Generation 5 Part 2


5AB Isaac BLUE (1781-1842), m. Charlotte DONALDSON (1788-1868). She was born in PA, a daughter of William and Susanna (LANE) DONALDSON. Isaac was a captain in the Danville Blues in the War of 1812. This company was in active service on the frontier in 1813 and was stationed at Black Rock, near Buffalo NY. Isaac was a farmer and they lived in Columbia Co. PA at the times of the 1820, 1830 and 1840 censuses. Isaac died in Liberty Twp. in Montour Co. Charlotte was living with her son, Isaac C. BLUE, in Danville, Montour Co. PA in 1850. By 1860 she had moved with him to Park Twp., St. Joseph Co. MI. She is buried at Parkville Cemetery, St. Joseph Co. MI.* Samuel BLUE (1815-1885), m.1841 Abigail “Abbie” HULLIHEN (1815-1874).* Oliver Perry BLUE (b.ca1816), m.1842 Mary RICHEL (b.ca1820).* Isaac C. BLUE (b.1826), m. Margaret _____ (b.ca1829). Matilda BLUE (b.1829). The 1850 census indicates that she was b.ca1820.* Charlotte Emeline BLUE (1830-1890), m. 1852 David E. RICHEL (1824-1902).
References: B638, B645, B649, B650, B1171, B1180, C624, C667, C669, C837, C1182, C1257. Isaiah BLUE (1794-1846), m. Nancy Agnes CHILDS (1791-1868). He was a member of the Danville Blues in the War of 1812, along with his brother, Isaac BLUE. They lived in Columbia Co. PA at the times of the 1820, 1830 and 1840 censuses. Agnes was living in Valley Twp., Montour Co. PA, in 1850. She was a daughter of John CHILDS (1753-1804), a Revolutionary War veteran.* David P. BLUE (b.1817), m. Barbara _____ (b.1827). Mary E. BLUE (b.1820), m. _____ AULD.* William BLUE (1825-1853), m. Mary E. PURSEL (1828-1869). Isaiah BLUE (1828-1851). Never married. In 1900 Montour Co. PA there is an Isaiah BLUE (b.1828) with wife Emma J. (b.1848) and children, Girtie (b.1888) and David (b.1887). Is it possible that this Isaiah did not die in 1851? There is also a Phoebe Agnes BLUE (ca1835-1864), wife of Isaiah, buried at Memorial Park (Old Presbyterian Cemetery) in Danville. She may be this Isaiah's first wife.* Agnes J. BLUE (b.1830), m.1850 Charles Perry GEARHART (b.1818). Amanda BLUE (1832-1886), m. William C. JOHNSTON (1816-1890). Phoebe BLUE, m. _____ HILKERT. Margaret BLUE, m. _____ THOMPSON.
References: B637, B638, B645, B649, B650, B1398, C624, C626, C667, C668. William BLUE (b.ca1779), m. Mary _____ (b.ca1778). They both were born in PA and were living in Valley Twp., Montour Co. PA in 1850. He is first listed in the census in 1810, Mahoning Twp., Northumberland Co. PA. In 1820 he is still in that Twp., but it has become Columbia Co. In 1830 he was back in Northumberland Co., but returned to Columbia Co. by 1840. None of their children appear to be married in 1850. Rebecca BLUE (b.ca1806). James BLUE (b.ca1808). John BLUE (b.ca1811). Lydia BLUE (b.ca1820). Samuel BLUE (b.ca1822). Michael BLUE (b.ca1823).
References: B638, B645, B648, B649, B651. Uriah BLUE (ca1789-1851), m.1814 Rosannah RUBY (b.ca1791). She was from Monongalia Co. VA and they were married at Morgantown VA(WV). The 1860 census indicates that she was born in PA. They lived in Cove's Hollow, Ohio Co. VA until after 1820. Uriah was a farmer. By 1830 they lived in Salem Twp., Jefferson Co. OH. They are said to have "gone west" before the 1840 census. After Uriah's death, Rosannah returned to Jefferson Co. OH, where she died. In 1860, Rosannah was living with Alexr. BLUE (b.ca1825) in Salem Twp. of Jefferson Co. Alexander may be another son. Mary BLUE (b.ca1816), m.1838 Joseph BARRETT. Married in Jefferson Co. OH.* Joseph BLUE (b.ca1820), m1. Rebecca _____ (ca1825-1846), m2. Martha _____ (b.ca1825).* William BLUE (ca1822-ca1904), m.1843 Rachel STONEBROKER (1825-1911). James BLUE (b.ca1826). Eleanor BLUE (ca1827-1855). Died in Jefferson Co. OH.* Uriah T. BLUE (1829-1905), m. Rosann ROGERS (b.1830). Samuel BLUE (b.ca1829). Born in Ohio Co. VA. John BLUE (ca1840-1859). Died in Jefferson Co. OH.
References: A313, B320, C260, C261, C357, C584, C585, C756.

5AC Daniel BLUE (1790-1864), m1.1812 Nancy HAYNES (d.ca1814), m2.1817 Eve (WOLF) BONNETT (1788-1881). He was born in VA and moved with his parents to Ohio Co. VA when young. In about 1812, he went to Ross Co. OH where he married Nancy, daughter of John HAYNES who resided three and one half miles up river from Chillicothe OH. They settled on her father's farm and, about a year after the birth of their son, Sarah died. Daniel then took his son to live with his father, William BLUE, who resided on a farm eight miles from Wheeling VA.
His second wife, Eve, was the widow of John BONNETT by whom she had four children, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Louis and Simon L. BONNETT. Daniel then took his son, William Haynes BLUE, to live with his new family. In 1819, they moved to Fairfield Co. OH and purchased a farm about ten miles from Columbus OH. In April 1825, they moved to Knox Co. OH, near the village of Bladensburg, where he again purchased a farm.
Daniel enlisted three times in the War of 1812. On one occasion, he enlisted on 28 July 1813 in the Ross Co. Ohio Militia and served under Capts. Robinson and Clark. He was discharged on 5 Sept 1813 in Franklin Co. OH. He received a bounty land warrent for his service, but sold it. Daniel and Eve were Methodists and attended the church at East Union in Coshocton Co. OH, just over the line from Knox Co. They are buried there, in the East Union (New Guilford) Cemetery.
First marriage:* William Haynes BLUE (1813-1898), m1.1835 Mary HARRIS (ca1815-1859), m2.1866 Elizabeth HOLLIDAY (b.1826).
Second marriage:* James BLUE (1817-1891), m.1842 Elizabeth PIGMAN (b.ca1824). John BLUE (b.1820), m. _____ BROWN. He was born at Jackson, Knox Co. OH. He lived at Niles, Trumbull Co. OH. No issue.* Daniel BLUE (1822-1885), m1.1844 Rachel COCHRAN (1825-1846), m2.1847 Clarissa PIERSON (1825-1890).* Peter BLUE (1825-1868), m.1849 Mary McCEMMENT (1829-1893).* Mary Ann BLUE (b.1827), m1. Daniel SAUSERMAN, m2. _____ WEEKS.* Uriah BLUE (1830-1906), m.1855 Margaret HOLTZ (1834-1885).* Hamilton BLUE (1833-1906), m.1857 Adeline WHITMORE (1838-1897).* Marinda BLUE (1835-1927), m.1857 John Calvin UNDERWOOD (1833-1901).
References: A369, B323, B326, B1656, C8, C260, C261, C276, C340, C1386. Joseph BLUE (ca1794-bef1870?), m.1818 Susannah KIRK (b.ca1800). He was born in VA and she in OH. They were married in Ross Co. OH. His service record indicates that he served as a Private in the VA Militia during the War of 1812 under Capt. Benjamin Jeffrey from 22 Sep 1812 to 21 Oct 1812, and was discharged near Galiopolis OH. He subsequently filed three applications for bounty land; no record has been found to indicate that he ever actually received this land.
Joseph was a miller by trade. In 1850 he was living in Champaign Co. OH and by 1857 they had moved to Kosciusko Co. IN. In 1860 they were living in Jubilee Twp. of Peoria Co. IL. In 1864 he filed his last bounty land application in Peoria Co. IL. He probably died before 1870, for in that year's census, Susannah (Susan) was living without him in Livingston Co. MO. However, one source has him living with his brother, James, in Ross Co. OH in 1880.* William McIntire BLUE (1819-ca1886), m.1841 Narcissa Euphronia DAVIS (b.ca1823). Ade/Ado Newton BLUE (b.ca1820), m.1847 Ann Ophelia ALLISON.* John Kirk BLUE (ca1824-1894), m.1847 Phoebe Jane ALLISON (1829-1911).* James BLUE (b.ca1825), m.1846 Adaline HELMER (b.ca1828). Francis Marion BLUE (1846-ca1902). Never married; had Blue relatives near Lawrence KS in 1880's. Lived in Livingston Co. MO in 1900.
References: A274, A294, B80, B441, B571, C219, C260, C261. Olive (Alice?) BLUE (1795-1883), m.1819 Joseph WHITE (1791-1862). She was born in Berkeley Co. VA and he in Beaver Co. PA. They were married in Ohio Co. VA. He was a son of Robert and Rachel (LOWRY) WHITE. All of their children were born in Ohio Co. VA. Mary WHITE (1821-1872).* Robert WHITE (b.1823), m.1849 Mary Jean GARVIN.* William WHITE (1826-1919), m.1879 Mary E. MONTGOMERY.* Joseph WHITE (b.1829), m.1861 Josephine MARSH.* Caroline WHITE (1830-1901), m.1857 William B. CARNAHAN.* Emaline WHITE (1833-1879), m.1863 Melvin RICHARDS.* James WHITE (1835-1859), m. Ella FORD.
References: C260, C261. James BLUE (b.ca1798), m.1823 Mathilda KIRK (b.1801). He was born in VA and she in OH. They were married in Ross Co. OH and were living there in 1830. They moved to Radner Twp., Peoria Co. IL in about 1844 and were living there as late as 1860. In 1880 he was living with his brother, Joseph, in Green Twp., Ross Co. OH in 1880. Cyrus is presumed to be their son because he lived near James in Peoria Co. IL in 1850-60, and the 1830 census of Ross Co. OH indicates that James has a son age 5-10 years.* Cyrus H. BLUE (b.ca1823), m. Liney? _____ (b.ca1824).* William BLUE (b.1827), m. Rebecca _____ (b.1834). James BLUE (b.ca1831), m. Leah H. _____. Lived in Grant Twp., Vermillion Co. IL in 1900. Theresa BLUE (b.ca1833).
References: A274, A275, B441, B442, B473, C260, C261.

5AD Joseph Cyrus BLUE (b.1828), m.1849 Elizabeth Emeline SHANKS (1828-1906). He was born in OH, probably Champaign Co., and she in NC. They were married in Adams Co. IN. They were living in Jackson Twp., Champaign Co. in 1850 and by 1860 they had moved to Oak Grove Twp., Benton Co. IN. They remained in Benton Co. through the 1900 census. Joseph and Elizabeth died at Templeton, Benton Co.* William Howard/Hampton BLUE (1850-1917), m.1875 Caroline "Carrie" BORKERT (1853-1929). Joseph BLUE (b.ca1851). Eliza C. BLUE (b.ca1853), m?.1873 James LITLER in Benton Co. IN. Mary L. BLUE (b.ca1854), m?.1883 Stacy C. SCOTT in Benton Co. IN. Ellen J. BLUE (b.ca1857), m.1878 Simeon McGAHAN in Benton Co. IN.
References: A369, B80, B371, B618, C586, C756, C1437. Benjamin BLUE (b.1832), m1.1856 Sarah WESTFALL, possibly m2.1864 Lydia LIVINGSTON. He was born in OH, probably Champaign Co. He lived in Kirkland Twp., Adams Co. IN in 1850, working on the farm of Joseph and Sarah SPARKS. He married Sarah at Burlington, Des Moines Co. IA. By 1860, Benjamin and Sarah had moved to Monroe Co. IA. His marriage to Lydia is recorded in Monroe Co.
First marriage:* Ellis Dow BLUE (1857-1935), m.1885 Martha Jane “Jennie” EIKENBERRY (b.1869). Joseph W. BLUE (b.1859).
Second marriage?:* James E. BLUE (1865-1928), m.1890 Eugenia CHAMBERS.
References: B500, B773, C586, C1258. Sarah BLUE (1789-1871), m.1808 Abraham CYRUS (1781-1860). She was born in VA, probably Berkeley Co., and he in Stokes Co. NC. They were married in Kanawa (Cabell) Co. VA(WV). He was a son of Jesse and Frances (SMITH) CYRUS. Abraham and his three brothers came to what is now Wayne Co. WV in 1806. He was a farmer and owned land located along the Big Sandy River just west of White’s Creek community. The CYRUS family was Baptist and Democratic in politics. Abraham’s will was written 24 Feb 1860 and is on file in Wayne Co. WV. They both died in Wayne Co. and are buried at the Old Cyrus Cemetery in that county.* Mary CYRUS (1809-1869), m.ca1826 Rev. Marion Peyton NEWMAN (1800-1842).* Jesse CYRUS (1811-1901), m1?. Nancy LOAR, m2.1831 Sarah WHITE (b.1810). Henderson CYRUS (1813-1826).* Elizabeth CYRUS (1815-1893), m. Daniel DAVIS (1808-1875).* Abraham CYRUS Jr. (1818-1903), m1.ca1856 Phoebe HATTEN (1841-1871), m2.1874 Laura Elizabeth WILLIAMS (1846-1890).* Joshua CYRUS (1820-1883), m.ca1849 Elizabeth RUTHERFORD (b.ca1830). Lucinda CYRUS (b.1822).* Sarah Ann CYRUS (1823-1905), m.1840 Samuel Carpenter HATTEN (1816-1901).* Frances F. CYRUS (b.1825), m. Benjamin DAVIS Jr. Shelby CYRUS (1827-1828).* Roswell Franklin CYRUS (1829-1904), m1?. Anna RUTHERFORD, m2.1869 Caroline LOCKWOOD (1842-1876), m3.1894 Lexie LAMBERT.
References: A631, A676, A860, B814, B1151, B1152, C388, C816, C832, C983, C1022. Andrew W. BLUE (1792-1849), m.1821 Nancy PENCE (b.ca1802). They both were born in VA. Andrew was an early settler in Champaign Co. OH. He must have lived on the family land grant in Section 21, Mad River Twp., for he received title to this land in an undivided moity with his brother, Richard, when their father died in 1843. Upon Andrew's death, ca1850, this moity was assigned to his son, Samuel []. He died shortly before the 1850 census, for his family is listed without him in Mad River Twp., Champaign Co. OH. On 30 Sep 1851, Samuel BLUE (probably Andrew's son) was appointed guardian of his four minor children, William E., David, Sarah E. and Lucinda. He again was appointed guardian of Sarah E. and David on 22 Aug 1854. Andrew was taxed for personal property in Mad River Twp., Champaign Co. OH in 1826 and 1827. Nancy m2.1853 Jacob SHAEFFER, father of Mary Margaret (, below). Andrew is buried at Terre Haute Cemetery in Mad River Twp.* Eliza Jane BLUE (1823-1887), m.1841 Noah BERRY (b.ca1817).* Samuel BLUE (1825-1862), m.1846 Nancy BROWN (ca1827-1871). Abram BLUE (1827-1848). Never married.* Nelson Raper BLUE (1829-1898), m.1853 Mary Margaret SHAEFFER (1837-1899). Jemima Ann BLUE (1832-1859), m.1850 Hampton SPARKS in Champaign Co. OH. William E. BLUE (1835-1858/9), m.1857 Frances GRAFTON in Champaign Co. OH. David E. BLUE (1837-1863). Never married. Sarah Elizabeth BLUE (b.1840), m.1858 James C. GRAFTON (b.ca1839) in Champaign Co. OH. They lived in Jackson Twp., Champaign Co. in 1860. Lucinda BLUE (b.1843), m.1863 James Henry JENKINS in Champaign Co. OH.
References: A291, A292, A293, A294, A312, A633, B80, B300, B301, B302, B772, C262, C279, C284. Rebecca BLUE (ca1794-ca1824), m.1810 David BARTRAM (1786-1864). She was probably born in Berkeley Co. VA (WV) and he in what is now Appomattox Co. VA. They were married in Cabell Co. VA (WV). David was a son of Stephen BARTRAM, an emigrant from Scotland. His mother was either Jane PEERY or Elizabeth SWEARINGTON. David m2.1825 Lucy SPERRY in Lawrence Co. KY. He died at Catlettsburg, Boyd Co. KY and is buried in High St. Cemetery, Ft. Gay, Wayne Co. WV.* James T. BARTRAM (1813-1883), m. Jane Gay FRASHER (1809-1907).* William BARTRAM (1816-1877), m1.1836 Laurana "Raney" WELLMAN (1821-1871), m2.ca1872 Susanna (BAKER) WALKER (1836/7-1915).* Perlina Alafair BARTRAM (1818-1853), m.1833 Samuel FRASHER (1812-1892). John P. BARTRAM (b.1820).
(They may have had other children.)
References: C388, C832, C983, C1201.

