Generation 5 Part 1


5A Barnett BLUE (1777-1846), m.ca1799 Elizabeth MURRAY (1783-1872). He was born near Romney VA (WV) and died in Fayette Co. OH. They were married in VA and came to OH in the early 1800's with his brother, John J. BLUE, settling in Ross (later Fayette) Co. It is said that the brothers rode horseback on the journey from VA to OH. Barnett is buried in the Sugar Creek Baptist Cemetery near Washington C.H., Fayette Co. OH. Elizabeth died in Miami Co. IN and is buried in the Rankin Cemetery near Loree IN. Barnett's will is on file at Washington C.H., Fayette Co. OH. It was written 10 July 1829 and proved 10 Nov 1846. Barnett did not name his children in his will. Their identities were first discovered by Pauline Skinner, who was given a "scrap of paper", reportedly from the Bible of George BLUE [], which named the 14 children of Barnett and gave the birthdays of all but the youngest. In 1987, Merle D. Blue conducted a search for more tangible evidence to substantiate this information. With the help of a professional genealogist, he was responsible for locating a series of deeds in the Fayette Co. OH courthouse by which the 14 children disposed of their undivided shares of Barnett's land, thus proving the identity of his children. Barnett bought this land, part of Survey 1309 located near Sugar Creek at the western edge of Union Twp., in 1828. Based on tax records, he reduced his holdings from 200 to 148 acres in 1831, but kept the remainder the rest of his life. (He may have disposed of 8 acres after 1838, for the deeds whereby the children disposed of his land specified 140 acres. Alternatively, this change may have been due to a resurvey. Elizabeth was living with her sons, Uriah and Calvin, in Washington Twp. of Miami Co. IN in 1850.* John Phillip BLUE (1801-1833), m.1821 Rebecca DAY (1803-1877).* Membrance (Remembrance) Milton BLUE (1803-1886), m1.1831 Cynthia Ann HARRISON (b.ca1815), m2.1858 Jane (ALCORN) COCHRAN, divorced ca1862, m3.1870 Nancy Ellen (ROUNSAVELL) BROWN (ca1834-1912). Mary BLUE (1805-1847), m.1824 Azariah KEARNS.* Barnett BLUE Jr. (1808-1864), m.1838 Elizabeth Ann BUSH (1821-1902).* Isaiah BLUE (1810-1887), m.1838 Mary Ann Susan STRIGLER (1819-1911).* Daniel BLUE (1812-1889), m1.1832 Malinda BUSH (b.1811), sister of Elizabeth Ann BUSH (, m2. Nancy DOBBINS. Elizabeth BLUE (b.1814), m.1834 William RANKIN. No issue. Uriah BLUE (1816-1894). Never married. Pencilia BLUE (1818-1863), m. Charles BAUGHN.* Nancy BLUE (b.1820), m.1846 Antle RANKIN. Rebecca BLUE (1822-1898), m1.1840 James McGINIS, m2. _____ STOCKMAN. She is buried in Rankin Cemetery near Loree IN. Calvin BLUE (1823-1852). Never married.* William BLUE (1825-1915), m1.1853 Hannah Ann STRATTON, m2. Hannah _____. James BLUE (1828-1905), never married, died at Peru IN.
References: A36, A105, A106, A274, A280, A382, B4, B121, B173, B415, B1575, C7, C8, C15, C46, C92, C157, C357, C367, C1264, C1265. John J. BLUE (1779-1844), m1. Virginia _____, m2.1808 Pencelia REEVES (1783-1835). Virginia died in the first year of their marriage. Pencelia's name is spelled Pensecelia on her gravestone. John and Pencelia were married in Ross Co. OH. They are both buried in Counts Cemetery, located on Route 38, one mile south of Sedalia (Midway) in Madison Co. OH. He was nicknamed "Devil Jack". Shortly after 1800, he went with his brother Barnett and uncle Michael to Fayette Co. OH on horseback.* Elizabeth BLUE (1808-1885), m.1828 John YATES (1805-1878). Ann BLUE (1810-1901), m. John CASEY. Western BLUE (1811-1835), never married, buried in Counts Cemetery. Margaret BLUE (1814-1835), never married, buried in Counts Cemetery. Mary "Polly" BLUE (1815-1893), m. Adam LITTLE II (1812-1893).* John J. BLUE Jr. (1820-1889), m.1845 Margaret RAYBURN (1825-1893). Josiah BLUE (1822-1848), never married, buried in Counts Cemetery. Jane BLUE (b.1824), m.1845 David BAKER. They married in Fayette Co. OH. Sophia BLUE, died young.
References: A34, A212, A274, C8, C12, C15, C157, C193, C357, C788, C891.

5B Remembrance BLUE (1781-1864), m1. Sarah WOLVERTON (ca1785-ca1813), m2. Eunice WILLIAMS. He was born in VA. He was in Hampshire Co. VA in 1830 and by 1850 he had moved to Taylor Co. VA. His occupation was "bell maker" at that time. His will was written in 1863 and proved in 1864 in Ritchie Co. WV. It mentions 130 acres of WV land, patented from the Commonwealth of VA to Samuel BLUE, dated 18 Sep 1843.* Isaac BLUE (1800-1863), m1. Rebecca BLUE (, m2.1849 Sarah DAVIS (d.1852), m3.1858 Penelope F. STAFFORD.* John W. BLUE (1803-1889), m1. Virginia MEANS, m2. Mary THOMAS (b.ca1820). John S. BLUE* Stephen A. BLUE (1813-1850), m.1839 Ann Elizabeth BURDETTE (1816-1851). Nancy Jane BLUE, m. _____ BRELSFORD.* Samuel BLUE, m.1845 Hannah HARRIS (b.ca1815). Margaret BLUE, m. _____ EARSOME.* William BLUE (1815-1890), m.1840 Margaret W. WHITING (1820-1903).* Deborah BLUE (b.ca1816), m.1838 David E. NORRIS (b.ca1816). Barnabas BLUE Remembrance BLUE Jr.
References: B680, C8, C15, C157, C250, C349, C386. Hannah BLUE (d.bef1861), m. Henry HINES. They lived in Ross Co. OH. Margaret HINES Mary HINES Isaac HINES John HINES Cornelius HINES Remembrance HINES
References: A1009, C1090. Ursula BLUE (ca1792-1865), m. William BELFORD (ca1790-1845). She was born in Hampshire Co. VA (WV) and he too was botn in VA. William served in the War of 1812 in Capt. Samuel Cockerill's company, 7th Regiment, VA Militia. Ursula was a member of New Providence Baptist Church, located about two miles east of Kenney, Tunbridge Twp., DeWitt Co. IL. She was in DeWitt Co. IL in 1860, ae68. William and Ursula died in DeWitt Co.* Susan BELFORD (1819-1883), m1.1836 William JAMES (1815-1869), m2.1882 Anderson FRANKLIN. Isabel BELFORD (ca1819-1904), m.1842 Melvin LOWRY. Married in DeWitt Co. IL. Nancy BELFORD (ca1824-1863). Owen BELFORD (ca1826-1847).* Uriah BELFORD (b.ca1829), m.1856 Rebecca Ann JOHNSON.* Jane BELFORD (1832-1911), m.1852 John HARRELL (1827-1905).
References: A1065, C1271, C1352. Garrett I. BLUE (1798-1872), m.1828 Sarah Ann LONG (1808-1900). They were married in Allegany Co. MD and lived in Hampshire Co. VA. Garrett is buried in a little cemetery at the top of a hill on Fairfax Lot 31. He inherited the Silver Cup from his father. Ref. C157 says Susan was Mrs. LONG. She died at Moundville, Vernon Co. MO. She was living with her daughter, Ursula, and son-in-law, William V. FOX, in Deerfield Twp., Vernon Co. in 1900. Sarah is buried at the Old Baptist Cemetery in Tunbridge Twp., DeWitt Co. IL. Garrett’s obituary in the South Branch Intelligencer, dated 28 Jun 1872, refers to him as “Capt.” This was perhaps his rank in the local militia. Mary J. BLUE (1829-1861), m. John POLAND. Susan E. BLUE (1832-1880), m.1873 Edmund W. FRUIT (1823-1907). Edmund's second marriage.* Lt. John BLUE, CSA (1834-1903), m.1868 Ann Eliza FOX (1836-1898). Inherited Silver Cup. Isabella BLUE (1836-1906), m.1880 Edmund W. FRUIT (1823-1907), Edmund's third marriage. She died at Kinney IL. Sarah "Sallie" BLUE (1839-1931), m. Isaac HERRIOTT (1841-1908) (see No issue. Isaac BLUE (1841-1849). Nancy BLUE (1843-1849). Keziah BLUE (1845-1849). Ursula BLUE (b.1847), m.1874 William Vause FOX.* Marcellus BLUE (1848-1911), m.1877 Ann Rebecca BLUE (b.ca1857), (a cousin, see
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5C Uriah BLUE (1800-1863), m.1834 Jemima WELTON (1813-1871). They were both born in Hampshire Co. VA and died in DeWitt Co. IL. They lived their early married years in Hampshire Co. VA. They moved to DeWitt Co. in 1853, and were living in Texas Twp. of that county in 1860. She was a daughter of Job and Jemima (BOGART) WELTON. He was buried in the Old Baptist Cemetery in Tunbridge Twp., DeWitt Co. IL. Job Welton BLUE (1834-1906), never married.* Sarah Elizabeth BLUE (1836-1873), m.1857 Edmond W. FRUIT (1823-1907). Edmund's first marriage. Ann Rebecca BLUE (1838-1873), m.1866 Deskin W. GULICK (1836-1923) []. No issue.* David BLUE (1841-1921), m.1861 Tyrphena E. CORNWELL (ca1842-1929).* Jemima BLUE (1842-1868), m.1864 Bushrod Washington CORNWELL (1836-1909). Keziah Isabelle BLUE (1845-1861). Never married. Twin of John. John Thomas BLUE (1845-1922), never married. G.A.R., Co. K, 41st IL Infantry.* William Jasper BLUE (1848-1917), m. Mary L. PARKER (b.ca1850).* Uriah BLUE Jr. (1850-1891), m.1871 Phoebe Jane "Jennie" ECKERT (1852-1918).* Garrett Louthan BLUE (b.1852), m.1878 Lucretia Elbertine BOYD (b.ca1854).* Alonzo Duval BLUE (1856-1906), m.1879 Sarah Anna WADE (1861-1949).
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5D Richard C. BLUE (1773-1850), m.1794 Hannah NEWMAN. Lived in Hampshire Co. VA. His birth and their marriage are recorded in the Uriah Blue family Bible. Susannah BLUE (b.1795), m. William BARNES. They may have had children, Newton, Abraham, Peter and Pierce BARNES.* Ivea BLUE (1796-aft1870), m.1814 William GULICK (1794-1876).* Zachariah BLUE (1799-1861), m.1826 Mary Ann RUCKMAN.* Richard C. BLUE Jr. (1809-1898), m. Lucinda LARIMORE (1815-1871).* John Peter BLUE (1810-1854), m. Delila POWNALL (1812-1858).* Hannah BLUE (b.1813), m.1832 John Forman INSKEEP (b.1814). Louisa BLUE, m.1834 Silas LEWIS. Married in western MD.* James Newton BLUE (1817-1890), m.1839 Sophia LARIMORE (1823-1893). C180 & C181 say he was b.1819.
References: A128, B27, B28, C8, C35, C99, C157, C180, C181, C274, C383, C425, C1156. John Uriah BLUE (1776-1816), m.1795 Sarah C. NEWMAN (b.1776). They both were born in VA, probably Hampshire Co. VA (WV). They were married in Fayette Co. OH. She was a daughter of George and Mary Elizabeth (ROBERTSON) NEWMAN. John and Sarah owned land in Ross Co. OH. The children are identified in deeds of Ross Co. After John's death, Sarah m2.1824 Byard CANNON in Fayette Co. OH. John's birth and their marriage are recorded in the Uriah Blue family Bible. John died in Fayette Co. OH. Sarah died in either Ross or Fayette Co.* Eliza BLUE (b.ca1796), m.1824 William TIMMONS (b.ca1802).* Nancy BLUE, m.1824 William STROPE (1805-1881).* Susannah BLUE (1799-1858), m.1817 Jesse TIMMONS (1795-1855). Hannah BLUE, m. John H. MOUSER. Blumey BLUE, m.1830 Moses COOK.* Elizabeth BLUE (1813-1896), m.1833 Hiram MILBURN/MILLBOURN/MILLBERN (b.1806). Ruhamy BLUE, a minor at time of father's death.
References: A274, A280, A285, B292, C357, C891, C981, C1229, C1406, C1431. Susannah BLUE (1778-1806), m.1802 John LAWSON (1781-1831). He m2. Catherine TAYLOR. Her birth and their marriage are recorded in the Uriah Blue family Bible.* Hannah LAWSON (1803-1873), m.1824 Moses Fuqua MACKOY (1800-1869).
References: A28, B2, B292, C8, C25, C157. Uriah BLUE (1780-1854), m.1816 Elizabeth DONALDSON (1777-1857), buried at Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney WV. His birth and their marriage are recorded in the Uriah Blue family Bible. They were living in Hampshire Co. VA in 1850. He inherited “The Rocks”, his ancestral home on Lot #27 on the South Branch of the Potomac River.* Susan BLUE (1817-1889), m. Isaac PARSONS II (1814-1862). Harrison BLUE
References: B41, B177, B292, C8, C53, C55, C98, C157, C491. Michael BLUE (1782-1842), m.1806 Frances LAWSON (1785-1854). They both were born in Hampshire Co. VA(WV), he at Springfield. She was a daughter of Thomas and Hannah (FARLEY) LAWSON. They were married shortly after she arrived from England. They lived in Hampshire Co. and he died there. His will was proved in Hampshire Co. VA, 28 Mar 1842. Frances was living with several of her children and possible grandchildren in Hampshire Co. in 1850.* Uriah Lawson BLUE (1807-1864), m1.1838 Susan (or Rebecca Susan) INSKEEP (1807-1844), m2. Seatia/Scotia INSKEEP (b.ca1817). C746 calls his second wife Scotia WASHINGTON.* Thomas Lawson BLUE (1809-1851/4), m.1832 Sarah Ann PARSONS (ca1811-ca1877).* John Lawson BLUE (1811-1880), m.1836 Eliza Blue MONROE (ca1816-1866) []. Susannah BLUE (1813-1826).* Hannah Lawson BLUE (1815-1889), m.1836 James KUYKENDALL (1816-1873). Michael BLUE (1817-1818). Michael C. BLUE (1819-1903), m.1857 Mary E. TAYLOR (1835-1916). No issue. Lawson E. BLUE (1821-1906). Probably never married; lived with brother, Michael.* Charity BLUE (1824-1903), m.1842 Isaac LONG (1810-1905).* Garrett W/M.? BLUE (1828-1854), m.1853 Minerva LAKE. C746 calls her Minerva MARKER.
References: A27, A1017, B41, B42, B687, B1175, B1646, C8, C26, C56, C77, C121, C157, C200, C260, C273, C746, C1109, C1209. Garrett W. BLUE (b.1791), m. Julia _____. He was born in VA and was living with his brother, Uriah, in Hampshire Co. VA in 1850. Julia BLUE Marcellus BLUE
References: B100, B177, C8, C383.

5E John Michael BLUE (1777-ca1853), m.ca1796 Catherine NEWMAN (1779-1861). He was born in VA, probably Hampshire Co. and she was born in DE. They are believed to have married in Hardy Co. VA. She was a daughter of George and Mary Elizabeth (ROBERTSON) NEWMAN. John and Catherine moved from VA to Ross Co. OH in 1805. John served during the War of 1812 in Capt. James Dunlop's Mounted Company from Ross Co. He appears in the 1820 and 1830 censuses of Ross Co. and he owned two pieces of land there, which he sold to his son-in-law, Isaac GODFREY, in 1831 and 1837. John's name and those of his sons, Michael and William, appear in several civil court records in Ross Co., thereby proving their relationship. In 1832 he purchased 400 acres on the north fork of Paint Creek in Fayette Co. OH. By 1840, John and Catherine had moved to Paris Twp., Union Co. OH, and in 1850 they were living in Jackson Twp., next door to their daughter, Deborah, and her husband, Paris HORNEY. At that time he was a farmer and owned land valued at $1200. In 1860, Catherine was living with Deborah, both then widowed, in Paris Twp. The exact date of John's death is unknown, however, it is believed that he died before Oct 1853, when the two deeds to Isaac GODFREY were recorded. C214 says that John was buried at Price Cemetery, Essex, Union Co. OH, but stone could not be found by John Gray in the summer of 1984. Catherine was buried at the Union Church of Christ Cemetery, Peoria, Union Co. OH.* William BLUE (1796-1877), m.1818 Margaret HAMILTON (1798-1883+).* Maria BLUE (1797-1886), m.1817 James HAMILTON (1792-1872).* Michael BLUE (1802-1857), m.1820 Ellen "Nellie" ORRIHOOD (1806-1876).* Elizabeth BLUE (b.ca1803), m.1821 Isaac GODFREY (1785-1870).* John Michael BLUE (1803/8-1901), m1.1834 Williann ROE/ROWE (ca1810-1874), m2.1876 Mary SMITH, m3.1883 Julia MAIN (ca1831-1898).* Deborah BLUE (1811-1893), m1.1831 Jethro KING (d.1833), m2.1836 Paris HORNEY (1810-1855).* Susan BLUE (1818-1904), m.1834 John DUNGAN (b.1814).
References: A118, A238, A461, B46, B47, B132, C8, C15, C75, C100, C112, C114, C192, C214, C357, C374, C1229. Elizabeth BLUE (1778-1835), m1. William HERRIOTT (1766-1806), m2. William LEESE. Lived in Hampshire Co. VA. William LEESE was considered irresponsible by Elizabeth's father, Michael BLUE. For that reason, and that she had married against her father's desires, Elizabeth was cut off with $1 in her father's will.
First Marriage: Mary HERRIOTT(1797-1797), died at 7 days of age per Elizabeth’s Bible..* Ephraim HERRIOTT (1798-1866), m.1827 Eliza REESE (1806-1892).
References: A30, A35, A37, A38, A538, C26.

