Generation 6 Part 2

DESCENDANTS of Michael 1.3 Only

6BO Samuel BLUE (1815-1885), m.1841 Abigail “Abbie” HULLIHEN (1815-1874). He was born in Chillisquaque Twp., Northumberland Co. PA, and lived at Danville, Montour Co. PA. She was a daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (FREEZE) HULLIHAN. In 1850 they were running a hotel in Bloom Twp., Columbia Co. PA. By 1860 they were back in Danville and are also listed there in the 1870 census. It has been stated that this Samuel was a son of Isaac and Catherine (Billmeyer) Blue (, however, their Bible record indicates that their Samuel died as an infant. This Samuel’s position as a son of Isaac BLUE [] is confirmed by the Beers history of Columbia and Montour Cos., referenced below. This reference indicates that Samuel was born in Valley Twp. of (then) Columbia Co. and died at Danville PA. He was a house painter by trade and was also employed in public positions. Samuel and Abigail are buried at Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Riverside, Northumberland Co. PA. Mary Emmeline BLUE (1840-1922), m. Charles H. STOES. Isaac Chancey BLUE (ca1844-1849). Buried at Mt. Vernon Cemetery.* Thomas Hullihen BLUE (1847-1911), m.1868 Adelaide W. “Adda” ECKERT (b.1849).* William Donaldson BLUE (1850-1907), m. Lydia L. HAMPTON (1851-1924). Clarence Frisk BLUE (1853-1922).* Horace Case BLUE (1857-1930), m.1884 Estelle “Stella” Scott BEAVER (1864-1957).
References: B588, B636, B637, B826, B1172, B1180, B1182, C624, C667, C669, C670, C671, C837, C877, C883, C1257. Oliver Perry BLUE (b.ca1816), m.1842 Mary RICHEL (b.ca1820). They both were born in PA and were living in Cooper Twp., Montour Co. PA in 1850. By 1860 they had moved to Park Twp., St. Joseph Co. MI and were living there next door to his mother, Charlotte, and brother, Isaac. Oliver was an elder in the Park Presbyterian Church. Mary was a daughter of John and Esther (SWARTZ) RICHEL. Writing on the back of an old photograph says that Mary died on the day that she buried her husband. Martha L. BLUE (b.ca1843). Charlotte BLUE (b.ca1846). Isaac BLUE (b.ca1849). Matilda BLUE (b.ca1851).
References: B638, B1171, C1182, C1257. Isaac C. BLUE (b.1826), m. Margaret _____ (b.ca1829). They both were born in PA and were living on a farm near Danville, Montour Co. PA in 1850. His mother and two sisters were living with them at that time. Alice BLUE (b.ca1852). Adaline BLUE (b.ca1854). Ursula BLUE (b.ca1856). Oliver BLUE (b.ca1857).
References: B638, B1171, C837. Charlotte Emeline BLUE (1830-1890), m. 1852 David E. RICHEL (1824-1902). She was born in PA. They were married at Three Rivers, St. Joseph Co. MI. He was a son of John and Esther (SWARTZ) RICHEL. David m2. Prudia A. _____ (b.1847). David and Charlotte died at Vicksburg, Kalamazoo Co. MI. Lottie Alice RICHEL Clarissa RICHEL (1855-1855).* Horace Stuart RICHEL (1856-1926), m.1891 Alice S. HACH (1870-1937). Clara RICHEL (1859-1859).* Edward I. RICHEL (b.1860), m.1895 Mary Elizabeth BALDWIN (b.1868).
References: B638, C1182, C1257. David P. BLUE (b.1817), m. Barbara _____ (b.1827). They both were born in PA and lived in Limestone Twp., Montour Co. PA in 1880. In 1900 Barbara was living with her son, Michael, in Cleveland Twp., Columbia Co. PA.* Philip F. BLUE (b.1861), m. Agnes _____ (b.1870). George M. BLUE (b.ca1862). Michael BLUE (b.1867). Mathias BLUE (b.ca1870). Ella R. BLUE (b.ca1872). Luzetta BLUE (b.ca1874?).