5AE John BLEW (1773-1826), m1.1798 Keziah WYCKOFF (d.1813), m2.1816 Margaret MOAK. Keziah was a daughter of James and Hannah (STOUT) WYCKOFF. They moved to Franklin Co. IN in the early 1800s. His second marriage took place in Franklin Co. C320 says that the Blew's were Dutch people from New Jersey and the Moaks were Germans from Virginia. There was a Johannes MOAK among forty two Palatines who were imported in the ship "Pleasant", James Morris, Master, from Rotterdam, "but last from Deal". This was recorded at the courthouse of Philadelphia, 11 October 1732.
First marriage:* Mary Ann BLEW, m.1828 Elijah SMALLEY (d.1876).* John BLEW (1799-1862), m.1832 Sarah A. SMALLEY (ca1812-1863).* James BLEW (d.1844), m.1820 Maria Magdalena "Mary" HERGARIDER/HARKRADER (1802-1877). Samuel BLEW (d.1824).* Jacob W. BLEW (ca1806-1845), m.1829 Mary STOUT (1810-1841).
Second marriage:* Sophia BLEW (1816-1899), m.1839 Ira BROWN (1813-1871).* Hannah BLEW, m.1842 George CHRIST.* Peter Moak BLEW (1820-1893), m1.1839 Hannah MOCK (b.ca1818), m2. Martha A. _____, m3.1864 Mary C. "Molly" OWEN (1838-1903).* Michael J. BLEW (b.ca1826), m.1847 Mary ENNIS (b.ca1830).
They may have had two more children, Christina BLEW (d.1833, age 12) and John BLEW (d.1833, age 7), who are buried at Big Cedar Cemetery.
References: A353, A356, B88, C251, C319, C320, C321, C322, C323, C332, C334, C1203. Samuel BLUE (1775-1848), m.1806 Rebecca (SORTOR) STOUT (1769-1851). He was born at Kingston, Somerset Co. NJ and was baptized at the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church in Montgomery Twp. She was a daughter of Henry SORTOR and sister of Amelia/Amy SORTOR who m. Isaac BLUE [1.5.11]. They were living in Sheldrake, Seneca Co. NY in 1807 and are buried there in the Sheldrake Cemetery. Samuel served as an Overseer of Highways for Ovid, Seneca Co. NY in 1808. In 1850, Rebecca was living with her son, John, in Ovid, Seneca Co. NY. They may have had a third child, a son, born after 1810, based on the 1820 census. Sarah BLUE (ca1803-1833). Never married. Buried in Sheldrake Cemetery.* John Stout BLUE (1807-1854), m.1827 Ann Mulby TIBBETS (1807-1879).
References: A11, B126, B189, B774, B775, B776, B777, C319, C1250. Leah BLUE (bp.1779), m. Jacob VAN ARSDAL. She was bap. at Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church. Michael Blue VAN ARSDAL (bp.1800).
References: A11. Elizabeth BLUE (1780-1857), m.1798 James ELLISON (1771-1845). They were married by Rev. Smith on 15 Feb 1798 in Hillsborough Twp., Somerset Co. NJ. John ELLISON (1799-1826). Maria ELLISON (1801-1856), m.1824 James STOUT (1797-1877). Ezekiel ELLISON (1803-1813).* James ELLISON Jr (1805-1891), m.1827 Rachel JOHNSTON (1808-1885). Michael B. ELLISON (b.1808). Harriet ELLISON (b.1810). Rhoda ELLISON (1814-1816). Elizabeth ELLISON (b.1820). Jane ELLISON (b.1824).
References: B103, C251. Michael BLUE (1783-bef1850), m1.1803 Jane FORTNER (1782-1811), m2.1813 Charity STOUT (1789-1850). He was born in Somerset Co. NJ and she in Cayuga Co. NY. Analysis of census data from 1810 to 1840 indicates that he was born between 1780 and 1784. This supports the 1783 date provided by C735. Michael and his family moved to NY as early as 1806, and they were living in Cayuga Co. in 1810. Jane died in Cayuga Co. In 1820 Michael and Charity were living in Dryden, Tompkins Co. NY, in an area that had been taken from Cayuga Co. three years earlier. Again, in 1830 and 1840 they were living in Tompkins Co. Charity was born in NJ and was living with her daughter, Charity (age 26), in Ithaca, Tompkins Co. NY in 1850.
First marriage: Mary "Polly" BLUE (b.1804), possibly m. Sears HAIGHT. Eliza BLUE (b.1805), m. Sears HAIGHT (b.1801). Moved to MI.* Thomas BLUE (1808-1858), m.1839 Catharine VAN AMBURGH (1818-1897). Jane BLUE (b.1810).
Second marriage Theodosia BLUE (b.1814), m.1837 Joseph WELCH. Married at Ithaca NY.* Abigail BLUE (b.1816), m. Christopher FOOT. Charity BLUE (b.1823). Never married.* Lafayette S. BLUE (b.1825), m1. Mary Melissa SPENCER (1827-1863), m2.1867 Mary A. GOULD (b.ca1834). Jesse BLUE (1826-1834/44). Died at Ithaca NY.
References: B604, B605, B606, B607, B608, B609, C251, C735, C1131, C1200. Cornelius BLUE (1785-1841), m.1813 Jerusha HOLMES (b.1794). They were married probably in Dryden, Tompkins Co. NY. They were living in Tompkins Co. in 1820 and 1830. In 1840 they were in Tioga Co. NY.* John Holmes BLUE (1814-1875), m.1842 Martha M. (BELL) KERR.* Jesse Holmes BLUE (b.1816), m. Laura RICE (b.ca1820). Nancy Adelia BLUE (1818-1841). Died in Chariton Co. MO.* Edward Noyes BLUE (1821-aft1901), m1. _____ STRATTON, m2.bef1860 Mary MUNDY (b.1826). Samuel Stout BLUE (1823-1890), m. Mary _____. Died in Sacramento CA.* Jerusha Amelia BLUE (1826-1906), m. Israel SWAYZEE. Myron Hooker BLUE (1830-1863). Lived in Tompkins Co. NY in 1850. Died at Sacramento CA.* Culver Hooker BLUE (b.1831), m. Hannah BUCK (b.1837).* Mary Cecelia BLUE (1834-1905), m.1852 Edward PRATHER.* George Bailey BLUE (1837-1906), m.1864 Mary TOURNEY/LARSON?
References: B355, B604, B607, B608, B1002, C734, C752.

5AF Ada (Sarah?) BLUE (1786-1872), m.1806 Peter VAN DYKE (1785-1858). They both were born at Neshanic, Somerset Co. NJ. He was a son of William and Mary (LABOYTEAUX) VAN DYKE. They lived in Hamilton Co. OH in 1810, Franklin Co. IN in 1820-30, Jackson Co. IN in 1840-50. They later moved to Linn Co. IA, and died at Marion, IA. They are buried at Oak Shade Cemetery at Marion. Michael VAN DYKE (1808-1809).* Theodore VAN DYKE (1810-1887), m. Sarah WHITENECK (1825-1879). William VAN DYKE (b.1812), died young. Julia Elma VAN DYKE (1813-1821). Louisa Blackledge VAN DYKE (1816-1848). Dominicus VAN DYKE (b.1818).* Uryann VAN DYKE (1820-1850), m. _____ BURNS. Emily VAN DYKE (1823-1859).* Lazarus Henry VAN DYKE (1826-1908), m.1846 Emily Camilla KINNICK (1828-1920). Mary VAN DYKE (1829-1852), m. _____ WEBB.
References: B1176, C587, C588, C867. John BLEW (b.ca1781), m. Mary RUNION (b.ca1795). Served in War of 1812. They moved from Schuylkill Co. PA to Northumberland Co. PA, where the family was living in 1820. In about 1825 they moved to Clymer Twp., Tioga Co. PA. John probably died before 1850, for at that time Mary is living with her son, George, in Gaines Twp. of Tioga Co. Mary was born in NY.* Levi BLEW (b.1810), m. Lucinda SCHOONOVER (b.ca1814).* John BLUE (1811-1896), m.1839 Charlotte FURMAN (1821-1875).* Elizabeth BLEW (d.1916), m. George HARVEY.* Mary BLEW (1817-1876), m.1834 Watson TROWBRIDGE (1789-1866). Jerusha BLEW (b.ca1821?), did she m. Moses W. NEWTON and live in Tioga Co. PA in 1850, next door to Isaac BLEW? (Bob Blue's chart indicates that Jerusha was the oldest child, and that she eloped in 1825 and was never heard from again.)* Isaac BLEW (1823-1879), m. Abigail Jane HILL (b.1840).* Chloe BLEW (b.1827), m.1848 Chester ELLIS.* George Washington BLEW (b.1828), m. Nancy _____ (b.1836).
References: B653, B654, B655, B656, B658, C260, C591, C1320. James BLEW (1782-1865), m. Catherine REBER (1795-1852). He was born in Somerset Co. NJ and came to Berks (later Schuylkill) Co. PA in about 1805. He had a sawmill and owned considerable land at Tuscarora and near there. James was an innkeeper at Tuscarora for many years, running the establishment formerly owned by his father-in-law, George REBER. His application for a license is on record as early as 1819. He turned the tavern over to his son, Charles, before 1850, after which he moved to Rush Twp. He died at the farm of his son, Hiram, with whom he was living in Locust Valley. James' wife, Catherine, was a daughter of George and Elizabeth REBER. James and Catherine are buried at the Lewistown Valley Reformed and Lutheran Church cemetery. Infant (b.1811), died in infancy. Infant (b.1813), died in infancy.* Jerusha (Rosetta) BLEW (1814-1902), m. Abraham ENGLE (1805-1886). James BLEW (b.1816), died in infancy.* Mary Ann BLEW (1818-1885), m.1835 Jonas REICHARD (1811-1881).* Hiram BLEW (1820-1872), m. Rebecca KLEIN (1828-1883). George BLEW (b.1822), died young.* Catharine BLEW (1825-ca1857), m.1847 Nathan James MOYER (ca1824-ca1864).* Charles BLEW (1827-1909), m.1851 Sarah Ann FAUST (1832-1887).
References: B652, B779, C10, C592. Levi BLEW (1784-1876), m. Mary ADAMS (1793-1862). He was born in Somerset Co. NJ and she was born in PA. He was a farmer most of his life, and as a young man he worked as a carter at the Schuylkill Canal. His family was one of the first to settle in the Locust Valley. He helped to build the Lutheran and Reformed Church in Locust Valley in 1848. Practically all of the Blews of Schuylkill Co. are descendants of two of Levi and Mary's sons, Henry and Isaac A. BLEW. Mary was a daughter of John and Christina (KLINKER) ADAMS. John was from a family of pioneer settlers of Norwegian Twp., probably of German origin. Levi died at his son Isaac's home in Girard Manor. He and Mary are buried in St. Peters Reformed and Lutheran Cemetery in Ryan Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA. In 1850 they were living in Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA and four of their grandchildren, William, Lucy and Mary Jane THOMAS, and Levi BLUE, were living with them at that time.* John BLEW (1815-1893), m. Susan STARR (1817-1897).* Henry BLEW (1817-1893), m.1839 Catharine SCHLIER (1822-1897). Elizabeth BLEW (1819-1824). Buried at Freidens Cemetery, Llewellyn, Branch Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA.* Jerusha Anna BLEW (1821-1848), m. John THOMAS (1819-1849).* Isaac A. BLEW (1824-1897), m.1848 Christianna SCHLIER (1828-1920).* Mary Ann BLEW (1826-1854), m.1847 Perry YORKS (1819-1881).* Hester (Ester?) BLEW (b.ca1828), m.1851 Samuel (Isaac) MILLER (b.ca1821).* Ellen BLEW (1830-1900), m1.1846 Charles BROUSE (1816-1860), m2.1864 Jacob HEISER (1822-1869).
References: B652, B780, C10, C20, C72, C249, C909, C1433. Michael BLEW (b.ca1786), m1.ca1812 Julia _____, m2. Catherine _____. Michael was born in NJ and moved to PA with his parents. Julia was born in PA. They moved to Chester Twp., Wayne Co. OH, before 1830. In 1850 he was in Tymochtee Twp., Wyandot Co. OH, living with wife, Catherine, age 47, too young to be his first wife. The two men listed below are presumed to be his sons because they were also living in Wyandot Co. in 1850. Julia Ann's parents are identified on her death certificate.
First marriage: William BLUE (b.ca1827). Born in OH.* Julia Ann BLUE (ca1829-1915), m1.1855 John W. TURNBULL, m2.1858 Isaac THOMAS (b.ca1803), m3.1866 Phillip Benjamin WALTERHOUSE, m4.1868 James HENDRIX (b.ca1816), m5.1878 George SCHRINER (b.ca1840).* Michael BLUE (ca1830-bef1889), m1.1857 Lucy Ann LEIBZ (b.ca1839), m2.1884 Lydia A. (SNELLENBERGER) TROYER.
References: A369, A445, A975, A976, B421, B422, B430, B432, B1399, B1400, B1401, C1025. Sarah BLEW (b.ca1792), m. Jacob BARNHARDT (ca1781-1854). Jacob was a farmer. They lived near Llewellyn, Norwegian (later Branch) Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA until the 1850 Census, when Jacob was living with George CREISE and his wife Ellen. Ellen was probably Sarah and Jacob's daughter. Jacob died in Schuylkill Co.* Benjamin BARNHARDT (b.1811), m.1843 Sarah FREHN (b.1827). Elizabeth BARNHARDT (b.1814). Anna BARNHARDT (b.1816). Sarah BARNHARDT (b.1818). Ellen BARNHARDT (b.1819), m.(prob) George CREISE (b.ca1815). They had five children by 1850.* Jacob BARNHARDT Jr. (1821-1854), m. Floranda SCHROOP (1818-1894). Maria Anna BARNHARDT (1822-1824). Maria Anna BARNHARDT (b.1824). This may be a baptism date for [].* Michael BARNHARDT (1827-1881), m1.1849 Catherine ZERBE/ZERBY (ca1831-ca1865), m2.1862 Elizabeth SCHOFSTALL (ca1832-ca1873).* Jerusha Jane BARNHARDT (1833-1895), m. Jabez PAYNE (1827-1895).
References: B652, C10, C936, C955. Andrew BLEW (ca1796-1840), m. Mary HOFFMAN (1796-1863). He was probably born in NJ and as a baby moved with his parents to PA. His first tax record is found in Schuylkill Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA in 1821. By 1827 he had married and moved to Rush Twp., where he was taxed for 400 acres, a sawmill and a cow. He appears on the Rush Twp. tax rolls through 1836. He died in Schuylkill Twp. in 1840. His widow, Mary, married her second husband, Andrew FRITZ in 1841, thirteen months after Andrew BLEW's death. She is buried in Locust Valley.* Isaac H. BLEW (1825-1904), m.1861 Catharine HEISER (1840-1919).* Hannah H. BLEW (1827-1896), m.1852 Elias DRESH (d.1893).* Catharine H. BLEW (1831-1902), m.1850 Emmanuel HERRING (1826-1886).* Mary H. BLEW (1833-1914), m. Daniel KELLER (1836-1873).* Charles H. BLEW (1836/7-1899), m. Lucy Ann BRETZ (1841-1874/5).
References: C10.