5F Michael BLUE (1783-1863), m. Deborah PETERS (1786-1868). Michael Blue was a farmer and spent his early years in Hampshire Co., VA. During this time, he probably lived on his father's land, since no Virginia land records involving him have been found. He married Deborah PETERS, daughter of Tunis and Francinah (ADAMS) PETERS, who lived in the next valley to the east, along Tarecoat Creek. Family tradition, as reported in the published diary of William A. Ashbrook, a grandson of Tunis and Francinah, indicates that Francinah Adams was a cousin of President John Adams, but my research has concluded that she is descended from Alexander Adam, who emigrated from England and settled in Woodbridge, NJ, in 1685. No relationship to the presidential Adams family is evident.
According to Miller's "History of Fairfield Co.", Michael Blue and his family came to Ohio with his parents in the year 1812. This date is confirmed by a notation in Tunis Peters' family Bible, which states that "Deborah went away the 20th of October 1812", however, his parents did not leave Virginia until 1819, at the earliest. In 1817, Michael Blue leased a quarter section of land just north of the present site of Thurston in Walnut Township, Fairfield County, OH. This was rich rolling farmland fed by the waters of Walnut Creek.
In 1826, Michael and Deborah appear to have moved from Walnut Twp., for on 1 April of that year they were received, with a letter of admittance, into the Turkey Run Baptist Church in Amanda Twp. This was about the time of Tunis Peters' death, so it is possible that they moved to be closer to Deborah's mother, Francinah, who lived in Pickaway Co. just across the county line from the church. This is supported by an 1828 Fayette Co., OH, court record which describes Michael as a resident of Pickaway Co., OH.
The 1830 census lists Michael Blue as a resident of Fairfield Co. again, this time in Amanda Twp. In 1834, he purchased 80 acres of land in Amanda Twp., about one mile east of Cedar Hill on Cherry Run, which feeds Turkey Run, the main drainage system of western Fairfield Co. In 1976 the land was owned by Mrs. B. Hutchins, a lady of advanced age, who remembers when several Blue families lived in the neighborhood. In 1841, Michael Blue purchased another 80 acres nearby, to expand his farm.
After their children were grown, Michael and Deborah moved in with their youngest son, John Quincy Adams Blue, who lived in Walnut Twp. of Pickaway Co., OH. There, Michael died on 12 May 1863 at nearly 80 years of age. His wife, Deborah, survived him almost five years and died at the age of 82 years. They are both buried in the Turkey Run Baptist Cemetery in Amanda Twp., Fairfield Co., near the Pickaway Co. line, just off State Route 188. Many members of their family, and other families who intermarried with the Blues, are also buried there.* Tunis Peters BLUE (1806-1829), m.1826 Elizabeth GREER.* Francinah Adams BLUE (1808-1885), m.1926 John B. WILLIAMS (1803-1867). Jonathan Walker BLUE (1811-1891), m.1838 Matilda HILL. No issue. Lived in Hamilton Twp., Franklin Co. OH in 1850 and Harrison Twp., Pickaway Co. OH in 1860. Mary M. BLUE (1813-1888). Never married. Louisa M. BLUE (b.1815). Died young.* Harvey Ashbrook BLUE (1816-1882), m.1845 Emily BOWMAN (1826-1881). Lived in Walnut Twp., Pickaway Co. OH. Michael BLUE (1819-1821). Abigail Evaline BLUE (b.1821), m. Henry WHITEMAN of East Ringold, Pickaway Co. OH. No issue. Catherine BLUE (1822-1822).* Absolom A. BLUE (b.1824), m1.1849 Salome SNIDER (b.ca1827), m2.1882 Margaret/Martha (MEEKER) TWIGG.* Deborah H. BLUE (1826-1859), m. 1845 John Jay SMITH (1816-1895).* John Quincy Adams BLUE (1829-1915), m.1850 Louisa GALLAGHER (1829-1897). William A. BLUE (1831-1854). Probably never married.
References: A29, A39, A59, A354, A1065, B38, C8, C15, C93, C134, C260, C1095, C1240. Isaac BLUE (1785-1840), m.1810 Jane BLUE (1788-1835) [], his first cousin. He possibly m2.ca1835 Sarah BLAKE. He was probably born in Hampshire Co. VA, his marriage to Jane was in OH and they lived in Fayette Co. In the mid-1830's, Isaac took his family to IN, settling in Jasper Co. where he lived in 1840. Both Isaac and Jane died in IN. Family Bible pages giving birth and death dates for them and their children is in the possession of Mrs. Jacque KETTMAN of Toledo OH.
First marriage: Mary BLUE (1811-1847). Harrison BLUE (1814-1824). Sarah Jane BLUE (1816-1825).* Rebecca BLUE (1818-1847), m.1836 Seth Judd KELLOGG (b.1811). Matilda BLUE (b.1820), m. James LACY.* Isaac BLUE (1823-1855), m.1851 Permilla ELIJAH (1831-1855). Noah BLUE (1825-1827). John BLUE (1827-1862).* Calvin BLUE (1832-1899), m1.1850 Obedience CORBAN (1833-1857), m2.1858 Mahala LOUDERBACK (1840-1886).
Second marriage: Marinda BLUE (1836-183?). Margaret BLUE (b.1841).
References: A127, A1009, B90, B91, B92, B1166, C8, C15, C75, C78, C209, C325, C236.

5G Daniel BLUE (1786-1845), m. Mary POSTE (1785-1863). They lived in Ross Co. and Fayette Co. OH. He moved to Tippecanoe Co. IN, where he appears in the 1840 census, and he died there. Reference C8 names an earlier child, Daniel BLUE, however, the compiler has found no evidence that this child existed. There was a Daniel BLUE (1805-1840) [] who lived in nearby Carroll Co. IN, and C8 may have assumed that he belonged in this family.* Mary BLUE (1812-1858+), m.1835 George I. SCOTT (ca1809-1858+).* Huldah BLUE (1814-1906), m.1829 Smiley HUGHES (1808-1886).* Michael M. BLUE (1816-1866), m1.1841 Elizabeth LONG (1821-1842), m2.1847 Christena CORWIN (ca1824-1860+). William G. BLUE (1819-1848). Never married, no issue. His brother, Michael, was administrator of his estate, which was settled in 1850. Sarah BLUE (1821-1886), m.1846 Mathew WARD (1823-1899).
References: A274, A462, A929, B1599, C8, C15, C157, C906. Garret M. BLUE (1791-1849), m.1818 Jane SOMERS/CORBIN (1798-1849). They both were born in VA, he probably in Hampshire Co. Garret served during the War of 1812 as 2nd corporal in Capt. Isaac HEISKELL’s company of rifleman of the 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade, Virginia Militia, United States NW Army. He served at Ft. Meigs OH and was discharged there. On the basis of this service, his son Garret received bounty land warrants for 80 acres in 1853 and 80 acres in 1855. Garret lived in Fayette Co. OH for several years, then moved to McLean Co. IL (which later became Livingston Co.) after selling his land in Fayette and Ross Cos. OH. Garret was the second settler in the present bounds of Rook's Creek Twp., arriving there in the autumn of 1831. He erected the first mill in the county near his residence on Rook's Creek. In 1836 he sold this land and moved to Pontiac Twp., just to the east, and settled a few miles northwest of town (Pontiac). Garret was active in the affairs of the community, serving on grand and petit juries in 1838, and as sheriff of the county in 1840. In the election for sheriff, Garret and his opponent, John Foster, each received the same number of votes. He won the election by "casting lots". Garret and many of his family fell victim to the cholera epidemic of 1849-50. Family Bible and census records indicate that the victims were Garret M., his wife Jane, daughter Rebecca, son John and his wife Susanna, and son Daniel. Garret and Jane are buried at Johnson Cemetery, Livingston Co. IL.* John BLUE (1815-1849), m1.1841 Hannah McDOWELL (d.1844), m2.1846 Susanna NICHOLS (ca1822-1849). John may be a son of a previous marriage of either Garret or Jane. He is not listed in the Family Bible of Garrett and Jane (B1126).* Daniel BLUE (1820-1849), m.1845 Delila ROSS (b.ca1826).* Mary Ann BLUE (1822-1902), m1.1837 Lemuel BARRITT (1821-1855), m2.1861 Selah Bradford ATWOOD (1827-1898), m3.1871 Samuel KIRKLAND (ca1815-1880).* Benjamin Hinton BLUE (1824-1872), m.1851 Elizabeth JOHNSON (1831-1919). Matilda BLUE (b.1827), m.1842 William ROSS.* Polly Jane BLUE (b.1829), m1.1847 Stephen REYNOLDS (ca1806-1865), m2.1866 Reuben BENNETT (b.1833).* Keziah BLUE (1832-1852), m.1849 Wyatt A. GENTERY (b.ca1826). Garret M. BLUE II (1835-1857). Rebecca BLUE (1838-1849).
References: A285, A454, A840, A841, A1065, B90, B1126, B1150, C325, C326, C457, C786, C976. Uriah BLUE (1797-1872), m.1824 Frances "Fanny" SCOTT (1802-1883). He was born in VA, probably Hampshire Co., and she was born in PA. He most likely moved to Fayette Co. OH with his parents ca1819. Uriah and Fanny were married in Fayette Co. OH. They moved to Clinton Co. IN in 1832 and settled near what is now Rossville. After little more than a year, they moved to Livingston Co. IL, but in another year the Indian War broke out and they returned to IN. Uriah had purchased land in 1833, located in Section 6 of Carrollton Twp., Carroll Co. IN, and they presumably settled there. Later, Uriah owned the SE quarter of Section 30 and his descendants owned land in Sections 8, 29 and 34. Uriah and Fanny are buried in the McCain Cemetery in Carrollton Twp. Garrett/Garnett BLUE (1824-1834).* Michael BLUE (1824-1886), m.1848 Susan MABBITT (1823-1901). Infant (twin of Michael) (1825-1825).* Emily BLUE (1827-1875), m.1845 Moses SHANKS (1822-1890).* John Warker BLUE (1829/30-1907), m1.1852 Margaret MOWDY (1837-1856), m2.1857 Catherine MOWDY (1841-1874). Esau BLUE (1831-1834/6).* Mary Jane BLUE (1834-1902), m.1851 Henry SHANKS (1829/30-1912).* Uriah S. BLUE (1836-1907), m.1860 Mary J. COHEN (b.1841).* Arthur BLUE (1838-1907), m.1861 Mary Jane CALLANE (1843-1924). Daniel BLUE (1841-1841). Buried in McCain Cemetery. Martha BLUE (1841-1841), twin of Daniel. Buried in McCain Cemetery.* Susannah BLUE (1842-1908), m.1864 Samuel Arthur GALBREATH (b.1839).* Sarah Jane BLUE (b.1845), m.1867 David E. LONG (b.1834).
References: A40, A96, A138, A139, A140, A141, A142, A143, A167, A186, A447, B10, B18, B102, B148, B372, C15, C27, C32, C40, C125, C127, C128, C152, C156, C400, C403. Eleanor BLUE, m. Jesse MONROE. Jesse was a son of John and Lucy MONROE of Hampshire Co. VA. He was quite well to do, owning several slaves and nice land. He preached for the Calvinistic Baptist Church and owned a custom mill in Hampshire Co. Jesse wrote his will in 1857.* Eliza Blue MONROE (d.1866), m.1836 John Lawson BLUE (1811-1880) (See* Deborah MONROE (d.bef1857), m. John TAYLOR. John Garrett MONROE, m. Mary J. ALLEN. No issue.
References: C12, C80, C273, C463. Hannah BLUE (d.1836), m.ca1820 Daniel McLAUGHLIN III (1792-1861). Daniel was a son of Daniel McLAUGHLIN II and Mary KEY. After their marriage, Daniel built a cabin on the east end of Hannah’s father’s farm on the North Branch of the Potomac in Hampshire Co. VA. They moved to Jefferson Co. IN in about 1828 and lived on a 160 acre tract of land. Because of Hannah’s poor health, they returned to Hampshire Co. before the birth of son Absalom. Hannah died of consumption on her father's farmland in Hampshire Co. VA. Daniel was born in the South Branch country in Hampshire Co. and died at Cerro Gordo, Piatt Co. IL, near the Sangamon River. He m2. Mary M. TRINDER and had ten more children.* Garrett Blue McLAUGHLIN (b.ca1822), m1. Lana McLAUGHLIN, m2. _____ (_____) THOMPSON. John Marshal McLAUGHLIN (b.ca1824), m. Rosana McLAUGHLIN, m2. _____ (_____) GROWDEN. Rosana was a daughter of William McLAUGHLIN. He had one child by his second wife that died at age 16. William Gilbert Lafayette McLAUGHLIN (1826-1918), m.1861 Caroline SHIBE. They had one child, born and died in 1863.* Eliza Ellen McLAUGHLIN (b.ca1828), m. Lafayette WISE. Mary Anner McLAUGHLIN (b.ca1830). Never married.* Absalom James McLAUGHLIN (1835-1914), m.1856 Margaret Ann TWIGG (1834-1918). Infant daughter (1836-1836). Died the same night as did her mother.
References: B766, C463, C581, C582. Nancy BLUE (1799-1887), m.1819 Anthony CHAMBERS (1797-1884). They were married in Hardin Co. KY.* Ahimaes CHAMBERS (1821-1890), m.1842 Mary Jane PATTEN (1821-1857). Jeptha CHAMBERS, died about as he attained manhood. Mary Ellen CHAMBERS, m. Rola McKAY. They had one child. Garret Blue CHAMBERS. Was a farmer and a Baptist minister. John Monroe CHAMBERS. Was a physician. Ledema CHAMBERS, m. Dr. _____ COPELAND.
References: C12, C581, C1062. John BLUE (1801-1841), m1.1824 Olive ODELL (d.1837), m2.bef1841 Sally Jane BLEDSOE. He was born in Nelson Co. KY (possibly IN or AR, as indicated by some of his children on the 1880 census) and likely moved with his father to Point Chicot in Arkansas Co. AR prior to 1820, when Abraham first appears on a tax list in that county. John left AR before 1823, probably crossing the Mississippi River into MS. In 1824 he married Olive in Washington Co. MS. He was a taxpayer in Yazoo MS in 1825 and they lived in Washington Co. in 1830. In 1831 John moved his family back across the Mississippi River into Chicot Co. AR. Olive died in Chicot Co. John's second marriage took place in Chicot Co. AR, however, a guardianship settlement for Sally Jane dated 1841 is on record in Clark Co. KY. John died in Chicot Co. AR. Sally Jane m2. Hardy JOHNSON and moved to Pulaski Co. AR, where they were living in 1850. He died and she m3.1857 James J. COBB.
First marriage:* Willard Charles BLUE (1824-1898), m1.1852 Mary B. BLAKE (1827-1882), m2.1885 Elizabeth “Bettie” FOSTER (1837-1911). Samuel BLUE (b.1826). Said to have gone to TX, but may be the man of that name in Carroll Parish LA in 1850 and Bossier Parish LA in 1860.. Daniel BLUE (1829-1830).* Eliza Jane BLUE (1831-1921), m.1848 Calvin Alley BERTHE (1819-1873).* Sarah BLUE (1833-1880), m.1851 Richard B. GRAVES (1824-1890).* Louisa BLUE (1835-1905), m1.1852 Thomas I. GRAVES (b.ca1819), m2.1855 William Henry DROMGOOLE (1831-1901).
Second marriage:* John Franklin BLUE (1841-1915), m.1869 Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" BLUE (ca1850-1916).
References: A569, A571, A1076, B474, B673, C262, C497, C1214. Abraham BLUE (1786-1859), m.1827 Nancy (YOUNG) LINDSEY (1804-1873). He was born in Hampshire Co. VA and she in Berkeley Co. VA. They were married in Fayette Co. OH. She was a daughter of Rhesa and Elizabeth (GANO/E) YOUNG, the widow of Samuel LINDSEY and had a daughter, Hannah LINDSEY, by that marriage. They lived in Franklin Twp. of Kosciusko Co. IN in 1850. They died in Kosciusko Co. and are buried at Mentone Cemetery. Nancy was living with her son, Peter, in Franklin Twp. in 1860. Abraham left a will in Kosciusko Co. which was written on 25 Dec 1853, but was not proved until 19 Aug 1874.* Elizabeth BLUE (1828-1919), m.1846 Nelson Delosta DORAN (1822-1891).* Susannah BLUE (1829-1857), m.1847 Nathan BYBEE (1820-1877).* Rhesa BLUE (1831-1925), m1.1852 Martha A. CARMEAN (1832-1888), m2.1902 Mary L. JAMESON. Jane Lydia BLUE (1834-1836).* Peter Abraham BLUE (1837-1915), m.1860 Esther Angeline EILER (1842-1914).* Margaret Jane BLUE (b.ca1840), m.1858 Regulus TUCKER (b.ca1836).* Sarah A. BLUE (1843-1864), m.1861 Albert TUCKER (1831-1920).
References: A41, A103, A368, A369, A374, A385, A1080, B23, B24, B117, C8, C116, C157, C164, C260, C337, C392, C888.