References: B438, B639, B642, C667. William BLUE (1825-1853), m. Mary E. PURSEL (1828-1869). They both were born in PA and were living in Valley Twp., Montour Co. PA in 1850.* James Strawbridge BLUE (1851-1904), m.1872 Harriet E. EDGAR (1853-1901).
References: B638, C667, C668. Agnes J. BLUE (b.ca1830), m.1850 Charles Perry GEARHART (b.1818). They were both born in PA. She was living in Danville, Montour Co. PA in 1850, just before her marriage. He was a son of Charles and Sarah (EPHLAND) GEARHART. The Gearhart family came from Hunterdon Co. NJ and moved to Northumberland Co. PA between 1785 and 1795. Arthur Clarence GEARHART, unmarried. Amanda GEARHART, m. S. M. OBERDORF.* Edith GEARHART, m. Phillip METTLER. Mary Alice GEARHART, m. E. M. ECKMAN. Gertrude GEARHART, m. G. H. SONNEBORN. Charles P. GEARHART
References: B638, C624.

6BP Joseph BLUE (b.ca1820), m1. Rebecca _____ (ca1825-1846), m2. Martha _____ (b.ca1825). He was born in Ohio Co. VA and Martha was born in OH. Rebecca died in Jefferson Co. OH. He was a plasterer living, unmarried, in Salem Twp., Jefferson Co. OH in 1850. In 1860 he was living in the same township with his second wife. In 1880, Martha was living in Willaville, Columbiana Co. OH with four of her children. Some of their birthdates do not match those derived from the 1860 census. Joseph may have m. Margaret SIMPSON at some time.
First marriage: No known issue.
Second marriage:* James M. BLUE (b.1853), m. Margaret A. _____ (b.1863). Elizabeth BLUE (b.ca1854). William BLUE (b.ca1859). B. Cora BLUE (b.ca1862). Joseph BLUE (b.ca1866).
References: A313, B306, B320, B625, C260, C261, C585. William BLUE (ca1822-ca1904), m.1843 Rachel STONEBRAKER (1825-1911). He was born at Wheeling VA and she in Jefferson Co. OH. They were married in Jefferson Co. OH. Rachel was a daughter of John and Catherine STONEBRAKER. William was an attorney in Steubenville OH. In 1857 they removed to Carroll Co. IL and located on a farm in Cherry Grove Twp. In 1893 they moved to Shannon Co. IL, where William died. Rachel was living there in 1900 with a granddaughter, Nina BLUE (b.1888). They reportedly adopted a daughter, Nina BLUE (b.1869). Mary BLUE (b.1844). Died young of measles. James BLUE (1846-1862). John BLUE (b.1848). Uriah BLUE (1851-1852). William BLUE Jr. (1854-ca1871). Martha BLUE (1855-ca1860). Age 2 in 1860 census.* Joseph Buchanan BLUE (1856-1930), m.1885 Sophronia MARTS (1858-1937). Howard BLUE, died age three. Cora BLUE (b.1863). Clair BLUE (b.1864).* Frank BLUE (1867-1903), m. Emma _____ (b.1874). Baby (1867-1870).
References: B435, B436, C260, C261. Uriah T. BLUE (1829-1905), m. Rosann ROGERS (b.1830). They both were born in OH and lived in Island Creek Twp., Jefferson Co. OH in 1860-1900. In 1860 Uriah is described as a farmer with land valued at $400. In 1870 he is living in Steubenville with land valued at $2500. His occupation then was “plasterer”. Ermina BLUE (b.ca1856). Edward Leander BLUE (b.ca1858), m. Ray _____ (b.1864). Clarence BLUE (b.ca1872).