5AG Ursula B. BLUE (1829-1883), m1.1851 George W. DOTY, m2.1862 Lewis P. REDDING. She was born in OH. Both of her marriages took place in La Porte Co. IN. The 1850 census indicates that she was born in VT. She was living with her parents in Springfield Twp., LaPorte Co. IN in 1860.
First marriage: Cleantha Adelle DOTY. The 1860 census of Springfield Twp., LaPorte Co. IN indicates that she may be Nancy DOTY (b.ca1851).
Second marriage: Theda REDDING George REDDING Caleb REDDING Olive REDDING Earl REDDING Wilbur REDDING
References: A369, B413, B414, C594. George W. BLUE (1833-1899), m.1857 Mary J. JOHNSON (b.ca1837). He was born in OH and they were married in La Porte Co. IN. They moved to Tekamah, Burt Co. NE where George died. They are buried at Tekamah Rural S.D.A. Cemetery.* Madison Wright BLUE (1858-1946), m1.1883 Letty O. HENNIG, m2.1920 Ruth I. MULLIKIN.* John Wesley "Wes" BLUE (1859-1944), m. Hattie Mae PRUSSIA. Chloe Eleanor BLUE (b.1863). Martin Willis BLUE (1868-1872).
References: A369, B413, B414, C594, C892. Eleanor Lorania BLUE (1837-1858), m.1854 Kingsley CHAFFEE. She was born in OH and they were married in La Porte Co. IN. Dudley CHAFFEE
References: A369, B413, C594. Joseph Henry BLUE (1842-1912), m.1870 Sarah Elizabeth REDDING (b.1853). He was born in IN and they were married in La Porte Co. IN. Records indicate that he was known by the name "Henry". Sarah was a daughter of Lewis P. REDDING [] by his first wife. They moved to IA in the mid ‘70’s and were living in Washington Twp. of Polk Co. IA in 1880. By 1900 they had moved to Collins Twp. of Story Co. IA. Henry was buried at the Brethren Cemetery near Maxwell IA. Robert L. BLUE (1877-1916). Never married.* Thursey Demituous BLUE (1879-1946), m.1898 Samuel KENDIG. Charles L. BLUE (b.1886), m. Bertha _____. No issue. Alonzo M. BLUE (b.1895), m. _____ _____. Had four children.
References: A369, B413, B485, B486, C594. John BLUE (1839-1910), m.1867 Sarah A. NODINE (1845-1908). He was born in La Porte Co. IN and she in MI. They lived in Michigan Twp., La Porte Co. IN in 1880 and 1900. He was a business man dealing in men's furnishing goods and also "conducted a merchant tailoring establishment". John was reared by his maternal grandparents. All of their children died young. Sarah died at Michigan City, La Porte Co. IN. Willie BLUE Pearl BLUE (b.ca1875). Ivy BLUE Arastarcus "Starke" BLUE (b.ca1879). Verne BLUE, died at age 12.
References: A1137, B380, B381, C594, C595.

5AH George GEE (1816-1901), m.1836 Lydia WHITING (1811-1876). He was born at Virgil, Cortland Co. NY. She was a daughter of Rev. Caleb and Phebe (CRUMB) WHITING of Cortland Co. George was a stonecutter and they moved to WI in May of 1847, settling in Fond du Lac Co. His father’s estate papers list him as residing in Springvale, Fond du Lac Co. George owned a farm of 87 acres at Springvale, also 120 acres at Belmont, Portage Co. WI, and had a house and marble shop at Stevens Point in Portage Co. He and his cousin started the first marble works at Waupun, Fond du Lac Co. George and Lydia are buried at Wedge’s Prairie Cemetery. Thaddeus Albert GEE (d.1865). Killed in SC during the Civil War (Union Army). Hiram E. GEE. Died at age six months. Emma Eliza GEE, m. Julian H. WARD. Lived in Fillmore Co. NE in 1880. George E. GEE. Died at age six months. Ella Rosinna GEE, m. Jim SCOTT.* Billington W. GEE, m1. Ella HUFF (d.1877), m2.1879 Minnie HERSEY.* Florence Rosabelle GEE (b.ca1855), m. Oliver Nathaniel LEWIS (1857/8-1928).
References: C879, C881. Christopher GEE (1818-bef1865), m.1837 Roxanna CARMER/CRAMER. He is not found in the census after 1840, so may have died before 1850. He is not listed in the settlement of his father’s estate in 1865. Christopher is buried in WI. Ezra GEE (b.1838), m. Josephine BENNETT. Francis Marion GEE (b.1840), m. Julia REEVES. George W. GEE (b.1842), m. Irene ELLIS. Johnathon Parker GEE II (b.1845), m. Mary JACKSON. Eliza Lorana GEE (b.1851), m. Sherman MARSHALL.
References: C879, C881. William GEE (1819-1865+), m.ca1844 Hannah _____ (b.ca1827). He settled in Barton, Tioga Co. NY, on land granted to his grandfather, John GEE. William and his family, and his grandfather John (age 92) were living there at the time of the 1855 NY state census. William was appointed to settle both his father’s and his grandfather’s estates, having cared for them in their later years. Laura GEE (b.ca1845). William J. GEE (b.ca1847). Eliza J. GEE (b.ca1851). Joel GEE (b.ca1853).
References: C879. Eleanor GEE (1823-1913), m.1843 Isaac ERWAY. In 1850 they were living at Painted Post, Steuben Co. NY. They later moved to MI and she died at Hastings MI. They both are buried at Rutland Cemetery, Rutland, Barry Co. MI.* Olive L. ERWAY (1844-1928), m.1864 George G. EDGER (b.1844).* Sarah A. ERWAY (1846-1904), m. Jacob EDGER.* Parker Gee ERWAY (1847-1923), m.1874 Sarah OTIS (1858-1947).* Ira E. ERWAY (1849-1921), m.1876 Eudora COWELL (1856-1933). Orrin R. ERWAY (b.1851), m. Mary Jane SHIVELEY. They had three children. Catherine ERWAY (1853-1929), m. Edwin BARLOW (1849-1910). They had five children. Nicholas M. ERWAY (1857-1936), m. Mary Evelyn WILCOX (1855-1930). They had two daughters.
References: C879, C881. Emery GEE (1827-1865+), m.1850+ Susan _____. He was a farmer and they lived at Virgil, Cortland Co. NY. At various times he owned Lots 5, 6, 21 and 41 in Virgil. Earl GEE Lynn GEE (male).
References: C879. Sarah GEE (1829-ca1851), m. Eli ERWAY (b.ca1822). In 1850 they were living at Painted Post, Steuben Co. NY George ERWAY (b.ca1847). He served in the Civil War.* John ERWAY (ca1849-1910), m. Catherine A. SHIVELY (d.1935).
References: C879, C881. Martha GEE (1831-1902), m.1851 Elmer Smith THORN (1823-1909). She was born at Virgil, Cortland Co. NY. He was born in Dutchess Co. NY, a son of Thomas and Jerusha (SMITH) THORN. Elmer worked as a cooper, according to the 1855 NY state census, Cortland Co. In 1865 they moved to Quimby, Barry Co. MI, after transferring the title of their NY land to her brother, Emery GEE. Elmer and Martha owned 120 acres of land bordering the main road in Quimby in 1873. By 1895 this land had been sold. They both died in Hastings Twp., Barry Co. MI and are buried there.* Daniel B. THORN (1852-1931), m. Emma GEE (1858-1929).* Mary Lorana THORN (1854-1934), m.1869 Charles Parker BIDELMAN (1850-1932).* Emma Jane THORN (1857-1930), m.1877 Charles Hopkins BROWN (b.1856).* Ida May THORN (1859-1946), m.1882 William Abram BIDELMAN (1861-1935). Frank THORN (1860-1862). Bertha A. THORN (1872-1876).
References: C879, C881.
5AI John Salter BLUE (1794-1855), m. Sarah GIDEON (b.ca1805). They both were born in VA and the family was living in Seneca Co. OH in 1840 and 1850. Census records indicate that they came from VA to OH ca1831. In 1860, Sarah was living with her son Peter in Williams Co. OH. John is buried at Pleasant Union-Dukes Cemetery in Seneca Co.* Johanna BLUE (b.ca1824), m.1845 Nathan E. FRY (b.ca1824). John S. BLUE (b.1825), m.1852 Rebecca SLAVE/SLAINE.* Ann C. BLUE (b.1828), m.1852 Felix BECK (b.ca1829).* Peter G. BLUE (b.1830), m.1853 Mary SLAINE (b.ca1836), m2.1866 Mary Jane FIG (b.ca1844).* Dennis H. BLUE (1832-1888), m.1857 Adaline C. PURDY (1840-1874).* Sarah M. BLUE (b.1834), m.1853 David ZIMMERMAN.* George BLUE (b.1836), m.1861 Barbara E. SCHAULL (b.ca1842).* Jesse I. BLUE (1840-1908), m1. _____ HAUSMAN/CUSTAS?, m2.1870 Margaret Elizabeth TINGLE (b.ca1852). Rebecca F. BLUE (b.1843). Did she m.1857 George H. HOUSEMAN in Williams Co. OH?
References: A489, A638, B157, B162, B349, B350, B351, C157, C262, C357, C413, C596, C677, C789. Rebecca BLUE (1799-1864), m. 1823 Bartholomew SCHALL (1798-1874). She was born in Berkeley Co. VA and died in Tiffin OH. She is buried in Fravel-Shaull Cemetery in Seneca Co. OH. John N. SCHALL Dennis H. SCHALL Johannah E. SCHALL Margaret SCHALL, m. John PUFFENBERGER. David SCHALL* Michael Bartholomew SCHALL (1851-1896), m.1854 Mahala Jane ANDERSON. Jacob SCHALL George SCHALL Charles SCHALL
References: C21, C76, C262. Dennis Onan BLUE (1806-1865), m. Rebecca Jane HAYES (1812-1882). They both were born in VA and lived in Seneca Co. OH. They are buried at Creasy or Andrews Cemetery in Seneca Co. John Salter BLUE (1836-1856). Born in OH; never married. Rebecca J. BLUE (1839-1905), m.1876 Daniel McCOWAN. Married in Seneca Co. OH. No issue.* Dennis D. BLUE (1841-1922), m.1864 Mary M. GOOD (1839-1919).* Mary E. BLUE (1843-1906), m1.1859 Charles W. MURRAY (b.ca1837), m2. Sexion GANGWER.* Marion Hayes BLUE (1845-1919), m.1867 Clarrissa A. VANNATTA (1849-1917).* James W. BLUE (1848-1928), m. Jane E. MYERS (1852-1939). Henry BLUE (b.ca1850). Died in infancy. Margaret BLUE. Died in infancy.* Laura Ann BLUE (1850-1925), m.1871 Homer Alexander DAY (1847-1930).* Rudolphus BLUE (1854-1892), m.1879 Mary Eva MICHAELS (1859-1935).
References: B157, B158, B162, C109, C157, C262, C302, C357, C413.