5H Peter Keyser BLUE Jr. (1791-1855), m.1823 Nancy CRABB (b.1797). They both were born in VA and were married in Pickaway Co. OH. They lived in Norwick Twp., Franklin Co. OH in 1850 and moved to Tell City IN ca1852. He died in Marion Twp., Fayette Co. OH from the effects of a rattlesnake bite eight days after being bitten. He is buried in Franklin Co. OH. Nancy then moved to Audubon Twp., Montgomery Co. IL, where she was living in 1860 next door to her son, William.* William Maxwell BLUE (1825-1899), m.1844 Rachel Elizabeth MARSHALL (1828-1868). Thomas C. BLUE (1827-1852). Buried at Clover Cemetery, Prairie Twp., Franklin Co. OH.* Nancy J. BLUE (b.1829), m.1848 Nelson BROWN (b.1827). Letitia BLUE, m.1847 Thomas F. WILSON. Married in Franklin Co. OH. Peter BLUE (1834-1865), never married. Susannah BLUE (ca1841-ca1871).
References: A103, A132, A133, A134, A354, B48, B101, C8, C116, C157, C346, C357, C392, C416, C426, C888, C940. Margaret BLUE (1793-1868/9), m.1814 James M. CRABB (1791-1858). Margaret and James were born in VA and were married in Fayette Co. OH. He was a son of Edward Ralph and Rachel (BALL) CRABB. They lived in Pickaway Co. OH for a short time (ca1814-1821), then in 1821 they moved to IN and settled on a farm near Bridgeton, Raccoon Twp., Parke Co. Here Margaret and "Jimmy", as he was called by friends, raised eight children. They were active in the local M. E. Church and held some of the areas first meetings in their home. Later a church was erected on their farm, but eventually closed. Margaret and James are buried at Crabb Cemetery. James left a will in Parke Co., which was written 24 Jul 1858 and proved 11 Nov 1858.* Edward Ralph CRABB II (1815-1890), m1.1835 Liona B. WILLIAMS (1813-1855), m2.1856 Amanda M. TYLER (1816-1857), m3.1858 Nancy HARDIN (1822-1892).* Peter CRABB (1817-1892), m.1844 Eliza BUTTON (1825-1887).* Nancy CRABB (1819-1906), m.1840 John B. MILLER (1819-1904).* James M. CRABB Jr (1822-1870), m.1844 Barbara WEBSTER (1825-1899). Sarah B. CRABB (1826-1856), m.1845 John RUKES/ROOKS. Susana CRABB (1828-1853). Buried in Crabb Cemetery, Parke Co. Margaret CRABB (b.ca1832), m.1856 Daniel KALLEY (b.ca1828). Oliver Perry CRABB, m.1857 Mary Ann COX (1832-1863). (Son) CRABB (1834-1834). Buried in Crabb Cemetery, Parke Co.
References: A363, A989, A990, B420, B1127, B1451, C517, C791, C1035, C1036, C1145. Jacob BLUE (1795-1847), m.1818 Sharlotte MORTIMORE (ca1798-1849). They were married in Pickaway Co. and lived in Fayette Co. OH in 1820. She was a daughter of David and Hannah MORTIMORE. In 1830 they lived in Franklin Co. OH, but are missing from the 1840 census listings. It is believed that, after a brief stay in Franklin Co. OH, they removed to Elkhart Co. IN in 1833. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Charlotte died in Benton Twp. of Elkhart Co. and they both are buried at the Hire Cemetery in that township.* Alice BLUE (1819-1850), m.1847 Andrew FAHL Jr (1827-1853).* Mary BLUE (1820-1874), m.1839 John HIRE (1817-1896).* Abraham BLUE (1822-1853), m.1844 Nancy HIDA (1825-1867).* William BLUE (1824-1915), m.1846 Rebecca GRAYLESS (1828-1898).* Margaret BLUE (1827-1852), m.1845 Jacob HIRE (1822-1899).* Jacob BLUE (1832-1859), m.1856 Charlotte WORSHAM (ca1841-1862).* Peter BLUE (1835-1897), m.1858 Minerva Jane OVERLEES (1834-1896). David BLUE (1837-1839). Buried at Hire Cemetery. Susan BLUE (b.ca1840), m.1866 John D. BANTA. Married in Elkhart Co. IN. She lived in Plain Twp., Kosciusko Co. IN in 1860. Benjamin BLUE (ca1843-1862). Lived in Elkhart Co. IN with brother William in 1860.
References: A369, A374, A383, A384, B113, B114, B115, B433, C8, C157, C390, C427, C464, C888, C892. Susannah BLUE (1798-1879), m.ca1819 Asa DAVIS (ca1796-1860/70). The 1850 census record indicates that she was born in OH and he in KY. They probably married in OH, but their marriage record has not been located. Asa was a son of Asa and Phebe(?) DAVIS of Franklin Co. IN, and the younger Asa was a resident of Decatur Co. IN in 1831 when he granted letters of administration for his father’s estate. Asa was a farmer, miller and millwright. In 1827 he purchased 58 acres in the SE quarter of Sect 17, Twp 11, Range 12E, in what is now Salt Creek Twp. of Franklin Co. In 1830 Asa and “Susan” sold this land and bought 80 acres, the west half of NE quarter of Sect 17, Twp. 10N, Range 11E in Salt Creek Twp. of Decatur Co. Asa and Susannah sold this land to Philip BLUE, presumably her brother [], in 1833. In 1839 Asa served as Justice of the Peace in Decatur Co. and in 1840 he was still living in Salt Creek Twp., Decatur Co. IN. By 1850 Asa and Susannah had moved back to Franklin Co. IN and were living in Ray Twp. By 1860 they had moved to Decatur Twp., Decatur Co. IA, and in 1870 Susannah was living with her daughter Margaret in Grand River Twp., Decatur Co. IA. Asa died in Decatur Co. IA and Susannah died in Jackson Co. IA. She is buried at Esgate Cemetery in Jackson Co.* Adam DAVIS (b.ca1821), m.1841 Nancy Ann SCOTT (b.ca1820).* John DAVIS (1823-1909), m. 1847 Rebecca BELL (1830-1903).* America DAVIS (1828-1904), m.1845 James PARMER (1821-1911). Philip DAVIS (b.ca1830).* Sarah A. DAVIS (1832-1906), m.1850 John PARMER (1831-1909).* Margaret DAVIS (ca1835-1879), m. Milton B. BOORD (ca1834-1875). Ellen DAVIS (b.ca1840).
References: A354, A671, A761, A762, A763, C694, C739, C947, C980. David BLUE (1799-1893+), m.1823 Zilpha BOHRER (1803-1870). He was born in OH and she in VA. They were married in Fayette Co. OH, 10 Aug 1823. She was a daughter of George and Mary (TALLMAN) BOHRER. David and Zilpha lived in Fayette Co. OH, Kosciusko Co. and Jasper Co. IN, and Norton Co. KS. David was a farmer, a cabinet maker, and for a short time he operated a tannery. He was a trustee of New Holland, Fayette Co. OH, ca1836. Zilpha died at Burket in Kosciusko County IN and is buried at Mentone Cemetery. In 1880 David was living in Rock Branch Twp., Norton Co. KS, in the household of his son, David A. BLUE. He died in Norton Co. and is buried at the Norton Cemetery.* Eli B. BLUE (ca1827-1894), m.1846 Mary DELANY (b.ca1829).* Peter K. BLUE (b.1828), m.1850 Sarah KISINGER (b.1832 Canada).* James BLUE (1832-1882), m.1852 Mary E. WARREN.* George Tallman BLUE (1834-1868), m1.1857 Rachel WARREN (1838-1862), m2.1863 Sarah DULANEY (ca1845-1909).* Zilphia Jane BLUE (1837-1899), m.1852 Riley F. WARREN (1829-1908). Elizabeth F. BLUE (1839-1889), m.1856 George W. WHITE (1832-1891). David A. BLUE (1844-1926), m1.1862 Martha C. BEESON (1847-1895), m2. Sylvia V. _____ (b.1859). To Norton Co. KS. No issue.* Philip BLUE (1846-1929), m.1867 Isabella "Belle" BAYLOR (1848-1934).
References: A41, A42, A62, A369, A374, A385, B35, B116, B1403, C17, C28, C96, C110, C157, C260, C1017. Benjamin BLUE (1802-1867), m.1824 Margaret RILEY (1793-1881). He was born in OH, probably in Jefferson Co. where his parents owned a farm of 200 acres. While Benjamin was a lad, the family moved to Fayette Co. OH, where he attended the subscription schools of the neighborhood and attained a basic education in the "three R's". Upon attaining manhood, he sought the hand of Margaret RILEY and they were married in Fayette Co. OH. For 12 years after their marriage Benjamin rented and worked tracts of land. It was hard to get ahead, so they decided to go west to seek better opportunities. He made a trip to IN in 1834, travelling most of the journey on horseback, and learned that he could greatly better his condition there. So, in the Fall of 1836, he placed his family into covered wagons and moved to Kosciusko Co. IN. He then received from the government title to a half section of the best land that he could find, in what is now Franklin and Harrison Twps. He was probably the first settler in Franklin Twp. Here they carved a life out of the wilderness and Benjamin later served his county in the State Legislature (ca1851). He was a member of the Democratic Party. Benjamin and Margaret died in Kosciusko Co. IN and are buried at Mentone Cemetery. Census records indicate that Benjamin and Margaret raised many orphan children; some were grandchildren and grand-nephews and nieces, and others bore no apparent relationship. Stacy ROCKHILL (b.ca1843) was living with them in 1860 and appears to be related to the second wife of William. Nancy BLUE (b.1824/5), m. _____ BRANNON.* William BLUE (1825-1855), m.1 Temperence MEREDITH (1827-1851), m2.1853 Amy ROCKHILL (1833-1910).* Sarah A. BLUE (1826-1902), m.1844 John H. VAN TREESE (1818-1882).* Peter B. BLUE (1829-1906), m1.1855 Minerva MILBURN/MILLBERN (1834-1857) [], m2.1860 Elizabeth JOHNSTON (1836-1893).* James Hinton BLUE (1830-1916), m1. Frances STROSNIDER (1832-1892), m2.1855 Phoebe BLOOMER (1840-1923).
References: A40, A43, A107, A108, A385, B35, B36, B116, C8, C157, C265, C479, C888, C891.

5I William BLUE (1804-1893), m1.1829 Margaret JOHNSON (1809-1868), m2.1876 Sarah M. (PARKER/ PARKS) CARSON (1827-1921), widow of James CARSON. He was born in OH. His first marriage took place in Fayette Co. OH. They moved to Kosciusko Co. IN before 1840. They lived in Franklin Twp. in 1850 and Harrison Twp. in 1860. William and Margaret are buried at Mentone Cemetery, Kosciusko Co. IN. Sarah was born in SC, a daughter of Andrew and Nancy (DENNY) PARKER/PARKS. She was living in Harrison Twp., Kosciusko Co. IN in 1900 with her daughter Nancy Jane and son-in-law Abraham DORAN []. She died at her daughter’s home at Dansville, Ingham Co. MI and is buried at Mentone Cemetery.
First marriage:* Simeon BLUE (1831-1906), m1.1856 Priscilla BROCKEY (1832-1882), m2.1887 Sophia (SHUMAN) WANN BORTON (1836-1910).* Susan BLUE (1835-1917), m.1853 Lorenzo Dow GUY (1825-1897). Jesse BLUE (1837-1878). Buried at Mentone Cemetery. Probably unmarried.* Peter W. BLUE (1840-1922), m.1864 Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR (1841-1912).* Samuel BLUE (1843-1906), m1.1867 Lavina TULLIS (1844-1875), m2.1883 Minetta M. WERTENBERGER (1862-1952).* Benjamin BLUE (1846-1933), m.1871 Almira Jennie SHATTO (1850-1945). John BLUE (1848-1849). Albert BLUE (1857-1857). Thomas BLUE (1862-1862).
References: A103, A280, A369, A374, A385, A472, B35, B36, B1222, B1396, C116, C157, C258, C347, C888, C891. Phillip BLUE (1808-1846), m.1837 Catherine JOHNSON (1814-1849). They were married in Fayette Co. OH. Phillip was an early settler between Cumpton and Paint Creeks in Fayette Co. OH. He opened the first blacksmith shop and also farmed. They later moved to Kosciusko Co. IN, where he died. He is buried in Mentone Cemetery. Catherine m2.1849 David MORTIMORE, brother to Sharlotte MORTIMORE []. She died in Harrison Twp., Kosciusko Co.* Margaret BLUE (1837-1922), m.1857 George H. BAXTER (1831-1899). Rebecca BLUE (b.ca1843). Lived with uncle, William, in 1850. Was she the Jennie R. BLUE who m.1865 James SCHAFFER in Kosciusko Co. IN? Nancy Ann BLUE (1845-1864). Buried at Mentone Cemetery. Lived with uncle, Benjamin, in 1850 and 1860. Two children died in infancy, 1841, Washington C.H., Fayette Co. OH.
References: A280, A369, A376, A385, B35, C8, C260, C888, C891. Margaret BLUE (1803-1881), m.1818 John R. THORN (ca1795-1885). She was born in Hampshire Co. VA. John died at Madison, Jefferson Co. IN.* Catherine THORN (1820-1916), m.1836 Marcus T. C. BRADBURY (1808-1888).* Benjamin THORN (1822-1904), m1. Mary Ann STEWART (1831-1892), m2.Ellen B. PAYNE. William THORNE (ca1825-1900). Never married. Elizabeth THORNE (1830-1910). Never married.* Harvey William THORNE (1832-1908), m.1865 Amanda S. PHILLIPS (1844-1931).* Martha Jane THORN (1834-1909), m1. Morgan HEFLIN (1815-1896), m2. _____ BLACKBURN.* John R. THORN (1837-1921), m1. Wilnema _____, m2.1854 Emily WILSON, m3.1862 Milla SCHWAB, m4. Mattie WILDMAN. Charlotte THORN (b.1839), m.1856 James B. WOODS [].* Annie F. "Margaret" THORN (1844-1928), m.1863 William SCHWAB (d.1875). George THORN (Not in C1215).
References: C280, C1215. Elizabeth BLUE (1806-1872), m. Robert WILLIAMS (ca1797-1876). They both were born in Nelson Co. KY. She moved with her parents to IN as a baby. Robert moved with his father to Greene Co. OH, and from there came to Jefferson Co. IN in 1814, settling about four miles southeast of where Dupont now is. They both died in Jefferson Co.* Benjamin B. WILLIAMS (b.1826), m. 1852 Esther J. CRAFT. Robert WILLIAMS Garrett WILLIAMS William WILLIAMS Cassius WILLIAMS Isaac WILLIAMS Tillman WILLIAMS Tipton WILLIAMS Elizabeth WILLIAMS Thomas B. WILLIAMS (Two daughters, names unknown to the compiler.)
References: C280, C389. Hannah BLUE (1810-1875), m.1830 Parker RODGERS (1807-1887). She was born in IN and he in PA. They were married in Dearborn Co. IN. He was a son of William R. and Mary Hannah (HARNESS) RODGERS. She died in Montgomery Co. MO.* John Peter RODGERS (1830-1922), m. Virginia DAVIDSON (1846-1912).
References: A369, C1116. Martha BLUE (b.1813), m1.1833 James WOODS Jr, m2. John SUTTER or LATTA. She married James in Dearborn Co. IN. Bob BLUE's source says she m. Isaac WOODS, but their marriage record calls him James.
First marriage: John WOODS Albert WOODS Benjamin WOODS Thomas B. WOODS Irven WOODS James B. WOODS, m.1856 Charlotte THORN (b.1839) []. Elizabeth WOODS
References: A369, C280, C1215. Jane BLUE (1815-1843), m. Robert ROGERS. She was born in IN and they were married in Ohio Co. IN. The family moved to MO. Lillian ROGERS Delilah ROGERS Jane ROGERS John ROGERS
References: C280. William BLUE (1822-1888), m.1840 Harriet HANNA (b.ca1820). He was b. in Ohio Co. IN and she was born in PA. They were married in Dearborn Co. IN. He was a farmer and they lived in Union Twp. of Ohio Co. In 1860 the value of his real estate was $9000.* Benjamin F. BLUE (b.1841), m.1863 Catherine E. CONAWAY.* Alexander BLUE (b.1843), m.1871 Elizabeth F. DURBIN (b.1854). Mary C. BLUE (b.1845), m. Thomas RIEMER. Isabella Amanda BLUE (b.1847), m.1868 John W. WOODS. Married in Ohio Co. IN. Harriet BLUE (b.1849). Died in infancy.* William Perry BLUE (1851-1893), m1.1878 Mariah/Harriet SQUIBB, m2.1882 Mary Lucinda GLENN (b.ca1858). Thomas BLUE (b.1856), m. Luella GIBSON (b.1865). Lived in Ohio Co. IN in 1900.* Cynthia J. BLUE (1859-1949), m.1881 Marion CONAWAY.
References: A369, B754, B755, B756, C280, C1161.

5J John BLUE (b.ca1797), m. Rebecca _____ (b.ca1802). John was born in KY and moved up to Dearborn Co. IN with his father. He appears in the 1820 and 1830 censuses of Dearborn Co. as a married man with a family. In 1825 John bought 57 acres, located in Dearborn Co. in the SE quarter of Sect. 21, Twp. 4, Range 2W, from his uncle Jesse BLUE. In 1829 he bought 92.5 acres in Sect. 22 of the same township from his father, David BLUE. There is no record of the sale of these lands, but in 1830 John sold four lots in the town of Hartford. Note that all of the land mentioned above is in the part of Dearborn Co. that later became Ohio Co. By 1840, John and his family have moved to Ralls Co. MO, where they are living near David and Jesse BLUE. There appear to be eight male and one female children living in the family at that time. John's wife is not living with the family in 1850, and probably died before that time. John served as a Justice of the Peace in Ralls Co.* David BLUE (b.ca1826), m.ca1850 Mary E. _____ (b.ca1831). Garret BLUE (b.ca1830). James BLUE (b.ca1838). Mary J. BLUE (b.ca1842). Michael BLUE (b.ca1843).
References: A410, B543, B544, B757, B758, C570, C573. Margaret BLUE (b.ca1800), m. Joshua WILSON (b.1800). She was age 16/26 in 1820 census, and 40/50 in 1840. She died in Ralls Co. MO between 1844 and 1850. Joshua was born in KY, a son of Benjamin and Margaret (ARMSTRONG) WILSON. Joshua m2.1852 Nancy SMITH. He died before February 1863. Joshua WILSON (b.1825). Louisa WILSON (1827-1851), m.1851 Jacob WILSON (b.1827). She d. of cholera. Melissa WILSON (b.1828), m. Jeremiah KELSOE/KELSEY (b.ca1820). It is not proven that Melissa belongs in this family. It is implied from the 1850 census data.* Margaret WILSON (1834-1856), m.1852 John R. BAXTER. Mary WILSON (b.1839), m.1858 William WILLIAMS.
References: A621, B543, B544, C571, C574, C1290. Nancy BLUE (ca1809-1867), m.1831 Michael McGUIRE (1807-1854). They both were born in Dearborn Co. IN and were married there. He was a son of Maj. James and Susanna (FLAKE) McGUIRE. They moved to Carroll Co. MO in 1836 and settled in Sugartree Twp. Michael was quite wealthy, owning much land and several slaves. He purchased 120 acres, located in the NE quarter of Sect. 4, Twp. 51, Range 24, in Carroll Co. MO, from his brother, William, in 1839. The land was very rich and the brothers raised hemp, corn and various other crops. By the time he died, Michael was the owner of a total of 480 acres in Sects. 4, 9 & 10 of the above mentioned Twp. Michael died at Fulton, Calloway Co. MO and Nancy died in Carroll Co. MO. Nancy appears in the 1860 census of Carroll Co. with real property valued at $2400 and personal property valued at $2548.* Harriett McGUIRE (1840-1861), m.1856 Alphonso FULLER (1834-1882).* Susan A. McGUIRE (1843-1873), m.1859 Francis Marion WINFREY (1834-1929).
References: A369, A622, A623, A624, B542, B762, C575. Maria BLUE (b.1810+), m.1831 William McGUIRE (ca1809-1850). They both were born in Dearborn Co. IN and were married there. He was a son of Maj. James and Susanna (FLAKE) McGUIRE, and brother of Michael, above. In 1839 William purchased the NE quarter of Sect. 4 (160 acres), Twp 51, Range 24, in Carroll Co. MO, from James Lawson, who had obtained the land through three land grants dated 1835-38. He immediately sold the easterly 120 acres to his brother, Michael (above). He was living with his two sons in Carroll Co. in 1850. William and Maria died in Carroll Co. MO.* James McGUIRE (1833-1893), m1. Mary C. SKAGGS (d.1861), m2.1865 Irene SKAGGS (sisters). John Q. McGUIRE (b.1840). Went to OK and invested in oil.
References: A369, A623, B542, C575. William HERRIOTT (1798-1883), m.1822 Louisa S. HERRIOTT (1804-1875). She was dau. of Ephraim and Anna (WRIGHT) HERRIOTT. William and Louisa were 1st cousins. They moved from KY to IL in 1851 and they died in IL.* Margaret A. HERRIOTT (1823-1894), m.1844 Joseph F. TAYLOR.* John D. HERRIOTT (1826-1912), m. Mattie E. CHRISTIAN.* Mary E. HERRIOTT (1829-bef1876), m.1854 Henry T. SHIVERS.* Ephraim H. HERRIOTT (b.1830), m.1852 Martha H. LINDSEY.* Hannah E. HERRIOTT (1832-1863), m.1850 James Abner LINDSEY.* Susan B. HERRIOTT (1834-bef1876), m.1849 William Moreland HILES.* Zebulon R. HERRIOTT (b.1835), m.1856 Rebecca Isabelle KING.* James William HERRIOTT (1836-1908), m.1869 Susan Agnes WASHINGTON (1848-1929).* David S. HERRIOTT (1838-1875), m.1864 Mary Rebecca TAYLOR. Lucinda HERRIOTT (1839-1864). Charles L. HERRIOTT (b.1840). Louisa HERRIOTT (b.1843).* Isabella A. HERRIOTT (b.1845), m.1862 Robert G. RAYBURN. Name unknown, died infancy.
References: C18, C163. Margaret Louisa HERRIOTT, m1.1817 John CARTER, m2. Russell WEST. John was probably born in VA, a son of John CARTER. He and Margaret were married in Bourbon Co. KY. Their daughter was born at Paris. Bourbon Co. KY.
First marriage:* Mary Louisa CARTER (ca1823-ca1872), m. Andrew Jackson GREEN (b.1818).
References: B1507, C469, C1077.

