE (1776-1816), m.1795 Sarah NEWMAN.* Susannah BLUE (1778-1806), m.1802 John LAWSON (1781-1831). He m2. Catherine TAYLOR.* Uriah BLUE (1780-1854), m.1816 Elizabeth DONALDSON (1777-1857).* Michael BLUE (1782-1842), m.1806 Frances LAWSON (1785-1854).* Garrett W. BLUE (b.1791), m. Julia ______.
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4B Michael BLUE (1748-1827), m.1776 Mary HERRIOTT? (ca1756-1826). Michael Blue was probably born in Somerset Co., NJ, and was brought to Hampshire Co., VA, as an infant. He lived as a farmer in Hampshire Co. and married Mary Herriott, presumably from a neighboring family. Her ancestry is, as yet, unproven, but she may be a niece of Ephraim Herriott who died in Hampshire Co. in the year 1800 (i.e., a daughter of Asher and Catherine (LEFFERTY) HERRIOTT). The Hampshire Co. Herriotts are known to have descended from David Herriott, an early settler of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ. Mary was born between 6 Mar 1756 and 6 Mar 1757, based on her tombstone inscription (died 6 Mar 1826, aged 69 years).
According to Ernest Blue's ( application for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution, Michael Blue was a member of Captain Hanse Van Meter's company of Virginia Militia and was drafted into the Continental Army in 1780. This contention was accepted, however, others claim that this Michael Blue was a first cousin who lived in Berkeley Co., VA. I have seen no evidence supporting either side, except for the fact that Capt. Hanse Van Meter commanded a company of Berkeley Co. militia. However, this Michael could have gone to Berkeley Co. to join up, since it was closer to the "action".
Upon the death of his father in 1791, Michael Blue received title to half of Lot 31 on the South Branch of the Potomac River (see page ii). He also received from his father an undivided fourth part of the "new survey" adjoining Lots 27 and 30. In 1793 he purchased 400 acres in Hampshire Co. on the "drains of Little Capecaphon (Cacapon), the next valley to the east of Romney. He sold these 400 acres in 1812 to William Powell.
The name of Michael Blue appears in the Court Minute Book of Hampshire Co. several times during the 1790's. In the 1795-8 book, page 52, it is recorded that Michael Blue and five others were fined $8 each for failing to attend as jurors. On page 55, it is recorded that Michael and Garret Blue sued their brother, John, for trespass and asked his ejectment from land they inherited from John Blue (1.1.1). This appears to be a boundary dispute between Lots 30 and 31. On page 207 of the same minute book, a judgment is entered in favor of Michael and Garret. John was fined one cent plus court costs, but gave notice of his intent to appeal to the district court at Winchester, VA. In the 1798-9 minute book, page 45, it is recorded that John and Michael Blue were awarded damages to compensate for the opening of the road from Frankfort to Romney, which "is proposed to pass through their lands".
Between April 1819 and April 1820, Michael and Mary moved to Fayette Co., Ohio, following his half-brother Peter and his brother John's children. In 1812, their son Michael Blue, Jr., had migrated to Fairfield Co., a few miles to the northeast. On 17 April 1820, Michael Blue, Sr., purchased land in Fayette Co. from Solomon Bower, amounting to 396.5 acres "after deducting therefrom the Town of Bloomingburg", and five lots in Bloomingburg. He later bought another lot in that town from Moses Still.
In 1815, Michael Blue Sr . purchased land in Hampshire Co., VA, from William Lease (Lees), his son-in-law, who was probably in financial trouble at that time. Ten years later, he sold this land, 400 acres on Castleman's Run (now Fox Run, located on the west side of the South Branch), to his grandson, Ephraim Herriott (Lease's step-son). William Lease was not well liked by Michael, for in his will Michael Sr. cut off his daughter, Elizabeth Lease (William's wife), by bequeathing her $1, "considering it useless to give her more, which would be liable to be wasted and run through by her husband William Leese with whom she intermarried against my will and whose conduct and management of her estate since, has not been economical nor judicious but the contrary".
In 1823, Michael Blue Sr. sold his interest in Lot 31 on the South Branch in Hampshire Co. and his fourth part of the new survey to John Innskeep.
According to Miller's "History of Fairfield Co.", Michael Sr. accumulated a fortune in his lifetime "all in gold and silver", and this, before he died, he distributed to his children. In addition, a considerable amount of land was distributed to his heirs in his will when he died in 1827.
Michael and Mary Blue are buried in the northwest corner of Bloomingburg Cemetery. The stones are still readable and have recently been reset by the caretaker (February 1976). Michael and Mary Blue's family Bible still exists, and it is in the possession of Dr. Keith Blue of Longmont, CO. A copy of the Bible record is on microfilm at the LDS Library in Salt Lake City.* John Michael BLUE (1777-ca1853), m.ca1796 Catherine NEWMAN (1779-1861).* Elizabeth BLUE (1778-1835), m1. William HERRIOTT (1766-1806), m2. William LEESE. Mary BLUE (1780-bef1830), m. ___ CAMPBELL. Ann BLUE (b.1781), m. George LEESE.* Michael BLUE (1783-1863), m.1805 Deborah PETERS (1786-1868).* Isaac BLUE (1785-1840), m.1810 Jane BLUE (1788-1835) [], his first cousin. He possibly m2.ca1835 Sarah BLAKE.* Daniel BLUE (1786-1845), m. Mary POSTE (1785-1863). Keziah BLUE (b.1789), m1. John LAMBERT, m2. Isaac HOLLENBACH.* Garrett M. BLUE (1791-1850), m. Jane SOMERS/CORBIN (1798-1850). Susannah BLUE (1795-bef1827). She was not in her father's will.* Uriah BLUE (1797-1872), m.1824 Frances "Fanny" SCOTT (1802-1883).
References: A29, A30, A32, A40, A106, A274, A538, B1599, C7, C8, C15, C16, C40, C125, C134, C374, C1259. Garrett BLUE (1753-1835), m. Elizabeth DUKE (1747-1773), m2.1784 Mary MARSHAL (1765-1849). Garrett was a farmer. He inherited a half share (with brother Michael) of Lot 31 (see page ii) on the South Branch of the Potomac River, about five miles north of Romney, WV (then VA). He also inherited a one-fourth share in the "new survey", a lot containing 203 acres nearby. According to family records, Garrett moved his family to the part of Hampshire Co. bordering on the North Branch of the Potomac, about two miles below Patterson’s Creek. There he had a farm of 640 acres. Garrett's will was written in 1832 and was probated in 1835 in Hampshire Co. VA. Final settlement of his estate was accomplished in Hampshire Co. in 1849, simultaneous with the settlement of Mary's estate. Elizabeth was born in Ireland. Mary was probably a daughter of John and Deborah MARSHALL and sister of Hannah (MARSHALL) CHAMBERS. Garrett’s birthdate is established by the Chambers-Marshall Family Bible, which records it as 12 Nov 1753. His 1830 census record confirms this by indicating that he was born in the 1750-60 decade.
Second marriage (probably):* Eleanor BLUE. m. Jesse MONROE.* Hannah BLUE (d.1836), m.ca1820 Daniel McLAUGHLIN III (1792-1861).* Nancy BLUE (1799-1887), m.1819 Anthony CHAMBERS (1797-1884).
References: A14, A227, B765, C9, C12, C80, C157, C212, C463, C581. Abraham BLUE (b.ca1759), m.1797 Sally DRAKE. He was born in Hampshire Co. VA. They were married in Nelson Co. KY. Sally was a daughter of John and Rebecca (HEADY) DRAKE. Abraham lived in Nelson Co. when he signed the marriage bond for his cousin, Elizabeth BLUE[], in 1795. He was also taxed in Nelson Co. in 1800. Sometime during the next two decades Abraham moved south, for tax records indicate that he was a resident of Point Chicot, Arkansas Co. AR, from 1820 through 1823. The next record of Abraham is found in Washington Co. MS, just across the Mississippi River from the part of Arkansas Co. which became Chicot Co. AR. In 1828 a Power of Attorney was filed directing Abraham’s son John to attend to his business “having from extreme old age become unable of attending my own business.” No further record of Abraham has been found by those contributing information to this book.* John BLUE (1801-1841), m1.1824 Olive ODELL (d.1837), m2.bef1841 Sally Jane BLEDSOE. Thomas BLUE Jesse BLUE
References: A568, A569, A570, C445, C496, C497, C1417. Peter Keyser BLUE (1761/2-1843), m.1787 Susannah KELCH (1768-1857). He was born in VA and, after their marriage, they moved to Jefferson Co. OH. There he owned a 200 acre farm and followed farming as well as coopering. They later moved to Fayette Co. OH where Peter owned land in surveys 8622 and 7557 in the North Fork of Paint Creek. Susannah was a daughter of Phillip and Margaret (DROLLINGER) KELCH. Peter died in Fayette Co. and is buried near New Holland in the Blue-Bryant Cemetery (C889 says Woods Cemetery). Susannah was living with her son, John, in Marion Twp., Fayette Co. in 1850. In 1856 Peter’s widow claimed he served in the VA Militia for six months in 1781. John Phillip BLUE (1783-1865), m. Mary FLINN. Had a tavern in Washington C.H., OH, before moving to Indiana. Buried in the old part of the cemetery at Mentone, IN. He served as Overseer of the Poor in Marion Twp., Fayette Co. OH in 1840.* Abraham BLUE (1786-1859), m.1827 Nancy (YOUNG) LINDSEY (1804-1873). Alice BLUE (1787-1859), m.1816 William WILCOX (1791-1869). Married in Fayette Co. OH. Probably no issue. Buried at Mentone Cemetery, Kosciusko Co. IN. Cemetery records indicate that her dates are (1796-1857).* Peter Keyser BLUE Jr. (1791-1855), m.1823 Nancy CRABB (b.1797).* Margaret BLUE (1793-1868/9), m.1814 James M. CRABB (1791-1858).* Jacob BLUE (1795-1847), m.1818 Sharlotte MORTIMORE (ca1798-1849).* Susannah BLUE (1798-1879), m.ca1819 Asa DAVIS (ca1796-1860/70).* David BLUE (1799-1893+), m.1823 Zilpha BOHRER (1803-1870).* Benjamin BLUE (1802-1867), m.1824 Margaret RILEY (1793-1881).* William BLUE (1804-1893), m1.1829 Margaret JOHNSON (1809-1868), m2.1876 Sarah M. (PARKER/PARKS) CARSON (1827-1921).* Phillip BLUE (1808-1847), m.1837 Catherine JOHNSON (1814-1849).
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4C Benjamin BLUE (1772-1852), m. Elizabeth BEARD. He was born in Hampshire Co. VA, moved to Nelson Co. KY. He received a land grant in 1807 in Franklin Co. IN, and was a resident of Dearborn Co. IN in 1840. He made his will in 1845 in Ohio Co. IN and died near Rising Sun in 1852. In 1850 he was living with his son, William, in Ohio Co. IN. Elizabeth is believed to have been a daughter of George BEARD and sister of James BEARD [].* Margaret BLUE (1803-1881), m.1818 John R. THORN (d.1885). Delilah BLUE (b.1804), m. Robert WALKER (b.1802). Did she also m. _____ CHAMBERS. She was born in Nelson Co. KY.* Elizabeth BLUE (1806-1872), m. Robert WILLIAMS (ca1797-1876). Isabella BLUE (b.1807), m.1829 Thomas STANDEFORD. Married in Dearborn Co. IN and went to CA during the gold rush.* Hannah BLUE (1810-1875), m.1830 Parker RODGERS (1807-1887).* Martha BLUE (b.1813), m1.1833 James WOODS Jr, m2. John SUTTER or LATTA.* Jane BLUE (1815-1843), m. Robert ROGERS. George BLUE (b.1817), d. infancy. Bob BLUE's source calls him Jacob.* William BLUE (1822-1888), m.1840 Harriet HANNA (b.ca1820).
References: A260, A369, C7, C8, C15, C78, C157, C280, C389, C1161, C1215, C4018. David BLUE (ca1774-1844), m1.1796 Alice DAWSON, m2.1836 Mary "Polly" COOPER (b.ca1790). David was born in Hampshire Co. VA and, when he became of age, he left Virginia to move west with many of his brothers and sisters. He and his brother, Abraham, first went to Nelson Co. KY, where David married Alice (Ally) and Abraham married Sally DRAKE. Ally was a daughter of Thomas DAWSON. The next record we have for David is his signature on a "Petition of Citizens of Dearborn Co. (IN)", dated 13 Feb 1806, asking for "a post road from Cincinnati to Lawrenceburgh, thence to mouth of Kentucky River". Then in March 1807 his name, along with that of his brother William, appears on a census list for Dearborn Co. On 23 Apr 1808 he purchased 151 acres of land in Dearborn Co. (Sect. 2, Twp. 5, Range 1W) from George Crist. Three years later he sold that land (151 acres) to John Crandon. This land was near that which his brother, Abraham, owned and sold in 1810. David then made three purchases of land near Laughery Creek in what is now Ohio County IN; two (1812 and 1817) in the west half of Sect. 27, Twp. 4, Range 2W; and one (1814) in the SW part of Sect. 22, Twp. 4, Range 2W. In 1809 he received a Federal land grant for the SW qtr of Sect. 1, Twp. 5, Range 2W. He is described as living in Butler Co. OH at that time. In 1813 he assigned this patent to _____ Dawson. Federal census records indicate that David was living in Dearborn Co. in 1820 and 1830. In 1829 he purchased several lots in the town of Hartford from John Livingston. Over the time period from 1829 through 1837, David sold his property in Dearborn Co. and by 1840 he had moved to Ralls Co. MO, where he was living near his brother Jesse. Alice appears to have died between 1830 and 1840, for in the 1840 census David's wife is two decades younger than the wife he had in 1830. His marriage to Mary took place in Ralls Co.and the 1850 census of Ralls Co. MO shows a Mary BLUE, age 60, living near David's grandchildren. He may have m.1833 Sarah ANDRES in Union Co. IN. David died in Ralls Co. MO and his estate was settled in that county in 1846. Son William did not receive a share of the estate, so he probably died before that time with no heirs of his own.
There was an unidentified David BLUE living in Hamilton Co. OH at the time this David was living in neighboring Dearborn Co. IN. The Hamilton Co. David had a wife named Abigail, probably Abigail WITHAM. He was a taxpayer in Columbia Twp., Hamilton Co. in 1808 and 1810.* John BLUE (b.ca1797), m. Rebecca _____ (b.ca1802).* Margaret BLUE (b.ca1800), m. Joshua WILSON (b.1800). She was age 16/26 in 1820 census. William BLUE (b.ca1801), m.1828 (prob) Mary ROSBERRY.* Nancy BLUE (ca1809-1867), m.1831 Michael McGUIRE (1807-1854).* Maria BLUE (b.1810+), m.1831 William McGUIRE (ca1809-1850).
(Census records indicate that David and Alice may have had as many as five sons and three daughters.)
References: A149, A386, A369, A410, A616, A617, A618, A619, B543, B544, B757, B758, B759, B760, C570, C571. Hannah BLUE (1779-1861), m. John HERRIOTT (1773-1841). Both died in Scott Co. KY. David HERRIOTT, probably died in infancy.* William HERRIOTT (1798-1883), m.1822 Louisa S. HERRIOTT (1804-1875). She was dau. of Ephraim and Anna (WRIGHT) HERRIOTT. William and Louisa were 1st cousins. They died in IL.* Margaret Louisa HERRIOTT, m1.1817 John CARTER, m2. Russell WEST. Jane HERRIOTT, never married. Asher HERRIOTT, m. Harriet HARRIS. Lavinia HERRIOTT, m1.1845 Henry HAYS, m2. William KING. Elizabeth (Betsy) HERRIOTT, m. Ben F. HARRIS. Zebulon Pike HERRIOTT, m1. Mary Ann HERRIOTT, m2.1849 Ivey MORRIS. Sarah HERRIOTT, m.1834 Milton CALDWELL. Harriet Ann HERRIOTT, m.1839 Robert DOUGHERTY. Isabella E. HERRIOTT, m.1839 William B. RISK. Ursula E. HERRIOTT, m.1845 John HERRIOTT from PA.
References: C18, C163, C469, C1077. Margaret BLUE, (1781-1867), m.1798 James BEARD (1778-1844). She was born in Hampshire Co. VA and he was born in PA. They died in Springfield Twp, Franklin Co. IN. James was a son of George BEARD, who came from Germany. James grew to manhood in PA and married Margaret in Hampshire Co. In about 1806 James and Margaret moved their family to KY. In 1807 they moved to Butler Co. OH, where he soon "entered land, improving a good farm". His land was in Reily Twp. In 1840 he purchased land in IN, the SW quarter of Sect. 25 in Springfield Twp., Franklin Co. Margaret is described as being a "remarkedly stout, healthy woman". They are buried at Scipio Cemetery in Franklin Co. Cemetery records indicate that James was born in 1770. James’ will is on record in Franklin Co. IN (Ref: A451).* Eliza BEARD (ca1800-1843), m.1820 Thomas F. FREELAND (b.ca1794). William BEARD (ca1802-1840). Never married.* Jane BEARD (1806-1892), m.1827 James SAMPLE (1800-ca1882).* John BEARD (1810-1888), m. Elizabeth TYE?(b.ca1822). * Jacob BEARD (1812-1895), m1.1840 Caroline E. URMSTON (1822-1864), m2.1865 Catherine BLACKER (1836-1904).* James L. BEARD (1814-1866), m. Charlotte _____ (ca1820-1902).* Oliver Perry BEARD (1821-1902), m.1854 Susan WINN (1836-1920).
(Four other children died young.)
References: A451, B128, B615, C301, C334, C343, C821.