5AJ Jacob BLUE (1797-1865), m.1826 Margaret BLUE (1802-1862). They both were born in VA and were married at Charles Town, Jefferson Co. VA. They moved to Seneca Co. OH in 1832 and took up land in Sect. 20 of Pleasant Twp. The parents of Margaret have not been determined, however, naming patterns indicate that they may be Jesse and Peggy (YERKES) BLUE []. Jacob and Margaret are buried at the Fravel-Shaull Cemetery in Seneca Co.* John Jesse BLUE (1826-1894), m.1853 Theodosia Farwell ABBOTT (b.1833). Mary BLUE? (b.1828). Died young. Buried with parents. Not recorded in B1512. Hannah J. BLUE (b.1828), m.1853 Samuel R. SWOPE. Sarah R. BLUE (b.1830). Margret C. BLUE (b.1932).* Dennis S. BLUE (1833-1911), m.1856 Eliza/Elizabeth M. NICHOLS (1834-1906). Twin of Dennis, sex unknown. Not recorded in B1512.* Rebecca C. BLUE (1835-1894), m.1858/9 David SHAULL. Joshua J. BLUE (1837-1855?). Charles H. BLUE (b.1839). James E. BLUE (b.1841). George W. BLUE (b.1844).
References: A488, A489, B157, B158, B160, B162, B1512, C262, C302, C357, C413, C461. Amy BLUE (1797-1873), m.1816 Charles MURROW (1794-1880). They were born in VA and were married in Fleming Co. KY. He was a son of James and Rebecca (WALLINGFORD) MURROW. Rebecca was a sister of Phoebe WALLINGFORD, Amy's mother. Amy and Charles resided in Mason Co. KY until 1822, when they moved to Parke Co. IN. In 1843 they moved to Henry Co. IA, and a year later they moved to Jefferson Co. IA. In 1846 they obtained a 160 acre homestead in Walnut Twp., Polk Co. IA from the government and moved there in the spring of 1847. They both died in Polk Co. IA and are buried at the Canfield Cemetery in that county. They were members of the Baptist Church.* Delilah MURROW (1817-1853), m.1838 Richard Sharp CRYSTAL (1817-1882).* Narcissa MURROW (1818-1892), m.1836 Leroy LAMBERT (1816-1900).* Rebecca MURROW (b.1819), m.1844 John W. COOK (1817-1887).* Phoebe MURROW (1821-1863), m.1843 Slemmons Clinton TAYLOR (1816-1891).* Sarah MURROW (1822-1906), m.1846 Samuel Waterman LANGDON (1816-1880).* Mary Jane MURROW (1824-1872), m.1848 William WARREN (1818-1900).* James Madison MURROW (1826-1853), m.1850 Mary Ann HARMAN (1832-1869).* George Washington MURROW (1830-1899), m.1850 Elizabeth Ann RUNYAN (1833-1906).* David Blue MURROW (1832-1911), m1.1859 Mary Jane KELLY (1839-1864), m2.1865 Ruth Caroline NOGLE (1843-1890). Benjamin Lewis MURROW (1834-1868). Never married.* Charles MURROW II (1836-1909), m.1863 Sarah Ellen (OSBORN) PICKETT (1843-1938).* John Salter MURROW (1839-1919), m1.1862 Emeline Adaline JURNEY (1843-1900), m2.1905 Theressa JOHNSON.* Nicholas Wallingford MURROW (1842-1929), m1.1864 Phoebe STRAIT (1846-1873), m2.1873 Eolian Elvira BARNES (1855-1943).
References: A971, B63, C22, C57, C71, C252, C1081, C1269.

5AK Mary BLUE (1800-1866), m1. Newman GLASCOCK, m2.1816 Famous MORTIMORE (1763-1851), m3.1853 Joseph FAGAN. The 1850 census of Fleming Co. KY indicates that she was born in KY. Her marriage to Famous took place in Fleming Co. KY. He was a widower and had seven children by his first wife, Fanny FITZGERALD. They were Sarah, William, Julian, Boneparte, Kittura (Catherine), David Meranda, and Benjamin Sebastion. According to her son Thomas’ obituary, they came to Putnam Co. IN in 1833, however, Thomas probably came to IN with his grandparents, David and Phoebe (WALLINGFORD) BLUE, in the late 1820’s. Mary’s marriage to Joseph took place in Parke Co. IN. Mary died in Old Town Twp., McLean Co. IL. She is said to have been buried in the old cemetery at Montezuma IN, however, C747 says that there is no tombstone for her there. Mary’s children used two spellings for the surname MORTIMORE, as indicated below.
First “marriage” (out of wedlock):* Thomas Wesley BLUE (1815-1888), m.1838 Alice LOFTUS (1821-1873).
Second marriage:* Emanuel MORTIMER (1817-1903), m1.1843 Mary DIXON (d.ca1846), m2.ca1848 Amanda WHITACRE, m3.1859 Dinah (_____) WELLS, divorced, m4.1868 Arena L. (PARKER) SMITH. Frances “Fanny” MORTIMER (ca1820-1841). Never married. Famous MORTIMER Jr. (ca1821-bef1840). This child is not proven. Mary MORTIMER (1824-1878). Never married.* Dorothy “Dolly” Rebecca MORTIMORE (ca1828-1860), m.1849 John SWAIM (1792-1875).* Nimrod Farrow MORTIMER (1830-1903), m1.1858 Helen MURPHY, divorced, m2.1869 Malissa GLAZEBROOK (1837-1896).* Elvira Layton MORTIMER (1832-1907), m.1854 William A. LAYNE (b.1825). Marquies DeLafayette MORTIMORE (ca1834-1856?).
Third marriage: Probably no issue.
References: A783, B1056, C22, C57, C245, C747, C1061. Famous Mortimore BLUE (1801-1871), m1.1827 Sarah MURROW (1800-1833)(widow of Thomas Wheeler HORNBUCKLE) in Mason Co. KY. She was a daughter of James and Rebecca (WALLINGFORD) MURROW and she died in Indiana. He m2.1835/7 Nancy Mead JONES (1813-1867)(widow TURBYVILLE). She was a daughter of James JONES. Famous was b. in Mason Co. KY and d. in Warren Co. IL. His second marriage took place in Parke Co. IN. They were living in Knox Co. IL in 1850. Famous and Nancy are buried at Greenbush Cemetery, Greenbush IL.
First marriage: Francis Marion BLUE (1832-1914), m.1872 Malinda SMITH (1840-1914). He was born in Rockville IN and died at Roseville, Warren Co. IL. No issue.
Second marriage: Andrew Jackson BLUE (b.1840), d. Fremont Co. IA, unmarried. John BLUE, died in infancy.* Mary BLUE (1842-1923), m.1857 Irson Gates GILLETT (1833-1903). William Henry Harrison BLUE (b.1845), never married.* Permelia Ann BLUE (1846-1877), m1. Nathan TALLEY (1843-1868), m2. William T. TALLEY (b.1847).* Thomas BLUE (1847-1883/4), m.1866 Mary Ellen GILLETT (1851-1930). He was born in Warren Co. IL.* Sarah Emaline BLUE (1850-1920), m1.1865 Reuben GILLETT (1837-1880), m2.1881 Arthur Luzerne GILLETT (1844-1914).
References: B65, B447, C22, C57, C135, C157, C245. John Salter BLUE (1805-1896), m1.1829 Mary MARTIN (1811-1847), m2.1847 Elizabeth VANDEVEER (1813-1872) (widow KELSEY), m3.1871 Rebecca B. AYRES/MYRES (1817-1883). He was born in Mason Co. KY and died in Chariton IA. Mary MARTIN was born in Ralls Co. MO and they were married in Fleming Co. KY. They lived in Galesburg, Knox Co. IL in 1840, and she died in that county. Elizabeth VANDEVEER was born in IN, a daughter of Charles and Mary (SIDEBENDER) VANDEVEER. She married John Salter in Warren Co. IL, and they were living in that county in 1850. John was living with some of his children in Washington Twp., Lucas Co. IA in 1860. John Salter and Rebecca are buried at Russell Cemetery, Russell, Lucas Co. IA. Mary is buried at Cheery Grove Cemetery, Abingdon IL. Elizabeth is buried beside her first husband in Greenbush Cemetery, Greenbush, Warren Co. IL.
First marriage:* William Martin BLUE (1830-1865), m.1850 Clarissa Elizabeth CHAMBERS (1833-1895). Perry L. BLUE (b.1832), never married. John Lewis BLUE (b.1835), born in Knox Co. IL.* Andrew Jackson BLUE (1837-1872), m.1860 Eliza Jane GOOKIN.* Milton BLUE (1839-1903), m1. Martha LEAMON, m2.1868 Mary PATTERSON (1846-1922).* Clara BLUE (1841-1909), m.1862 Thomas McMASTERS (1822-1888). She was born in Knox Co. IL. Albina BLUE (b.1844), m.1860 William PATTERSON. She was born in Knox Co. IL. Sarah BLUE (1846-1847). One source says d.1897, never married, but she is not in the 1850 census listing of the family..
Second marriage:* Cynthia Ann BLUE (1848-1938), m.1872 Benjamin Hastings KIDDER (1843-1932).* Absolom A. BLUE (1850-1919), m.1875 Elizabeth (Eliza?) Jane GOOKIN, widow of his brother, Andrew.* Bailey Regan BLUE (1852-1931), m1.1873 Victoria Frances SMITH (1856-1941), divorced, m2. _____ _____, m3. Martha _____.
References: B65, B66, B67, B455, B456, B1609, C12, C22, C57, C58, C73, C245, C1233. Sarah BLUE (1807-1879), m.1823 Benjamin MURROW (1802-1878). They were both born in KY and were married in Brown Co. OH. He was a son of James and Rebecca (WALLINGFORD) MURROW. They moved to IA in 1850. She died in Montezuma, Powshiek Co. IA and he died in Mahaska Co. IA. They are buried at Tilford Cemetery, Mahaska Co. IA. They were Baptists.* James Riley MURROW (1824-1906), m.1845 Kiturah ASBURY (1822-1881).* David Blue MURROW (1826-1863), m.1844 Clarinda APPLEGATE (1826-1892).* Margaret Ann MURROW (1835-1910), m.1852 Thomas Bosley GORSUCH (1830-1884). Martha Ellen MURROW (1837-1850).* Thomas Alexander MURROW (1839-1912), m.1862 Evaline KING (1844-1920).* Mary Jane MURROW (1842-1916), m.1860 Daniel Locke GORSUCH (1837-1918).
References: A361, A362, A363, A364, A365, B64, C57, C252, C330, C331.

5AL Joshua BLUE (b.ca1801), m.1831 Maria CHAPMAN (b.1810/20). They were married in Washington Co. MD and, in their early years, lived in Jefferson Co. VA where their first child was born. Before James was born ca1835, Joshua and his family had moved to OH and they were living in Fairfield Twp., Butler Co. OH in 1840. In that year the census implies that he had three sons, one under 5 and two 5/10 years, and one daughter under 5 years. He appears to have died in the 1840's, for his children are living separately with various families in 1850. A letter written by son John indicates that his mother was in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co. IN and Delphi, Carroll Co. IN during the Civil War. Joshua is a rare name in the Blue family. This Joshua was probably named for his uncle, Joshua YERKES, or his grandfather who was also Joshua YERKES.* John W. BLUE (ca1832-1865), m.1860 Mary PERREAULT (b.1844).* James A/W. BLUE (1834-1900), m.1860 Rebecca W. SPITLER (1840-1907). Jesse BLUE (b.ca1837). Sarah Ann BLUE (ca1839-1902), m.1859 John W. MOCK (1837-1903). Based on her obituary, she was born in Hamilton, Butler Co. OH and died at Defiance OH. She was buried at Riverside Cemetery. They were married in Carroll Co. IN. No issue.
References: A656, A657, A658, B372, B615, B616, B806, B896, C606,C680, C1389. Mary A. BLUE (1803-1857), m.1824 Benjamin Bennett RUSSELL (1799-1862). She was born in (probably) Jefferson Co. VA and he in Frederick Co. VA. They were married in Frederick Co. VA by minister Thomas Littleton. They both died on the home farm, Rock Hall, about two miles toward Winchester from Berryville, Clarke Co. VA. They are buried in a family plot on the home farm. Bennett was a son of John and Ann (WASON) RUSSELL. Bennett was a large landholder in Clarke Co. The home farm contained 380 acres and was bequeathed to son Bennett upon the elder Bennett's death. Son John Wm. received the 300 acre "North End" farm. Jesse received the "Greenville" farm (size unstated in the will) and Thomas received the 200 acre "Vineyard" farm. The "Janney" farm was to be sold. The "Bowles" property containing 278 acres was left to Bennett's brother James to use until his death. He also directed that his heirs and executors, "three years from my death", to pay "John Blue's indebtedness to me ....". This John was undoubtedly Mary's brother. John William RUSSELL (1827-1898), m. Harriet A. PATTERSON (d.ca1910). Bennett RUSSELL (1829-1863). Died from Civil War effects. Jesse Newton RUSSELL (1838-1903), m.1860 Mary A. GRUBB. Margaret RUSSELL (1835-1838).* Thomas Jefferson RUSSELL (1840-1902), m.1873 Mary Elizabeth SIMPERS (1854-1936). Joshua RUSSELL (ca1843-1844).
References: A413, C161, C382, C396. John L. BLUE (1805-1871), m.1832 Mary/Margaret E. SHOAFSTALL. They both were born in VA and were married in Berkeley Co. VA. They lived in Clarke Co. VA in 1840 and 1850. They moved to Jefferson Co. VA in 1855. They were living in Summit Point, Jefferson Co. in 1860. He is buried in Brucetown VA, which is in Clarke Co., very near the Jefferson Co. line. Jacob G. BLUE (1832-1860), never married. Frances BLUE (1834-1893), m. Frank CARTER, widower of her sister, Isabella.* Joseph Gerrell BLUE (1836-1911), m1.1860 Margaret R. JONES (b.ca1839), m2.1867 Hester Ann HAYALETT (b.ca1840). Mary C. BLUE (1837-1911), m.1860 John A. CHILDS. Isabella BLUE (1842-1875), m. Frank CARTER.* Margaret A. BLUE (1843-1899), m.1868 J. H. STIPE.* John W. BLUE (1844-1917), m.1867 Virginia GORRELL (1845-1912). Rachel R. BLUE (1848-1870). Sarah E. "Lizzie" BLUE (b.1850), m.1872 French LOCKE. He was from Jefferson Co. WV.
References: A377, A457, B104, B105, B678, B679, B685, B1621, C75.