5K Eliza BEARD (ca1800-1843), m.1820 Thomas F. FREELAND (b.ca1794). She was probably born in Hampshire Co. VA(WV) and he was probably born in Monongalia Co. VA(WV). They were married in Butler Co. OH. He was a son of Levi and Mary? FREELAND. Shortly after their marriage they moved to Franklin Co. IN. Eliza died in Franklin Co. and is buried in a small cemetery located on the farm which adjoins their’s in Springfield Twp., near the OH state line, between Peoria and Scipio. Levi FREELAND (b.ca1822). James FREELAND (ca1822-ca1874), m.1844 Margaret REES (1831-1868). Margaret is buried in the same cemetery as is her mother-in-law, Eliza (BEARD) FREELAND.* Margaret Jane FREELAND (ca1825-bef1856), m.1844 Jesse FAUSSET (b.1819). William FREELAND (b.ca1827), m.1852 Mary RICHMOND.* Alfred FREELAND (1829-1862), m.1856 Rachel Ann STOUT (1839-1868). Louisa FREELAND (b.ca1839). Charlotte FREELAND (b.ca1842). Thomas FREELAND? Martha FREELAND, m. Matthew SEDGEWICK.
References: B1168, C301, C821, C852. Jane BEARD (1806-1892), m.1827 James SAMPLE (1800-ca1882). They both were born in KY and lived in Reily Twp., Butler Co. OH in 1850. James SAMPLE Jr (b.ca1841). George W. SAMPLE (b.ca1843). Margaret J. SAMPLE (b.ca1845). Alfred SAMPLE (b.ca1847). Oliver P. SAMPLE (b.ca1848).
References: B615. John BEARD (1810-1888), m. Elizabeth TYE?(b.ca1822). They both were born in OH and were living in Reily Twp., Butler Co. OH in 1850. If she was Elizabeth TYE, they were married in Butler Co. in 1845, and he likely had a prior wife. John and Elizabeth were living in Butler Co. with their daughter, Maggie, in 1880. Oliver P. BEARD (ca1836-1906). Buried in Scipio Cemetery, Franklin Co. IN. Margaret BEARD (b.ca1843).* William J. BEARD (1847-1911), m. Jessie SPARKS (1836-1884).
References: A664, B344, B615, B1169. Jacob BEARD (1812-1895), m1.1840 Caroline E. URMSTON (1822-1864), m2.1865 Catherine BLACKER (1836-1904). He was born in Reily Twp., Butler Co. OH. His first wife was also born in OH and his second wife was a daughter of Patrick and Margaret (McCUE) BLACKER. Jacob and his family lived on a farm in Reily Twp. He was educated in the pioneer schools and became quite proficient in mathematics. He was a Jackson Democrat, but never sought political office. Late in life, he owned 376 acres of land in Butler Co., as well as 800 acres of improved land in Iroquois and Champaign Cos. IL. Jacob and his wives are buried at Scipio Cemetery in Franklin Co. IN. One source says that Caroline’s surname was URMSTEAD, but cemetery records indicate that it was URMSTON.
First marriage:* William P. “Squire” BEARD (b.1843), m.1861 Martha E. WALDORF. John BEARD (1849-1864).
References: B128, B1169, C343. James L. BEARD (1814-1866), m. Charlotte _____ (ca1820-1902). They both were born in OH and were living in Reily Twp., Butler Co. OH in 1850. She m2.1869 Samuel P. WITHROW. Jesse B. BEARD (b.ca1836). Alfred BEARD (1843-1926), m. Isabel BIDDINGER (1841-1939).
References: B128, B615, C821. Oliver Perry BEARD (1821-1902), m.1854 Susan WINN (1836-1920). They both were born in Butler Co. OH. Susan was a daughter of Warner and Rachel (EVANS) WINN. They lived in Philanthropy, Butler Co. OH and Franklin Co. IN. They are buried at Scipio Cemetery, Franklin Co.* Margaret Jane BEARD (1855-1928), m. Peter T. HEARD (1845-1915). Rachel BEARD, m. Scott HEARD.
References: B128, B1169, C370, C821, C839.
5L Uriah BLUE (1807-1847), m. Elizabeth (WILSON) SMITH. They were married in Dearborn Co. IN. They moved to KS with their family. Telitha BLUE (ca1831-1914).* Elias BLUE (1833-1903), m1.1855 Maria FLOOD, m2.1858 Margaret F. RAMSEY (b.ca1844).* Benjamin W. BLUE (b.1836), m.1864 Maria L. TRUMAN (b.1845).* William G. BLUE (1837-1913), m.1868 Mary C. ALLEN (b.1845). Ellen BLUE Garrett BLUE (ca1844-1913). Never married; died in Abiline KS. James U. BLUE (d.1863). Left a widow and infant daughter.
References: A369, A517, B366, B368, B369, B370, B1560, C8, C260, C1330. Benjamin BLUE (1813-1882), m.1837 Hannah HOGLAND (b.1818). She was born in Marion Co. IN, a daughter of Thomas and Mary HOGLAND. However, the 1850 and 1860 censuses both say she was born in OH. They were married in Marion Co. He was born in Dearborn Co. IN and moved with his father to Marion Co. Benjamin was a farmer and they were living in Washington Twp. of Marion Co. in 1850 and 1860.* Uriah H. BLUE (1837-1915), m.1861 Mary E. YOUNG (b.1844). Amanda Ellen BLUE (b.1840), prob.m.1858 Samuel H. McILVAINE.* George William BLUE (1842-1925), m.1865 Catherine J. KELLEHER (b.ca1839). Mary Elizabeth BLUE (b.1844), m.1869 Sanford PEDIGO. Had four children.* Peter Fellenzen BLUE (1845-1870), m.1870 Susan SHOCK.* Benjamin Franklin BLUE (1850-1924), m.1878 Sarah Caroline WHITE (1856-1923).* Perry Beard BLUE (1854-1881), m.1875 Almira LONG (b.ca1856).
References: A369, B135, B136, B368, B369, B370, C8, C304, C305. Gerard BLUE (1815-1901), m1.1837 Elizabeth FLOOD (b.ca1818), m2.1875 Almira LONG. He was born in IN and married Elizabeth in Marion Co. IN. They were living in Washington Twp. of Marion Co. in 1850-1860.* William J. BLUE (1844-1894), m. Orphalena L. SPRINGER. Parents of Monte (Gerard M.) BLUE, the movie actor. Harriet N. BLUE (b.ca1849). Dorie Rachel BLUE (b.ca1852). Sarah A. BLUE (b.1859).
Reference: A517, B368, B369, C8. Peter BLUE (1818-1876), m.1846 Elizabeth F. SEERLY (b.1826). He was born in IN and she in PA. They were married in Marion Co. IN. They were living in Washington Twp. of Marion Co. in 1850 and 1860. In 1900, Elizabeth was still living there with several of her children. William Warren BLUE, died in infancy. Margaret L. BLUE (b.ca1849), died in infancy. Indiana Estell BLUE (b.ca1850), m.1872 Nelson C. CHAMBERLAIN. Married in Marion Co. IN. Romenta BLUE (b.1852). Unmarried in 1900. Rachel F. BLUE (b.1859). Unmarried in 1900.* Charles Austin BLUE (1857-1933), m.1883 Clodena LEWIS (b.1859). Albert S. BLUE (1858-1936), never married. Cortez Douglas BLUE (1862-1943), never married. Kate May BLUE (b.1862), m. 1896 LaFayette LLEWELLYN, she is twin of Cortez. Married in Marion Co. IN. George Thomas BLUE (1865-1944), never married. Blanche Bernice BLUE (b.1868).
References: A369, A517, B365, B369, C8.

5M William G. BLUE (1825-1858), m1.1847 Sarah RUARK, m2.1853 Martha Arnold MATHEWS, m3.1857 Ellen I. RICHARDS. He was born in IN and Sarah was born in KY. His first two marriages were in Marion Co. IN, and he was living in Washington Twp. of that county in 1850. He married Ellen in Ohio Co. IN.
First marriage: Ephraim BLUE, died in infancy. Mary BLUE (b.1850). William BLUE III (b.1852).
Second or third marriage: Thompson BLUE (b.1857). Cynthia BLUE (b.1859).
References: A517, A557, B368, C8, C12, C260. George Washington BLUE (1832-1900), m1.1856 Rachel HINESLEY (ca1839-ca1862), m2.1867 Catherine WEST (b.1849). George and Rachel were born in IN and were married in Marion Co. IN. They reportedly lived in Frankfort IN at some time. In 1860 they were in Washington Twp. of Marion Co. IN. His second marriage took place in Butler Co. OH. Catherine was born in OH. In 1880 George and Catherine were living in Harrison Twp., Hamilton Co. OH, and in 1900 they were living in Hendricks Co. IN. George, Rachel and Catherine are all buried at Brownsburg, Hendricks Co. IN.
First marriage:* Frances Almira BLUE (1857-1910), m.1875 Charles George WALTER (1851-1922).
Second marriage: Edith May BLUE (b.ca1871). George W. BLUE (b.ca1875), m. Rachel COVELY.* William S. BLUE (1877-1933), m. Nancy BREMBERGER. Jesse BLUE (1880-1904), never married.
References: A369, B180, B369, B633, C8, C357, C819, C866. Michael BLUE (1814-ca1844), m.1842 Lucinda ROUSE (b.ca1822). She was born in KY and they were married in Monroe Co. MO. His probate records are filed in Carroll Co. MO. Jeremiah ROUS was administrator and Lucinda received personal property from the estate on 7 Jan 1845. She was living with her children in the home of Jeremiah ROUSE in Monroe Co. MO in 1850.* James M. BLUE (b.1842), m.(possibly) Margaret RICHARDSON.* William I. BLUE (b.1845), m. Mary Arvida _____ (b.ca1852).
References: A620, B763, C576. David BLUE (1826-1863), m.1851 Sarah BURCHETT (b.ca1836). He was born in IN and she in KY or TN. They lived in Carroll Co. MO in 1860. During the Mexican War he enrolled at New London, Ralls Co., for service with Capt. Lefland's company, 3rd Regt. MO Mounted Infantry (later Co. E, 3rd Regt). He gave his age as 21 at the time. David died on 6 Oct 1863, and in Oct 1868 his estate was "administered upon". Sarah was made administrator of his personal estate and his brother, Jesse M., was made administrator of their partnership estate. Jesse filed claims against the federal government for property taken up by military forces during the Civil War. The settlement of these claims was delayed, causing the estate to remain unsettled. Finally, in 1916 the claims were paid and the estate was settled. Sarah m2. Jesse M. BLUE, and was the recipiant of both claims, less the amount due her son John W. BLUE, in 1916 when she was age 90. At the time, she was living with John W. in Ft. Collins CO. Amanda BLUE (1854-1872), m.1872 James COON. She died in Ray Co. MO.* John W. BLUE (1856-1946), m.1878 Louisa HORINE.
References: B542, B545, B546, B761, C570.

5N James G. BLUE (1774-1819), m.1799 Mehetible GARARD (1777-1850). He was probably born in VA. They were married in Hamilton Co. OH. She was a daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (LLOYD) GARARD. The wedding ceremony was performed by the Rev. James Sutton. James was a Justice of the Peace in Miami Co. for many years, served as an associate judge, and represented his county in the State Legislature. He served as a Capt. in the War of 1812. James died at Troy OH. Mehitible m2.1822 Jotham SCUDDER in Miami Co.. She died at the home of her son, Abner, in Elkhart Co. IN. Jotham SCUDDER was appointed guardian of the minor children of James. Then, in 1831, Robert H. CULBERTSON was appointed guardian of John L. BLUE age 14 on 19 July 1831.* David BLUE (1800-1828), m.1827 Nancy/Ann ALLOWAY.* Judith BLUE (b.1802), m.1821 David KERN. Ruth BLUE (1805-1806), drowned in a spring. Mary BLUE (b.1807), m.1826 William P. MARTIN. Mehetible BLUE (1810-1828). James Garard BLUE (b.1812), m.1837 Rebekah IRVIN.* Blackford BLUE (1815-1848), m.1835 Sarah Jane McKNIGHT.* John Lloyd BLUE (b.1817), m.1847 Martha E. MITCHELL (b.ca1832).* Abner BLUE (1819-1894), m1.1843 Harriet N. CLAY (d.1859), m2.1862 Eliza N. DOOLITTLE (1838-1921).
References: A63, A270, A343, A384, A406, A565, A565A, A566, C8, C41, C78, C157, C238, C362, C422, C471. Michael BLUE (1775-1854), m. Catherine EATON/LENNON (ca1782-1869)(C157 says CLEMENT) (b.ca1778). He was born in VA and she in PA. They lived in Troy Twp. of Miami Co. OH. She died in Miami Co. In 1805 Michael received a federal land grant for the SE quarter of Sec. 7, Twp. 1, Range 11, in Miami Co. In 1818 he received additional land in the same section from his brother, James. Then in 1819, he sold some of his land in this section to John KNIGHT. Elizabeth BLUE and Daniel BLUE witnessed this deed. This Daniel is too young to be Michael’s son; he may be [], who lived in Fairfield Co. OH, or [], who lived in Ross Co. OH. In 1848 Michael purchased Lot OL 16 in Troy from Allen NESBITT and Daniel BROWN. In 1850 he received another lot in Troy (#94) from his son-in law, Thomas G. BARNS, which he transferred to his daughter, Ruth, a year later. In 1850 the value of his real estate was $1900. Michael is buried at the old Baptist Cemetery in Staunton Twp. of Miami Co. They probably had more than the following children. The 1820 census lists them with two boys and seven girls. In 1840 they had four boys and four girls living with them.

The inclusion of Henry C. BLUE in this family is uncertain. An extensive analysis of the descendants of Michael BLUE [1.1.2] was performed and this appears to be the most logical place for Henry. Any readers who have primary source data tending to support or contradict this conclusion are urged to contact the compiler at the address given on page i.* Elizabeth BLUE (1800-1854), m.1823 John M. DeWEESE (1798-1857).* Daniel BLUE (1805-1840), m.1832 Martha SHANKS (1813-1886).* Uriah Clement BLUE (1807-1867), m.1828 Rachel MOORE (1807-1877).* Henry C. BLUE (ca1811-1860), m.1841 Sophia RHODEHAMEL (1821-1876).* Ruth BLUE (1811-1872), m.1833 Thomas G. BARNS (1811-1875). Mary BLUE (b.ca1812). Unmarried in 1850. Jacob K. BLUE (1821-1840). Catharine BLUE (b.ca1825). Unmarried in 1850. Sarah BLUE (1834-1840).
References: A387, A463, A496, A499, B76, B263, B264, C8, C14, C19, C157, C363, C401, C445, C446, C683, C796, C1008. Elizabeth BLUE (1778-1846), m.1795 Noah HARREL (1766-1850). She was born in Berkeley Co. VA and he was born somewhere in VA. They both died in Grayson Co. KY. Their marriage bond was recorded in Nelson Co. KY on 24 Nov 1795. This bond was witnessed by several Blue relatives:
James BLUE Barnabas BLUE in Bourbon County
Uriah BLUE in Nelson County John BLUE Jr. in Bourbon County
Abraham BLUE in Nelson County Frederick BLUE in Mercer County
Her father, Uriah BLUE, gave written consent to the marriage. Noah was a son of Moses HARREL.* Rutha Elizabeth HARREL (1796-1875), m.1813 Edward DEWEESE (1786-1859).* Mary HARREL (b.1798), m.ca1818 William MILLER (b.ca1796) of Grayson Co. KY. Uriah HARREL (b.1800), moved to IA and married there.* Moses HARREL (1802-1890), m1.1821 Rebecca SCOTT (1800-1868), m2.1869 Edith POWELL.* Noah HARREL Jr. (b.1805), m.ca1825 Agnes CRAIG (b.ca1809).* Blue HARREL (1807-1889), m1. Susan STINSON (b.ca1809), m2. Mary "Polly" _____ (b.ca1819).* William HARREL (b.1809), m.ca1829 Nancy _____ (b.ca1811). Isaac HARREL (b.1811). James HARREL (1813-1894), m.1840 Mary MILLER (1811-1890).* Blackford HARREL (1815-1869), m.ca1838 Amelia Ann “Milly” SHAW (b.ca1819). John HARREL (b.1818).* Michael HARREL (1821-1886), m.1846 Elizabeth Wright COVERT (b.1829-1904).
References: A149, B1228, C162, C447, C532, C533, C896, C911, C957, C1342. Sarah BLUE (b.1780), m. James LENON (1777-1857). She was born in VA and he in PA. Wilson LENON (b.1804), m.1829 Eliza STOCKTON. Uriah B. LENON (b.1808), m.1834 Martha Ann COCHRAN. Daniel LENON (b.1810), m. Sophia SAUNDERS. Ruth B. LENON, m. 1831 James McCRARY. Michael LENON (1814-1845), m. Abigail CAVENDER. Anna LENON Elizabeth LENON, m.1837 Lewis GEARHART. James LENON (b.1819), m.1840 Nancy CLINE (b.1822). Bennet B. LENON
References: C1402.