4D William BLUE (1784-1855), m1.1805 Rachel GIRARD/GERARD (b.1788/9) in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn Co. IN.; m2.1854 Hannah (_____) GIRARD, widow of Reece GERARD (C157 says sister of Rachel). In 1811, William received a grant of the SE quarter of Sect. 22, Twp. 4, Range 2W and in 1815 received the adjacent NE quarter of Sect 27 (160 acres each). He disposed of this land as follows: 1832 - 6 acres to Mahlon BROWN; 1834 - 262 acres to James BILLINGSLEY; and 1835 - 54 acres to Wm. GERARD. This land was in Dearborn Co., in the part which became Ohio Co. in 1844, adjacent to the land of his brother, David. By 1850 they had moved to Marion Co. IN and were living in Washington Twp. He married Hannah in Marion Co.* Uriah BLUE (1807-1847), m. Elizabeth (WILSON) SMITH. Joseph BLUE (b.1809), d. infancy. Elizabeth BLUE (1811-1854), m.1835 Bennett BRYAN/BRIDE. Married in Marion Co. IN.* Benjamin BLUE (1813-1882), m.1837 Hannah HOGLAND (b.1818).* Gerard BLUE (1815-1901), m1.1837 Elizabeth FLOOD (b.ca1818), m2.1875 Almira LONG.* Peter BLUE (1818-1876), m.1846 Elizabeth F. SEERLY (b.1826). Louisa BLUE (1820-1844), m.1837 Thomas DUNNING. Married in Marion Co. IN. Margaret BLUE (1822-1847), m.1843 David ARMENTROUT. Married in Marion Co. IN.* William G. BLUE (1825-1858), m1.1847 Sarah RUARK (b.ca1829), m2.1853 Martha Arnold MATHEWS, m3.1857 Ellen I. RICHARDS. Rachel BLUE (1827-1857), m.1851 Thomas SCHOOLEY.* George Washington BLUE (1832-1900), m1.1856 Rachel HINESLEY (b.ca1839), m2.1867 Catherine WEST (b.1849).
References: A369, A410, A517, B135, B368, B369, C8, C75, C76, C78, C157, C357. Jesse BLUE (b.ca1787), m. Elizabeth FALL (b.ca1794). He was born in VA and she in NC. He went with his brothers to Nelson Co. KY, then north to IN. Jesse owned land in Dearborn Co. IN, which he sold to his nephew, John, in 1825. This land was 57 acres in the SE quarter of Sect. 21, Twp. 4, Range 2W. He then moved to nearby Ripley Co. IN, where he was living in 1830. By 1840 he was in Ralls Co. MO with his brother, David, and in 1850 he was in Carroll Co. MO.* Michael BLUE (1814-ca1844), m.1842 Lucinda ROUSE (b.ca1822). Mary BLUE, died in infancy. Margaret BLUE (1817-1838). William BLUE (b.1819), probably died young. Catherine BLUE (1820-1870), m. _____ DEED. Elizabeth BLUE (b.1821), m.1842 William BOULWARE. Ivy BLUE (1823-1862), m. _____ WATSON.* David BLUE (1826-1863), m.1851 Sarah BURCHETT (b.ca1836). John BLUE (1831-1850), never married. Jesse M. BLUE (1835-1906), m. Sarah (BURCHETT) BLUE, widow of his brother, David. No issue. Amanda BLUE (b.ca1839).
References: A620, B542, B761, C570, C572. Uriah BLUE (1752-1829), m.1773 Ruth VAN METER? (1755-1819)(C260 calls her Ruth LLOYD, other sources claim she is Ruth TERRY). He was born in VA and she in NJ. He spent his early years in Berkeley Co. VA then, after the Revolution, he applied for 400 acres of land in Providence Twp., Bedford Co. PA. The wheels of government moved slowly even then, for records show that Uriah was on a 1784 tax list for Bedford Co., but he owned no land. He finally received his warrent in 1786 and the land was surveyed in that year. In 1788, Uriah sold this land to James McKinney for £40. By Oct 1789, Uriah was in Nelson Co. KY where he signed a petition and in 1795, in the same county, he signed the marriage bond of his daughter, Elizabeth. Uriah moved to Dutch Station, Staunton Twp., Miami Co. OH, in 1799. In 1802 he received a patent for 120 acres of land in Staunton Twp., Sect. 18, Twp. 1, Range 10. At the same time he was given a patent for 40 acres in the adjacent section to the north, Sect. 13, Twp. 1, Range 11. There is no subsequent record of Uriah or his heirs ever owning the latter piece of land, so it is probable that Uriah never completed its acquisition. They probably lived on Sect. 18 for the rest of their lives. They died in Miami Co. OH and are buried on the Blue farm in Staunton Twp, now called Saunders Cemetery. He was a Revolutionary War veteran, having served with volunteers of the Berkeley Co. VA Militia under Capt. William M. Morgan.* James G. BLUE (1774-1819), m.1799 Mehetible GARRARD (1777-1850).* Michael BLUE (1775-1854), m. Catherine EATON/LENNON (ca1782-1869)(C157 says CLEMENT).* Elizabeth BLUE (1778-1846), m.1795 Noah HARREL (1766-1850).* Sarah BLUE (b.1780), m. James LENON (1777-1857).* Uriah BLUE Jr. (1782-1849), m1.1808 Jane STITE (1789-1819), m2.1820 Margaret (DEWEESE) GERRARD (1797-1840), m3.1843 Charlotte CLARK (b.ca1805).* Barnabas B. BLUE (1785-1820), m.1806 Mary HILLIARD (b.1788). Joseph BLUE (b.1788).* Martha BLUE (b.1790), m.1806 Bennett William LANGLEY (b.ca1776).* Ruth BLUE (b.1793), m.1811 Joseph GOBLE (1786-1868).* Hannah BLUE (1795-1881), m.1813 Hampton WOODRUFF (1790-1864).* John Blackford BLUE (b.1799), m1.1818 Rachel SAYERS, m2.1836 Mrs. Sarah (CAVENDER) MERCER (1809-1855).
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4E Barnabas BLUE (1757-1827), m. Talithacuny "Charity" MARSHALL. He was raised in Berkeley Co. VA and served in the Revolutionary War in Capt. William Morgan's company of Berkeley Co. volunteer militia. His name appears on the 1782/3 Berkeley Co. tax list. After the war, in 1786, he received a warrent for 400 acres of land in Providence Twp., Bedford Co. PA. This land was surveyed in 1791 and patented to Michael BLUE, Barnabas' brother, in 1799. Barnabas was on a 1789 list of inhabitants of Providence Twp. and is listed in the 1790 census of Bedford Co. PA. Barnabas and Michael took part in the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 and were bound "to answer bills of indictment for riot and treasonable acts, setting seditious poles in opposition to the whiskey tariff, to appear at Jan term of Court, 1795". They, and many others, appeared in court as directed, plead guilty and were fined (fines for all ranged between 5 shillings and £15). In 1795 he was in Bourbon Co. KY, where he signed the marriage bond for his niece, Elizabeth BLUE. He remained in Bourbon Co. through 1800 and in 1805 he received two land patents in Miami Co. OH, 200 acres in Sect. 12, Twp. 1, Range 10, and 160 acres in Sect. 28, Twp. 2, Range 11; the first was in Staunton Twp., near his brother Uriah, and the second was in Lost Creek Twp. It is believed that they lived on the Lost Creek Twp. land. Barnabas died in 1827 without a will. His sons, Solomon and Uriah, were administrators of his estate. The estate papers make it clear that Barnabas' father was Michael BLUE of Virginia. This confirms that Michael BLUE [1.1.2] remained in VA, probably Berkeley Co., after his sons moved to PA, KY and OH.* Frederick BLUE (b.ca1774), m. Mary ____ (b.ca1780). Martha "Patsy" BLUE (b.1775). She was an invalid and probably never married.* Uriah BLUE (ca1782-1836), m.1808 Charity KISER (b.1785).* Solomon BLUE (1784-1856), m.1806 Telitha Ann MORRIS (b.ca1785).* Barnabas BLUE (1787-1853), m.1811 Frances (Fanny) DAVIS.* Mary BLUE (prob. d.bef1828), m. Allen R. RALSTON (1771-1850). Esther "Hetty" BLUE, m. Jacob PRICE.
References: A47, A249, C8, C37, C41, C78, C109, C114, C157, C168, C363, C364, C459, C486, C1173. Michael BLUE (1759-1822), m. Amelia "Milla" MORGAN. He was raised in Berkeley Co. VA and served in Capt. William Morgan's militia company, as did his brothers, Uriah and Barnabas. After the Revolution he went to Bedford Co. PA. He may have gone there with his brothers, Uriah and Barnabas, or joined them later. The 1790 census shows Michael in Bedford Co. Bedford Co. militia records indicate that Michael was a lieutenant of the 2nd Battalion in 1793 and a captain of the 7th Co., 2nd Regt. in 1794. He took part in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 (see Barnabas' biography, above), and received the patent for Barnabas' 400 acres in 1799. We have no record of Michael having lived in KY, as did his brothers, but he joined them in Miami Co. OH. He owned land in Staunton Twp., near Uriah, in Sect. 17, Twp. 1, Range 10, and in Sect. 23 of the same Twp. He received patents on these tracts of land in 1813. He sold some of the Sect. 17 land in 1816 to Fielding Lowry. Michael died in Miami Co. OH, where his will was proved 9 Aug 1822. His remaining land was divided among his heirs in 1826, based on a Miami Co. Court of Common Pleas record. Mary BLUE (b.ca1777), m. Levi JONES (ca1770-1850). He was born in Bedford Co. PA and probably died in OH.* Martha BLUE (b. ca1780), m. Benjamin CHANEY Sr. (ca1775-1824).* Susan BLUE (1782-1872), m.1804 Daniel MALOTT (1780-1857).* Michael M. BLUE (1784-1875), m. Nancy Ann CHANEY (1784-1873).* Elizabeth BLUE (1788-1864), m. Thomas BUCK (1790-1863).* Uriah H. BLUE (1791-1857), m.1811 Charity CHANEY, m2. _____ _____. Ruth BLUE (b.1797), m.1819 James McCREA/McCRAY (b.ca1798). She was born in PA and he in Canada. They were married in Miami Co. OH.* John J. BLUE (ca1798-1849), m1.1819 Amy MURPHY (b.ca1802), m2.1842 Mary ROBERTS (b.ca1806). Rebecca BLUE(b.ca1804), m.1822 William CONANT (1787-1858).
References: A47, A343, A386, A387, A496, A736, B1600, C12, C14, C157, C357, C363, C444, C930,C1159. Joel BLUE (1765-1829), m. Catherine DUKE (d.ca1847). They lived in the part of Berkeley Co. VA which became Jefferson Co. In 1812, Joel's father sold him the 150 acre tract which he had leased, then purchased from Thomas BLACKBURN. A later survey showed that this land really contained 174 acres. This land was located about a mile east of the Leetown-Shepherdstown road, just south of Kerneysville. Upon his death, Joel bequeathed this land to his children, and a deed of partition was prepared in 1847 and filed in Jefferson Co. Joel also left much property in Hopkins Co. KY, but there is no indication that he ever lived there. He purchased this land (1200 acres) from Matthew DUKE in 1812. His will mentions only 460 acres, so he must have disposed of the remainder before 1827. Joel's will also required that his Jefferson Co. land be divided among his children after the death of his wife. Therefore, Catherine must have died before the 1847 partition was made. Martha BLUE, m. William TAPP. Elizabeth BLUE, m.1827 Samuel MOORE. Ann BLUE, m. Elijah YOUNG.* Uriah BLUE (1790-1840), m. Elizabeth BLUE (1792-1882) []. Both are buried in Blue Cemetery on the Sam Beard farm in the Beulah-Coiltown area of Hopkins Co. KY. Elizabeth m2.1845 John METCALF in Hopkins Co. KY. Mahala BLUE, m. _____ McLAUGHLIN.* Mary BLUE (b.1794), m.1822 Michael BLUE (1795-1874) [], brother of Elizabeth (, probable children of James H. BLUE ( Michael is buried in Blue Cemetery on the Sam Beard farm in Hopkins Co. KY.* Michael BLUE (b.ca1809), m. Susannah C. MILLER (1819-1859).* Sarah BLUE, m.1832 John RUTHERFORD. Catherine BLUE, m. Benjamin BYERS. She may be a granddaughter. They received part of Joel's Jefferson Co. land.
References: A44, A377, A380, A455, A456, B105, C8, C109, C157, C1247.