References: B320, B321, B322, B695, C585, C756. William Haynes BLUE (1813-1898), m1.1835 Mary HARRIS (ca1815-1859), m2.1866 Elizabeth HOLLIDAY (b.1826). He was born in Ross Co. OH and when he was 12 years old he moved with his father and step-mother to a farm in Knox Co. OH near the village of Bladensburg. William worked on the farm in the summer and attended school in the winter. When he was 19 years old he was engaged as an apprentice to learn the tanner's trade. At 21 years of age he went to work for John Stevens, a wealthy farmer and saw mill man. He managed Mr. Stevens saw mill and farm and saved enough money to buy his own farm. He married Mary, daughter of Elijah HARRIS, in Knox Co. OH. William built a mill, which he operated until he moved his family in a covered wagon to Greene Co. IN, after 1855, where they lived on a farm. Mary is buried in Antioch Cemetery, Green Co. IN. William married his second wife, Elizabeth, in in Greene Co., and they lived in Merom Twp., Sullivan Co. IN. He is buried in the Merom Cemetery. Elizabeth was living alone in Gill Twp. of Sullivan Co. in 1900. It is possible that he also m.1861 Lucy BEHIMER in Greene Co.* Thurza BLUE (1837-1887), m.1858 Jared Cone LARR (b.ca1834).* Mary Ann BLUE (1841-1874), m.1859 David W. LARR.* Elijah T. BLUE (1842-1926), m.1880 Mary J. KOHLER (b.1846). Daniel M. BLUE (1847-1900). Never married.* Perry Harris BLUE (1851-1915), m.1890 Lulu I. THOMPSON (b.1862).* Martha Jane BLUE (1856-1939), m.1876 Elvis McKENZIE.* Laura Ella BLUE (1859-1902), m.1883 B. D. "Bide" JOHNSON.
References: A369, B186, B326, B388, B389, C8, C260, C261, C945.

6BQ James BLUE (1817-1891), m.1842 Elizabeth PIGMAN (b.ca1824). He was born in Ohio Co. VA. James and his wife lived near East Union in Coshocton Co. OH, near the New Guilford Cemetery. After 1874 they moved with their children, Cyrus (and his wife), Ann (and her husband) and Florence to TN. After staying there for two or three years, they moved to IA in a covered wagon, drawn by a yoke of oxen. They were living in Ladora, Iowa Co. IA in 1880, lending some uncertainty to his death date of 1877. He was a shoemaker at that time. James and Elizabeth are buried in the Victor Cemetery at Ladora, Iowa Co. IA.* Ann Rebecca BLUE (1845-1914), m. Mahlon McARTOR (1842-1926).* Theresa BLUE (1846-1872), m.1865 Andrew ELLIOTT (1842-1914).* Cyrus BLUE (1848-1891), m.1874 Sarah Maria McKEE (b.ca1855).* Florence BLUE (ca1858-ca1880), m.1876 George THOMAS (d.1917).
References: A1128, B81, B490, B624, C8, C260, C261, C276, C945, C1386. Daniel BLUE (1822-1885), m1.1844 Rachel COCHRAN (1825-1846), m2.1847 Clarissa PIERSON (1825-1890). He is said to have been born in Fairfield Co. or Knox Co. OH (his death certificate says Belmont Co. OH in 1823). He married Rachel in Coshocton Co. OH. Daniel and Clarissa were living in Perry Twp., Coshocton Co. OH in 1850 and 1860. He died in Perry Twp. Clarissa was a daughter of Jacob and Mary (WADE) PIERSON. Daniel and his two wives are buried at New Guilford Cemetery, Perry Twp., Coshocton Co.
First marriage: Rachel BLUE (1846-1920), m. Dr. MAKEMSON.
Second marriage: Maria Sarah BLUE (1848-1937), m. John BARRETT. No issue. She was born in OH.* Wilbur Fisk BLUE (1850-1937), m.1888 Margaret Jane RINEHART (1860-1924).* Harriett BLUE (1851-1944), m.1869 Samuel FARQUHAR.* Thomas Melville BLUE (1852-1934), m.1881 Anna Elizabeth GORTON (1863-1932).* Adeline BLUE (1853-1929), m.1876 Thomas R. NELDON.* Clifford BLUE (1854-1938), m.1876 Candace Leuna BLUE (1856-1926)(* Laura BLUE (1855-1944), m.1885 Calvin ZEIGLER (b.1851).* Leroy BLUE (1857-1933), m.1877 Nancy NELDON.* Mary BLUE (1859-1944), m.1881 John S. MARSH.* Anna Augusta BLUE (1860-1945), m.1882 John Elliott Andrews MIX (1856-1921).* Mina Belle BLUE (1862-1960), m.1894 William Henry BRICKER (1845-1932). Charles Summer BLUE (1863-1945). Never married.* Alice BLUE (1864-1951), m.1882 Charles CULLISON (d.1913). Maggie Adelia "Della" BLUE (1867-1925), m.1890 Dr. Horace Greeley BOYNTON/BAYTON. No issue. Erwin BLUE (1869-1869). Herbert BLUE (1871-1871).