5AM Martha BLUE (bp.1793), m.1821 David BRAYTON. She was born in NJ and was baptized at the Readington Dutch Reformed Church. She probably came with her parents to Butler Co. OH ca1807 and she married David there. David was born in NY. Martha was living with her two children in 1830 Butler Co., so David had probably died by then. She was listed immediately after her father in the 1830 census, so she appears to have been living with him at that time.* Frederick BRAYTON (1821-1894), m.1848 Melinda BARBEE (1827-1904). (Daughter) BRAYTON (b.1820/25). Listed in 1830 census, age 5/10.
References: A24, A829, B617, C781. Ezekiel BLUE (ca1794-1857), m.1824 Margaret MILLER (d.bef 1850). He was born in NJ and came to Butler Co. OH in the early 1820's. They were married in Butler Co. and lived in Liberty Twp. in 1830 and 1840. In 1850, Ezekiel is still in Liberty Twp., but has no wife living with his family. William BLUE (ca1825-1890). Probably never married. Died with no widow or children. Maria BLUE (b.ca1826), m.ca1859 Ashable WALLER. Married in Butler Co. OH. Lived in Butler Co., Liberty Twp., in 1860. He was blind and worked as a grocery helper. They had no children at the time. Sarah BLUE (b.ca1829), m(prob).1864 John B. CLARK. Ruth BLUE (ca1830-bef.1860), m(prob).1853 Ephraim McCLAIN. Ellen BLUE (b.ca1832), m(prob).1860 Wesley W. CURTIS. Elizabeth BLUE (b.ca1838), m(prob).1870 John W. GIBSON. Mary BLUE (b.ca1840), m.1874 George W. FLORA. Married in Fayette Co. IN and lived in Hackleman IN in 1890.
References: A369, A663, A664, B589, B615, B666. Jared VAN VLEET (1791-1876), m1.1814 Dorothy "Dolly" SWARTHOUT (1791-1835), m2. Clarissa CLARKSON (1799-1882). They are all buried in the family cemetery on the old Jared Van Vleet farm at Kendaia NY. The cemetery is now in Sampson State Park.
First marriage* Peter Jared VAN VLEET (1815-1910), m.1837 Jane GULICK (1816-1904).* James VAN VLEET (1819-1915), m1. Mary Ann COOLEY (1822-1892), m2. Mrs. Sarah WHITMORE (1832-1923).* Barna (Barney?) VAN VLEET, m. Caroline P. _____ (1819-1840). Coe VAN VLEET Montgomery VAN VLEET, m. Jane BROOKS.* Edward VAN VLEET (1823-1905), m1. Helen DUNLAP (1835-1870), m2. Sarah LEONARD (1839-1912). Jared VAN VLEET (1825-1826).* Ethan Watson VAN VLEET, m. Mary SWARTHOUT (1828-1894). Mary Jane VAN VLEET (1829-1914), m. Lewis FREER (b.1819).* Anthony VAN VLEET (1834-1913), m. Hannah MITCHELL. Rachel VAN VLEET (d.1922+), never married.
Second marriage: (probably) Caroline VAN VLEET (ca1839-1864), m. Joseph SUTTON. Clara VAN VLEET
References: C111, C248. Enos Lanning BLUE (b.ca1800), m. Margaret SMALLEY (b.ca1800). They both were born in NJ. He was a bookkeeper, and they lived in Piscataway, Middlesex Co. NJ in 1830, Somerset Co. in 1840 and North Brunswick, Middlesex Co. in 1850. He owned two slaves in 1840. Ref. C1064 says that Enos was from Monmouth Co. NJ, but Enos and Margaret were in New Brunswick, Middlesex Co. in 1860. Catherine L. BLUE (b.1830). She was probably single and living in Somerville, Somerset Co. NJ in 1900.* Albert L. BLUE (b.ca1836), m. Susan M. _____ (b.ca1841).* John E. “Jack” BLUE (1840-1912), m.1864 Mary Pearce CURTIS (1840-1907).* Isaac N. BLUE (b.1842), m. Ellen _____ (b.1843).
References: B590, B592, B593, B595, B597, B600, C445, C1064. Abraham VAN VOORHIS (b.1813), m1.1837 Elizabeth WHITLOCK, m2.1851 Margaret A. HEGEMAN.
First marriage: James VAN VOORHIS (1838-1838). John W. VAN VOORHIS (b.1841).
Second marriage: Garret W. VAN VOORHIS (b.1852). William M. VAN VOORHIS (b.1856) Charles A. VAN VOORHIS (b.1868).
References: C344.

5AN Richard BLUE (1801-ca1865), m.1825 Mary Alnetta BLACKBURN. Richard was born in Orange Co. VA and Mary was also born in VA. They were married in Butler Co. OH, however, family records indicate that the marriage took place in Warren Co. They were in Fountain Co. IN as early as Jan 1837 and were living there, in Troy Twp., at the time of the 1850 census. In that census, he was 50, wife Mary A. was 45, and their children were Mary 18 b. OH, Eliza 17 b. OH, William 14, Richard H. 11, John Samuel 11 (twins), the last three b. IN. Richard appears in several Fountain Co. civil court records; he posted bond when his brother, William, applied for permission to sell land as administrator of the estate of Alexander CALHOUN in 1842. In 1848 he helped to partition the land of Dudley LEMON, decd. Richard is buried in the family burial ground, east of Covington IN.* Martha Anne BLUE (1826-1903), m.1845 James Wesley STUCKER (b.1825). Ezekiel BLUE (1828-1842). Born in Warren Co. OH, never married.* Mary Alnetta BLUE (1830-ca1858), m.1852 William H. BROWN* Anna Eliza BLUE (1834-1904), m1.1865 Edward G. WELCH, m2. T. ALKIRE. William BLUE (b.1837), never married.* Richard H. BLUE (1839-1915), m.1880 Mary Josephine HICKMAN (b.1858).* John Samuel BLUE (b.1839-1922), m1.1867 Rutha Jane MURRY, m2.1876 Lydia (BRINEY) BLUE (b.ca1827), widow of William [].
References: A369, A561, A664, A680, B405, B406, B407, B408, C262, C610. William BLUE (1804-1874), m1.1828 Mary CRANE, m2.1837 Verlinda Ann WARD, m3.1840 Isabella MEEK, m4.1843 Lydia BRINEY (b.ca1827). He was born in Orange Co. VA and raised in Butler Co. OH. In 1822 he moved west and settled in what later became Fountain Co. IN. He must have returned to Ohio for his bride, for his first marriage took place in Butler Co. OH. Mary was a daughter of Jonathan and Keziah (TAPPAN) CRANE. His second, third and fourth marriages were in Fountain Co. In 1829 William acquired land in Fountain Co., (S18, T20N, R8W - Troy Twp.). William and his family were living in Fountain Co., Troy Twp., in 1850, next door to Richard []. He obtained much property and produced improvements on four or five farms. At the time of his death he owned 900 acres. William was administrator of the estate of Alexander CALHOUN, his brother-in-law, in Fountain Co. and appears in several court records, 1839-1842. During the latter part of his life, William was an active Republican.
First marriage: Mary E. BLUE (1833-1864), m.1851 George WOOD. Married in Fountain Co. IN.* Nancy BLUE (b.1834), m.1852 Asa B. GILBERT.
Second and third marriages: No issue.
Fourth marriage:* Ezekiel Cass BLUE (1845-1924), m1.1866 Catherine WARD, m2.1878 Roxanna "Anna" CRONK/CROULS (1861-1933). Martha S. BLUE (1847-1917), m.1864 William WILSON. No issue. Florence Malinda BLUE (b.1849), m1.1890 Winfield S. WILSON, m2. William WILSON.* Eliza S. BLUE (1852-1880), m.1868 William H. MILES.* Laura Elmira BLUE (1854-1904), m.1872 Henry C. WILSON. Emma L. BLUE (1857-1863). Eliza B. BLUE (b.1866).
References: A369, A561, A664, A680, A708, A831, B405, B406, C610, C615, C1419. Mary "Polly" BLUE (b.1805), m.1831 Alexander CALHOUN (d.1838). They were married in Fountain Co. IN and he died there. His brother-in-law, William BLUE, was administrator of his estate. Ezekiel C. CALHOUN Martha CALHOUN Linn CALHOUN
References: A369, A680, A708, C610. Mary "Polly" BLUE (b.ca1809), m.1827 Richard DUKES (b.ca1802). She was born in OH and he in VA. They were married in Franklin Co. OH and moved to Hancock Co. OH. He was a farmer in Blanchard Twp., Hancock Co. in 1850. Their first two sons are implied by the 1830 census of Hancock Co. Son (b.1825/30). Son (b.1825/30). Elizabeth DUKES (b.ca1832). Mary DUKES (b.ca1834). Cyrus DUKES (b.ca1836). Nancy DUKES (b.ca1840). Susan DUKES (b.ca1842). Eli DUKES (b.ca1843). Lydia DUKES (b.ca1845). Wesley W. DUKES (b.ca1847).
References: A354, B433, B810. Richard BLUE (ca1807-1859), m.1833 Susannah VANATTA (b.ca1802). He was born in PA and she in VA. They were married in Butler Co. OH. They lived in Posey Twp. of Franklin Co. IN in 1850. Richard died, in the same year as did his father, in Franklin Co. IN. His will was dated 30 April 1859 and proved 13 July 1859. Susannah is probably the Mrs. R. BLUE mentioned in the 1863 probate records of her father-in law. Richard didn't mention a son Richard in his 1859 will, indicating that Richard [] had died before then. Susannah was living in Posey Twp. of Franklin Co. in 1860 with her son, William.* John C. BLUE (1833-1858), m1.1854 Sidney Ellen PLOW, m2.1857 Caroline SERING (b.ca1836). Richard BLUE (1839-1858). Probably never married; no heirs in his father's will.* William Riley BLUE (1842-1891), m.1865 Marinda Rosella HOUSER (1848-1928).
References: A354, A369, A663, A664, A681, B396, B409, C616. Mary BLUE (b.ca1807), m.1845 Henry COLLINS (b.ca1808). She was born in PA and he in OH. They were married in Butler Co. They were living in Fairfield Twp., Butler Co. OH in 1850. They lived at Sims Corner in Butler Co. Sarah COLLINS (b.ca1847). Eliza J. COLLINS (b.ca1849).
References: B615, C357, C611.

5AO Daniel Craig BLUE (1810-1852), m.1834 Catherine Ann VAN ATTA (b.ca1818). He was born in VA and she in OH. They were married in Butler Co. OH. In 1840 they were living in Springfield Twp., Hamilton Co. OH and in 1850 they were living in Union Twp., Butler Co. Their son Richard was probably the Richard mentioned in the 1863 probate records of Richard BLUE [], as were sisters Mary E. and Penelope. The three children were living in Rush Co. IN in 1859. Catherine m2.1859 William PATTERSON in Franklin Co. IN and was living in the town of Somerset, Franklin Co. with her daughter, Penelope, in 1860.* Mary Elizabeth BLUE (1834-1886), m.1856 James Newton MILLER (1834-1876).* Richard BLUE (b.1837), m.1862 Joanna WHITEHEAD (b.1847). Penelope BLUE (b.1841), m.1860 William D. ADAMS. Married in Franklin Co. IN.
References: A369, A663, A664, A674, A709, B343, B344, B409, B615, B1122, C262, C357, C611, C782. Elizabeth BLUE (b.ca1817), m.1836 Guy A. CARR (b.ca1815). She was born in PA and he in NY. They were married in Butler Co. They lived in Fairfield Twp., Butler Co. in 1850. Allen CARR (b.ca1838). Sarah CARR (b.ca1840). Thomas CARR (b.ca1844). Burrell CARR (b.ca1846). John CARR (b.ca1849).
References: A664, B615. Isabella BLUE (d.bef.1850), m.1836 Elias S. PLEW (ca1812-1888). He was born in KY. Isabella died before 1850, since Elias had remarried by then (m2. Nancy _____), and had only one child living in 1859. The child, Mary E., was living with her grandparents, Richard and Sarah BLUE [], in 1850.* Mary E. PLEW/BLUE (b.ca1838), m. James H. HARSHMAN.
References: A664, A674, B615. Burwell Spurlock BLUE (1821-1877), m.1849 Malvina Laura REVELEE (1833-1903). Family legends indicate that he was born in VA at "the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains". He was a fiddler and a dancer, and liked to tell "tall tales". He said he "could stand flat-footed and jump as high as his head". He did have big, flat feet, was an excellent woodchucker, and "could drink his weight in whiskey". Based on the data at hand, he was probably born in Cabell Co. VA. They were married in Butler Co. OH. In the 1850 census of Fairfield Twp., Butler Co. OH, their listing gives Burrell 27 b. OH, Laura 20 and Mary C. 9/12. He was living close to Richard ( at that time. In 1860 he and his family were living in Posey Twp. of Franklin Co. IN. Burwell was in the Civil War and served with Co. F, 52 IN Infantry. He was wounded in the shoulder by a musket ball at Franklin MO on 1 Oct 1864. They later moved to Milton, Wayne Co. IN. Malvina died in Wayne Co., where she was living in 1900 Malvina was a daughter of Charles and Ellen (HALL) REVELEE of Butler Co. OH. They were buried at Bryant Cemetery, Centerville, Wayne Co. IN.* Mary C. BLUE (1849-1886), m.1868 Eliphalet B. MILLER (1840-1887).* Nathaniel Revelee BLUE (1852-1935), m.1874 Sarah Ann EISENHOWER (ca1854-1936). Nancy Ann BLUE (b.1856), m. Richard LENNIS. Amanda M. BLUE (1858-1875). Never married. Died of tuberculosis. Data from tombstone indicated (1859-1876) Burwell D. BLUE (1860-1884). Never married. Headstone says "Burwell J.".* Richard Newton BLUE (b.1860), m.1881 Mary Alcinda MEAD.* William Henry Harrison BLUE (1866-1942), m.1887 Lenora ROBERTS (1873-1954).* James Omer BLUE (b.1868), m1.1894 Romana "Mamie" BALL, m2.1902 May "Minnie?" ROBERTS.* Eliphalet Miller "Liff" BLUE (1870-1959), m1.1892 Sarah E. SOPER (1874-1931), m2. Effie M. _____ (1880-1943). Martha E. BLUE (b.1873), m.1890 Jesse MINOR. Boy (1875-1876), died in infancy.* Charles George Clayton BLUE (1876-1967), m.1900 Clara Bessie ROBERTS (1882-1967). Anna BLUE, died in infancy. Stone in Bryant Cemetery near parents.
References: A369, B615, A664, B385, B410, B820, B821, C262, C611, C612, C1012.