4F James H. BLUE (b.1769), m. _____ _____. Lucy BLUE, m. ____ GUTHRIE.
The following are probable children:* Elizabeth BLUE (1792-1882), m. Uriah BLUE (1790-1840)(, m2.1845 John METCALF.* Michael BLUE (1795-1874), m.1822 Mary BLUE (b.1794)(
References: A44, C98, C109, C157. James J. BLUE (1748-1818), m.1773 Margaret KEARNEY (1750-1810) in Berkeley Co. VA. They moved to KY where James obtained a 300 acre grant on Tradewater River on 13 May 1785. This was in Lincoln Co. KY in the area that is now Christian-Caldwell-Crittenden Cos., adjoining what is now Hopkins Co. On 18 Apr 1800, he obtained a 200 acre land grant in Henderson Co. KY on Cyprus Creek and, on 10 Jun 1806, he obtained a 400 acre grant on the Caney Fork of Tradewater River in Henderson Co. Both buried in Union Co. KY. C8 says there was a son James who died in infancy before the birth of James (b.1782). C234 says that James was with Washington at Braddock's defeat, however, that was in 1755 when James was only 7 years of age, so that story contains an element of doubt. William Kearney BLUE (1774-1802). He served with Gen. WAYNE in 1793 at Ft. Greenville as a Coronet of Light Dragoons; was military escort of John BRICKEL in NW Territory in 1795; was Captain in 7th Infantry in 1799; honorable discharge 1800. He was killed in a duel at Fort Washington OH in 1802. Probably never married.* Uriah BLUE (1775-1836), m. Rebecca STURTEVANT (1796-bef1834). Mary (Polly) BLUE (b.1777), m.1811 Isaac POTTS in Union Co. KY. She is buried in Gallaton Co. IL. Nancy Ann BLUE (b.1780), buried Clark Co. IN.* James J. BLUE Jr. (1782-1848), m.1813 Jane Barnwell KEARNEY (1789-1883/1833?) in Berkeley Co. VA. He died in Caldwell Co. KY.* Col. John S. BLUE (1784-1840), m.1813 Nancy OWENS (1795-1870). Margaret BLUE (1785-1807).* Solomon David BLUE (1788-1868), m1.1821 Mahaley (Mahala) KEARNEY (1790-1832), m2.1836 Elizabeth (FINNIE) RALPH (b.ca1800).* Elizabeth BLUE (b.1790), m1.1808 Aaron PRATHER, m2.1827 John MORRISON.
References: A48, A458, C8, C9, C36, C43, C65, C234, C345.

4G John BLUE (1750-1833), m.ca1776 Margaret _____ (1750-1824). He was born 27 May 1750 and baptized Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington DE, on 8 Jan 1752. He served in the Revolutionary War, entering the Continental Army on 2 August 1777 at Elizabeth Town in Lancaster Co. PA. He fought in the battle of Brandywine, was wounded and taken prisoner. He was released through prisoner exchange on 14 June 1778 and discharged two days later. During the war, Margaret moved to SC for safety and had her first child in the Waxhaw area of SC. After the war they returned to Lancaster Co. PA, where John appears on the taxpayer rolls in 1782. They removed to KY ca1784, possibly with his brother James who lived on Tradewater Creek in what is now Hopkins Co. and he appears in the 1800 taxpayers list of Bourbon Co. From 1807 to 1830 he lived in Greene Co. OH, then moved to Carroll Co. IN where he died and is buried in Pleasant Run Cemetery about two miles west of Delphi. His date of death, 13 July 1833, was obtained from his gravestone. In 1814 John purchased 300 acres of land in Greene Co. OH from James GALLOWAY Jr and his wife, Martha. John and Margaret, and many of their family, were active in the church congregations at Massie’s Creek and Sugar Creek. Margaret died in Green Co. OH and is buried at Grape Grove Cemetery.* John BLUE (1777-1841), m.1801 Elizabeth McNARY (1782-1849).* Margaret BLUE (ca1780-1820s?), m.1803 Alexander McNARY.* Robert BLUE (ca1784-1840s), m. Ann McNARY (d.bef1820).* Ann BLUE (1786-1876), m.1812 John CHAMBERS (1784-1842).* Isabella BLUE (ca1795-1840s?), m.1818 James FLETCHER (ca1795-1840s).
References: A7, A66, A158, A159, A177, A179, A180, A182, A185, A192, A197, B8, B25, C9, C45, C157, C178, C1435. Uriah BLUE (1757-1796), m.1773 Elizabeth SHANK (d.1857). He was baptized at Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington DE, on 23 June 1764. He was born and died in what is now Berkeley Co. WV. She was a daughter of Christian and Elizabeth (REYNOLDS) SHANK who came from Morristown NJ to Frederick MD to Berkeley Co. (then Frederick Co. VA) before the Revolutionary War. Uriah's son James was underage at the time of his father's will. Elizabeth BLUE* James BLUE (1789-1847), m1.1810 Margaret CHEDISTER (1792-ca1818), m2.1826 Mary HICKLE (1785-1868).
References: A84, A85, A274, B522, C52, C583, C1344. David BLUE (1760-1848/53?), m1. Margaret DUKE (1760-1800), m2.1806 Mary HENDERSON (1769-1853). Owned farm on Casey Creek; died Union Co. KY. Margaret , born in VA, was a daughter of John and Margaret DUKE who came to America ca1754 from Balleymoney, Ireland. She died in Union Co. KY. Second wife, Mary, was born in TN and died in IL. David was bap. Holy Trinity Church 23 Jun 1764. Several researchers say he was born in Bucks Co. PA.
First marriage:* Solomon David BLUE (1785-1860), m.1811 Nancy C. GRAHM (b.ca1790). James BLUE (1792-1870).* Uriah BLUE (1793-1859), m1.1820 Mary ROBERTSON, m2.1825 Rachel McKENNY (1801-1875). Margaret BLUE (b.1794), never married, buried in IL. Jane BLUE (b.1795), never married, buried in IL. William BLUE (1796-1811), died Union Co. KY.* John BLUE (b.1797), m.1820 Anna Maria ROBERTSON (b.1806).
Second marriage: Mary Alace BLUE (b.1804), m. T. B. MILLS? (b.1797). Mary born Union Co. KY.* Charles Henderson BLUE (1808-1871), m.1840 Malinda L. BARNETT (b.1810).
References: A7, C9, C74, C157.