References: A398, A1128, B81, B624, B1656, C8, C260, C261, C276, C477, C945. Peter BLUE (1825-1868), m.1849 Mary McCEMMENT (1829-1893). He was born in Fairfield Co. OH and they were married in Knox Co. OH. She was born in OH. Peter was buried at East Union Cemetery, Coshocton Co. OH. They lived in Jackson Twp. of Knox Co. in 1850 and 1860. After his death, Mary moved her family to Bladenburg, Butler Twp. of Knox Co., where they were living in 1870.* Laura Jane BLUE (1850-1893), m.1869 William Franklin GIFFIN (1846-1896). Henrietta Eve BLUE (1851-1879). Never married. Martha Ellen BLUE (1854-1886). Never married. Eboline Alice BLUE (1855-1865). Never married. Susan Marinda BLUE (1858-1942). Never married.* Wilbur Monroe BLUE (1859-1950), m.1888 Susan MORNINGSTAR (1855-1930).* James Orlando BLUE (1861-1960), m.1897 Effie Viola PHILLIPS. Emma Belle BLUE (1863-1932), m1. Will G. EDMISTON (1861-1898), m2. Edmund Cohen HOWELL (1845-1927).* Maggie Lula BLUE (1868-1955), m. Douglas WILSON.
References: B323, B324, B326, B1656, B1670, C8, C260, C261, C276, C945. Mary Ann BLUE (b.1827), m.1 Daniel SAUSERMAN, m2. _____ WEEKS. She was born in Jackson Twp., Knox Co. OH. She left her first husband and moved to CA, where she married her second husband. Daniel SAUSERMAN
References: C260, C261, C276.

6BR Uriah BLUE (1830-1906), m.1855 Margaret HOLTZ (1834-1885). He was born in Jackson Twp., Knox Co. OH, and they were married in Knox Co. She also was born in OH. They lived in Jackson Twp. of Knox Co. in 1860-1880. In 1900 Uriah was living in that same township with his son Elmore. They are buried in the East Union Cemetery (aka New Guilford Cemetery), Coshocton Co. OH.* Candace Leuna BLUE (1856-1926), m.1876 Clifford BLUE (1854-1938)( Susan Viola BLUE (1859-1862).* Alonzo BLUE (1860-1938), m1.1884 Laura TAYLOR, m2.1912 Harriett Amy SHEASBY, m3. Maggie BERGER. Malicia BLUE (1860-1860), twin of Alonzo. Ida May BLUE (1861-1891).* Retta BLUE (1862-1934), m. P. Warden HALL (1859-1952). Mace BLUE (1864-1900), m. John Barm RUSSELL (1869-1921). They had a child who died in infancy.. Martin Luther BLUE (1866-1867). Elmer E. BLUE (1869-1958), m.1895 Mattie A. NELDEN (1876-1966).* Mina Adella BLUE (1871-1935), m. Jay Delbert REED (1875-1958). Eva Ellen BLUE (b.1873).* Harriett E. "Hattie" BLUE (1876-1972), m1. William M. KEMMER (1872-1928), m2. Parker J. MAVIS (1872-1950).
References: A483, A492, A1128, B323, B324, B325, B1656, C260, C261, C276, C945. Hamilton BLUE (1833-1906), m.1857 Adeline WHITMORE (1838-1897). He was born in Jackson Twp. and she in Harrison Twp., Knox Co. OH. They were married in Harrison Twp. She was a daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (BURKHOLDER) WHITMORE. Hamilton took his wife to live on part of the Blue land in Jackson Twp., a half mile from the home of his father, Daniel, and mother Eve. They lived there until after the death of Daniel in 1864, when they moved into the main (brick) house with his mother, Eve. Hamilton continued to increase his land until he had a farm of 400 acres. As his sons grew old enough to help him, he invested in sheep and a dairy. As each son married, he received a house and continued to help farm cooperatively. In the early 1870's Hamilton built a large bank barn. He owned a grist mill, and he and his sons operated at threshing machine. One of the last projects of father and sons was the development of peach orchards.