5O Uriah BLUE Jr. (1782-1849), m1.1808 Jane STITE (1789-1819), m2.1820 Margaret (DEWEESE) GERARD (1797-1840), m3.1843 Charlotte CLARK (b.ca1805). Uriah was probably born in Bedford Co. PA, however, the 1850 Ohio Mortality Schedule says he was born in VA. He was married to Jane in Hamilton Co. OH by Rev. William Jones, Minister of the Duck Creek Baptist Church. In 1807, Uriah received a patent for 160.76 acres located in Sect. 23, Twp. 1, Range 11, in present day Spring Creek Twp., Miami Co. OH, and in 1808 they moved to this land. The first organized township meeting was held in 1815 and Uriah was elected as a trustee. In that year he recorded his earmark (for cattle) with the township, which was two slits in the upper side of the right ear. He sold parts of his land in 1814 and 1817, but kept some until he died. His estate sold the remainder in 1852. Jane was a daughter of Elijah and Rhoda STITES. She was buried on the Old Blue Farm (Saunders) Cemetery in Staunton Twp., Miami Co. Uriah married Margaret DEWEESE in Miami Co. She was a daughter of Lewis and Mary DEWEESE and the widow of John GERARD. She had two daughters by John, Elizabeth C. (GERARD) GARVEY (1816-1889) and Mary A. (GERARD) SMITH (1818-1889). Margaret died in Miami Co. and is also buried at the Old Blue Farm Cemetery. Uriah then married Charlotte in Warren Co. OH. She was a daughter of John CLARK of Warren Co. Charlotte was living with some of Uriah’s children in Spring Creek Twp., Miami Co. in 1850. Uriah was a veteran of the War of 1812 and is buried in the Old Blue Farm (Saunders) Cemetery near Troy OH, near the grave of his father. The children of Uriah and his wives were obtained from a list, which appears to be a copy of a Bible record, written by Clarence G. BLUE, grandson of Uriah and Margaret. These children are consistent with a series of probate and guardianship records filed in Miami Co. There is a 23 Apr 1841 record in Miami Co. OH wherein Uriah BLUE and William McCAMPBELL are appointed co-guardians for Uriah's children (after Margaret's death in 1840). This was probably required due to the legacy received by the children from their grandparents, Lewis and Mary DeWEESE.
First marriage:* Elijah S. BLUE (1809-1845), m.1830 Elizabeth ALLEN (b.ca1811).* Joseph Blackford BLUE (1810-1882), m.1856 Rachel (ASHTON) TROUTWINE (1825-1901). Rhoda BLUE (1813-1835), m.1834 Thomas FORSYTHE* Elizabeth J. BLUE (1814-1847), m.1837 Lewis Deweese SMITH (1813-1862). Mary BLUE (b.1816), m.1839 Ferdinand PELTON.
Second marriage: Ruth A. BLUE (1821-1903). Never married. Mehetable BLUE (1822-1827). Buried at Old Blue Cemetery. Anna L. BLUE (1824-1859), m.1846 James H. PETTICREW. Jane BLUE (1825-1842). Rebecca BLUE (1827-1891), m.1846 Royal R. GROSVENOR. Samantha S. BLUE (1828-1895), m.1849 Samuel C. McCULLOUGH (b.1821). They had two daughters.* James Uriah. BLUE (1830-1911), m1.1853 Samantha TERRY (b.1830), m2.1910 Elizabeth (BATTENBERG) COLEMAN (b.1837).* Lewis DeWeese BLUE (1832-1907), m.1856 Martha Elizabeth KELLY (1836-1906). William McCampbell Uriah BLUE (1834-1835). Margaret Amanda BLUE (b.1837), m.1856 Alvin F. GALE (ca1830-1909).
Third marriage: No issue.
References: A137, A463, A496, A529, A736, B50, B265, B1659, C8, C41, C78, C79, C107, C155, C157, C213, C357, C363, C422, C459. Barnabas B. BLUE (1785-1840), m.1806 Mary HILLIARD (1788-1863). He was born in VA or PA, and she in NJ. She was a daughter of John and Elizabeth (GREENE) HILLIARD, who came from the Mt. Holly area of Burlington Co. NJ. Barnabas and Mary were married in Montgomery Co. OH. Barnabas served in the War of 1812, as a Corporal and Second the Ohio Militia, with Capt. E. Kirtley's Company. They lived in the Miami Co. until shortly after the 1830 census, when they moved north to Shelby Co. They settled in Turtle Creek Twp., where Barnabas was living when he died (near Hardin). After the death of her husband, Mary continued to live in Shelby Co. On the basis of Barnabas' military service, she applied for and received two 80 acre tracts of land, one in 1851 and the other in 1855. No record has been found of the disposition of her land. The last known record of Mary is in the 1860 census of Boone Co. IN, Centre Twp. She is living there with her two youngest children in the town of Lebanon. Her son-in-law, John SCOTT, and son, Barnabas, are both working as tailors at that time. Barnabas was also in Boone Co. in 1850. He was then 15 years old and was working as a tailor. Mary is believed to have died in Boone Co.
The list of children of Barnabas and Mary has been assembled by several researchers. Nowhere in the records is found a list of Barnabas' heirs. A Bible exists, in poor condition, which records Barnabas' birth and death, the birth of Mary, their marriage, and the birth of their children. The publisher and date of publication of this Bible are unknown as are the dates that data were entered onto its pages. However, the handwriting is typical of 19th century writing. The Bible is currently in the possession of Margaret BLUE, widow of Calvin Preston BLUE []. Elizabeth BLUE (b.1807). May have m.1826 David PETTIT.* Charles H. BLUE (1809-1840), m.1832 Eliza DAVIS (b.ca1816).* John William Hudson BLUE (b.1811), m1.1836 Sarah J. CREGON, m2.1852 Melvina BARKER/BACKER. Joseph Hilliard BLUE (b.1814), m.1848 Amanda J. WINAMS. Married in Shelby Co. OH.* Noah Herrel BLUE (1817-1903), m.1847 Nancy HOOVER (1830-1915). Sarah R. BLUE (b.1820), m. 1838 Joseph LONG. Daniel Blackford BLUE (1822-1833).* Ruth Blackford BLUE (b.1825), m.1843 Calvin P. LENNOX.* Mary Ann BLUE (b.1827), m.1846 John M. SCOTT (b.ca1825). Nancy C. BLUE (b.1831). May have m.1855 Wm. H. JACKSON in Shelby Co. OH.* Barnabas B. BLUE (b.1835), prob.m. Mary M. _____ (b.ca1846). He was a tailor, working with his brother-in-law, John SCOTT, in Boone Co. IN. He supposedly went to MO after 1863.
References: A417, B109, B111, B263, B266, B267, B268, B269, B270, C8, C448, C449, C460, C525.

5P Martha BLUE (b.1790), m.1806 Bennett William LANGLEY (b.ca1776). She was probably born in Nelson Co. KY and came to Miami Co. OH with her parents in 1799. Bennett was born in MD. They were married in Montgomery Co. OH. They moved to Auglaize Co. OH ca1845, died there and are buried in Hudson Cemetery, Washington Twp. of that county. Bennett served in the War of 1812 as a private in Capt. Charles HILLIARD’s 1st Regt. Ohio. He enrolled at Staunton, Miami Co. OH 10 Apr 1813 and was discharged at Greenville, Darke Co. OH 25 Aug 1813. He applied for bounty land in 1850 and 1855, and received land in Auglaize Co.* William Hance LANGLEY (ca1807-1886), m.1828 Lettie Ann HANEY.* Sarah LANGLEY (b.ca1808), m1.1823 John CAVENDER (d.1825), m2.1834 Samuel W. ZELCUT.* Mahittabel LANGLEY (b.ca1810), m.1842 Joseph GEARHEARD. James B. LANGLEY (b.ca1811), m.1834 Mary DAVIS.* Ruth LANGLEY (1812-1877), m.1830 Jacob RICE. John Hance LANGLEY (b.ca1813), m1.1832 Sarah Ann ALLEN, m2.1844 Hannah SEAMANS.* Fielding Lowry LANGLEY (1817-1876), m.1837 Susannah CORNELL (1819-1876).* Uriah B. LANGLEY (ca1819-1857), m.1841 Mary HANEY (1822-1887).* Isabella LANGLEY (ca1822-ca1850), m.1839 Henry C. HANEY.* Teresa LANGLEY (1828-1896), m1.1847 Jonathan LONGWITH/LONGWORTH (1827-1874), m2.1882 Lewis COLE.
References: A781, C715, C724, C870, C871. Ruth BLUE (b.1793), m.1811 Joseph GOBLE (1786-1868). They were married in Miami Co. OH. Hannah GOBLE (b.1812).* James Blue GOBLE (1813-1850), m.1835 Harriet WILLIAMS (b.1819). Daniel B. GOBLE (b.1815), m. Eunice _____. Samuel GOBLE (b.1817). Harriet GOBLE (b.1819). Sarah GOBLE (b.1820).* Martha GOBLE (b.1823), m.1843 John W. PRUTSMAN (b.ca1815). Ruth GOBLE (b.1826). John G. GOBLE (b.1831). Mary GOBLE (b.1840).
References: A343, C260, C410, C838. Hannah BLUE (1795-1881), m.1813 Hampton WOODRUFF (1790-1864). He was born in NJ and she in KY. They were married in Miami Co. OH. He served in the War of 1812. In 1827 they were living in Staunton Twp., Miami Co. OH. In 1860 he was a farmer in Athens, Menard Co. IL. They both died in Menard Co., she at Athens. They are buried at Indian Point Cemetery at Athens IL. Hampton's stone is not visible. Sarah L. WOODRUFF (1814-1880), m. William DUGAS/DUGAN.* David Clark WOODRUFF (1816-1884), m1.1843 Mary DUVAL, m2.1855 Elizabeth Franzonia MUIRHEAD (1837-1925). John B. WOODRUFF (b.1819). William WOODRUFF (b.1821).* Samuel W. WOODRUFF (1824-1907), m.1847 Malissa MILLER (1826-1908).* James Blue WOODRUFF (1826-1912), m.1848 Mary J. "Polly" MILLER (1829-1911).* Clausen WOODRUFF (b.1829), m.1852 Angeline SCANTLING. (possibly) Eliza WOODRUFF
References: A63, A496, C363, C450, C1187, C1191, C1288. John Blackford BLUE (b.1799), m1.1818 Rachel SAYERS, m2.1836 Mrs. Sarah (CAVENDER) MERCER (1809-1855), dau. of Thomas CAVENDER (b.DE). John was born in Miami Co. OH and died in DeKalb Co. IN. Both of his marriages took place in Miami Co. OH (C249 says his first marriage was in Washington Co. PA). Rachel was a daughter of Thomas and Frances (DYE) SAYERS. Sarah was born in Miami Co. OH and died in Allen Co. IN. She is buried in Leo Cemetery in Cedar Creek Twp. Sarah m1.1829 Samuel MERCER of Troy OH and had two children, William M. MERCER (b.1830) and Samuel MERCER (b.1832). These children lived with John Blackford BLUE in Allen Co. IN. John moved his family to IN ca1838 and was living in Allen Co. IN in 1840, 1850 and 1860. He was County Auditor for Allen Co., one of its first judges, and the first Post Office at Leo, Cedar Creek Twp., Allen Co., was in his store. Miami Co. OH Court of Common Pleas records of the April 1834 term show that John B. BLUE was appointed guardian of four of his children, Francis(sic) age 13, Ruth age 9, Mahetable age 7 and Wm. S. age 5. Elizabeth is not mentioned in this record. Presumably, these children inherited something from their mother, which required the guardianship proceedings.
First marriage: (All born Miami Co. OH) Elizabeth "Betsy" BLUE, m.1838 Austen DUVALL. Frances Jane "Fannie" BLUE (b.ca1820), m.1840 Azel SKINNER. Married in Miami Co. OH. Ruth BLUE (b.ca1823). Mehetable "Hetty" BLUE (b.ca1826), m. William H. SANFORD.* William Sutton BLUE (b.1827), m.1854 Almira M. BOBLETT (b.ca1837).
(Note: These five children were named in the will of their grandfather, Uriah, recorded 23 May 1829.)
Second marriage:* Christiana Ann BLUE (1837-1890), m.1858 David MURRAY (b.ca1834).* John B. BLUE (1839-1921), m.1861 Mary CLEVELAND (b.1846).* Mary Jane BLUE (1841-1921), m.1860 William McCARTNEY Jr. (1837-1900). Uriah BLUE (b.1844). Served in Civil War. Buried in DeKalb Co. IN. Sarah Catherine "Kate" BLUE (b.1848).
References: A63, A343, A384, A464, A465, A466, A484, A565, B390, B391, C12, C41, C117, C202, C249, C348, C357, C363, C459, C471.

5Q Frederick BLUE (b.ca1774), m. Mary _____ (b.ca1780). Frederick was probably born in Berkeley Co. VA, for militia and tax records indicate that his father was living there in the 1780's, and his grandfather, Michael BLUE, was there as early as 1777. By 1795, Frederick was living in Mercer Co. KY and he signed the marriage bond for his cousin, Elizabeth BLUE []. This indicates that Frederick was probably born before 1775. The 1820 census confirms this, and the 1830/40 censuses indicate he was b.1770/80. Frederick's father, Barnabas BLUE received a land grant in Miami Co. OH in 1804, and it is presumed that the family shortly moved there from KY. Frederick and Mary probably met and married in KY, for the 1850 census of Edgar Co. IL indicates that she was born in Lincoln Co. KY (transcribed Licking Co., but no such county has ever existed). In 1813, Frederick received a grant of land on Section 21, Township 2, Range 11, in Miami Co. OH. Miami Co. land records indicate that he and Mary sold some of this land the same year to Joseph Hudgell. In 1826 they sold the remainder to Samuel Cyer and, at about the same time, Frederick received a share in his father's land upon the latter's death. He moved his family to Hamilton Co. IN at about this time, and was a resident of that county when they sold their interest in his father's land in 1827. They were living in Hamilton Co. IN at the time of the 1830 census, which indicates that he had nine children or grandchildren living with him. By 1840, Frederick and Mary had moved to Vigo Co. IN. Frederick probably died during the next decade, for Mary is found in 1850 living with her daughter, Mary MULKINS, in Edgar Co. IL.
Some researchers have concluded that many of the following children belong to Barnabas and Mary (HILLIARD) BLUE [], but exhaustive, on the spot, research by Dick RUSSELL of Indianapolis IN has led to the conclusion that these children belong to another couple. Their location in the Vigo Co. area make it likely that they are the children of Frederick and Mary, and so are included in this family.* Mary BLUE (b.1810), m. John MULKINS (b.ca1791). Ruth BLUE, m.1834 Charles STANDERFORD in Marion Co. IN.* Ellen BLUE (b.1816), m.1843 Charles DAVIS.* Samuel B. BLUE (1822-1889), m.1850 Lucinda Ann BLUE (1832-ca1901) [].* Frederick BLUE (1824-1891), m1.1848 Rhoda CHEEKS (b.ca1828), m2.1878 Sarah Jane VICKERS (b.ca1835).* William James BLUE (b.ca1828), m. _____ _____. Nancy Jane BLUE (b.ca1830). {The 4th edition said “Nancy m. John MULKINS? (b.ca1823)”. This was incorrect since Vermillion Co. IN records show that John MULKINS m.1847 Nancy Jane ADKINS.}
References: A149, A387, A530, A531, A1091, B263, B271, B272, B273, C194, C448, C742. Uriah BLUE (ca1782-1836), m.1808 Charity KISER (b.1785). Charity was a daughter of Peter and Catherine (YOUNG) KISER. Uriah died at German Prairie, Sangamon Co. IL. His heirs are listed in his probate records in Sangamon Co. Catherine BLUE, m.1827 Thomas J. CARLE/CARROLL. Married in Miami Co. OH. Mary BLUE, m.1832 Thomas ASHBY. Married in Sangamon Co. IL. Susanna BLUE (b.ca1815), m.1834 Moses CARVER in Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL.* Benjamin H. BLUE (ca1828-1863), m. 1853 Dorcas PRATER (ca1834-1900). Sarah BLUE
References: A496, A1065, A1069, C1204. Solomon BLUE (1784-1856), m.1806 Telitha Ann MORRIS (b.ca1785). He was born in VA and she in Scotland. They were married in Montgomery Co. OH. They lived in Sangaman Co. IL in 1830 and Randolph Co IL in 1850, as well as Livingston Co. IL. It is said that they had ten children. Various sources suggest the possibility that the following were among their children, as well as Robert BLUE (b.1811) whom we list as, son of Robert BLUE. Solomon BLUE William BLUE, lived in Red Bud IL in 1847.* Mary BLUE, m1.1828 Charles R. TENANT, m2.1829 George DONNER (b.1784?-1847).* Barneybeth (Barnabas?) Marshall BLUE (1813-1884), m.1835 Susannah M. DONNER (1818-1894).* Elizabeth BLUE (d.1847), m1.1829 James HOOK, divorced, m2.1835 Jacob DONNER (ca1790-1846).* Lewis BLUE (ca1816-ca1855), m. Martha Cavanah ALLEN.* Uriah BLUE (1823-1899), m1.1854 Melinda (_____) BROWNFIELD (1824-1866), m2.1867 Elizabeth Smith MILLER (d.1872), m3.1874 Mary Jane HATFIELD (b.ca1836), m4. Harriet CARBAUGH.
References: A343, B169, B439, B1722, C168, C194, C224, C250, C459, C1173, C1195.