4H Fredrick BLEW/BLUE (1759-1836), m1. _____ _____, m2. Jane _____. He was born in Somerset Co. NJ and died near Jeromesville, in what is now Ashland Co. OH. He is buried there in the Methodist Cemetery. Fredrick's pension application indicates that he was drafted into the Army for service in the Revolutionary War. It further indicates that he went to Berkeley Co. VA about 1785 and lived there for twenty years. He then went to Fairfield Co. OH, lived there for seven years, then moved to Mohican Twp., Wayne (now Ashland) Co. OH. Frederick signed marriage bonds for his children, Peter and Nancy, in Berkeley Co. VA. Peter BLUE (ca1780-1834), m1.1802 Polly ROBINSON (b.1782) in Berkeley Co. VA, m2.1804 Elizabeth CLAYTON (b.ca1775) in OH. No children are mentioned in his will dated 18 Apr 1831, Knox Co. OH, but he does name his nephew Peter, son of his deceased brother Abraham. He is buried at Butler Baptist-Woods Cemetery, Knox Co.* Nancy BLUE (d.ca1827), m.1807 James SLATER (ca1779-1853).* Abraham BLUE (ca1790-1830), m.1816 Susannah SHINNSBERRY (ca1795-1874).* John BLUE (1799-1855), m. Ellen/Eleanor SLATER (b.ca1806). There may have been an earlier daughter, Nancy, who died young.
References: A153, A573, A574, B699, B1670, C266, C336. Nancy BLUE (1767-1845), m. James CROOKS Jr. (1750-1833). She is said to have been born in PA. She died in New Discovery, Parke Co. IN. James was a son of James CROOKS Sr. who emigrated from Ireland to PA, and possibly lived in Monongahela Twp., Greene Co. PA. James m1. _____ HERROD and had one son, Samuel CROOKS, and three daughters, Sally, Nancy and Margaret CROOKS. Sally CROOKS (b.1772), m.1791 David RISLEY; Nancy CROOKS, m.1813 Jonathan MARTIN; and Margaret CROOKS, m. Joseph FORBES. One source says James was born in Scotland and another says Western PA, probably Franklin Co. James and Nancy were early pioneers of the Ohio Valley. In the late 1700’s he took part in the construction of forts at what is now Cincinnati OH, Louisville KY and Bullit Lick KY. He served in Capt. William HERROD’s company of Kentucky Militia in 1779, during the Revolutionary War. James appears on the tax rolls of Nelson Co. KY in the time period from 1785 to 1800. After 1801 they moved to OH, settling in Butler Co. They later moved across the state line to Franklin Co. IN, then to Parke Co. IN where they died. James and Nancy are buried in the New Discovery Cemetery, Parke Co.* Elizabeth CROOKS, m. Marsh CORNELISON (1785-1853).* Mary CROOKS (1788-1876), m.1805 Abel BALL (1787-1853).* James B. CROOKS (1791-1851), m.1844 Mary Ann BULLINGTON (b.1826). Abraham CROOKS (1802-1833)* Jacob CROOKS (d.1845), m. Nancy ADAMS (b.1811).* Dr. William B. CROOKS (1803-1856), m.1825 Martha McCracken JOHNSON (1804-1865).* Thomas J. CROOKS (1806-1892), m1.1825 Experience JOHNSON (1804-1842), m2.1844 Nancy SEYBOLD (b.1815), m3.1861 Nancy K. HALL (d.1872).* Hamilton CROOKS (1808-1876), m. Prudence HAWKINS (1815-1868).
References: A997, B1645, C509, C510, C512, C513, C514, C1001, C1104. Elizabeth BLUE (1769-1865), m1.1788 Samuel FERGUSON (1758-1814), m2. John DENNIS. She was born in VA, probably Hampshire Co. (WV), and Samuel was born in Lancaster Co. PA. Nelson Co. KY records indicate that Samuel and Elizabeth were married in that county at Bardstown. Her father, Abraham BLUE, gave his consent to their wedding. Samuel was a son of Thomas and Elizabeth (LACOCK) FERGUSON. Several researchers give Elizabeth the middle name “Crooks”. During the early years of their marriage they lived at Bardstown in Nelson Co. They moved from Nelson Co. to Butler Co. OH ca1798, before the birth of their son, Samuel. Samuel (Sr) had a prior marriage to Elizabeth ANDERSON and had four children by that marriage, Thomas, Athel, Nancy and Letha (Lettie). Elizabeth (BLUE) FERGUSON took her children to Marion Co. IN ca1820. She lived there with her son James until her death. She is buried there at McVey Cemetery in Warren Twp. just off the old National Road (US40). Samuel was a soldier during the Revolutionary War, serving as a private in Capt. Samuel CUNNINGHAM’s Co., 2nd Bat., Washington Co. PA Militia. He died at Hamilton, Butler Co. OH. Many of their children spelled their surname FURGASON.

First marriage:* Elizabeth FERGUSON (1789-1869), m.1809 Joseph CHAMBERS.* Mary "Polly" FERGUSON (1791-1830), m.1806 Daniel HEATON (1780-1863). Sarah FERGUSON (1793-1873), m.1812 Ebenezer GOBLE. Lavinah FERGUSON (1797-1873), m.1816 Archibald C. REID.* Samuel FURGASON (1799-1843), m.1818 Nancy Leigh/Leith WHITE (1801-1870).* John B. FURGASON (1801-1850), m.1823 Druzilla CARY (1809-1841). William FERGUSON (1803-1875), m. Eliza HARRIS.* Malinda FURGASON (1806-1850), m.1824 John A. POGUE (1799-1858).* James Crooks FURGASON (1808-1891), m.1829 Nancy GOBLE (d.1890). Rosannah FERGUSON (1810-1840/3), m.1829 Jacob TURNER. Frank "French" FERGUSON (b.1813), died young.
(One source says they had David S. FERGUSON. This may be Samuel.)
References: A227, A845, B1073, B1218, C509, C510, C511, C515, C765, C776. John BLUE (ca1770-1855), m1.1793 Mary BLUE (d.1830-5), m2.1835 Martha PENDLEY (b.1785). He was born in VA and his first marriage took place in Berkeley Co. VA. John appears to have gone to Hamilton and Butler Cos. OH with his father, for in 1799 Abraham and John BLUEsigned a Memorial to Congress, as settlers "on the Publick lands lying below the mouth of the Great Miami River Between the said Miami and the Boundary Line Between the United States and the Indian Tribes". This petition requested that the land be sold in smaller quantities than full sections, and to give the current settlers preference in the purchase of their land. In 1806 John purchased 80 acres in Butler Co. OH from Evan and Lina BANES. This land was the west half of the NW quarter of section 12, township 2, range 2, in the Miami Purchase. In 1811 he purchased the SW quarter (160a) of section 31, township 2, range 4 east. John and Mary sold the land in section 12 to Daniel and David HEATON in 1818. In 1815 and 1819 they sold the land in section 31 to Michael PEARCE and Alex VAN FELT. They then removed to newly formed Vigo Co. in western IN, where they appear in the 1820 census. They apparently lived in the portion that was broken away to form Parke Co., for John appears there in the 1830-50 censuses. Mary died after the 1830 census and before John's second marriage in 1835, which took place in Parke Co.

First marriage: Eliza BLUE. Did she m. Lawrence COX? Angeline BLUE* Barnabas BLUE (b.ca1803), m.1838 Polly Ann BROWN ( 1804).* Abraham BLUE (1807-ca1854), m. _____ _____ (d.bef1850). Nancy BLUE (1811-1853), m. William B. CROOKS. Is he []? James BLUE (b.ca1814). Did he m.1837 Mary TURBYVILLE? Sarah BLUE, m. _____ WOODS. Lucinda BLUE (b.ca1830).

Second marriage: Perry BLUE (b.ca1843). Deduced from 1850 census.
References: B416, B572, B705, C509, C510, C516. Henry BLUE (d.1815), m.1793 Mary A. GARRETT (ca1771-1848). The first known record of Henry is his marriage in Berkeley Co. VA. In 1798 he was a codefendant, with Frederick and Jesse BLUE, in a lawsuit (for debt) brought by James CATLETT in Berkeley Co. They later removed to Butler Co. OH and he is the Henry on the 1807 tax list for that county. Subsequently they moved up to Champaign Co., where Henry died in 1815 and Mary is listed in the 1820 census as head of the household, with five males, ages 10-26, and a female, age 16-26. These males could account for many of the unconnected BLUE/BLEWs of Champaign Co., or she could have taken in boarders in order to support herself after the death of Henry. In 1830, John and Sarah BLEW [] had an elderly lady in their household, age 60-70. This is probably Mary, and this record establishes her birth date as 1760-70. Many of their descendants used the spelling BLEW. Mary died in Auglaize Co. OH.* Joseph D. BLUE (b.1795), m.1819 Jane ARMSTRONG (b.ca1800).* John BLEW/BLUE (1796-1847), m.1826 Sarah BALDWIN (1806-1879).* Jacob W. BLEW (1798-1878), m1.1821 Nancy WOOD (1802-1853), m2.1859 Phoebe Jane (_____) BUSHNELL (1825-1911).* Jesse BLEW (1806-1883), m.1832 Alethea CORBUS (1809-1867).
Following is a probable child of Henry and Mary, however her birthdate, based on the 1850 census, is suspect.* Eliza BLUE (b.ca1791), m.1826 Aaron CHESTER (b.ca1801).
References: A153, A291, A294, A453, A590, A1131, B83, B620, B621, C357, C518 Sarah BLUE (1776-1866), m. Col. Jacob BELL (1774-1825). She was born in PA. They moved from Butler Co. OH to IN in 1817 or 1818, bought land in Raccoon Twp., Parke Co. Their farm was located within 2.5 miles from the town of Bridgeton, in the southern part of the county. They both are buried in Denman Cemetery near Bridgeton.* Abel BELL (b.1805), m.1828 Susanna MILLER (b.1808). Elizabeth BELL James BELL
References: A763, B416, C509, C510, C517.