It appears that Hamilton was strongly opposed to the Civil War, or at least to participating on the side of the Union, for he named a child after the leader of the Copperhead movement, Clement Laird VALLANDINGHAM.
In the 1890's, son Wellington and his family moved to MI. Before Hamilton's death, the land was divided among the three sons who were still living on the land. The daughters and son in MI sold their share in the land and divided the money. Hamilton and Adeline are buried in Bladensburg Cemetery, Knox Co. OH. Willis Osten BLUE (1859-1909), m.1882 Ella Harriett ANDERSON (1861-1913). No issue.* Wellington Ellsworth BLUE (1861-1946), m.1883 Annette Bertha "Nettie" BAILEY (1859-1917).* Clement Laird Vallandingham BLUE (1863-1942), m1.1888 Josephine “Jossie” HORN (1866-1919), m2.1919 Ella (HORN) HARRIS (1870-1948).* Cora Estella BLUE (1865-1951), m.1887 George STAMM (1858-1946).* Wayne Osby (aka Oswald) BLUE (1868-1931), m.1898 Dora May ELEY (1872-1956).* Nina Azalia BLUE (1874-1933), m.1903 Charles William EALY (1872-1965).* Daisy Victoria BLUE (1876-1949), m.1899 James Edward MARTIN (1870-1945).
References: A492, B323, B324, B325, C260, C261, C945, C982. Marinda BLUE (1835-1927), m.1857 John Calvin UNDERWOOD (1833-1901). She was born in Jackson Twp., Knox Co. OH, and he was born in PA. After the birth of their children, they moved to MO and were living in Sullivan Co. MO in 1880 and 1900. They died at Milan, Sullivan Co. MO. They are buried in MO. Ref. C260 says that one of their children was called “Mina”. Vialdia V. UNDERWOOD (1857-1878). (Son) UNDERWOOD (1857-1857). Columbus D. UNDERWOOD (1861-1862).* Howard Belmont UNDERWOOD (1863-1932), m.1885 Mary Belle KELLY (1869-1899), m2.1899 Lovey G. HENSLEY. Isola E. UNDERWOOD (1866-1928). Never married.* Vileta O. UNDERWOOD (b.1871), m. R. A. PAGE.
References: B1177, C260, C261, C849. William McIntire BLUE (1819-ca1886), m.1841 Narcissa Euphronia DAVIS (b.1822). They both were born in OH and were married in Champaign Co. OH. In 1850 they lived in Goshen Twp., Champaign Co. They also lived in Warsaw, IN, Radnor Twp. (1860) and Chillicothe, Peoria Co. IL, and in Livingston Co. MO. Melinda Jane BLUE (b.1841). Born in Champaign Co. OH.* James William Washington Rosecrans BLUE (1844-1917), m1. Rachel Ann HUMPHREY (b.ca1855), m2. Letitia (SHOEMAKER) BARKLEY.* John Oceander BLUE (1847-1918), m. Emma ROSS.* Alice Carrie BLUE (b.1850), m. Allen PEPLETT.* Lelah/Leslie Ann BLUE (b.1851), m. James THOMPSON. Emma/Emily Jane BLUE (b.1854), m. James BROMLOW. She was born at Warsaw IN. Arthur Wellington BLUE (1857-ca1879), never married. Born at Warsaw IN. Charles F. BLUE (b.ca1859). Listed in 1860 census.* Benjamin Franklin BLUE (b.1860), m. Della ROSS.
References: A294, B80, B194, B441, C219, C260, C261.