5AP James HEATH (1800-1864), m.1828 Chloe McCOMAS (b.1808). He was born in Berkeley Co. VA and she in Montgomery Co. VA. They were married in Cabell Co. VA. She was a daughter of Moses and Lucy (NAPIER) McCOMAS. They died in Platte Co. MO and James was buried at the McComas Cemetery. He left no will, but his estate was settled in Platte Co. At the time of his death he owned three tracts of land, total 196 acres, in Range 35, Twp. 52, Sects. 34 & 35.* Elizabeth HEATH (1829-bef1864), m.1856 William LAUGHLIN. Lucy HEATH (b.1832), m. William MALOTTE.* Clinton HEATH (1833-1906), m.1857 Susan Margaret SEARCEY (1839-1920).* Rebecca/Sarah A. HEATH (b.1835), m1.1858 Isaac W. BABCOCK (d.1859), m2.1865 William H. ARNOLD.* Israel Love HEATH (1838-1888), m.1865 Louisa Jane BALDWIN (1841-1913). Mary C. HEATH (b.1846), m.1865 Isaac W. WILSON. Moved to CA.* Aletha Angeline HEATH (b.1849), m.1867 James L. GRAY. George W. HEATH. (Listed only in C371).
References: A682, A683, C371, C609, C613, C614. William R. HEATH (b.1801), m1.1818 Nancy SANFORD, m2. Nancy/Mary TURPIN. He was born in Berkeley Co. VA and married his first wife in Cabell Co. VA. He was a lawyer and judge, and lived in Howard Co. MO. He died in Howard Co.* Ella HEATH, m.1874 Hugh COLLINS. James M. HEATH John C. HEATH, m. Gracie BARKMAN. They lived in Howard Co. MO.* Lucy J. HEATH, m.1868 Sanders W. McCOMAS (b.1841) []. Clancy HEATH Thomas J. HEATH, m. Nellie McCAULEY. Mary Eliza HEATH
References: C371, C613, C614. Richard Blue HEATH (1803-1873), m.1823 Sarah Elizabeth JORDAN (1808-1875). He was born in Berkeley Co. VA and she also was born in VA. They were married in Cabell Co. VA. They were living in Cass Co. TX in 1850. They both died at Red River, Hill Co. TX, and are buried at the Heath Cemetery located about five miles north of Whitney TX. Richard was a brewmaster. Daniel Webster HEATH (b.ca1824). John G. HEATH (1828/9-1888), m.1854 Sarah KILGORE. Frederick G. HEATH (1832-1889), m. Emmaline _____ (d.1884). They are buried at Heath Cemetery. William Spencer HEATH (1836-1884). George W. HEATH (b.1840). Peter HEATH Frances "Fannie" HEATH (1843-1875). James Thomas HEATH (1844-1897), m. Mary Jane BILBO (1837-1920). They are buried at Heath Cemetery. Lara Martha "Mattie" HEATH (b.1846). Willis HEATH (1848-1872). Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" HEATH (1854-1879).
References: C613, C614, C1309, C1442.
(Note: Ref C613 gives three children, Sarah (b.1820), James and America HEATH, all born before Webster. Sarah was born in Westmoreland Co. VA, probably a daughter of another Richard HEATH). John Wesley HEATH (1809-1888), m1.1833 Judith McCOMAS (1811-1850), m2.1851 Susan SMOOT (1815-1892). He was born in Cabell Co. VA, and he and both wives died in Platte Co. MO and are buried at McComas Cemetery in Platte Co.. He married Judith in Cabell Co. She was a daughter of Moses and Lucy (Napier) McCOMAS. They came west in 1840 and settled in the "Missouri bottom", near Waldron in Platte Co. They later removed to the Brasfield prairie. John was a Methodist preacher and served in the Union Army during the Civil War.
First marriage:* Sarah HEATH (b.1834), m.1854 Ezra KERR (b.1831).* James Jackson HEATH (1838-1882), m.1859 Elizabeth Jane FRAZIER.* George Washington HEATH (1839-1931), m.1860 Arletha Jane HUNGERFORD (1839-1904).* Louarie/Lowera HEATH (1843-1925), m.1863 John W. WAGLE (b.1829).
Second marriage: Margaret J. HEATH (b.1858), m.1882 Samuel T. H. BRUNIER (b.1856). No issue.
(C371 names her "Martha Jane" and him "Samuel BRUNTS).
References: C371, C613, C614, C1111. Jonas B. HEATH (1810-1841), m.1828 Margaret BARRETT. He was born in Cabell Co. VA and died in Benton Co. MO. He is buried at Shawnee Cemetery in Benton Co. He served as a Justice of the Peace. Daughter (b.ca1829). Calloway HEATH (b.1831). John HEATH (b.1835). Elizabeth HEATH (b.1837). Joseph L. HEATH (1840-1876). Jonas B. HEATH (1842-1877).
References: C613, C614.

5AQ Stephen Preston HEATH (1812-1888), m1.1840 Mary KAYSE (d.ca1848), m2.1848 Martha Jane (MOORE) FOSTER (d.1916). He was born in Cabell Co. VA and died at Leavenworth KS. He is buried in the Retired Minister Cemetery in Leavenworth. Mary was a daughter of William KAYSE. They were married in Benton Co. MO and she died in MO. He married Martha Jane in Platte Co. MO. She was born in IN, a daughter of Elijah MOORE, and probably died in KS. After his first marriage, Stephen lived in Andrew Co. MO, then moved to Platte Co. MO. He joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1826. He received his license as a local preacher in 1838 and was admitted to the Ohio Conference in 1837. He moved to MO because of his health and joined the Missouri Conference in 1853. He was admitted to the Kansas Conference in 1867, but a fall from a buggy in 1872 resulted in his complete disability three years later. He was ordained a Deacon in 1836 and an Elder in 1853. His motive was "to live a Christian life, do good and go to heaven".
First marriage:* William B. HEATH (1841-1895), m.1865 Annie E. SMITH. Jonas G. HEATH (b.1843). Never married.* Elizabeth Jane HEATH (1845-1898), m.1863 Thomas Hubbard SHACKELFORD (1844-1916). John R. HEATH (b.1846), m.1865 Margaret BABCOCK. James F. HEATH (b.1848).
References: A684, A685, C613. Nancy HEATH (1814-1871), m.1832 William Burke McCOMAS (1810-1893). They were born in Cabell Co. VA and they were married there. He was a son of Moses and Lucy (NAPPER) McCOMAS. Burke was a "tall person, and of powerful frame; his judgment was sound, and his influence extensive". She died in Platte Co. MO and is buried at the McComas Cemetery there.* Pembert (Brooke?) McCOMAS (1833-1927), m.1852 Eliza/Elizabeth J. KERR (1830-1908).* Stephen McCOMAS (1835-1913), m.1855 Virginia BYRD (1834-1897).* Elisha McCOMAS (b.1837), m.1857 Catherine C. LUTES.* Moses McCOMAS (b.1839), m.1860 Adaline KERR.* Sanders W. McCOMAS (b.1841), m.1868 Lucy J. HEATH []. Their children are listed under her number in the 6th generation. Julia McCOMAS (b.1843).* James McCOMAS (b.1845), m.1871 Nannie E. KERR (b.1851).* Israel Heath McCOMAS (1848-1925), m.1870 Mary Elizabeth MILLER (1855-1930).* Elizabeth Melvina McCOMAS (b.1851), m.1869 Isaac S. MILLER.* Mary McCOMAS (b.1854), m.1879 David M. KIMSEY (b.1860).* Hiram McCOMAS (1856-1931), m.1877 Mamie DANIEL (1859-1929).
References: A684, C371, C613, C617, C1309. David M. HEATH (1817-1880), m1.1838 Letha/Zetta McCOMAS, m2.1847 Elizabeth J. KERR. He was born in Cabell Co. VA and died in Platte Co. MO. His first marriage took place in Cabell Co. He was a Methodist minister in Platte Co.
First marriage: Elisha HEATH James HEATH William HEATH
Second marriage: John HEATH Sarah HEATH Martha HEATH Sally HEATH Adeline HEATH
References: C371, C613, C614.
5AR Gilbert BLUE (1816-1884), m1. _____ _____, m2.(bef.1850) Nancy BORN (b.1826). They both were born in NY, and they were living in Fredonia Twp., Calhoun Co. MI in 1850. He was a farmer and owned land valued at $1500.
Second marriage: (probably) Selina M. BLUE (b.ca1847), m. Frank COGSWELL.* John BLUE (b.1850), m.1883 Mary T. WARNER (b.1858). Leonard BLUE, went to WA.* Arthur BLUE (b.1859), m. Edith B. _____ (b.1864).* Willis G. BLUE (b.1860), m. Ella A. _____ (b.1863).
References: B523, B536, C567. Peter BLUE (1818-1906), m.1845 Elizabeth Jane (Eliza?) EVERS (b.ca1829). They both were born in NY and were
married at Tekonsha, Calhoun Co. MI. He was a farmer and owned land valued at $4000 in Calhoun Co. in 1850. In
1900 they were living in Marshall, Calhoun Co. and her birth is given as (b.1819). Sarah H. BLUE (b.ca1845), m. Marion JACOBS. Lived at Sturgis MI. Julia A. BLUE (b.ca1848).
References: B523, B536, C567. Frederick BLUE (1805-1870), m. Elizabeth HIMULRICH/HIMMELREICH (1808-1863). He was born in
Northumberland Co. PA and she also was born in PA. He purchased a farm in Liberty Twp., Columbia (later
Montour) Co. and served as Treasurer and Sheriff of Columbia (or Montour) Co. They lived in Liberty Twp.,
Montour Co. PA in 1850. They are buried in the Old Billmeyer Cemetery, Montour Co.* Samuel BLUE (1832-1893), m1.1860 Elizabeth (Mary?) WOLF (1836-1862), m2.1865 Clarinda MURRAY (1837-1927). (Son) BLUE (1834-1834). Margaret BLUE (1836-1837).* Martin BLUE (1838-1899), m.1867 Sarah BILLMEYER (1844-1914). William BLUE (1840-1850). George BLUE (1844-1877), m. Elizabeth _____. Their three children died young.
References: B637, B638, B641, B1542, C567, C624, C626, C627, C1147, C1252. Daniel BLUE (b.1808), m. Priscilla May CRAWFORD (b.ca1826). They both were born in PA and were living in
Muncy Creek Twp., Lycoming Co. PA in 1850. Daniel was a carpenter. It appears that Daniel had an earlier
marriage. If he is the Daniel in the 1840 Columbia Co. PA census, his wife at that time was aged 20/30. Priscilla was
living with some of her children and grandchildren in Muncy Creek, Lycoming Co. in 1880. Samuel BLUE (b.ca1837). Not proved. In Northumberland Co. PA with Crawfords in 1850. Ellen BLUE (b.ca1839). Not proved. In Northumberland Co. PA with Crawfords in 1850. Elizabeth BLUE (b.1840).* Frederick BLUE (b.1843), m. Anna _____ (b.1865).* Angeline BLUE (1845-1916), m.1865 Alexander BILLMEYER (1841-1924). Mary BLUE (b.1849). She may have been May.* Margaret BLUE (b.1853), m. _____ TAGGART.
References: B643, B644, B645, C567, C1252. Isaac BLUE (1809-1885), m.1835 Catherine BILLMEYER (1812-1879). They both were born in PA. She was a
daughter of Martin and Margaret (HIMERICH) BILLMEYER. They lived in Park Twp. of St. Joseph Co. MI in 1850.
Isaac was living with his son, Daniel, in St. Joseph Co. in 1880. Isaac and Catherine were buried at White Pigeon
Cemetery in White Pigeon, St. Joseph Co. MI.* Mary Ellen BLUE (1836-1914), m.1866 Frank WILSON (1840-1912).* Margaret Ann BLUE (1838-1912), m. William Horace REYNOLDS (1825-1900).* Daniel B. BLUE (1840-1911), m.1867 Kezia LAVERTY/LAFFERTY (1842-1922).* John BLUE (1842-1927), m.1868 Sarah Jane BOUDEMAN (1845-1918). Emily BLUE (1846-1848), buried in White Pigeon Cemetery. Samuel BLUE (1850-1851), buried in White Pigeon Cemetery.
References: B533, B535, B826, B834, B835, C567, C624, C627, C1252. Eleanor BLUE (1810-1878), m.1827 William FISHER. She was born in Mahoning Twp., Carbon Co. PA, and he at
Catawissa, Columbia Co. PA. They were married in Northumberland Co. PA. He was a son of John and Elizabeth
(MAUSER) FISHER. Eleanor died at Milton, Northumberland Co.* Benjamin Franklin FISHER (1829-1867), m.1858 Mary B. GIFT (d.1878). Samuel Jackson FISHER (b.1831). William Augustus FISHER (1832-1885). John K. Boyer FISHER (1834-1848).* Mary E. FISHER (b.1836), m.1855 Charles W. STICKER (b.1836). Charlotte Jane FISHER (b.1840).* Margaret Ellen FISHER (b.1842), m1. W. ANGSTADT, m2.1885 Thomas GLOVER. Dudley R. FISHER (1848-1850). Dudley R. FISHER (b.1850), m.1884 Catharine EBRIGHT.
References: C567, C1108, C1441.