4I Michael BLUE (1749-1833), m. Phoebe VORIS/VOORHEES. He was born in Somerset Co. NJ and served in the Revolutionary War in Capt. William Van Brike's company of NJ Militia. He was called up six times between Sept 1776 and the fall of 1781. After the war he moved to Northumberland Co. PA, where he first appears in the tax records of Mahoning Twp. in 1785. In 1787 he was taxed for 289 acres in Mahoning Twp. Frederick BLUE ( and his father, William BLUE (1.3.1), were taxed in the same county as early as 1778. Michael's pension application in 1832 indicated that he lived about five miles from Danville PA. Engle (C10) says he died at Danville. The DAR Roll of Ancestors says he was a private in Capt. Ten Eyck's company, 2nd Batt., Somerset Co. NJ Militia. The Columbia and Montour Cos. History says he died in Valley Twp. of Montour (then Columbia) Co. He was a farmer and planted the first peach orchard in what is now Montour Co.
Charles Engle (C10) places Michael as a son of John and Maria BLAW (1.3.2), however, their Michael was baptized at Harlingen on 18 Aug 1751, while this Michael was born on 24 Nov 1749 according to his Revolutionary War pension application, and was baptized at Harlingen on 28 Jun 1752. One transcription of the Harlingen records shows Michael, son of William and Margaret, baptized on 28 Jun 1752, while another shows Frederick, son of William and Margaret, baptized on the same day. Evidence relating to Michael and Frederick in their later lives leads us to believe that they were brothers and thus we must assume that they were baptized on the same day. Elizabeth BLUE (b.1775), m. _____ RISHEL.* Isaac BLUE (1781-1842), m. Charlotte DONALDSON (1788-1868).* Isaiah BLUE (1794-1846), m. Nancy Agnes CHILDS (1791-1868). Peter BLUE?
References: A726, A939, B638, C10, C34, C624, C665, C666, C667, C668, C669, C1257. Frederick BLEW (Frederrik BLAU) (bp.1752-1832+), m.ca1774 Mary _____, divorced 1815. He was born in Somerset Co. NJ and baptized at the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church, Montgomery Twp., Somerset Co. NJ. He died after 1832, when he received a pension for Revolutionary War service, in Derry Twp., Columbia Co. PA. Frederick moved to Northumberland Co. PA (the part which later became Lycoming Co.) prior to 1778 when he was called into service as a militia man. He appears on the tax records for that county starting in 1778. He returned to Somerset Co. NJ in 1779 and was drafted into service several times for specific actions. Frederick then returned to Northumberland Co. PA and he appears on the 1790-1810 censuses in Northumberland Co. In 1820-30 he appears in Columbia Co. PA, so he was probably in that part of Northumberland Co. that became Columbia Co. in 1813. These census records indicate that he had several children; as many as four sons. Frederick and Mary were divorced in Columbia Co.* William BLUE (b.ca1779), m. Mary _____ (b.ca1778).
References: A562, A1132, B638, B646, B647, B648, B649, B650, B1657.. William BLUE (bap1754-ca1830), m1.1788 Mary (_____) McINTIRE (ca1755-ca1820), m2.1821 Mary (FRYE) SLATER. The parentage of this William is uncertain. Some researchers have stated that he was a son of John BLUE (1.1.1), but census records and the birthdate of his wife indicate that he was born much earlier than that William ( We believe that he most likely is the William who was baptized at Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church in Somerset Co. NJ on 21 Apr 1754. Evidence to confirm or deny this contention is solicited by the compiler. The marriage of William BLUE and Mary McINTIRE is recorded in Berkeley Co. VA and took place on 15 Mar 1788. This was Mary's second marriage. Her first husband was David McINTIRE, son of Nicholas McINTIRE, by whom she had three children, Priscilla, William and Lydia McINTIRE.
William was on the 1800 tax list for Berkeley Co. VA. By 1803, William and Mary were in Ohio Co. VA, where they witnessed the will of Robert WHITE (this will is now recorded in Marshall Co. WV). Their names appear on several subsequent Ohio Co. records up to 1827, but they do not appear on the 1830 census. They are said to be buried in Ohio Co. VA(WV).
William's second wife was the widow of Snowden Hook SLATER, and a daughter of Christian FRYE. In 1827, William and Mary BLUE gave a quit claim deed to the daughters of Snowden SLATER.

First marriage:* Uriah BLUE (ca1789-1851), m.1814 Rosannah RUBY (b.ca1791).* Daniel BLUE (1790-1864), m1.1812 Nancy HAYNES (d.ca1814), m2.1817 Eve (WOLF) BONNETT (1788-1881).* Joseph BLUE (ca1794-bef1870), m.1818 Susannah KIRK (b.ca1800).* Olive (Alice?) BLUE (1795-1883), m.1819 Joseph WHITE (1791-1862). Girl, name not known. Believed to have gone to Ross Co. OH with brothers, Joseph and James.* James BLUE (b.ca1798), m.1823 Mathilda KIRK (b.1801).
References: A274, B441, C260, C261, C272, C373, C1373.

4J Cornelius BLEW (bap.1763-1840), m1.1790 Nancy JEANS, m2.1819 Ann PERRIN. He was baptized at the Harlingen Dutch Church in Montgomery Twp., Somerset Co. NJ. He moved to Berkeley Co. VA and married his first wife there. In 1810 he was in Cabell Co. VA and appears on the county tax list there. In 1818 he was in Champaign Co. OH and he married his second wife, Ann, in nearby Clark Co. He owned 160 acres in Section 33 of Mad River Twp. from as early as 1818, when he first appeared in the tax lists. Through the ensuing years the tax records describe this land as, first, the NE quarter section and then the SW quarter section. In 1834 he and his wife, "Anna", sold 2 acres of land in the SE quarter of Section 33 to Elizabeth JONES. Both he and Anna signed their names with an "X". Cornelius prepared his will on 27 Apr 1839 and it was proved on 21 Jul 1840. This will named his wife, Ann, and children, Edna, Harrison, Harvey, Joseph and Benjamin. On 25 Jul 1840, Simon BAKER was appointed guardian of the five children, who were all minors. In 1845, Aquilla DONOVAN was appointed guardian of Harvey and Benjamin.

First marriage:
(The 1820 census of Champaign Co. OH shows three males, ages 10-26, in Cornelius' family. If these were his sons, they were not mentioned in Cornelius' will dated 1839. It is also possible that these males were hired hands on his farm. If they were his sons, it is possible that they include Lemuel BLUE [R.] and Zachariah BLUE [G.]. Also, William BLUE [P.] and John BLUE [Q.] may be his sons), as well as the Uriah BLUE (b.ca1808) who was living in the household of Simon BLUE [P.6] in 1870).

Second marriage: Harrison BLUE (ca1821-1842). Harvey BLUE (b.1825), m.1848 Elizabeth BROWN (b.ca1827). Edna BLUE (b.1826), m.1844 Andrew BROWN. Married in Champaign Co. OH.* Joseph Cyrus BLUE (b.1828), m.1849 Elizabeth Emeline SHANKS (1828-1906).* Benjamin BLUE (b.1832), m1.1856 Sarah WESTFALL, possibly m2.1864 Lydia LIVINGSTON.
References: A11, A153, A291, A292, A293, A294, A312, A369, A453, A631, A632, B80, B83, B371, C280, C586, C746, C1258, C1437. Samuel BLEW (Sammel BLAU) (bap.1767-1843), m1.1791 Martha BLUE, m2. 1818 Sarah JANES (b.ca1780). Samuel was baptized 13 Sep 1767 at the Harlingen Dutch Church in Somerset Co. NJ. He migrated to Berkeley Co. VA, probably with his brother Cornelius, where his first marriage took place. Martha may be the widow of Richard [1.5.8], but it is more likely that she is [], a daughter of Michael BLUE. In 1810 Samuel was in Cabell Co. VA, probably in the part that later became Wayne Co. His first two daughters grew to maturity, married and lived their lives in Wayne Co. In 1815 Samuel received a land grant in Champaign Co. OH. This grant was for the SW quarter (160 acres) of Section 21 in Mad River Twp. He also obtained land in Concord Twp., the SE quarter of Section 23. In 1821, Samuel and Sarah sold this land to their sons, William and Richard, and moved to their grant in Mad River Twp. He is said to have lived in Knox Co. OH in 1812, but, based on the data above, this is doubtful. Samuel's will was proved in Champaign Co. OH on 14 Apr 1843, naming sons, Andrew and Richard, and daughter, Peggy, as well as NoahBERRY, the husband of his granddaughter, Eliza Jane. His Mad River Twp. land was willed to his sons, Andrew and Richard, as undivided moities, but after the death of Andrew, his share was assigned to his son, Samuel. Richard, and possibly Margaret, had some sort of mental problem. Richard is described as "insane" in several records. This may be merely "retarded" in modern terms, since he remained at home and, always in conjunction with another family member, was allowed to own land. Neither Richard nor Margaret ever married and they both were assigned guardians in later life.

First marriage:* Sarah BLUE (1789-1871), m.1808 Abraham CYRUS (1781-1869).* Andrew W. BLUE (1792-1849), m.1821 Nancy PENCE (b.ca1802).* Rebecca BLUE (ca1794-ca1824), m.1810 David BARTRAM (1786-1864). William BLUE (1794/1800-ca1829), m.1823 Elizabeth IDLE. Married in Logan Co. OH. Elizabeth BLUE (b.1794/1804), m.1825 Enos DARNALL. Richard BLUE (ca1800-1863). Margaret "Peggy" BLUE (b.ca1801).

Second marriage: No known issue.
References: A11, A153, A291, A292, A293, A312, A450, A631, B80, B772, C262, C388. Michael BLUE/BLAW (1751-1787), m.ca1770 Mary STOUT (1753-1842). He was baptized at the Harlingen Dutch Church in Somerset Co. NJ. He died in Somerset Co. NJ leaving a will which is on record in the NJ Archives. She later moved to the lake country of NY, was living with her son Samuel in 1830 and 1840, and died at Ovid, Seneca Co. NY. She is buried at Shelldrake Cemetery in Ovid.* John BLEW (1773-1826), m1.1798 Keziah WYCKOFF (d.1813), m2.1816 Margaret MOAK.* Samuel BLUE (1775-1848), m.1806 Rebecca (SORTOR) STOUT (1769-1851). Mary BLUE, never married.* Leah BLUE (bp.1779), m. Jacob VAN ARSDAL.* Elizabeth BLUE (1780-1857), m.1798 James ELLISON (1771-1845).* Michael BLUE (1783-bef1850), m1.1803 Jane FORTNER (1782-1811), m2.1813 Charity STOUT (1789-1850).* Cornelius BLUE (1785-1841), m.1813 Jerusha HOLMES (b.1794).* Ada (Sarah?) BLUE (1786-1872), m.1806 Peter VAN DYKE (1785-1858). Arrienthe BLUE (bp.1788).
References: A11, A33, B126, B604, B774, B775, C157, C158, C251, C319, C399, C587, C588, C752, C1200. Cornelius BLUE/BLAU, bap.1753 at Harlingen Dutch Church. Married Cattrina _____. He served in the Revolutionary War. Nelte BLAU, bap.1776 at Harlingen. Cattrina BLAU, bap.1778 at Harlingen.
References: A11, C1433. John BLEW (ca1754-1810), m.ca1780 Jerusha _____ (d.1829+). John joined Hopewell Baptist Church in Hunterdon Co. NJ on 12Oct1788. Jerusha was bap. as an adult 4Nov1788. They received a letter of dismissal to any church on 16Apr1796. At this time they moved to Shamokin Twp., Northumberland Co. PA, where he appears on the tax roles in the years 1798 through 1804 (first for 155 acres, then in 1802 and on, 130 acres). The census of 1800 confirms his residence and gives an outline of his family. There are six sons and four daughters. One of his five daughters apparently was not at home or was not yet born.
In Aug 1803, John and Jerusha sold 135 of the 285.5 acres they purchased in 1798 to Jacob Snyder and John Housel. In 1805, John appears in the tax lists of Norwegian Twp., Berks (later Schuylkill) Co. PA. He continues to appear on this list through 1810. In 1808 he is taxed for 504 acres of land, however, on 11Jun1804 John had purchased 1236 acres Berks Co. from John Meyer.
Some sources indicate that John died in 1811, however, Jerusha is listed as "John Blue, Widow" in the 1810 census, indicating that he had died before that time. Jerusha was alive as late as 1829, as evidenced by an accounting of her son Isaac's estate in that year and her signature (X) on a quit claim deed dated 11May1829.
C72 says "John BLEW (m. Jerusha) (1756-1824) served as a private in the Somerset Co. NJ militia. He was born in Somerset Co.; died in Princeton NJ." This account is believed to be erroneous, based on the evidence related above.* John BLEW (b.ca1781), m. Mary RUNION (b.ca1795).* James BLEW (1782-1865), m. Catherine REBER (1795-1852).* Levi BLEW (1784-1876), m. Mary ADAMS (1793-1862).* Michael BLEW (b.ca1786), m1.ca1812 Julia _____, m2. Catherine _____. Mary BLEW (b.ca1788). Phoebe BLEW (b.ca1790).* Sarah BLEW (b.ca1792), m. Jacob BARNHARDT (b.ca1781). Isaac BLEW (ca1794-1828). Unmarried. He was a cooper in Tuscarora, Schuylkill Co. PA.* Andrew BLEW (ca1796-1840), m. Mary HOFFMAN (1796-1863). Elizabeth BLEW (b.1797), m. _____ WILLIAMS. Eleanor BLEW (b.1799).
References: A21, A562, B422, B647, B778, C10, C20, C72, C1433.