5R Barnabas BLUE (1787-1853), m.1811 Frances "Fanny" DAVIS. They were married in Miami Co. OH; lived in Williams Co. OH in 1830 and 1840, and was taxed in Defiance Co. OH in 1845 (Defiance Co. was formed in 1845, partly from Williams Co.). He was born in PA, probably Bedford Co.* James H. BLUE (1811-1865), m.1836 Mary Ellen HILL (1817-1875). Michael BLUE (b.1815). Possibly m.1843 Catherine REYNOLDS in Crawford Co. OH. Mary A. BLUE (b.1816). Possibly m.1832 James D. McANALLY in Williams Co. OH. William K. BLUE (1820-1846).* Sarah Ann BLUE (b.1822), m.1841 James M. KELLOGG. Barnabas D. BLUE (1824-1852), m.1846 Catherine WHITCOMB. In Defiance Co. OH in 1850.* John E. BLUE (1827-1898), m1. Mary (ELKINS?) WALLACE (b.ca1824), m2.1856 Mary FOWLER (b.ca1828). Elizabeth BLUE (b.1831), m.1850 Alfred ELKINS (b.ca1822). George W. C. BLUE (1834-1861). Killed in the Civil War.
References: A467, A468, A469, A485, B50, C194, C224, C357, C416, C459, C1043. Mary BLUE (prob. d.bef1828), m. Allen R. RALSTON (1771-1850). He was born and christened at Campbelltown, Argyll, Scotland and came to America in 1776. She was probably born in Bedford Co. PA. They lived in Miami Co. OH. Allen was a son of Andrew and Agnes (BROWN) RALSTON. Allen may be the “Albern” RALSTON who appears in the 1850 OH Mortality Schedules, indicating that he died in April 1850. Allen signed a deed on 6 Sep 1849, and in a 1851 deed, Allen is referred to as deceased. Mary's presumed death date is based on a marriage of an Allen RALSTON to Charlotte WILSON on 13 Dec 1828. Mary RALSTON (d.ca1844), m.1832 Solomon Kelly BROWN (b.1811). Mary was buried in the Brown Cemetery in Miami Co. OH. They were charter members of Presbyterian Church at Fletcher OH. His parents were William and Eleanor (KELLY) BROWN.* Andrew RALSTON (1804-1877), m.1835 Mary A. Elizabeth WELCHANS (1812-1888).* Barnabas RALSTON (1807-1890), m1.1831 Melinda WELCHANS (d.ca1839), m2.1839 Barbara DILL (ca1812-1884).* Martha RALSTON (1809-1883), m1.1827 Alvers HUGHEL (1806-1837), m2.1838 Jeremiah ROBINSON, m3.1843 George S. DUKESHIER (1793-1875).* Allan D. RALSTON Jr (1810-1867), m.1833 Mary E. WELCHANS (1816-1890).* Isabelle RALSTON (1812-1887), m.1829 Michael KNOOP Jr (1806-1886). Hannah RALSTON (b.1816), m.1838 John MARSHALL (b.ca1802). Nancy RALSTON (1817-1841), m.1836 John STRICKLER (1815-1899).* David D. RALSTON (1819-1841), m.1839 Amanda Jane SIMS (1820-1866).* John RALSTON (ca1822-1864), m.1842 Rachael WELCHANS (1822-1900). Thomas RALSTON (b.1825/30).
References: C29, C308, C407, C459, C486, C705, C722, C741, C974. Martha BLUE (b.ca1780), m. Benjamin CHANEY Sr. (ca1775-1824). She was born in Bedford Co. PA. He was born in PA, a son of Rev. Edward and Dorcus (EVANS) CHANEY. They were living in Highland Co. OH in 1820. Benjamin died in Highland Co. OH.* Amy Anna CHANEY (1806-1878), m.1827 Miles HART (1805-1875). Michael CHANEY Benjamin CHANEY Jr Davis CHANEY Martha CHANEY Delilah CHANEY, m.1828 Michael Blue MALOTT (b.1806) []. Their children are listed under his number in the 6th generation section. Edward CHANEY, m. Sarah _____.
References: B1270, C930. Susan BLUE (1782-1872), m.1804 Daniel MALOTT (1780-1857), divorced 1843. She was born in VA and he in MD. They were married in Washington Co. MD. He was a son of Theodore and Ann (LANE) MALOTT. As a result of their divorce in 1843, Susan was awarded one third of their land in Batavia Twp., Clermont Co. OH and alimony. The grounds were extreme physical abuse. The 1850 census of Batavia Twp., Clermont Co. shows Susan and Daniel living in adjacent but separate families. Susan lived on this land until her death. Daniel also died in Clermont Co.* Nancy Ann MALOTT (b.1805), m. Frederic SHEARER.* Michael Blue MALOTT (b.1806), m1.1828 Delilah CHANEY [], m2.1843 Clementine W. ALMOND (b.ca1817). Martha C. MALOTT (b.1809), m.1835 Jeremiah DAY.* Daniel McThaniel Blue Lane Tracey MALOTT (b.1811), m.1832 Martha CHANEY. Edna S. MALOTT (b.1816), m.1838 David M. SNELL.* Uriah Chaney MALOTT (b.1820), m1.1841 Ann L. SMITH, m2.1848 Elizabeth Jane WORKS, m3.1852 Rebecca THOMPSON, m4. Narcisses MOORE, m5.1867 Cordelia L. WILBER. He had two more marriages, dates unknown: m. Mary Jane ANSCHULTZ, m. Ollie OGDEN. Bontil MALOTT Suisia MALOTT
References: B1528, C157, C756, C1159.

5S Michael M. BLUE (1784-1875), m. Nancy Ann CHANEY (1784-1873). Michael was born in Bedford Co. PA and Nancy was born in MD. He migrated to Highland Co. OH, then to Miami Co. OH. They moved to Franklin Twp., Shelby Co. OH in 1831 and farmed there for 42 years. They both died in Shelby Co. OH. She was a sister of John CHANEY, a Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives. Michael is said to have participated in the War of 1812. Michael's will is on file in Shelby Co. Michael and Nancy are buried at Lennox Cemetery, 5 mi north of Sidney OH. In the last years of his life Michael was unable to handle his own affairs. In 1873 his grandson-in-law, William S. BRYAN, became his guardian.* Amy BLUE (1808-1897), m.1825 Jesse DeWEESE (1804-1881).* Susannah BLUE (ca1807-1874), m1.1824 John DeWEESE (d.1849), m2.1852 Thomas WILKINSON (1799-1875).* Rebecca BLUE (1811-1869), m.1829 James R. DeWEESE (1807-1876).* Michael C. BLUE (1814-1873), m1.1840 Delinda MELLINGER (1810-1849), m2.1849 Susan KELLY (ca1814-1874).* James L. BLUE (1817-1875), m.1844 Sarah BEERS (ca1825-1880+).* Morgan BLUE (1824-1899), m.1845 Mary Magdelania THOMPSON (1823-1908).* Jesse BLUE (1830-1902), m1.1852 Susan Ann HOY (b.ca1828), m2.1879 Nancy A. DILLON (ca1849-1893).
References: A230, A416, A417, A495, A496, A497, B110, B111, B197, B198, B199, B1676, C12, C30, C31, C70, C78, C215, C262, C358, C429, C430, C431, C459. Elizabeth BLUE (1788-1864), m. Thomas BUCK (1790-1863). They were born in Bedford Co. PA and died in Pulaski Co. IN.* John BUCK (1817-1864), m.1841 Elizabeth Ann WASHBURN (1823-1880).
References: C1251. Uriah H. BLUE (1791-1857), m.1811 Charity CHANEY, m2. _____ _____. They were married at Hillsboro, Highland Co. OH. Uriah bought 50 acres in Highland Co. from Nathaniel POPE and Augustin DAVIS in 1816. He sold it to John LOWMAN in 1822. He then moved his family to Tippicanoe Co. IN. Charity was a daughter of Edward CHANEY Sr, who bought land in Highland Co. in 1804. His heirs sold this land to Benjamin CHANEY in 1821. Uriah was living in Tippicanoe Co. IN, at the time of the 1830 census. In 1840 they were living in Montgomery Co. IN. After his first wife died, he is said to have moved "south", remarried and had other children. He died in Monroe Co. IA.* Dorcas BLUE (1814-1896), m.1834 Thomas HOLMES Jr (1813-1896). Michael BLUE, m. Elizabeth LONG.* Chaney BLUE (b.ca1815), m.ca1835 Elizabeth CHEVALIN (b.ca1819). Uriah BLUE (b.1818).* James M. BLUE (1819-1898), m1.1839 Mary KIRKPATRICK, m2.1853 Agnes PIERSONS.* Alexander B. BLUE (1821-1899), m1.1841 Marian SMITH, m2.1850 Mary E. KENNEDY. William Raper BLUE (ca1830-1863), m.1860 Melissa STODDARD. Tradition says he was killed in the Civil War while leading his men up an embankment at Marysville MO.* John Wesley BLUE (1832-1909), m. Mary WEBSTER (b.ca1833).
References: A159, A343, A486, B274, B275, B276, B277, C262, C288, C357, C443, C451, B1600. Ruth BLUE (b.1797), m.1819 James McCREA/McCRAY (b.ca1798). She was born in PA and he in Canada. They were married in Miami Co. OH. They were living in Jackson Twp. of Tippecanoe Co. IN in 1850. William McCREA (b.ca1828). James McCREA (b.ca1832). Nancy McCREA (b.ca1836). Sarah McCREA (b.ca1837).
References: A496, B278. John J. BLUE (ca1798-1849), m1.1819 Amy MURPHY (b.ca1802), m2.1842 Mary ROBERTS (b.ca1806 MD). He was born in Bedford Co. PA and died in Tippecanoe Co. IN. Mary was living with daughter Samantha in 1850 and 1860 Tippecanoe Co. IN. The 1880 census record for son Joseph Thompson says his father was born in PA and his mother was born in OH. So Amy was probably his mother. The selection of John J. as the father of Joseph Thompson was based primarily on an evaluation of the 1840 IN census, considering all Blue families in the west-central part of IN that had sons, age 5-10. Prime candidates were Uriah H. BLUE [] and John J. BLUE [], both of Montgomery Co. Both of these men were probably born in PA. We have considerable information on Uriah's family, but had none on the family of John J. The 1840 census indicates that John J. had as many as seven sons. Furthermore, John J. died in 1849, a year before "Thompson" appears without a family in the 1850 census of Tippecanoe Co. IN. Other children of John J. are living with close relatives. Mary m2. Aaron SMITH and lived in Wea Twp. of Tippecanoe Co. in 1860.* John Murphy BLUE (1820-1898), m1.1843 Mary CARSON (b.ca1830), m2.1850 Mary SMITH (b.ca1830).* Samuel Kyle BLUE (1822-1899), m.1841 Jane PICKERING (b.ca1819).* William R. BLUE (1829-1913), m1. Philoria A. STOKES? (b.ca1835), m2.1899 Dorcas Anna NICHOLSON. Emily BLUE (b.1828), m.1850 John LOOMIS.* Joseph Thompson BLUE (1834-1913), m.1854 Margaret Ann CONCANNON (1834-1906). Sarah Ellenor BLUE (b.1835), m.1856 David PAXTON. James Moilton BLUE (b.1837). Francis Marion BLUE (b.1840). He was living in Tippecanoe Co. IN in 1850 with his aunt, Ruth (BLUE) McCREA []. In 1860 he was living with his brother, Samuel, in Madison Twp. of Montgomery Co. IN. Did he m.1861 Samantha PRUETT in Montgomery Co. IN?
Second marriage: Samantha Jane BLUE (b.1843).
References: A369, B274, B275, B276, B277, B278, B279, B280, B423, C424, C452, C453, C454, C455, C456, C790, C1420. Rebecca BLUE (b.ca1804), m.1822 William CONANT (1787-1855). She was born in PA, probably Bedford Co., and he was born at Lebanon, Grafton Co. NH. They were married in Miami Co. OH. He was a son of Jonathan and Irene (BENNETT) CONANT, and a descendant of Roger CONANT, first governor of the Cape Ann colony, 1625, in present day MA. They moved to Tippecanoe Co. IN before 1830, then to LaPorte Co. IN before 1840. He died in LaPorte Co.* Irene B. CONANT (1824-1881), m.1854 James S. McCRAY. John CONANT (may be twin to Irene). Jonathan CONANT (1825-1825). Warren Scyuler CONANT (b.1827). Sarah CONANT (1829-1829).* Alban Slaughter CONANT (b.1830), m. Jane BATES (b.ca1840). Cyrus William CONANT (b.1832). Louisa CONANT (b.1834). Mary Ann CONANT (1836-1838). Edwin Ruthren CONANT (1840-1916). Never married. Served in the Civil War. Josephine Maria CONANT (b.1845), m. _____ DAVIDSON.
References: A47, A386, A387, C12, C14, C157, C357, C363, C444. Uriah BLUE (1790-1840), m.1823 Elizabeth BLUE (1792-1882) []. They were married in Jefferson Co. VA. He received 150 acres of land in Hopkins Co. KY from his father and they moved there. Both are buried in the Blue Cemetery on the Sam Beard farm in the Beulah-Coiltown area of Hopkins Co. KY. Elizabeth m2.1845 John METCALF in Hopkins Co. KY. Elizabeth is a sister of Michael BLUE (see and probably a daughter of James H. BLUE ( She was living in Hopkins Co. with her son, Joel, in 1860.* Jane Catherine BLUE (1826-1888), m.1855 William BROWN (1825-1913). His first wife was Rachel P. ARMSTRONG (1832-1853). Joel BLUE (1828-1909), buried in Blue Cemetery with his parents.* Mary Ann BLUE (b.1830), m.1852 David HOWTON (b.1824).* Sarah Ellen BLUE (b.1833), m. Thomas HERRON (b.ca1833).
References: A44, A86, A87, A89, A455, A548, B78, C9, C33. Mary BLUE(b.1794), m.1822 Michael BLUE (1795-1874) [], brother of Elizabeth (see and probable son of James H. BLUE ( They were married in Jefferson Co. VA. Michael was born in Jefferson Co. VA and is buried in Blue Cemetery on the Sam Beard farm in Hopkins Co. KY. They were living in Hamilton Dist., Larue Co. KY in 1850 and in Nolynn, Hardin Co. KY in 1860. William K. BLUE (b.1824). Born in VA. James C. BLUE (1826-1856). Born in VA and buried in Hardin Co. KY. Ref. A46 says b.ca1824 Hardin Co. KY. Never married.
References: A44, A46, B512, B513, C33, C443. Michael BLUE (b.ca1809), m. Susannah C. MILLER (1819-1859). They both were born in VA, she at Shepherdstown, Jefferson Co. Susannah was a daughter of Jacob B. and Susannah (SNYDER) MILLER. Michael obtained land from his father's estate, 150 acres in Hopkins Co. KY and an undivided part of the 174 acres in Jefferson Co. VA. After the division of the Jefferson Co. land in 1847, Michael purchased the interests of his sisters, Martha and Elizabeth, then sold to Bayless TRISSELL in 1849. In the same year, Michael purchased a a tract from Otterbine HOFFMAN, located on the Leetown-Shepherdstown road, just south of Kerneysville. The last entry for Michael in the Jefferson Co. deed index is dated 1854., however, his name appears on his lot in the 1862 Jefferson Co. land map. Michael and Susannah appear in the census for Jefferson Co. VA in 1850, but are not there in 1860. In 1860 and 1880 Michael was living in Clinton Co. MO. One of their daughters m. _____ GRAY and had a son, Henry GRAY (b.ca1870), who was living with Michael in 1880. Emily M. BLUE (b.ca1842). Susan C. BLUE (b.ca1844). Mary A. BLUE (b.ca1845). Samuel B. BLUE (b.ca1845).* Sarah Virginia BLUE (1846-1886, m1.1864 Thomas Jefferson GRAY (ca1844-1873), m2.1876 John K. STILLFIELD (1838-1896).* Ellen J. “Jennie” BLUE (b.1850), m. George KRATZER. John W. “Will” BLUE (b.1852), m.1878 Alma BOWER. Alma died before 1880 and John died as a young man. Martha H. BLUE (1855-1855).* Lucy BLUE (1855-1898), m. James WITT (d.1925).
References: A380, A455, A456, A457, B105, B554, B1574, C443, C459, C1247, C1260. Sarah BLUE, m.1832 John RUTHERFORD. Married in Jefferson Co. VA. Uriah RUTHERFORD
References: A377, C1397. Elizabeth BLUE (1792-1882), m. Uriah BLUE (1790-1840)(, m2.1845 John METCALF. Her children are given under Uriah’s number, above. Michael BLUE (1795-1874), m.1822 Mary BLUE (b.1794)( His children are given under Mary’s number, Above.

5T Uriah BLUE (1775-1836), m. Rebecca STURTEVANT (1796-bef1834). He was born in VA and is buried in Mobile AL where he was in command of an Army garrison; was Sheriff of Henderson Co. KY; with Gen. Jackson at Battle of New Orleans. Earlier, he was in Berkeley Co. VA in 1799 where he served as 2nd Lieut. in the Provisional Army of the U.S. in the anticipated war with France. Rebecca was a daughter of Capt. Isaac and Rebecca (WYMAN) STURTEVANT of Roxbury MA. Isaac received a grant of land in Knox Co. OH on 3 Feb 1805. He died in 1806. After the death of Rebecca (WYMAN) STURTEVANT in 1827, the land was distributed to their five children (or their heirs). Uriah and at least two of the other heirs sold their interest in the land to Jesse Simpson in 1834. Extensive probate records for Uriah are on file in Baldwin Co. AL, which have been used to define the family of Uriah and Rebecca. Administration was given to Cyrus Sibley on 30 May 1836, so it is assumed that Uriah died shortly before this date.
Union Co. KY sources indicate that Uriah rose to the rank of Colonel, however, military records refer to him as Major. Uriah BLUE (b.1810/15). James BLUE (b.1815/20). Jane BLUE (b.1815/20). Margaret A. BLUE (b.1820/25). Thomas STURTEVANT, her uncle, was probably her guardian. Rebecca W. BLUE (b.1825/30). Minor at time of father's death. Thomas STURTEVANT, her uncle, was her guardian.
References: A575, A626, A627, B764, C580. James J. BLUE Jr. (1782-1848), m.1813 Jane Barnwell KEARNEY (1789-1883/1833?) in Berkeley Co. VA. Jane was a daughter of Capt John and Susannah (TABB) KEARNEY. Margaret Susan BLUE (b.1814), m.1836 Jessie BOWEN. James Lawrence BLUE (b.1816), m.1834 Permica LEEPER. He is buried in Caldwell Co. KY. Uriah Byren BLUE (b.1818 in Union Co. KY). Died young.* William Kearney BLUE (1820-1864), m.1844 Mary E. LEEPER (b.ca1826). Mary Jane BLUE (b.1822 in Union Co. KY). Died young.* John Robert BLUE (1824-1864), m1.1846 Pernecy CLENN (1827-1851), m2. Sarah DISHINGTON (1832-1894). Catherine Mariah BLUE* Elizabeth Ann BLUE, m.1848 Samuel WARD.
References: A415, A487, C9, C36, C43, C1380. Col. John S. BLUE (1784-1840), m.1813 Nancy OWENS (1795-1870). She was a daughter of Joseph OWEN Sr (b.1773).* Harriet BLUE (1815-1854), m.1832 John Stretchley WILSON (1806-1855).* Helen Mary BLUE (1817-1856), m. Isham Randolph FINLEY. She died in Athens AL. Margaret BLUE (1819-1820). William K. BLUE (1821-1822). James BLUE (1822-1823).
References: B106, C9, C470. Solomon David BLUE (1788/1798?-1868), m1.1821 Mahaley (Mahala?) KEARNEY (1790-1832), m2.1836 Elizabeth (FINNIE) RALPH (b.ca1800). He was born in Berkeley Co. VA and is buried in Antioch Cemetery, Union Co. KY. He came to Union Co. KY in 1803, fought in the War of 1812, and died in Morganfield KY. He married Mahala in Union Co. Mahala was a daughter of Capt John and Susannah (TABB) KEARNEY. According to C234, "Major Blue, as all of his day called him, was a man in more than one sense, brave, generous and true, a man of fine size, muscular, as straight as an Indian, of indomitable energy and perserverance." He and Elizabeth were living in Morganfield, Union Co. in 1860.
First marriage:* John William BLUE (1828-1898), m.1851 Frances Mary BALDWIN (1832-1893).* Margaret BLUE, m.1843 Rev. James FEREE.* James Barnwell BLUE (1826-1895), m.1855 Margaret MUIR (1833-1915). He was born Morganfield KY. Mahala BLUE (b.1832), died infancy, buried Antioch Cemetery, Union Co. KY. Ruben BLUE, died infancy, buried Antioch Cemetery, Union Co. KY.
Second marriage: Rachel Ann BLUE (b.1838), m. Mac M. LYNCH. Fannie M. BLUE
References: A1135, B514, B515, C9, C43, C234, C1380. Elizabeth BLUE (b.1790), m1.1808 Aaron PRATHER, m2.1827 John MORRISON.
First marriage: Morgan PRATHER Solomon PRATHER
Second marriage: No issue?
References: C9. John BLUE (1777-1841), m.1801 Elizabeth McNARY (1782-1849). He was born in the Waxhaw area of SC (Lancaster- Chester-York Counties), where his mother had gone temporarily for safety during the Revolutionary War on the very day that his father was taken prisoner by the British. He moved with his parents to KY in about 1784 and he was living in Bourbon Co. KY in 1800, where he married Elizabeth a year later. They moved to Hopkins Co. KY in about 1815 and then moved to Greene Co. OH to join his father in 1823/4. In the fall of 1830, they moved to Sangamon Co. IL and settled in what is now Clear Lake Twp. Elizabeth was also born in SC and was brought by her parents, John and Ann (HILLIS) McNARY, to Fleming Co. KY. Her father was a brother to Hugh McNARY, an ancestor of Sen. Charles McNARY of Oregon, Republican candidate for Vice President in 1940. They are both buried in Brittin Cemetery, Sangamon Co. IL.* John BLUE (1801-1887), m1.1823 Hannah BERRY (b.ca1810), m2.1864 Nancy Jane ASHBY, m3.1873 Lucretia (WILLIAMS) CORBETT. James BLUE (b.180_), died young.* Jane BLUE (1809-1843), m.1832 Simeon TAYLOR (1795-1881).* Martha BLUE (1811-1858), m.1833 Robert BLUE (1811-1884), her first cousin (* Samuel BLUE (1814-ca1878), m.1837 Isabelle WEBB (1811-ca1870's).* David Huston BLUE (1816-1899), m.1844 Frances WEBB (1826-1914).* Eliza Ann BLUE (1820-1854), m.1845 Adolphus JONES (1825-1847).* William Marshall BLUE (1821-1864), m.1848 Adeline CLINE (1832-1878).* Harrison A. BLUE (1823-1855), m.1849 Margaret Canterbury ALEXANDER (1829-1887).* Caroline BLUE (1827-ca1885), m.1848 Stephen CANTRALL (b.1827).* Amos BLUE (1829-1912), m.1854 Sarah Elizabeth (BOWEN) SMITH (1825-1888). Infant, died in infancy. Infant, died in infancy.
References: A155, A156, A158, A162, A181, A187, A197, B25, B26, C45, C178, C1169, C1435. Margaret BLUE (ca1780-1820s), m.1803 Alexander McNARY in Fayette Co. KY. She was probably born in Lancaster Co. PA. They were in Fayette Co. KY in 1810 and lived on her father's farm in Greene Co. OH in 1820. Alexander lived alone in Muhlenberg Co. KY in 1830. John McNARY (b.1805/10), m.1829 Nancy STEELMAN (STULLMAN?) in Greene Co. OH. Anna McNARY (b.1805/10), m.1829 John GIBSON in Greene Co. OH. Five other sons and two daughters b.1805/20. Names unknown.
References: A157, A185, A187, C45, C178.