5AS Curran McC. BLUE (b.1812), m.1838 Margaret HERRICK (b.ca1825). They both were born in OH and were
married in Muskingum Co. OH. She was a daughter of Samuel and Margaret (DAVIDSON) HERRICK. Curran took
over his father's tanning business when Gilbert moved to IA and, in 1847, he opened a new yard on the river road
below the city, and there conducted a successful business until 1876. Hezekiah BLUE (b.ca1840). Isabel/Mable? BLUE (b.ca1843). Margaret BLUE (b.ca1845). Winona BLUE, m. _____ GERMAN.
References: A699, B627, C567, C628, C1376. Sarah C. BLUE (1818-1884), m1.1835 Joseph DeLONG (1813-1853), m2. _____ SWAN, m3.1864 _____ WARD.
Sarah lived in Henry Co. IA at the time of her father’s death (1866). She was then Sarah SWAN, as she was in 1875
when her sister, Matilda, wrote her will. By the time Matilda died in 1897, she was Sarah WARD.
First marriage: Milner DeLONG (1836-1840).* Daniel J. DeLONG (1839-1916), m.1864 Emma McCOLLEY (d.1917).* Gilbert E. DeLONG (1843-1895), m. Mary E. _____.* Martha “Mattie” DeLONG (1845-1899), m.1864 James V. CHANDLER (d.1899).* Bernard A. DeLONG (1848-1926), m.1875 Hannah GRIFFIN (1854-1923). Elizabeth DeLONG (1852-1855).
References: A699, A702, C808. Mary Ann BLUE (d.bef1850), m.1832 Hugh CURRY (1807-1871). She was born at Zanesville, Muskingum Co.
OH. They were married at Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. She died before the 1850 census. Her sister, Matilda, stated
in their father’s probate records that Mary Ann’s family lived in KY in 1866. Hugh was a grandson of Lt. Robert
CURRY, who served in the Revolutionary War, and son of James CURRY of Muskingum Co. He was an engineer
(steamboat?), and he and his family came from PA to Zanesville at about the same time as did the BLUEs. Mary Ann
and Hugh died at Louisville.* Virginia Elizabeth CURRY (1834-1865), m.1858 William HINKLE (d.1886).* Mary Frances "Fannie" CURRY (b.1837), m. Dr. Henry Clay MOSS (d.1878).* Oscar O. CURRY (1839-1911), m. Margaret GLASS (1841-1896). Sophia L. CURRY (1841-1871), m. B. Y. N. CLARKSON (1842-1891).* Bertram Henry CURRY (b.1843), m. Sarah NEVIL (d.1895). Hugh Wilson CURRY, died young.
References: A699, A702, C1194. Cyrus B. BLUE (ca1817-1903), m.1843 Elizabeth SHAW (b.1817). He was born in OH and she in Scotland. They
were married in Muskingum Co. OH. They moved to Indianapolis, Marion Co. IN, before 1850 and she was still living
there, with three children, in 1900. Augustus M. BLUE (b.1844). Born in KY. Unmarried in 1900. Charles G. BLUE (b.1847). Born in OH. Unmarried in 1900. Laura C. BLUE (b.1858). Born in IN. Unmarried in 1900.
References: B365, B368, B369. Elizabeth Wintersteen BLUE (b.ca1811), m. Gabriel FLICK (b.ca1812). He was a son of John and Effie Elizabeth
FLICK. Gabriel was a distiller. They lived in Wolf Twp., Lycoming Co. PA in 1850. Hannah J. FLICK* Sylvester Blue FLICK (1834-1918), m. Tacy Elizabeth STYER (1837-1910). Thomas FLICK (b.ca1839).
References: B638, C1179. David Byron BLUE (1814-1889), m.1839 Wealthy BARTLETT (1822-1889). He was born in PA and she in
Kingston Twp., Delaware Co. OH. She was a daughter of Abner and Obedience (MIX) BARTLETT. They were
married in Knox Co. OH and lived there, in Liberty Twp., in 1840. By 1850 they had moved to Morrow Co. OH, Gilead
Twp., and in 1860 they were in Cardington Twp. In 1870, David, Wealthy and their children David and Anna were
living at Belle Plaine, Benton Co. IA. David was a carpenter. David and Wealthy are buried in Bethel Cemetery in
Cardington Twp., Morrow Co. OH. The cemetery record calls her "Wealtha".* Joel Gilbert BLUE (1840-1889), m.1866 Anna Elizabeth JOHNSTON (1846-1902).* Abner W. BLUE (1843-1908), m.1863 Olive Amanda MILLER (1843-1911).* John DeMotte BLUE (1844-1930), m.1867 Nancy Ellen "Ella" ANDERSON (b.1844).* David L. BLUE (b.1846), m.1870 Caroline E. "Carrie" NEWTON (b.ca1848). Mary E. BLUE Sarepta O. BLUE Elum? A. BLUE Etna T. BLUE (b.ca1852), m. 1870 Charles O. MORTON. Anna Leasa BLUE (b.ca1854), m.1871 Wesley B. HUNT. Married in Benton Co. IA.
References: B489, B628, B629, B829, B836, C567, C1166. Maria J. FLETCHER (1820-1890), m.1841 William McKINSTRY (d.1886). She was born in OH and they were
married in Knox Co. OH. He was a son of Matthias and Effie (YOUNG) McKINSTRY. Maria and William lived in
Clinton Twp. of Knox Co. in 1850, then by 1860 they moved to Morrow Co. (which had been Knox Co. until 1848).
They are buried in Hedding Cemetery, near Sparta in Morrow Co. Matthias McKINSTRY (b.1842), m. Jane KEYS. Three children.* Rebecca McKINSTRY (1844-bef1886), m.1863 Allen YOCUM. William McKINSTRY (1846-1893), m1.Jane WHITE, m2. Hannah _____ (1850-1898). David McKINSTRY (1848-1877), m. Lora RINEHART. Isaac McKINSTRY (1850-1871). Jefferson McKINSTRY (b.1853), m. Sarah WHITE. John J. McKINSTRY (1855-1900), m. Martha _____ (1865-1933). James McKINSTRY (b.1858), m1. Cynthia _____, m2. Ella _____.* Anna Maria McKINSTRY (1861-1894), m. Joseph MARSHALL (1860-1953).
References: A701, B326, B629, C634, C635. Elizabeth FLETCHER (1822-1912), m.1841 Chilion B. KITHCART (1817-1911). She was born in OH, near
Zanesville, and he was born in Sussex Co. NJ. They were married in Knox Co. OH. In 1850 they were living in Liberty
Twp. of Knox Co. In 1853 they moved to IA, settling first in Lynn Co., then in 1855 they moved to Benton Co. They
were living on Section 7, Iowa Twp., Benton Co. IA in 1860, 1870 and 1880. He was a farmer and owned land valued
at $4500 in 1870. The Benton Co. History indicates that he owned 180 acres, 140 in Benton Co. and the balance in
Tama Co. They later moved to NE. He died at Wilsonville, Furnas Co. NE.* Philander KITHCART (b.1842), m. Emma _____ (b.ca1849). James KITHCART (b.1844). Cornelius KITHCART (1846-bef1880), m. Caroline BURGE (b.ca1850). Probably no issue.* Jackson KITHCART (b.1848), m. Lucinda _____ (b.ca1857).* William Burr KITHCART (b.1857), m. Carrie _____ (ca1855-ca1879). Rhoda KITHCART (b.1863). Born in Benton Co. IA.
References: B326, B477, B488, B489, B837, C630, C634, C636, C637.

5AT Lydia L. FLETCHER (1824-1899), m1.1844 John BLAIR (1817-1870), m2.1876 William KENNER (d.1898). She was
born in Zanesville OH and John was born in Richland Co. OH. They lived in Mt. Vernon, Knox Co. in 1850. In 1870
Lydia and her children were living in Cardington Twp. of Morrow Co. OH. Lydia and John both died in Cardington
Twp. Her obituary says that she and John had 10 children. She was a member of the M. E. Church until John's
death. At about that time she joined the Society of Friends (Quakers) at Weston. Lydia and John are buried at
Worden Cemetery in Canaan Twp., Morrow Co. OH.* Emily Amanda BLAIR (1849-1921), m. Henry CARTER (1847-1926). Sarah E. BLAIR (1850-1867). Frances D. BLAIR (1853-1868). Mathew M. BLAIR (1855-1884). Martha BLAIR (b.ca1856).* Henry Lafayette BLAIR (1857-1928), m1.1879 Mary Frances BAKES (1860-1932), m2.1906 Emma WEISER (1864-1940). John O. BLAIR (1859-1904). Edward S. BLAIR (1862-1864). Amy L. BLAIR (b.1867). Ella BLAIR (b.1870), m. Fell BENEDICT.
References: A207, B326, B838, B839, B840, C634, C690. Jane FLETCHER (b.1826), m.1850 Benjamin ROBERTS (b.1825). She was born in Zanesville, Muskingum Co. OH
and he in Knox Co. OH. They were married in Knox Co. He was a son of Lewis and Polly (GLAZE) ROBERTS.
Jane and Benjamin moved to IA in 1853, apparently with her sister, Elizabeth KITHCART. After staying in Johnson
Co. for a while, they settled in Benton Co. in 1855. In 1860, 1870 and 1880 they were living in Iowa Twp. of Benton
Co. IA on land he purchased from the Government in 1855. He was a farmer and his land was valued at $5000 in
1870. Thomas Mitchell ROBERTS (b.ca1853), m. Margaret MELVERSTED (b.ca1860). He was born in OH. James Bryan ROBERTS (b.ca1858), m. Effie KROH. Born in IA. Christiana ROBERTS (b.ca1862), m. George GOULDY. Born in IA. Franklin ROBERTS (b.ca1867). Born in IA. William H. ROBERTS, died in youth. (Child), died in infancy.
References: A701, B477, B488, B489, C634, C637, C636. Sarah Ann FLETCHER (1830-1904), m.1852 Mathew M. BLAIR (1825-1899). They both were born in OH and
were married in Morrow Co. OH. Mathew was a son of Daniel C. and Jane (MITCHELL) BLAIR. Sarah and Mathew
moved to IA ca1854 and settled in Iowa Co. They were farmers, and bought and sold several pieces of land in Iowa
Co. over the next three decades. In 1880 they were living in Honey Creek Twp. on the banks of the Iowa River. In
about 1883 most of the family moved to CO, first to Seibert in Kit Carson Co., then to Lyons in Boulder Co. Sarah's
obituary stated that she "came with her husband to Lyons, Colorado, in 1890." An 1896 directory of Lyons lists
Mathew and his three sons, Mathew M. Jr, Benjamin J. and Samuel H. BLAIR as "laborers." They were probably
working at the King Quarry near Lyons. Their daughter, Emma DURBIN, whose husband Louis had died, was listed
in the directory as a "baker." The 1900 census lists Mathew Jr as a "quarryman" and Samuel and Benjamin J. as
"teamsters." Sarah was a member of the Old Stone (Congregational) Church of Lyons in 1898. According to living
residents, "Mrs. Blair had homesteaded on the Dry St. Vrain sections 26 and 27, six miles west of Lyons." Sarah and
Matthew both died at Lyons, Boulder Co. CO, and are buried at Lyons Cemetery.* John Ashen BLAIR (1853-1928), m.1875 Myrena Calcina ROGERS (1854-1934). James E. BLAIR (b.ca1855).* Charles Sumner BLAIR (1857-1941), m.1884 Melissa MOITZFIELD (1864-1951). Elizabeth J. BLAIR (b.ca1859), m.1877 James A. WRIGHT. Sarah Emma BLAIR (1861-1944), m1.1879 Louis A. DURBIN, m2. _____ EBERLE. Mathew M. BLAIR Jr (1865-1948). Samuel H. BLAIR (1869-1923). Benjamin Jack BLAIR (1872-1933), m.1917 Ann G. POSTON..
References: B490, B841, C632. James Jackson FLETCHER (b.1832), m.1857 Cyrina Violet HEWITT (b.1834). He was born in OH and moved to
Benton Co. IA, where he farmed on Section 19 of Iowa Twp. They moved to NE in the late 1870's. They were living
in Gage Co. NE in 1880 and in Algernon Twp. of Custer Co. NE in 1900. They are buried at Mason City in Custer
Co. NE. Hannah M. FLETCHER (b.ca1863).* James FLETCHER (b.1864), m. Minnie _____ (b.1873). Cyrus FLETCHER (b.ca1866). Cyrina FLETCHER (b.ca1868). Oscar E. FLETCHER (b.1875), m. Pearl D. _____. Herbert FLETCHER (b.1879).
References: B842, C636, C637. Robert BLUE (b.ca1847), m. Susan _____ (b.1846). May be son of David []. His family is listed under
[]. David BLUE (b.ca1831), m. Martha _____ (b.ca1834). They both were born in PA. They moved to Mt. Pleasant,
Henry Co. IA before 1860, then moved to IL, MI and OH. They were living in Sylvania Twp. of Lucas Co. OH in
1880 and 1900. Jacob BLUE (b.ca1859). Phoebe BLUE (b.ca1861). Born in IA. Anna BLUE (b.ca1864). Born in IL. Belle I. BLUE (b.1869), m. Thomas H. MILES (b.1866). She was born in MI.
References: B335, B336, B843, C567.

5AU Thomas D. BLUE (1823-1855), m. Martha McEWEN (b.ca1827). Their children were living in Aledo, Mercer Co. IL
in 1860, with the family of John and Martha RAMSAY. It appears that Martha had a second marriage. Adrianna BLUE (b.1848). Mary E. BLUE (b.1850). John C. BLUE (b.1853). Known as the greatest horse trainer in the world. Died in Denver CO.
References: B460, B638, C567. Mary Jane BLUE (1828-1901), m.1852 John HARRIS (1816-1906). She was probably born in Columbia Co. PA.
John was a son of Martin and Rachael (GIRTON) HARRIS. Mary Jane and John died in Mercer Co. IL. Merwin HARRIS (1854-1856). James B. HARRIS (ca1856-ca1935). Otis Thurlow HARRIS (ca1859-ca1893). Rebecca M. HARRIS (1861-1864). Martha L. HARRIS (1862-1863).* William Blue HARRIS (1867-1926), m.1897 Julia Elizabeth PARK (1873-1911).
References: C567, C1089. John BLUE (1830-1863), m.1858 Martha J. McHARD (b.ca1835). He was born in PA and was living with James
and Sarah SHERIFF in Mercer Co. IL in 1850. She was also born in PA. They were living in Hamlet, Mercer Co. IL
in 1860. Vie BLUE (b.ca1859). Mary Etta BLUE
References: B412, B460, C567. Rebecca Ann BLUE (1834-1900), m.1855 Joseph Carson GILMORE (1819-1908). She was born at Danville,
Columbia Co. PA, and he in New London Twp., Chester Co. PA. They were married at Millersburg, Mercer Co. IL.
He was a son of Ephraim and Catharine (MARSH) GILMORE. Joseph was a teacher and a farmer, and owned 400
acres in Section 35 of Millersburg Twp. They were Presbyterians. They died at Millersburg and are buried at Oak
Ridge Cemetery in Mercer Co. Catharine Marsh GILMORE (b.1856), m.1881 Frank A. LOVE.* Ephraim Ralph GILMORE (1858-1918), m.1885 Anna E. WILLIAMS (d.1898). Filena Jean GILMORE (1860-1904), m.1886 Charles W. DETWILER.* Harriet GILMORE (b.1863), m.1893 Howard STEVENSON. Joseph GILMORE (1868-1879).
References: B833, B844, C567, C638. David BLUE (1836-1909), m.1858 Mary Elenor GUFFY (1838-1911). He was born in Columbia Co. PA and she in
Northumberland Co. PA. They were married, probably, in Mercer Co. IL. She was a daughter of Samuel and Mary
(POLLOCK) GUFFY. In 1850, at the age of 14 years, David left his home in PA to come to Mercer Co. IL to live
with his eldest brother, Peter BLUE. Here he worked on farms, married, raised a family of seven children, and
acquired several tracts of land. In 1881 and 1882 he sold this land and migrated by covered wagon to Perry, Dallas
Co. IA. It is said that the family had their money in gold in a barrel and someone always guarded the barrel
enroute. David purchased a farm in Dallas Co., but made his home in the town of Perry. There he built a livery
stable in 1881 and sold the business in 1885, at which time he retired and managed his farm interests. They both
died at Perry and are buried there at Violet Hill Cemetery.* Ida Belle BLUE (1858-1947), m.1883 W. H. VAN HORNE.* John BLUE (1862-1941), m.1890 Cora Ella MECUM (1863-1957).* Mary Jeannette BLUE (1864-1937), m.1890 William Franz GRAHAM.* Lenora Jane BLUE (1869-1945), m.1891 John Robert DERRY (1869-1947).* Rose BLUE (b.1871), m.1890 Amzi W. GREGG.* Lowell David BLUE (1875-1942), m. Mary ALEXANDER (1876-1955). Viella BLUE (1877-1896). Buried at Violet Hill Cemetery, Dallas Co. IA.
References: B412, B461, B496, B845, C567, C625. Daniel BLUE (1835-1866), m.1860 Harriet OHL (1834-1915). They both were born in PA and he died in Aledo,
Mercer Co. IL. He was working on the farm of Cruser GRAY near Hamlet, Mercer Co. IL in 1860. She was living
with her son, David, in Vigo Co. IN in 1900. Harriet died in Sugar Creek Twp., Vigo Co. IN.* David Frank BLUE (1862-1948), m.1885 Emma COLKET (b.1864).* Lena Elizabeth BLUE (1866-1955), m.1894 Augustus R. MARKLE (1869-1957).
References: A369, A628, B373, B459, C567. William BLUE (1840-1912), m. Ella _____. William BLUE
References: C567. Gilbert BLUE (1842-ca1912), m. Alice J. CORELL (b.ca1845). They both were born in PA. They were living in
Luzerne Co. PA in 1880. He died at Salt Lake City UT. Harry J. BLUE (b.1875). He may have been living in Carroll Co. IA in 1900. Stella E. BLUE (b.1878). David C. BLUE (b.1879). Grace BLUE
References: B495, B667, C567. Phoebe BLUE (1844-1905), m. Charles STARNER. Otis Herbert STARNER George STARNER
References: C567. Elizabeth BLUE (1847-1930), m. William DREISBACH. Harry DREISBACH Elizabeth DREISBACH
References: C567. Robert BLUE (b.1847), m. Susan _____ (b.1846). Twin of Elizabeth. They both were born in PA and were living
in Valley Twp., Montour Co. PA in 1880. By 1900 they had moved to Liberty Twp. Harry BLUE (b.1873). Arthur BLUE (b.1877).
References: B637, B639, C567.