4K James L. BLUE, m.1823 Electa G. HOWE. He was born in NJ and they were married in Geauga Co. OH. They lived in Geauga Co. in 1830 and by 1840 they had removed to La Porte Co. IN. The family appears in special school censuses in La Porte Co. in 1844 and 1846. By 1850 they had left La Porte Co., but their whereabouts is unknown. In the 1860 Census they appear in Dallas Co. TX. Betsey BLUE (b.1826). Michael J. BLUE (b.ca1828), m. Mary Jane ATTERBERRY in Dallas Co. TX. Daniel BLUE (b.ca1829).
References: B782, B785, B786, B787, C594. Ezekiel BLUE (1801-1875), m.1828 Mary Sophronia HOWE (ca1811-1868). He was born in NJ, OH or NY (conflicting census records). They were married in Geauga Co. OH. Between 1837 and 1840 they moved to La Porte Co. IN, where they appear in the 1840 to 1860 census records. Also, their children were enumerated in the special school censuses in La Porte Co. in 1844 and 1846. In 1850 they lived in Springfield Twp. and he was a "basketmaker". In 1860 he was a farm laborer. They both are buried in Low's Cemetery, Cool Spring Twp., La Porte Co. IN.* Ursula B. BLUE (1829-1883), m1.1851 George W. DOTY, m2.1862 Lewis P. REDDING.* George W. BLUE (1833-1899), m.1857 Mary J. JOHNSON (b.ca1837).* Eleanor Lorania BLUE (1837-1858), m.1854 Kingsley CHAFFEE.* Joseph Henry BLUE (1842-1912), m.1870 Sarah Elizabeth REDDING (b.1853).
References: A369, B413, B414, B782, B785, B786, C357, C594. John BLUE (ca1810-1841), m.1838 Nancy GRIFFIN (ca1813-1844). They were born in NY and were married in La Porte Co. IN. John came to La Porte Co. ca1833 and they wereliving there in 1840. She was a daughter of Sylvester GRIFFIN. Their son John was living with the family of Sylvester GRIFFIN, age 61, in Springfield Twp., La Porte Co. IN in 1850. John and Nancy were Methodists.* John BLUE (1839-1910), m.1867 Sarah A. NODINE (1845-1908).
References: B785, C594, C595. Lorana “Loraney” BLUE (1792-1882), m.1813 Jonathan GEE (1792-1863). She was born in NJ and he was born near Wilkes-Barre in the Wyoming Valley of PA. He was a son of John and Mary (HUTCHINGS) GEE, and moved to Virgil, then Onondaga Co. NY, when he was about four years old (Virgil became part of Cortland Co. in 1808). They were living in Virgil in 1850. After 1855, probably around 1859, they moved to Barton, Tioga Co. NY, to live near or with their son William. They both died there and were buried in a cemetery a few miles north of Barton. William and Loraney served as administrators of Jonathan’s estate. Bradley GEE (1814-1815).* George GEE (1816-1901), m.1836 Lydia WHITING (1811-1876).* Christopher GEE (1818-bef1865), m.1837 Roxanna CARMER/CRAMER.* William GEE (1819-1865+), m.ca1844 Hannah _____ (b.ca1827). Parker GEE (1821-1900+?), m.1855/60 Catherine _____ (b.ca1832).* Eleanor GEE (1823-1913), m.1843 Isaac ERWAY. Alvin B. GEE (1824-1865+). Mary GEE (1826-1827).* Emery GEE (1827-1865+), m.1850+ Susan _____.* Sarah GEE (1829-ca1851), m. Eli ERWAY (b.ca1822).* Martha GEE (1831-1902), m.1851 Elmer Smith THORN (1823-1909).
References: B602, C445, C879, C881.

4L John Salter BLUE (bap.1766-1831), m1.1789 Margaret WALLINGSFORD, m2. Hannah O'NAN. He was bap. 9Feb1766 at Harlingen Dutch Church and died in Seneca Co. OH. His first marriage took place in Berkeley Co. VA. He was living in Jefferson Co. VA (WV) in 1810 and 1820. Then, about 1822, John and Hannah reportedly accompanied their daughter and son-in-law, Rebecca and Bartholomew SCHALL, to Seneca Co. OH. However, this is questionable since John does not appear in the 1830 Seneca Co. census, but does appear in the 1830 Berkeley Co. VA census. It appears that his son, John, and wife Sarah are living in the same household.

First marriage: Polly BLUE Salter BLUE

Second marriage:* John Salter BLUE (1794-1855), m. Sarah GIDEON (b.ca1805).* Rebecca BLUE (1799-1864), m.1823 Bartholomew SCHALL (1798-1874). She was b. in Berkeley Co. VA and d. in Tiffin OH. She is buried in Fravel Cemetery. Hannah BLUE Jane M. BLUE* Dennis Onan BLUE (1806-1865), m. Rebecca Jane HAYES (1812-1882).* Jacob BLUE (1797-1865), m.1826 Margaret BLUE (1802-1862). David BLUE
References: A130, A488, B158, B162, C21, C22, C76, C109, C118, C157, C413. David BLUE (1766-1834), m.1796 Phoebe WALLINGFORD (widow MURPHEY)(b.1769). He was born in NJ and moved with his parents to Berkeley Co. VA (now WV). She was a daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Prudence (ELLIOTT) WALLINGFORD. David was a veteran of the Northwest Indian War of 1791. The records state that he entered the service on 17 May 1791 and on 4 November 1791, while serving under Col. William Darke in the First Regiment, he was wounded in the left shoulder. He left the service on 11 November 1791 and was pensioned in Berkeley Co. VA in 1792. In spite of his old wound, David again served his country in the military. In 1813 he joined Boswell's Kentucky militia, then transferred to the regular army. He was still on the Virginia pension roll in 1822, when he reported he was residing in Fleming Co. KY. In 1827, he moved to Parke Co. IN to be near his children and friends. There are records showing David buying and selling land in Rockville, Parke Co. IN in 1827. He died in Dec 1834.* Amy BLUE (1797-1873), m.1816 Charles MURROW (1794-1880).* Mary BLUE (1800-1866), m1. Newman GLASCOCK, m2.1816 Famous MORTIMORE (1763-1851), m3.1853 Joseph FAGAN.* Famous Mortimore BLUE (1801-1871), m1.1827 Sarah MURROW (widow of Thomas Wheeler HORNBUCKLE)(1800-1833), m2.1835 Nancy Mead JONES (1813-1867) (widow TURBYVILLE).* John Salter BLUE (1805-1896), m1.1829 Mary MARTIN (1811-1847), m2.1847 Elizabeth VANDEVEER (1813-1872) (widow KELSEY), m3.1871 Rebecca B. AYRES/MYRES (1817-1883).* Sarah BLUE (1807-1879), m.1823 Benjamin MURROW (1802-1878).
References: A23, A88, A254, B2, B6, B63, B64, B65, B66, B67, C8, C12, C22, C57, C229, C245. Jesse BLUE (1773-1814), m.1796 Margaret "Peggy" YERKES/YERKEY (b.1772). They were married in Berkeley Co. VA by Moses Hoge, a Presbyterian minister. Peggy was a daughter of Joshua YERKES and was a sister of the Joshua YERKES who lived next to them in 1810. Jesse died in Jefferson Co. VA, where an inventory of his estate was made on 2 July 1814. In the 1810 census, Jesse appears to have four daughters and two sons under 10 years, and one son 10/16 years. Jesse and Peggy's birthdates are recorded in what appears to be the Bible of Henry and Dina (BLAW) SORTORE [1.8], Ref. B1727. Ezekiel BLUE (b.ca1798). He may have been a blacksmith in Leetown, Jefferson Co. in 1820, rather than Ezekiel BLUE [Z.] Whether or not he married is unclear. The female, 26/45 in his 1820 family may be his mother; the others are likely his sisters.* Joshua BLUE (b.ca1801), m.1831 Maria CHAPMAN (b.1810/20).* Mary A. BLUE (1803-1857), m.1824 Benjamin Bennett RUSSELL (1799-1862). (Her relationship to Jesse not proven.)* John L. BLUE (1805-1871), m.1832 Mary/Margaret E. SHOAFSTALL. Nancy BLUE. Supposed relationship based on Jesse's probate records. Priscilla BLUE, m.1833 Joseph GORRELL.
(Following is a possible daughter:) Rachel BLUE, m.1820 Abraham ROBERTS.
References: A153, A655, B804, B805, B1727, C75, C161, C396, C606.

4M Frederick BLUE (1768-1855), m. Effie TITSORT. He was born in NJ and was married there, since Ezekiel was born in NJ. They moved to VA for a time around 1800-1, then removed to Hamilton Co. OH. On 25 Apr 1807 he purchased 160 acres of land in Butler Co. OH from Joshua and Jemimah Davis; this land was the NW quarter of Section 7, Township 2, Range 3. In 1809 he appears on the Butler Co. tax list. On 6 Sep 1823 he sold 50 acres of this land to son Ezekiel. On 15 Oct 1834 he sold another 50 acres of it to son Peter. In the accounting of the estate of his son, Peter, Frederick is listed as having received $2.87. In the 1820 census for Butler Co., Frederick appears to have three sons and six daughters. According to the 1850 census, Frederick was (b.ca1764).
The families of this Frederick BLUE and his cousin Richard BLUE [] both lived in Butler Co. OH in the early 1800's. Richard's family is quite well defined by his probate records. All of his children, who were married in Butler Co., were married by Justices of the Peace. In this family of Frederick, Ezekiel and Hannah were married by ministers, so Eleanor, who was also married by a minister, is assigned to Frederick. Though Elizabeth was married to William TANNER by a JP, she is assigned to this family because Richard's Elizabeth is named CARR in his probate records. Also, though Martha was married to David BRAYTON by a JP, she is assigned to this family on the basis of land records and the fact that she was listed directly after Frederick in the 1830 census of Butler Co. OH. Elizabeth "Betsey" BLUE, m.1811 William TANNER.* Martha BLUE (bp.1793), m.1821 David BRAYTON. Eleanor BLUE, m.1823 William JOHNSTON.* Ezekiel BLUE (bp.1795-1857), m.1824 Margaret MILLER (d.bef 1850). Peter BLUE (d.1837), m. Charity _____. Probably born after 1810, since he is not in the 1830 census as head of household in Butler Co., or in any other OH county. His estate was administered in Butler Co., with an appraisal on 18 Aug 1837 and a sale held 25 Aug 1837. Among the buyers were Ezekiel Blue, Frederick Blue, Charity Blue (the widow) and John Harper, husband of Hannah Blue (probably Peter's sister). In 1836, Peter, of Butler Co., bought land in Miami Co. OH, and he and Charity sold it two days later. Hannah BLUE, m.1836 John HARPER.
References: A24, A663, A664, A665, A829, B405, B615, B617, B809, B810. Mary BLUE (1770-1825), m.1790 Peter VAN VLEET/VAN FLEET (1765-1820). Bap. at Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church, Somerset Co. NJ. They lived at Lodi, NY. Isaac VAN VLEET Peter VAN VLEET* Jared VAN VLEET (1791-1876), m1.1814 Dorothy SWARTHOUT (1791-1835), m2. Clarissa CLARKSON (1799-1882). Ezekiel VAN VLEET George VAN VLEET Hannah VAN VLEET David VAN VLEET James VAN VLEET Martha VAN VLEET Mary VAN VLEET John VAN VLEET Reuben VAN VLEET
References: A11, C111, C248, C445. James BLUE (d.1813), m.1795 Elizabeth LANNING. They lived in Montgomery Twp., Somerset Co. NJ. He is presumed to be a son of Ezekiel because his estate inventory included a legacy due from Ezekiel BLUE's estate.* Enos Lanning BLUE (b.ca1800), m. Margaret SMALLEY (b.ca1800). Ezekiel BLUE (b.ca1808), m(prob).1833 Catherine GANO (b.ca1813). He may have also m.1825 Catherine DAVIS. Jacob BLUE Sarah A. BLUE. Did she m. Peter CRAIG or John WEST, or both? Rachel BLUE Martha BLUE. Did she m. _____ LANGSTAFF and live in Dearborn Co. IN?
References: A65, C445, C1064. Elizabeth BLUE (1784-1827), prob. m.1808 James VAN VOORHIS (1782-1835). She was bap. 1786 at Readington Dutch Church. Her dates were obtained from her headstone. James was a son of Abraham and Eleanor (BAIRD) VAN VOORHIS. Eleanor VAN VOORHIS (1808-1873), m.1828 William J. CRUSER.* Abraham VAN VOORHIS (b.1813), m1.1837 Elizabeth WHITLOCK, m2.1851 Margaret A. HEGEMAN. Ezekiel VAN VOORHIS (1820-1872), m1. Amanda HEGEMAN, m2.1871 Emily SUTPHEN.
References: A12, A24, C445.