5U Robert BLUE (ca1784-1840s), m. Ann McNARY (d.bef1820). They both were born in KY. No marriage record has been found. Ann was a daughter of John and Ann (HILLIS) McNARY. Robert came to Greene Co. OH with his father in 1807, moved to Tippecanoe Co. IN with his father in 1830, to Sangamon Co. IL after his father's death in 1833, lived with his brother John. Robert's wife is mentioned only by reference in the 1880 census of Sangamon Co. IL in which Robert Jr. states that his parents were both born in KY. It is likely that they were married in KY, shortly before they moved with his parents to Greene Co. OH. Since Robert Jr. lived from 1833 on in Sangamon Co., Robert Sr. probably died there and is buried in Williams Twp. in Sangamon Co. Ann does not appear in the family in the 1820 census, so she probably died before then, maybe after childbirth in 1811, since they had no more children. Robert BLUE (1811-1884), m1.1833 Martha BLUE (1811-1858) (, m2.1867 Elizabeth J. (_____) JACKSON (b.1817). Robert and Martha's children are listed under her number in the 6th generation section.
References: A157, A158, A162, A1065, B9, B26, C45, C178, C988, C1435. Ann BLUE (1786-1876), m.1812 John CHAMBERS (1784-1842) in Greene Co. OH. She was born in KY and they moved to Tippecanoe Co. IN in the 1826/9 time period, and to Carroll Co. IN in 1832/3. Ann moved to Monroe Co. IA in the 1850's and is probably buried there. John is buried next to Ann's father, John Sr., in Pleasant Run Cemetery just west of Delphi in Carroll Co. IN. At least the first seven of their children were born in Ross Twp., Greene Co. OH. Melinda was born in IN. Margaret CHAMBERS (b.1813), m.1832 Thomas McINTIRE (b.1801).* Isabell CHAMBERS (1815-1855), m.1835 Andrew J. McCLURG (1815-1879).* John Blue CHAMBERS (1818-1905), m.1847 Mary Elizabeth ELSTON (1829-1904).* Mary Ann CHAMBERS (1818-ca1862), m. 1843 Casper DULL (1815-1893).* Maria/Mariah CHAMBERS (b.1819), m.1840 John DULL (1817-1863).* Eliza Jane CHAMBERS (b.1824), m.1849 John STRANATHAN (b.1824).* Lucretia CHAMBERS (b.ca1827), m.1849 Joseph C. THAYER (b.1827). Emily CHAMBERS (b.1827), m.1849 James HORNBACK.* Sophia CHAMBERS (1827-ca1854), m.1847 Joshua GERMAN (b.1825).* Melinda CHAMBERS (b.1831), m.1850 David H. McBRIDE (b.1832).
References: A157, A159, A161, A182, A183, A185, A186, B10, C45, C178, C988, C1398, C1435. Isabella BLUE (ca1795-1840s?), m.1818 James FLETCHER (ca1795-1840s). C1181 says she was born in VA, but her father was in KY at the time of her birth. Since KY was formed from VA in 1792, and her birthdate is uncertain, both may be correct. James was born in PA. They were married in Ross Twp., Greene Co. OH. He was a son of Robinson FLETCHER. James and Isabella lived in Ross Twp. on land owned by his father, and are recorded there in the 1820, 1830 and 1840 censuses. He purchased 50 acres in Ross Twp. from his father-in-law, John BLUE, in 1824, but sold it to Elizabeth SERLOTT in 1827. James and Isabella may have moved to Carroll Co. IN after 1840. They had nine children b.1818-35, with six still living with them in 1840.* Margaret FLETCHER (1827-1923), m.1848 James McClelland DAUGHERTY (1825-1873).
References: C988, C1181. James BLUE (1789-1847), m1.1810 Margaret CHEDISTER (1792-ca1818), m2.1826 Mary HICKLE (1785-1868). He was born in Berkeley Co. VA and both of his marriages took place in Ross Co. OH. Margaret was a daughter of William Jennings and Margaret CHEDISTER. She died in Ross Co. Mary was born in VA, a daughter of Devault Diebold and Eva HICKLE. They lived in Ross Co. until 1827, when they removed to what was to become Boone Co. IN, according to the Tippecanoe Co. IN History. However, the 1830 census shows that James was still living in Ross Co. OH. James may have gone to Indiana to secure his land grant before moving his family west. In 1830 he had three boys and a girl between ages 10-20 living with him, as well as his wife. By 1840, this family had moved to Berrien Co. MI, and living with them were a boy, age 20-30, and a girl, age 10-15. James died in Berrien Co. and is buried there. In 1850, Mary is living with the family of John K. BLUE, presumably her step-son. She died in St. Joseph Co. MI.
First marriage:* Uriah BLUE (b.1811), m.1837 Amanda HODGE (b.ca1820).* Arthur Chedister BLUE (b.ca1814), m.1834 Mary Anne VAN EATON (b.ca1808).* John K. BLUE (b.ca1817), m1.1836 Louisa STONE, m2.1841 Elizabeth LYBROOK (b.ca1813).
References: A274, A356, B454, B522, B769, B770, B771, C583, C1300, C1302, C1344. Solomon David BLUE (1785-1860), m.1811 Nancy C. GRAHM (b.ca1790). They both were born in VA. He probably served in War of 1812; went to White Co. IL in 1819 from Union Co. KY. Nancy was a member of the Presbyterian Church when it was organized in White Co. in 1827. They were living in White Co. in 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850. Solomon was living with his son, David, in Carmi IL in 1860. Mary Jane BLUE (1813-1851), m.1834 R.S. GRAHM in White Co. IL. Had two children who died in infancy. Elizabeth McKay BLUE (b.1815), m.1839 Benjamin Mead St. JOHN in Carmi IL. She was born in Morganfield KY. Emily Ann BLUE (b.1817). Mellissa Ann BLUE (b.1820). Elvira Campbell BLUE (b.1823).* William L. BLUE (1826-1855), m.1853 Margaret CHISM.* David J. BLUE (1830-1864), m.1854 Lucinda F. ARY (1833-1883). Alvina Sophia BLUE (b.1833), m1.1860 Green BOWEN, m2. Elisa GRADDY.
References: A446, A1065, B143, B450, B451, B452, B453, B463, C9, C12, C157.

5V Uriah BLUE (1793-1859), m1.1820 Mary ROBERTSON, m2.1825 Rachel McKENNY (1801-1875). He was born in VA and Rachel was born in KY. They were living in Union Co. KY in 1850. Uriah was buried in McClure's Cemetery, Union Co. KY. Rachel and several children were living with her son, Lycurgus, in Morganfield, Union Co. in 1860.
Second marriage:* Margaret E. BLUE (b.1827), m1.1846 Robert Henry BARNET (b.1821), m2. A. L. SMILEY (b.ca1833).* William Henderson BLUE (1828-1903), m1. Louisa M. PRICE (1838-1883), m2. Mary Elizabeth EUBANKS (1842-1906).* Samuel Marks BLUE (1829-1868), m.1858 Mary Elizabeth EUBANKS (1842-1906).* Lycurgus Higgins BLUE (1832-1879), m.1857 Naoma AGIN (1835-1898).* Mary Jane BLUE (1833-1857), m.1854 Russell HEWITT (b.1823).* Susan A. BLUE (1836-1873), m.1862 Thomas I. FELLOWS.* Nancy Johnson BLUE (b.1838), m. Zachariah L. TRIPP (b.1834). James BLUE (1839-1846), buried McClure's Cemetery, Union Co. KY. Melinda Ann BLUE (b.1844), never married. Eliza BLUE (1845-1846), buried McClure's Cemetery, Union Co. KY.* John David BLUE (1847-1917), m.1865 Mary Jane COFFMAN (1847-1934).* George W. BLUE (1849-1901), m1.1874 Lucy L. BERRY (b.1857), m2. Margaret Elizabeth _____ (b.1870).
References: B164, B168, B514, B515, C9, C12, C157, C468. John BLUE (b.1797 VA), m.1820 Anna Maria ROBERTSON (b.1806 TN) in Union Co. KY. They are said to have come to TX in 1839 and bought a large tract of land on the Brazos River, near the present site of Independence in Washington Co. However, the 1850 census records them in Union Co. KY, with all their children born in KY. By 1860, the census shows the family had moved to Independence TX. They both are buried in Washington Co. TX.* Catherine BLUE (b.1821), m. John POWELL.* William Franklin BLUE (b.1822), m.1848 Catherine M. CROMWELL (b.1828).* James Harve BLUE (1823-1911), m.1859 Helen Frances CLAMPITT (1842-1940).* Cornelius Dennis BLUE (1829-1909), m.1869 Mary E. TATE.* Elvina R. BLUE (1832-1860), m.1858 William John POWELL (1830-1864Civil War). John N. BLUE (b.1834), m. Nattie TATE. He was born Union Co. KY. Willis G. BLUE (1836-1926), Co. I, 5th Texas Regt., Hood's Brigade. Died at Confederate Home, Austin TX. Robert L. BLUE (b.1840), drowned as a child. Mary R. K. BLUE (b.1846), m.1865 G.W. CLAMPITT in Washington Co. TX. She was born Union Co. KY. N. E. BLUE (b.1850), born in Union Co. KY.
References: B514, C9, C262. Charles Henderson BLUE (1808-1871), m.1840 Malinda L. BARNETT (b.1810). He was born in KY and she in TN. They were married at Morganfield, Union Co. KY. They lived in Union Co. KY (1850) and Attilla, Williamson Co. IL, and both died in Williamson Co. IL. She was sister of Robert Henry BARNETT who married Margaret BLUE (* William F. "Toby" BLUE (1841-1876), m. Mary C. SUMMERS (b.1836).* Ellen V. BLUE (1843-1921), m.1864 John J. FLETCHER (1839-1929). Carneila B. BLUE (b.1844), m. ____ TURNER. She was born Union Co. KY.* David H. BLUE (1847-1926), m1. Alice JONES (b.1855), m2. Alice Ara BLACKBURN (1871-1949).* James W. BLUE (1848-1880), m. Margaret SWEAT (STEWART?) (b.1858). Samuel N. BLUE (b.1850), never married.* Molly R. BLUE (b.1852), m. John JONES.* Charles R. BLUE (1854-1911), m. Sarah CUTRELL (1858-1923).* Jonathan Uriah BLUE (1857-1935), m.1880 Renda Tennessee GRAVES (b.1861).
References: B464, B514, C9.

5W Nancy BLUE (d.ca1828), m.1807 James SLATER (ca1779-1853). They were married in Berkeley Co. VA. James was a farmer and they came to what is now Ashland Co. OH, then Wayne Co., as early as 1812, and they both died there. They were the first white family to locate in Mohican Twp. James m2. Rebecca/Rachel WILSON (d.1832+) in Wayne Co. OH and had one child, Joseph W. SLATER (1832-1916). He m3.1848 Mary Ann WINBIGLER. James was a son of James SLATER/SCLATER of Berkeley Co. VA.* Eliza SLATER (b.ca1808), m. John LEATHERS (d. bef.1853).* James E. SLATER (b.ca1810), m. Mary PETERS. Jane SLATER (b.ca1812), m. Conrad WINEGARDNER. Isabel Ann SLATER (b.ca1814), m. James BRINKEROFF.* Nelson SLATER (1818-1887), m.1843 Susan SPANGLER (1818-1903).* Mahala Ann SLATER (1824-1891), m.1850 Charles CAMERON (1821-1902).* William P. SLATER (1826-1895), m.1848 Hannah (LEFLER) SWITZER (1827-1908). 8 George W. SLATER (b.1827). Lemuel Jackson SLATER (b.ca1828).
References: A153, C336, C466, C901, C905. Abraham BLUE (ca1790-1830), m.1816 Susannah SHINNSBERRY (ca1795-1874). He was probably born in NJ and moved with his parents to Wayne Co. OH, where he married Susannah. He owned a farm in Section 9 of Jackson Twp., Knox Co. OH. This farm was adjacent to one owned by Daniel BLUE []. Abraham died in Knox Co. OH and Daniel served as administrator of his estate. In 1837 Susannah purchased 19.35 acres of land in Section 13 of Jackson Twp. from Hiram and Jemima Dunbar. Two years later she sold it to Harlon Hayse. This land was also very close to Daniel BLUE's land. Later, Susannah and her family removed to Iowa and she died at Ossion, Winneshiek Co. IA. Abraham is buried at Butler Baptist-Woods Cemetery, Knox Co. OH. John BLUE (1817-1863). Born in Wayne Co. OH. Never married. Described as “idiotic” in the 1850 census of Monroe Twp., Coshocton Co., where he was living with his mother at that time. Fredrick BLUE (1819-1886). Born in Wayne Co. OH. Never married.* Mahala Francis BLUE (1821-1892), m.1840 Phineas BANNING (1815-1893).* Peter Shinabagger (Shinnsberry?) BLUE (1823-1885), m1.1848 Nancy Louise RICHARDSON (1829-1873), m2.1874 Narcissa (PURDY) COOK (1835-1913).* Eliza Jane BLUE (1830-1916), m.1848 George Washington OXLEY (1824-1900). Hannah BLUE, m. _____ LUNTZ.
References: A573, A575, A576, A577, B81, B482, C266, C498. John BLUE (1799-1855), m. Ellen/Eleanor SLATER (b.ca1806). They lived in Ashland Co. OH, Mohican Twp., in 1850, and she was still living there with her family in 1860. The identity of their first daughter was deduced from his 1840 census record and her marriage record in Ashland Co. Minerva BLUE (b.bef1826), m.1849 James McALLISTER. Caroline BLUE (b.ca1827), m. Alexander McELROY.* John H. BLUE (ca1828-1905), m.1852 Eliza Ann ONSTOTT (b.ca1837-1898). Nathan BLUE (b.ca1832).* William BLUE (b.ca1833), m.1856 Emily A. HUGHES (b.ca1839). He may have m2. Sarah Elizabeth NEWELL (b.1836). Nelson BLUE (b.ca1835).* Charles BLUE (1838-1911), m1.1862 Racheline “Rachel” JOHNSON/JOHNSTON (1842-ca1869), m2.bef1880 Frances J. _____ (b.1857). Mary J. BLUE (b.ca1840). Eleanor BLUE (b.ca1844). Nancy A. BLUE (ca1846-1868). Never married.
References: A578, B296, B317, B611, B612, B700, C266, C336, C357, C498.