5AV Emily Sartore BLUE (1811-1881), m.1825 John BUTLER (ca1800-1887), merchant of Baltimore MD. She was born at Elkridge Landing MD and he at Baltimore MD. They were married at Baltimore. John was a son of Samuel and Marie Frederica (BROAD) BUTLER of Baltimore. John and Emily moved to Columbus OH ca1835 and lived on Mound St., east of High St. This family is recorded in the Butler family Bible (printed 1819). John and Emily both died in Columbus OH. George W. BUTLER (1826-1903), m.1855 Josephine CHAPMAN. (Child) BUTLER (1827-1827). Eunice BUTLER (1828-1829). Annette BUTLER (1830-1830). John Henry BUTLER (b.1831). Maria Frederica BUTLER (1832-1832). Henry BUTLER (b.1834), m.1859 Hattie SMITH. Charles BUTLER (b.1837), m.1869 Jane TOLAND. Eliza BUTLER (b.1841), m.1865 Edward STABLER. Samuel BUTLER (b.1844), m. _____ REESE. Nathan Rogers BUTLER (b.1846), m. Ella OGBORNE. Albert Numan BUTLER (1853-1855).
References: A286, A354, B2, C11, C68, C406. Amy Blue STOUT (1812-1845), m.1829 James STARRETT (1807-1857). She was born in Tompkins Co. NY and died at Ovid, Seneca Co. NY. She is buried at Gospel Lot Cemetery at Ovid, where her mother is buried. James was a son of Capt. Charles and Rachel (CAYWOOD) STARRETT of Ovid NY. He was born at Ovid. Their children all were born in Seneca Co. NY. Jane S. STARRETT (1829-1915), m.1851 George RUNYAN (1826-1904). George Washington Blue STARETT (1832-1833). Buried at Gospel Lot Cemetery.* Charles STARRETT (1834-1913), m.1859 Elizabeth “Libbie” McALLISTER/McCOLLISTER (d.1900).* Sarah Montgomery STARRETT (b.1836), m.1856 John Sherlock FORD.* Henry Blue STARRETT (1838-1921), m.1870 Hattie J. PAINE/PAYNE (d.1891).* Elizabeth Hunt STARRETT (1841-1909), m.1868 Augustus B. VAN de MARK. William STARRETT (1843-1849). Buried at Gospel Lot Cemetery. Amy S. STARRETT (1845-1857). Buried at Gospel Lot Cemetery.
References: A396, B2, B126, B127, B1219, C23, C368, C785. Abigail STOUT (1814-1888), m. Philip SNOWDEN. Abigail and Philip adopted the youngest child of her sister Jane, Emily STARRETT. Before the Civil War, Philip was a merchant of fine silks and Abigail was a milliner. He had built a mansion in Columbus OH. During the war, Philip’s business failed, he lost the mansion and they left Columbus. The house became the governor’s mansion, then a girl’s school. Today it has been renovated and is the national headquarters of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. The Snowdens moved to Baltimore MD, then to Washington DC, where Philip was a clerk at the Treasury Dept. The name of their child came from the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Franklin Co. OH. Maria I. SNOWDEN (b.ca1838).
References: B1220, B1221, C876, C886. Jane B. STOUT (1819-1859), m.1835 John STARRETT (1810-1859). John is brother of James []. He was born at Ovid, Seneca Co. NY and they were married in that county. John was a son of Capt. Charles and Rachel (CAYWOOD) STARRETT of Ovid NY. They lived in Ovid, Seneca Co. NY through the 1850 census. In 1851 they moved to Franklin Co. OH, where John served as Justice of the Peace. Not finding in their new home a Dutch Reformed Church, they joined the German Reformed Church. They both are buried at Union Cemetery, one half mile west of North Columbus in Franklin Co. Isaac Blue STARRETT (1837-1843). Buried at Ovid Gospel Lot Cemetery.* Robert Montgomery STARRETT (1840-1893), m.1860 Margaret Jane MONTGOMERY (b.1843).* George Washington STARRETT (b.1842), m.1870 Martha J. WHIPP (b.1845).* Mary Weaver STARRETT (b.1844), m.1868 Ebenezer C. ARMSTRONG (b.1842). Delia Jane STARRETT (1846-1868), m.1867 Mahlon HARD. No issue. Isaac STARRETT (1848-1849). Buried at Ovid Gospel Lot Cemetery. John Calvin STARRETT (1850-1855). Olive STARRETT/SNOWDEN (b.1855), m.1873 James H. ARMSTRONG (b.1843). No issue.* Emily STARRETT/SNOWDEN (1859-1943), m.1879 Jermain Gildersleeve PORTER (1852-1933). She was adopted by her Aunt Abigail and Philip SNOWDEN [].
References: B126, B127, B1219, C785, C886. Spencer Washington STOUT (b.1820), m1.1843 Rosanna HART (1819-ca1850), m2.ca1851 Amy (COY) KINGMAN (1827-1915). He was born in Dryden, Tompkins Co. NY, and he married Rosanna at New Haven, Shiawassee Co. MI. She was a daughter of Horace HART. Amy was born in Orleans Co. NY, and they were married in New Haven. She was a daughter of Justus and Elizabeth (CLEMENT) COY. Spencer was a pioneer of Shiawassee Co. MI and in 1839 settled on Section 4 of New Haven Twp. During the years 1843-7 he held civil offices in the township, including Justice and Director of the Poor. In later years he was a blacksmith and farmer.
First marriage: Rosanna STOUT (b.1844 at New Haven, MI). Jane STOUT (b.1845 at New Haven MI).* Edward Alton STOUT (b.1847 at New Haven, MI), m. Bessie Lee _____ (b.1855 Oakland Co. MI). David STOUT (b.1848 at New Haven MI). Jonathan Horace STOUT (b.1850 at Northampton, Saginaw Co. MI).
Second marriage: Elvira "Virey" STOUT (1853-1932), m.1879 Albert DOANE (b.1841). Rosella "Zilly" STOUT (1856-1929), m. Frank CROSBY. No issue.* Spencer Washington STOUT Jr. (1858-1925), m.1883 Jennie TEFFT (1866-1935).* Lorilla Ann "Rilly" STOUT (1862-1936), m.1881 Cal SPERLING (b.1858). Sidney STOUT (1865-1876).* George Edgar STOUT (1868-1950), m.1895 Lovica GOODFELLOW (1875-1948). Rossey STOUT (1870-1879), died in Judsonia, White Co. AR.
References: C23.

5AW James Harvey VOORHEES (1820-1885), m.ca1849 Sarah Ann ROGERS (1829-1925). He was born in Ontario Co. NY and she in Wayne Co. NY. She was a daughter of James W. and Catherine (VAN INWAGEN) ROGERS. He died in Somerset Twp., Hillsdale Co. MI and she died at Addison MI. They are buried at Dibble Cemetery, Wheatland Twp., Hillsdale Co.* Charles Adelbert VOORHEES (1851-1943), m.1869 Ann(a) E. BOLEY (1854-1931). Eugene E. VOORHEES (1852-1853). (Mary?) Jane VOORHEES (b.ca1856).
References: C640.

5AX Esther HOWELL, m. James O. JENNINGS.* Julia JENNINGS, m. Newland C. SAUNDERS.
References: C833. Tunis RAPPLEYE (b.1807), m1. Nancy Marvin RIGGS, m2.1836 Louisa Elizabeth CUTLER (1816-1854), m3. Johanna LAWRENCE, m4. Ann STAPLES. He was born at Ovid, Seneca Co. NY. His second wife, Louisa, was born at Lisle, Broome Co. NY. They were married at Kirtland, Lake Co. OH. Louisa died at Lehi, Utah Co. UT and is buried there. Tunis married Johanna at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co. UT. He married Ann at Kirtland OH. Tunis died at Kanosh, Millard Co. UT and is buried there.
First marriage: No issue.
Second marriage: Emily Jane RAPPLEYE (1836-1837). John Alpheus RAPPLEYE (1838-1839).* Laurette RAPPLEYE (1840-1916), m.1854 George STAPLETON (1834-1890).* Clarissa Cymanthe RAPPLEYE (b.1842), m. John Smylie LOTT (1826-1894).* Ammon Llewellyn RAPPLEYE (1844-1903), m1. Elizabeth Larsen FARR, m2.1866 Anna Sophia LARSEN (1848-1908), m3.1886 Eleanor WOODARD (1840-1933).* David Franklin Marcellus RAPPLEYE (1848-1914), m.1875 Laura Elizabeth MORRIS (1854-1944). Harriet F. Melvina RAPPLEYE (1849-1850).* Ezra Tunis RAPPLEYE (b.1851), m.1871 Jane Lucinda BLACK (1855-1948).* Edwin Richmond RAPPLEYE (1854-1926), m.1876 Alice Jane GROW (1857-1941).
Third marriage: No issue.
Fourth marriage: Josiah RAPPLEYE (b.1864). Laura RAPPLEYE (b.1866). George RAPPLEYE (b.1868).
References: C985. Emeline RAPPLEYE (ca1808-1884), m. Isaac WILCOX (1806-1866). She was born at Ovid, Seneca Co. NY and he was also born in NY. They died at Blissfield, Lenawee Co. MI and are buried there in Wilcox Cemetery. John R. WILCOX (b.1832), m. Tina _____. David WILCOX (b.1834), m. Emeline _____. Jane WILCOX (1835-1844). Ira WILCOX (b.1837), m. Susan E. _____. Peter WILCOX (1838-1838). Margaret WILCOX (b.1839). George WILCOX (b.1842), m. Melinda _____. Sarah WILCOX (b.1845). Franklin WILCOX (b.1847). Mary WILCOX (b.1848). William WILCOX (b.1856).
References: C985. Epnetus RAPPLEYE (b.1810), m. Charles Franklin BOOTH (b.ca1806). They both were born at Ovid, Seneca Co. NY. Charles F. BOOTH (b.1826). Margaret BOOTH (b.1828). John BOOTH (b.1831). Louisa BOOTH (b.1833). George N. BOOTH (b.1834).
References: C985.

5AY Mary RAPPLEYE (1812-ca1851), m.1828 John L./S. KETCHUM (b.1805). She was born at Ovid, Seneca Co. NY and he at Romulus NY. They wee married at Tyrone, Steuben Co. NY. Their last four children were born in Wayne Co. MI. William KETCHUM (b.1829), m. Mary _____. Teressa KETCHUM (b.1831). John R. KETCHUM (b.1833). Emeline KETCHUM (b.1834). Josiah KETCHUM (b.1840). Mary Jane KETCHUM (b.1843). Van Rensellaer KETCHUM (b.1845). George J. KETCHUM (b.1850).
References: C985. Josiah RAPPLEYE (b.ca1818), m. Clarissa WELLS (b.ca1818). He was born at Ovid, Seneca Co. NY, and she at Orange, Schuyler Co. NY. They were married at Orange. Their children were born at Orange. William RAPPLEYE (b.1840).* John R. RAPPLEYE (b.1842), m.1868 Margaret HENDERSON (1841-1891).* Myra Lewisa RAPPLEYE (b.1843), m. Daniel OWEN (b.ca1840).* Emily RAPPLEYE (b.1846), m. James O. SCOTT (b.1838).* Margaret Elizabeth RAPPLEYE (b.1850), m. Nehemiah POWELL (b.1842).* Jackson Henry RAPPLEYE (b.1852), m. Ella E. POTTER (b.1855). Sarah/Francis? RAPPLEYE (b.1854). Charles RAPPLEYE (b.1856). Wellington RAPPLEYE (b.1859).
References: C985. Dinah RAPPLEYE (ca1823-1880+), m1.ca1843 Samuel B. PARKER (ca1817-1847), m2.ca1849 John S. COLVIN (1814-1900). She was born at Tyrone, Steuben Co. NY. Samuel was born at Raisin, Lenawee Co. MI and they were married there. Samuel died at Raisin. John was born at Antrim, Ireland. He died at Deerfield, Lenawee Co. and is buried there. Dinah died at Raisin. Her children were all born at Raisin.
First marriage: Paschal C. PARKER (b.1844), m. Margaret _____. John R. PARKER (b.1845). Jacob W. PARKER (ca1847-bef1850).
Second marriage: Letitia COLVIN (1852-1938), m. John CANNON. Janette COLVIN (1855-1938), m. George CANNON. Ann COLVIN (b.1855). Caroline COLVIN (1863-1915).
References: C985. Almira RAPPLEYE (b.ca1823), m.ca1845 William CRAMER (b.ca1816). She was born at Tyrone, Steuben Co. NY, and he at Hector, Steuben Co. NY. Their children were born at Hector. Mary Ann/Clara A. CRAMER (b.ca1847). Alta CRAMER (b.ca1859).
References: C985. Jane A. RAPPLEYE (b.ca1829), m.ca1847 Joseph ARMSTRONG (b.1825). She was born at Tyrone, Steuben Co. NY, and he was also born in NY. Their children were born at Orange, Schuyler Co. NY. Sarah A. ARMSTRONG (b.1848). Margaret ARMSTRONG (b.1851). Ann ARMSTRONG (b.1857).
References: C985.


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