4N Ezekiel BLUE (ca1765-ca1836), m. _____ _____. In 1801 they were living in Orange Co. VA and, by 1810, they appear to have moved to Fayette Co. PA. in 1820 he and a wife, age 45+, were living in Warren Co. OH. They finally moved to Troy Twp., Fountain Co. IN, where they were living in 1830. Ezekiel is identified as a son of Martha BLUE on a 1788 property tax record in Berkeley Co. VA. He is of legal age at the time, and is likely her eldest son. Based on the 1810 census, Ezekiel was born in 1765 or before. Since his father was born in 1747, it could not have been much earlier, however, the census record may be in error.* Richard BLUE

(1801-ca1865), m.1825 Mary Alnetta BLACKBURN.* William BLUE (1804-1874), m1.1828 Mary CRANE, m2.1837 Verlinda Ann WARD, m3.1840 Isabella MEEK, m4.1843 Lydia BRINEY (b.ca1827).* Mary "Polly" BLUE (b.1805), m.1831 Alexander CALHOUN (d.1838).
Probably: Ruth BLUE, m.1829 William L. WYANT in Fountain Co. IN.
References: A153, A369, A708, B811, B812, B813, C610. James BLUE (1770-1815), m.1805 Maria Elisabeth WEST (b.1775). She was born in Lehigh Co. PA, a daughter of Georg and Maria Elisabeth ( ) WEST. Some records call her "Elizabeth". James may have paid taxes on 300 acres in Berkeley Co. in 1802. They were married in Franklin Co. OH by William BENNETT, JP. In 1810 he was taxed in Hamilton Twp., Franklin Co., and in 1811 he was chosen as one of three guardians for Elizabeth KNODE. James died in Franklin Co. and Elizabeth was appointed administratrix of his estate on 22 Apr 1815. On 12 Oct 1815, GeorgeBOGART was appointed guardian for William BLUE. On 12 Feb 1816, Daniel WEST was appointed guardian for George and Polly BLUE and John THOMPSON was appointed guardian for Anna BLUE. George BLUE (b.ca1808). Believed to be a Methodist minister who travelled central Ohio as a circuit rider. He was unmarried in 1830.* Mary "Polly" BLUE (b.ca1809), m.1827 Richard DUKES (b.ca1802). Anna BLUE (b.1810/15). Unmarried in 1830. William BLUE
References: A671, A672, A673, B433, C1256. Richard BLUE (ca1772-1859), m1. Mary _____ (b.1775+), m2.1848 Sarah CARR (ca1791-1855). He was born in VA, probably in Berkeley Co. He probably married his first wife in PA, for his marriage does not appear in the Berkeley Co. records. In 1810 they were living in Beaver Co. PA, a county located on the Ohio River in the extreme western part of the state. In ca1807 they had two children born in PA; then in 1810, when his second son was born, he was back in VA, probably the Brooke Co. area which then was adjacent to Beaver Co. They later returned to PA, for daughter Elizabeth was born there ca1817. By 1820, Richard had moved his family about 200 miles downriver to Barbourville, Cabell Co. VA. The census that year shows him with a wife and, possibly, two sons and five daughters. He was engaged in farming. By 1830 he had moved further downriver to Butler Co. OH, Union Twp. and by 1840 he had moved to Fairfield Twp. in the same county. His second marriage took place in Butler Co., and Sarah may have had a previous marriage, making her maiden surname unknown. The 1850 census of Butler Co., Fairfield Twp., gives his age as 78 and family, Sarah 60 and Mary E. 17. In 1854 Richard purchased 50 acres of land in Section 19 of Loramie Twp., Shelby Co. OH. Richard and Sarah probably lived on this land, since she is buried in Shelby Co., Loramie Twp., in the Wyatt Cemetery on Section 17. There are many Wyatts buried there, and thus her surname may have been WYATT. Richard sold the 50 acres to James B. McKinney in 1858 and appears to have returned to Butler Co. The transaction was not completed by the time of Richard's death in February of 1859, so his execuror had to complete the transaction. Richard died intestate; the estate administrator filed his bond in Butler Co. on 26 March 1859. Papers filed by the executor in 1859-61 showed Richard's interest in the land in Shelby Co. OH. In 1863 a court order named Richard's heirs as follows: Mary COLLINS, Mrs. R. BLUE, Mary E. HARSHMAN, Elizabeth KARR, Mary E. MILLER, Penelope ADAMS and Richard BLUE. A Martha RYLAND was also mentioned; she was probably his daughter. The location of Richard's grave is unknown to the compiler, however, it is most likely in Butler Co.

First marriage: Martha BLUE (b.bef.1804), m.bef.1830 _____ RYLAND. Went to LA, had one boy and one girl.* Richard BLUE (ca1807-1859), m.1833 Susannah VANATTA (b.ca1802).* Mary BLUE (b.ca1807), m.1845 Henry COLLINS (b.ca1808).* Daniel Craig BLUE (1810-1852), m.1834 Catherine Ann VAN ATTA (b.ca1818). Catherine BLUE, m. _____ COLE. Married in Indianapolis IN. She probably died before 1859 without issue, since no heirs are mentioned in the 1859 Shelby Co. OH probate record.* Elizabeth BLUE (b.ca1817), m.1836 Guy A. CARR (b.ca1815).* Isabella BLUE (d.bef.1850), m.1836 Elias S. PLEW (ca1812-1888).* Burwell Spurlock BLUE (1821-1877), m.1849 Malvina Laura REVELEE (1833-1903).

Second marriage: No issue.
References: A354, A663, A667, A669, A674, B132, B589, B615, B616, B617, A664, B814, C262, C611, C612.


4O Elizabeth BLUE, m.1799 Israel HEATH (b.ca1773). According to some reports, he was born in northern England or Scotland. However, in 1880 census records, one or more of their children reported that he was born in VA and she in MD. They were married in Berkeley Co. VA. Their marriage bond was signed by Richard BLUE, whom we believe to be her brother. According to census and tax records, they moved to Cabell Co. VA before 1810 and remained there at least through 1830. Israel served in the War of 1812. They probably then removed to Platte Co. MO, as indicated in the referenced Platte County History. Israel was a farmer and a stone mason. He was a Methodist and raised his family in that faith.* James HEATH (1800-1864), m.1828 Chloe McCOMAS (b.1808).* William R. HEATH (b.1801), m1.1818 Nancy SANFORD, m2. Nancy/Mary TURPIN.* Richard Blue HEATH (1803-1873), m.1823 Sarah Elizabeth JORDAN (1808-1875).* John Wesley HEATH (1809-1888), m1.1833 Judith McCOMAS (1811-1850), m2.1851 Susan SMOOT (1815-1892).* Jonas B. HEATH (1810-1841), m.1828 Margaret BARRETT.* Stephen Preston HEATH (1812-1888), m1.1840 Mary KAYSE (d.ca1848), m2.1848 Martha Jane (MOORE) FOSTER (d.1916).* Nancy HEATH (1814-1871), m.1832 William Burke McCOMAS (1810-1893).* David M. HEATH (1817-1880), m1.1838 Letha/Zetta McCOMAS, m2.1847 Elizabeth J. KERR.
References: A631, A675, A676, B814, B815, C371, C609, C613, C614, C1309. William BLUE (b.1777), m.1801 Jane REED, m2.1847 Angelica "Jelico" (WOOD) HAMM (b.ca1801). William was born in VA, probably Berkeley Co. In 1791 he was bound to James WHITELOCK, blacksmith, "till he comes of age, who is to teach him the trade of a Blacksmith & otherwise according to law". William's mother m3.1802 this same James WHITELOCK in Berkeley Co. By 1801, William had moved to Fleming Co. KY, where he married his first wife. In 1803 William purchased City Lot # 53 on Main Street in Flemingsburg(?), Fleming Co. Living in town, he was probably working at the blacksmith trade. He sold Lot #53 in 1811. No wife has signed this deed, although a female appearing to be Jane is found on all census listings from 1810 to 1840. The 1810 census indicates that they had three sons and a daughter under 10 years. However, only one son seems to have survived to 1820. Being a blacksmith, it is possible that William had children working for him that were not his own children. In 1826 William bought 100 acres on Fox Creek in Fleming Co. He and Jane sold this land in 1829 and there is no other record in Fleming Co. of his purchasing or selling land. Jane must have died in the early 1840's, for in 1847 he married Jelico HAMM in Fleming Co. Jelico was a daughter of Robert and Sarah (WILLS) WOOD. Her first husband was Perry HAMM. In 1850 William and Jelico were living in Fleming Co. KY near a Samuel BLUE who appears to be his son. William owned no real estate, according to the census.

First marriage: Richard BLUE (b.1800-10), m.1823 Nancy HEFLIN. Samuel BLUE (b.1810). Samuel probably didn’t marry. In 1860 he was living in Elizaville, Fleming Co. with the Alice EMMONS family. He is described as “insane”. Susan BLUE (b.1825-30), m.1844 Andrews McKEE.
References: A153, A677, A678, A679, B816, B817, B818, B819, C1241, C1242.