5X Elizabeth CROOKS, m. Marsh CORNELISON (1785-1853). Mary Crooks' records (C510) indicate that she died in 1809, while C1001 says she was married in 1809. Based on the birthdates of her children, she may have been born in 1809. One source says they were married in Butler Co. OH. William CORNELISON (1831-1848). Buried at New Discovery Cemetery, Parke Co. IN. Hamilton CORNELISON (1835-1845). Buried at New Discovery Cemetery, Parke Co. IN.
References: C510, C1001. Mary CROOKS (1788-1876), m.1805 Abel BALL (1787-1853). She was born in KY and he in Frederick Co. VA. They were married in Butler Co. OH and settled before 1823 in New Discovery, Parke Co. IN. Abel was active in the formation of the New Discovery Baptist Church and donated the land upon which the church was built. Abel’s will is on file in Parke Co. Mary and Abel are buried in the New Discovery Cemetery, Parke Co. IN.* James BALL (1807-1862), m1. Diane SMITH (d.1841), m2.1842 Nancy NEVINS (d.1855), m3.1857 Nancy JOHNSON (b.1833). Hiram O. BALL (b.ca1809).* Dennis BALL (1810-1907), m.1836 Mary Ann MODLEY. Lewis BALL (b.ca1813).* Zopher B. BALL (1815-1860), m1.1835 Deborah MORTROM, m2. Melissa _____.* Nancy Ann BALL (1817-1897), m.1836 Peter Marion SWAIM (1818-1857).* Sarah BALL (1819-1853), m. Walker ADAMS (1810-1884).* Abel BALL Jr (1822-1852), m.1846 Margaret NEVINS (1821-1884).* Margaret BALL (1823-1853), m.1846 James M. ADAMS (b.1826). Abigail BALL, m.1839 Alvah ADAMS. Married in Parke Co. IN. Mary Jane BALL (b.1826), m1.1862 Benjamin BALL (d.bef1869), m2.1869 Abraham BANTA (b.1815).* William Henry Harrison BALL (b.1828), m1.1848 Lydia A. ADAMS (1825-ca1871), m2.1873 Melissa ROUSE. Hannah BALL Howard BALL (1831-1831).
References: A997, C510, C1001, C1104. James B. CROOKS (1791-1851), m.1844 Mary Ann BULLINGTON (b.1826). They both were born in KY. James was a blacksmith. He is buried at New Discovery Cemetery, Parke Co. IN.* William B. CROOKS (1845-1910), m. Mary J. BLAKE (1849-1927). Clementine CROOKS (b.1847), m. James McALLISTER. James H. CROOKS (1849-1858).
References: C510, C1001, C1104. Jacob CROOKS (d.1845), m. Nancy ADAMS (b.1811). They both were born in KY. They lived on a farm located about two miles north of Bellmore, Parke Co. IN. Jacob was a very active businessman. He would load a flatboat with farm goods from his neighborhood and float it down to New Orleans. There he would exchange the goods for items that he could sell back in Indiana. Jacob died in Parke Co. IN. His will in on file in that county. Lucinda Ann CROOKS (b.1830), m.1851 James O'DELL. Mary Clementine CROOKS (b.1835), m.1852 William O'DELL. John Emmett CROOKS (1837-1874). Buried at Barnes Cemetery, Judson, Parke Co. IN.
References: A997, C510, C1001, C1104. Dr. William B. CROOKS (1803-1856), m.1825 Martha McCracken JOHNSON (1804-1865). They both were born in Butler Co. OH. Martha was a daughter of David and Lucinda (CARTER) JOHNSON. William was a physician and farmer. They moved from Butler Co. to near Bridgeton, Parke Co. IN in 1826. They left Parke Co. ca1831 and lived in Waynestown, Montgomery Co. IN, Michigan City, Laporte Co. IN, and Lake Co. IN, returning to their Bridgetown farm in 1838. He served as an associate judge in Lake Co. William and Martha are buried at Crabb Cemetery in Parke Co. Sarah J. CROOKS (1847-1848). Lucinda CROOKS Philo P. CROOKS* Dr. James CROOKS (1825-1908), m1.1850 Sarah Jane WARD (1831-1892), m2.1893 Delila Frances MARTIN (1859-1939). Dr. Jacob H. CROOKS (1839-1908). He was a Civil War veteran. Mary E. CROOKS (1844-1883), m. F. M. NEVINS. Dr. William T. CROOKS (1849-1890). He lived at Geigerville & Cloverbend AR.
References: B1645, C510, C1001, C1104. Thomas J. CROOKS (1806-1892), m1.1825 Experience JOHNSON (1804-1842), m2.1844 Nancy SEYBOLD (b.1815), m3.1861 Nancy K. HALL (d.1872). He was born in Butler Co. OH. They lived in IN and IA. His second wife was born in SC. His child, John Lawson, was born in Parke Co. IN. Nancy HALL's death date is from her tombstone (C1001). Thomas and his first two wives are buried at New Discovery Cemetery, Rockville, Parke Co. IN.
First marriage: Jacob CROOKS William CROOKS (1828-1830). James M. CROOKS (1830-1832).* Samuel P. CROOKS (1834-1899), m1.Ellen C. REA (1835-1880), m2. Sarah M. ADAMS. Martha J. CROOKS (b.ca1837). Frances CROOKS (b.ca1839). (Son) CROOKS (1842-1842).
Second marriage: Mary CROOKS (b.1845/7), m. Reuben CRABB. (Daughter) CROOKS (ca1849-1849). John Lawson CROOKS (b.1854), m. May CRABB. She was from Parke Co. IN.
References: C510, C513, C1001, C1104. Hamilton CROOKS (1808-1876), m. Prudence HAWKINS (1815-1868). He was born in OH. Hamilton was a veteran of the Civil War, having served in the 11th Indiana regiment. They are buried at New Discovery Cemetery, Parke Co. IN. Margaret CROOKS (b.ca1833). She appears with this family in the 1850 census. Jacob V. CROOKS (b.1840), m. Margaret STRAUGHN.
References: C510, C1001, C1104.

5Y Elizabeth FERGUSON (1789-1869), m.1809 Joseph CHAMBERS.* Malinda CHAMBERS, m. John FERGUSON (son of Thomas), her half first cousin.
References: C992. Mary "Polly" FERGUSON (1791-bef1830), m.1806 Daniel HEATON (1780-1863). She was born in Nelson Co. KY and he in Washington Co. PA. They were married in Butler Co. OH. Daniel was a Col. in the War of 1812. He was a son of Ebenezer and Joanna (SUTTON) HEATON. He died in Howard Co. IN and is buried at Alto Cemetery in that county. Polly died before 1830. Daniel m2. Elizabeth EVANS and m3.1845 Sarah McCOOL. He had three more children by his second wife. Elizabeth HEATON (1806-1806). Born and died in Preble Co. OH. Joseph W. HEATON (1809-1879), m1. Hannah _____ (d.1851), m2.1852 Rachel HARRISON. Daniel HEATON (b.1810), died young. David F. HEATON (b.1811), m.1835 Nancy APPLEGATE. Joanna HEATON (1813-1902), m. Chester GRANGER. Samuel F. HEATON (1814-1861), m. Sarah A. _____. Derinda HEATON, m.1851 Samuel MERRITT. Leathe HEATON (1817-1860). John Crooks HEATON (b.1820), m.1851 Isabella LaMARTIN. Voris HEATON (b.ca1822). Nancy HEATON (1822-1835). Twin of Voris? Lavina R. HEATON (1824-1884), m1.1843 Thaddeus BAXTER, m2. James BROOKS..* Melinda Pearl HEATON (1826-1899), m.1843 Samuel WAGGAMAN (1823-1905). Furgason HEATON (b.ca1827). William Crooks HEATON (b.1828)
References: C515. Samuel FURGASON (1799-1843), m.1818 Nancy Leigh/Leith WHITE (1801-1870). He was born in Butler Co. OH. They were married in Wayne Co. IN and lived at Knightstown, Henry Co. IN. Samuel Washington FURGASON (1826-1864), m.1847 Mary Ayden MUZZY (1827-1905). Daniel W. FURGASON (1828-1833). Buried at Pioneer Baptist Cemetery, Knightstown IN. Charles C. FURGASON (1830-1849). Buried at Pioneer Baptist Cemetery, Knightstown IN. Amanda FURGASON (1832-1838). Buried at Pioneer Baptist Cemetery, Knightstown IN. John FURGASON (1834-1838). Buried at Pioneer Baptist Cemetery, Knightstown IN. Rozana FURGASON (1836-1838). Buried at Pioneer Baptist Cemetery, Knightstown IN.
References: C765, C767. John B. FURGASON (1801-1850), m.1823 Druzilla CARY (1809-1841). He was born in Butler Co. OH. By the early 1820’s he was in Fayette Co. IN, and he married Drucilla in the Rushville IN area. They later settled in Centre Twp., Marion Co. IN, where they owned land valued at $6500 in 1850. John died in Marion Co. Charles? FURGASON (b.1825). Sarah FURGASON (b.1831).* John T. FURGASON (1833-1906), m1.1855 Sarah Margaret CULBERTSON (ca1834-bef1871), m2.1871 Serena COATS. Oliver FURGASON (b.1836). Leander FURGASON (b.1838). Caroline FURGASON (b.1843). David FURGASON (b.1844). Athol/Allen? FURGASON (b.1848).
References: B1218, C765, C766, C776. Malinda FURGASON (1806-1850), m.1824 John A. POGUE (1799-1858). She was born in Butler Co. OH and he in Greenville Dist. SC. They were married in IN. He was a son of George and Cassa Ann (PAYNE) POGUE. He was a farmer in the Indianapolis IN area. They both died at Indianapolis IN and she is buried at McVey Cemetery in Marion Co. IN. After Melinda died John m2.1851 Cynthia MUNDY and had two children.* Elizabeth A. POGUE (1828-1907), m.1850 Isaiah Jackson ARMSTRONG (1829-1905).* Zurilda Francis POGUE (1830-1905), m.aft1850 Frank THOMPSON. Mary Ellen POGUE (b.1834). John Wesley POGUE (1836-1886), m.1856 _____ _____.
References: B1072, C765. James Crooks FURGASON (1808-1891), m.1829 Nancy GOBLE (d.1890). He was survived by six sons and two daughters. They were married in Marion Co. IN, where they were pioneer settlers. The family homestead was located six miles east of Meridian St., Indianapolis IN, on the National Road. James farmed for a while, then built an inn/tavern called the Halfway House (halfway between Indianapolis and Cumberland IN).* John Anderson FURGASON (1830-1907), m1. Martha J. HOLBROOK, m2.1881 Rebecca (GARSUCH) HOLLOWAY. F. M. FURGASON, professor at Franklin College.
References: C991.

5Z Barnabas BLUE (b.ca1803), m.1838 Polly Ann BROWN ( 1804). He was born in OH and she in KY. They were married in Coles Co. IL. In 1850 they were living in Parke Co. IN, near John and Martha BLUE []. By 1860 they had moved to Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL, and were living with Thomas and Polly Ann GLOVER. Patsy M. BLUE (b.ca1842). William W. BLUE (b.ca1844). Ruth BLUE (b.ca1845). Siotha BLUE (b.ca1849). America BLUE (b.ca1852).
References: B416, B462, C516. Abraham BLUE (1807-ca1854), m. _____ _____ (d.bef1850). He was born in OH, probably Butler Co., where his parents were living at the time. He was a farmer and, in 1840 and 1850, he was living in Parke Co. IN. Lucinda Ann BLUE (1832-ca1901), m.1850 Samuel B. BLUE (b.1822) []. Their family is listed under his number in the 6th generation section. Mary Jane BLUE (b.1834), m.1850 Jesse POSEY. James BLUE (b.1840). May have died before 1855. 1850 census says age 16.* Angeline BLUE (b.ca1846), m.1866 John MULKINS Jr.
References: B416, B705, C509, C742.

5AA Joseph D. BLUE (b.1795), m.1819 Jane ARMSTRONG (b.ca1800). He was born in VA and she in PA. They lived in Champaign Co. OH in their early years, then moved to Mercer Co. (later became Auglaize Co.) OH in 1824. He was taxed in St. Mary's Twp. in 1824, 1826 and 1830. In 1850, they were still living in St. Mary's Twp. In 1860 Jane was in St. Mary’s Twp., living with her son, Frances. Joseph and Jane were married in Shelby Co. OH. Their marriage was not recorded by the county, but was reported in a newspaper, the Shelby Co. Dem.* John BLUE (1820-1876), m.1845 Margaret C. MAJORS (b.1825). C283 and C289 indicate that he m. Nancy ARMSTRONG (b.1825). Mary BLUE (b.ca1823), m.1846 Peter S. TULLIS (b.ca1817) [O.4]. He was born in Warren Co. OH and she also was born in OH. They were married in Champaign Co. OH and were living near her family in Auglaize Co. OH in 1850. In 1860, Mary was living alone in Auglaize Co. working as a governess. They probably had no issue. Jane BLUE (1826-1853), m. John BRENNEMAN. Moved to Jackson Co. IA. Harriett BLUE (b.ca1835). Living in St. Mary's Twp. in 1850.* Francis Marion BLUE (ca1840-1895), m.1864 Amanda L. DeRUSH (1844-1929).
References: A314, A417, A501, A504, A505, B83, B298, C283, C357. John BLEW/BLUE (1796-1847), m.1826 Sarah BALDWIN (1806-1879). He was born in VA or PA and died in OH. She was born in OH and was a granddaughter of Richard BALDWIN, who served in the War of 1812. They were married in Madison Co. OH and lived in Champaign Co. OH. John owned 90 acres on Survey 6444/6451 in Goshen Twp., Champaign Co. from 1831 to 1834. He sold this land to Abram HELMER. In 1822 he bought a small lot in Mechanicsburg, and later another (lots 21 and 37). All of their children are believed to have been born in Champaign Co. Sarah was living in Goshen Twp. (Mechanicsburg) in 1850, 1860 and 1870. She died in Champaign Co. of stomach ulceration. John and Sarah are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Mechanicsburg.* Henry BLUE (b.ca1827), m. Millie _____. Mary Ann BLUE (b.1829).* Nancy BLUE (b.ca1832), m.1855 John MICKLE (b.ca1831). Eliza BLUE (b.1833), m.1855 Jacob SHAEFFER.* Ezra BLUE (1837-1915), m. Almadora RAY (1847-1918). Henrietta S. BLUE (1837-1863), m.1858 Americus C. DAILY. Married in Boone Co. IN. Richard BLUE (1840-1841). Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery.* John Jacob “Jake” BLUE (1844-1925), m.1870 Dora B. KETCHUM (1850-1925). Margaretta BLUE (1845-1855). Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery.* Annette BLUE (b.1845), m.1865 Lycurgus V.B. TAYLOR (b.ca1839), twin of Margaretta.
References: A294, A453, A1131, B79, B80, B300, B301, B302, C219, C221, C519, C996. Jacob W. BLUE/BLEW (1798-1878), m1.1821 Nancy WOOD (1802-1853), m2.1859 Phoebe Jane (_____) BUSHNELL (1825-1911), divorced ca1875. He was born in Berkeley Co. VA and she in PA. His first marriage took place in Champaign Co. OH. Jacob bought 50 acres of land in Survey #4212 in about 1820, for he paid taxes on it that year. This land was originally owned by P. R. F. LEE, and Jacob obtained a quit claim deed from Robert BAY for the same land in 1828. In 1852 he purchased another 31 acres 6 perches from Ezekiel THOMAS. This accounts for most of the 90 acres in Goshen Twp. that Jacob lived on, as reported in the 1874 Atlas of Champaign Co. (see map below). He is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, Champaign Co. OH. Nancy was a daughter of William WOOD. Jane, his second wife, was born in NY, and appears with Jacob in the 1860 and 1870 census. They were married in Mercer Co. OH. She was a widow of _____ BUSHNELL and four Bushnell children are listed with her in the 1860 census of Champaign Co. OH. She is also buried at Maple Grove. Analysis of 1830 and 1840 census records indicates that there may have been a daughter born between 1821 and 1825 who probably died or married before 1850.

First marriage:* William BLEW (1824-1882), m.1854 Louisa (Eliza) THOMAS (d.1903). Sarah Jane BLEW (1825-1911). Unmarried in 1870 and 1880.* Henry BLEW (1827-1882), m.1863 Eliza (Elizabeth) Jane OTT (1844-1928).* Joseph BLEW (1829-1866), m. Catherine Elizabeth _____.* Dennis Salter BLEW (1831-1880), m.1856 Lucy HELMER (1835-1914).* Catherine BLEW (1834-1898), m.1855 Lewis KINGSLEY (1829-1904).* John BLEW (1836-1911), m.1867 Rebecca Ann DeVERSE/DEVERS (1848-1926). Margaretta BLEW (1838-1863). Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery. Charles P. BLEW (1840-1880). Never married. Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery. Calvin BLEW (1842-1845). Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery. Anna BLEW (1845-1853). Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery. Nancy BLEW (d.1853). Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery.
Second marriage: Jacob A. BLEW (b.1860).* Robert BLEW, m. Ella RAFFERTY (b.1886). Jennette BLEW (b.ca1864). May be the Nettie BLEW (1864-1937) who died in Champaign Co. OH.
References: A294, A312, A1136, B79, B80, B300, B301, B302, C219, C220, C277, C285, C357, C518, C1385 Jesse BLEW (1806-1883), m.1832 Alethea CORBUS (1809-1867). He was probably born in VA, as indicated by his death record and the 1870 census. However the 1850 and 1860 census records conflict with this, indicating he was born in OH. Alethea was born in OH, based on the 1850 and 1860 census records. She died before 1870. The first record of Jesse is a deed executed in 1831, wherein John and Jesse BLEW purchased 150 acres of land in Military Surveys 6444 and 6451 from E. D. WALKER and John GRAY. This land is located in the extreme southern part of Goshen Twp., Champaign Co. OH, near the county line. Apparently John and Jesse divided the land, 60 acres to Jesse and 90 acres to John, for John sold his 90 acres to Abraham HELMER in 1834. Jesse died in Mechanicsburg, Champaign Co. OH. He and Alethea are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, Champaign Co. Newton M. BLEW (1836-1900), m.1861 Mary E. BINKART (b.ca1837). They both were born in OH and were married in Champaign Co. OH. They were living in Wayne Twp. of that county in 1870. They divorced before 1880. He is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery. Although he was living with Jesse's family in 1850, Newton may not be his son, since he did not share in the estate when Jesse died. Alternatively, Newton may have been disinherited by his father. Did he m2.1881 Martha MILLER in Champaign Co.? In 1880 he was living in Goshen Twp. of Champaign Co. OH as a farm hand for William RITCHIE and Mary was keeping house for Calvin STOKES in Wayne Twp. In 1900 Mary was living alone in Wayne Twp. At that time, Martha BLUE (presumably neé MILLER) was living alone in Pleasant Twp. of Clark Co. OH. Newton had no known issue. Emily S. BLEW (1839-1934), m. _____ McCRACKIN. Melissa D. BLEW (1843-1914). Never married. Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery. Mary Eliza BLEW (ca1847-1906). Never married. Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery.
References: A294, A312, A453, B79, B80, B163, B300, B301, B302, B303, C219. Eliza BLUE (b.ca1791), m.1826 Aaron CHESTER (b.ca1801). He was born in NJ and she in VA. They were married in Champaign Co. OH. Aaron was a boat captain and they lived in St. Mary's Twp. of Auglaize Co. in 1850. Her brother, Joseph [D.1], and his family lived nearby and Joseph's daughter, Harriet, was living with them at that time. John CHESTER (b.ca1830). He was a boatman in 1850.
References: A294, B83. Abel BELL (b.1805), m.1828 Susanna MILLER (b.1808). He was born in OH and she in IN. They were married in Franklin Co. IN. They were living in Parke Co. IN in 1850. Lucinda BELL (b.ca1830). Elizabeth BELL (b.ca1832). Jacob BELL (b.ca1833). Daniel BELL (b.ca1835).* Ruhama BELL (1839-1889), m. Daniel Harlan STRANGE (1837-1930). Abel BELL (b.ca1841). Susanna BELL (b.ca1843). Nancy BELL (b.ca1846).
References: A763, B416, C1226,


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