4P Ezekiel BLUE (1783-1846), m. Mary BRIGGS. They lived in Wayne Twp., Steuben Co. NY in 1820. In 1822 Barrington Twp. was formed from Wayne, and in 1824 Barrington Twp. became part of Yates Co. NY. Thus, in the 1830 census, Ezekiel and his family are listed in Barrington Twp. of Yates Co. In 1836 they migrated to Marshall, Calhoun Co. MI. In 1840 they lived in Fredonia Twp., Calhoun Co., just south of Marshall. Jeremiah P. BLUE (1815-1844). Probably never married.* Gilbert BLUE (1816-1884), m1. _____ _____, m2. Nancy BORN (b.1826).* Peter BLUE (1818-1906), m.1845 Elizabeth Jane (Eliza?) EVERS (b.ca1829).
References: B523, B536, B823, B824, B825, C567. Samuel BLUE (1785-1813), m.1803 Charlotte GRAY (1790-1850). He was born in PA and served as a Capt. in the War of 1812. He died in the Second Battle of Black Rock, near the present site of Buffalo NY, in 1813. Charlotte was a daughter of Robert and Mary (REESE) GREY, both born in England. After Samuel's death, she married a Mr. BONDEMAN. Samuel and his wife lived in the part of Northumberland Co. that later became Montour Co.* Frederick BLUE (1805-1870), m. Elizabeth HIMULRICH/HIMMELREICH (1808-1863).* Daniel BLUE (b.1808), m. Priscilla May CRAWFORD (b.ca1826).* Isaac BLUE (1809-1885), m.1835 Catherine BILLMEYER (1812-1879).* Eleanor BLUE (1810-1878), m.1827 William FISHER. Elizabeth BLUE, m. Bertram GALBRAITH.
References: B826, B1542, C567, C624, C625 , C626, C627, C1108, C1147, C1252. Gilbert BLUE (Rev.) (1786-1866), m. Margaret _____ (1786-1848) (Elizabeth?). He was born in PA and moved to OH. He was a carpenter and he worked on "the house" at the Putnam Church in Zanesville, Muskingum Co. OH, in 1814. In 1830 he began tanning at a facility on the Marietta road. The Ebenezer M.E. Church was organized 1827 and "in this structure the Rev. Gilbert Blue preached the first sermon". Gilbert stayed in Muskingum Co. through the 1830 and 1840 census periods, then by 1850 he had moved to Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co. IA. He owned land in Henry Co. and Adair Co. IA, which he willed to his daughter, Matilda. He and his wife are both buried at Mt. Pleasant. Gilbert may have had another daughter, Jane, who m.1840 George MARSHALL in Muskingum Co. She would be the female 15/20 in the 1830 census.* Curran McC. BLUE (b.1812), m.1838 Margaret HERRICK (b.ca1825). Elizabeth A. BLUE (1818-1884), m.1853 Rev. George W. TEAS in Henry Co. IA. Twin of Sarah.* Sarah C. BLUE (1818-1884), m1.1835 Joseph DeLONG (1813-1853), m2. _____ SWAN, m3.1864 _____ WARD.* Mary Ann BLUE (d.bef1850), m.1832 Hugh CURRY (1807-1871). Matilda J. BLUE (1823-1897). Never married.* Cyrus B. BLUE (ca1817-1903), m.1843 Elizabeth SHAW (b.1817).
References: A698, A699, B476, B827, B828, B829, C567, C625, C628, C1194. John BLUE (1788-1861), m. Hannah WINTERSTEEN (1788-1870). They both were born in PA. She was a daughter of Hendrick and Experience (GINGLES) WINTERSTEEN. John was a farmer, and they lived in Valley Twp., Montour Co. PA in 1850 and 1860. They died in Montour Co. and were buried at the old Presbyterian Cemetery in Danville, Montour Co. When that cemetery was turned into a park, their bodies were removed to Odd Fellows Cemetery, Danville.* Elizabeth Wintersteen BLUE (b.ca1811), m. Gabriel FLICK (b.ca1812).
References: B638, B1543, C1179. Rebecca BLUE (ca1790-ca1835), m.1 _____ _____, m2.1818 James FLETCHER (1796-1865). It is uncertain that Rebecca is a daughter of Peter BLUE [1.5.10], however, placing her in this family best fits the data available. Descendants of her son, David [], tell us that she was the wife of a BLUE and, while traveling from Northumberland Co. PA to OH, her husband was killed. In Zanesville they were taken care of by David’s uncle, who “ran one of the first steam boats on the Muskingum River”. This uncle was clearly Gilbert BLUE []. Examination of the family of Peter reveals no son who could be Rebecca’s husband. Furthermore, the census records of Peter’s family indicate no unaccounted for male. However, the 1800 census lists a female age 10/16 who is presumed by this compiler to be Rebecca. The probability is that Rebecca gave birth to an illegitimate child, David, and was forced to leave home. The story of a husband who was killed on the trip to OH was probably a cover story generated by Gilbert and Rebecca to regain her respectability. Rebecca was not mentioned in Peter’s will for obvious reasons. Evidence to support or contradict these conclusions is sought by the compiler.
James was born in VA and Rebecca’s birthplace is uncertain. In the 1880 census, her children differ on birthplaces for their mother; Maria said NJ, Elizabeth and Sarah said PA and Jane said OH. (This may be a clue to the migration route of her family.) In 1900 Sarah changed her vote to NJ. James Jackson did not reveal his parents' birthplaces in 1880, but in 1900 he said his mother was born in VA. Rebecca and James were married in Muskingum Co. OH and lived there for ten years. In 1828 James purchased a farm in Knox Co. and lived there until his death. Rebecca died sometime in the 1830's, between the 1830 and 1840 censuses. James m2.1842 Esther STEVENS and they had three children, Francis Marion (b.1843), Christopher Columbus (b.1846) and Ester Mathilda (b.1848), who migrated to Mahaska Co. IA James left a will in Knox Co. Bob Blue of San Rafael thinks that Rebecca may be a sister of John S. BLUE [L.].

First marriage(?):* David Byron BLUE (1814-1889), m.1839 Wealthy BARTLETT (1822-1889).

Second marriage:* Maria J. FLETCHER (1820-1890), m.1841 William McKINSTRY (d.1886).* Elizabeth FLETCHER (1822-1912), m.1841 Chilion B. KITHCART (1817-1911).* Lydia L. FLETCHER (1824-1899), m1.1844 John BLAIR (1817-1870), m2.1876 William KENNER (d.1898).* Jane FLETCHER (b.1826), m.1850 Benjamin ROBERTS (b.1825).* Sarah Ann FLETCHER (1830-1904), m.1852 Mathew M. BLAIR (1825-1899)..* James Jackson FLETCHER (b.1832), m.1857 Cyrina Violet HEWITT (b.1834). William FLETCHER (b.ca1835)(probable son). In 1860 census, but not in father's will. Check Civil War records.
References: A574, A575, A700, A701, B323, B326, B490, B646, B647, B648, B830, C458, C629, C630, C631, C632, C633.

4Q Peter BLUE (1796-1867), m. Julia Ann _____ (b.ca1808). They both were born in PA and they lived in Montour Co. PA. David BLUE (b.ca1844). To Mercer Co. IL?* Robert BLUE (b.ca1847), m. Susan _____ (b.1846). May be son of David [].
References: B638, B639, C567. Aaron BLUE (1798-1885), m. Anna _____ (b.ca1801). Twin of Reuben. They both were born in PA and they were living in Lycoming Co. PA in 1830 and 1840, and in Florence Twp., St. Joseph Co. MI in 1850. By 1860 they had moved to Henry Co. IA. He was a farmer. Sarah A. BLUE (b.ca1825). Mary BLUE (b.1828).* David BLUE (b.1831), m. Martha _____ (b.1833). John BLUE (b.ca1840).
References: B335, B336, B535, B831, B832, C567. Ruben BLUE (1798-1844), m.1820 Elizabeth DAVIS (1796-1841). He was born in PA, probably Northumberland Co., and their children were born in Columbia Co., which was formed from Northumberland Co. in 1813. They were married in Columbia Co. Elizabeth was a daughter of Thomas and Rebecca DAVIS. Ruben was a farmer. They lived their lives in the Columbia Co. area and are buried there. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Reuben left a will dated 1843 which is on file in Columbia Co. PA. Peter BLUE (1821-1892), m.1845 Phoebe GRAY. No issue, but they raised six children. They moved to Mercer Co. IL before 1850, then in 1881 they moved to Dallas Co. IA.* Thomas D. BLUE (1823-1855), m. Martha McEWEN (b.ca1827).* Mary Jane BLUE (1826-1901), m.1852 John HARRIS (1816-1906).* John BLUE (1830-1863), m.1858 Martha J. McHARD (b.ca1835). Elizabeth BLUE (1832-1833).* Rebecca Ann BLUE (1834-1900), m.1855 Joseph Carson GILMORE (1819-1908).* David BLUE (1836-1909), m.1858 Mary Elenor GUFFY (1838-1911). Sarah D. BLUE (1839-1840). She may have d.1839.
References: B412, B460, B638, B833, C249, C567, C625. David BLUE (1803-1877), m. 1829 Elizabeth GRAY (1807-1885). They both were born in PA and were living in Valley Twp., Montour Co. PA in 1850. He was a farmer and owned his own land, valued at $3960 in 1850. In 1830 and 1840 he was living in Columbia Co., probably in that part which became Montour Co. in 1850. The following children were in his family in 1850. David and Elizabeth are buried at Bright Mausdale United Church of Christ cemetery, Danville PA. Peter BLUE (1831-1857), m. Phoebe _____. No issue.. Mary M. BLUE (1833-1918), m. Stephen BREARLEY. She died at Waterloo IA.* Daniel BLUE (1835-1866), m.1860 Harriet OHL (1834-1915).* William BLUE (1840-1912), m. Ella _____.* Gilbert BLUE (1842-ca1912), m. Alice J. CORELL (b.ca1845).* Phoebe BLUE (1844-1905), m. Charles STARNER.* Elizabeth BLUE (1847-1930), m. William DREISBACH.* Robert BLUE (b.1847), m. Susan _____ (b.1846). Twin of Elizabeth.
References: B638, B645, B650, B667, B1658, C567, C625.

4R John Henry BLUE (1780-1827), m. Elizabeth BLUE? (d.1856). Lived at Elkridge Landing MD. C68 says he d.1833. She died at Baltimore MD. Her will was proved in 1859 in Franklin Co. OH due to the fact that she owned property there.* Emily Sartore BLUE (1811-1881), m.1825 John BUTLER (ca1800-1887).
References: A286, B2, C11, C68, C416. Jane BLUE (1792-1822), m.1810 Jonathan STOUT (b.ca1794), son of Jesse and Abigail (LOTT) STOUT. He came with his father to Dryden, Tompkins Co. NY from Hopewell, Hunterdon Co. NJ in 1810. They were married and both died in Tompkins Co. She is buried in the Gospel Lot Cemetery, Ovid, Seneca Co. NY, near her parents.* Amy Blue STOUT (1812-1845), m.1829 James STARRETT (1807-1857).* Abigail STOUT (1814-1888), m. Philip SNOWDEN. 3* Jane B. STOUT (1819-1859), m.1835 John STARRETT (1810-1859).* Spencer Washington STOUT (b.1820), m1.1843 Rosanna HART (1819-ca1850), m2.ca1851 Amy (COY) KINGMAN (1827-1915).
References: A396, B2, B126, B127, B1219, C23, C368, C785, C876.

4S John VOORHEES (1789-1865), m.ca1819 Jane MERRIT (b.1799). He was born at Blawenburg, Somerset Co. NJ and was baptized at Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church. Jane was also born in NJ, a daughter of James and Mary MERRIT. They lived in Ontario Co. and Scipio Co. NY, and later moved to Somerset Twp., Hillsdale Co. MI, where John died.* James Harvey VOORHEES (1820-1885), m.ca1849 Sarah Ann ROGERS (1829-1925). John W. VOORHEES (1822-1899), m.1855 Mary BROSS. Marvin S. VOORHEES (b.1823), m.1860 Alcinda LAMB. Mary J. VOORHEES (1828-1881), never married, died in MI. Elizabeth VOORHEES (b.1830). Charles D. VOORHEES (1831-1898), m. Elizabeth A. BROSS. Julia Ann VOORHEES (1832-1923), m. James Madison JACKSON. George VOORHEES (1842-1843).
References: A24, C640.

4T Lydia SORTOR (b.1782), m. William HOWELL.* Esther HOWELL, m. James O. JENNINGS.
References: C833. Margaret TILLIER (ca1786-1866), m.ca1806 John Remsen RAPPLEYE (1783-1864). She was born at Interlaken, Seneca Co. NY, and he at Penn's Neck, Somerset Co. NJ. John was baptized at the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church. They died at Tyrone, Schuyler Co. NY. He was buried at Cemetery of Nations at Tyrone.* Tunis RAPPLEYE (b.1807), m1. Nancy Marvin RIGGS, m2.1836 Louisa Elizabeth CUTLER (1816-1854), m3. Johanna LAWRENCE, m4. Ann STAPLES.* Emeline RAPPLEYE (ca1808-1884), m. Isaac WILCOX (1806-1866).* Epnetus RAPPLEYE (b.1810), m.Charles Franklin BOOTH (b.ca1806).* Mary RAPPLEYE (1812-ca1851), m.1828 John L./S. KETCHUM (b.1805). Jeremiah RAPPLEYE (b.1813).* Josiah RAPPLEYE (b.ca1818), m. Clarissa WELLS (b.ca1818).* Dinah RAPPLEYE (ca1823-1880+), m1.ca1843 Samuel B. PARKER (ca1817-1847), m2.ca1849 John S. COLVIN (1814-1900).* Almira RAPPLEYE (b.ca1823), m.ca1845 William CRAMER (b.ca1816).* Jane A. RAPPLEYE (b.ca1829), m.ca1847 Joseph ARMSTRONG (b.1825). Peter RAPPLEYE
References: C985.


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