6BS John Kirk BLUE (ca1824-1894), m.1847 Phoebe Jane ALLISON (1829-1911). John was a carpenter, born in Ross Co. OH. Phoebe was born at Mt. Vernon VA. They probably were married in Champaign Co. OH and were living in Goshun Twp. of that county in 1850 (license was granted 1 Oct 1847 in Champaign Co., but no return was filed). She was a daughter of John Bryan and Sarah T. ALLISON, with whom their son Emory was living with in Wayne Twp. of Kosciusko Co. IN in 1860. In 1870 John and Phoebe lived in Wayne Twp. and in 1900 Phoebe was living alone in that township. Her son Adolphus and family were also living in that Twp. in 1900. John died in Kosciusko Co. and Phoebe died at the county infirmary in Wayne Twp., Kosciusko Co.* Emory Allison BLUE (1849-1902), m.1883 Hannah Sophia “Mary” BORSUM (1863-1941).* Adolphus E. BLUE (1852-1930), m.1876 Amanda NEAR (b.1862). Almeda BLUE (b.ca1861), m.1879 William H. SHORBE in Kosciusko Co. IN. Annie May BLUE (b.ca1866), m.1882 Thomas Wesley BRANDON in Kosciusko Co. IN.
References: A294, A369, A374, A472, A812, B80, B745, C880. James BLUE (b.ca1825), m.1846 Adaline HELMER (b.ca1828). They were both born in OH and were married in Champaign Co. OH. They were living in Goshen Twp., Champaign Co. in 1850 and 1860. James was a farmer. Their marriage record indicates that they were members of the Regular Baptist Church. Herbert L. BLUE (b.ca1848). Mary E. BLUE (b.ca1850). Ann J. BLUE (b.ca1855).
References: A294, B80, B300. Robert WHITE (b.1823), m.1849 Mary Jean GARVIN. He was born in Ohio Co. VA. James LeRoy WHITE (b.1851). Alice WHITE (1853-1899), m. _____ FRAZIER. Homer WHITE (1855-1856). Mary Bell WHITE (b.1858), m. _____ SNEDECKER. Waitman Willie WHITE (b.1861).
References: C260, C261. William WHITE (1826-1919), m.1879 Mary E. MONTGOMERY. He was born in Ohio Co. VA. Oma WHITE (b.1877), m. _____ BONAR. Dwight L. WHITE (1880-1965).
References: C260, C261. Joseph WHITE (b.1829), m.1861 Josephine MARSH. He was born in Ohio Co. VA and died in Jefferson Co. OH. Kirk WHITE Charles WHITE James WHITE William WHITE Clyde WHITE
References: C260, C261. Caroline WHITE (1830-1901), m.1857 William B. CARNAHAN. She was born in Ohio Co. VA. Olive Jane CARNAHAN (b.1858), m. _____ SIMPSON. Homer Clark CARNAHAN (b.1860). Mary Rebecca CARNAHAN (b.1861), m. _____ BROWNER. William Bernard CARNAHAN (b.1863). Harry CARNAHAN (1865-1892). Caroline Virginia CARNAHAN (b.1866). James CARNAHAN (1868-1868). Edward Stuart CARNAHAN (b.1869). Albert Owen CARNAHAN (b.1873). Lottie CARNAHAN (d.1892), m. _____ WILSON.
References: C260, C261. Emaline WHITE (1833-1879), m.1863 Melvin RICHARDS. She was born in Ohio Co. VA. Olive RICHARDS (1866-1887). Wilma R. RICHARDS (1868-1876).
References: C260, C261. James WHITE (1835-1859), m. Ella FORD. He was born in Ohio Co. VA. Caroline WHITE John Greenleaf Whittier WHITE Joseph Ford WHITE Lucy WHITE Charles WHITE. Died in infancy. Hester Clara WHITE, m. Mervan PURD. Marion Marsh WHITE James Allen WHITE
References: C260, C261. Cyrus H. BLUE (b.ca1823), m. Liney? _____ (b.ca1824). They both were born in OH and moved to IL in the late 1840’s. They lived in Peoria IL in 1850, then moved to Hallock Twp. of Peoria Co. by 1860. Matilda BLUE (b.ca1846). Margaret Olive BLUE (b.ca1849). Mary E. BLUE (b.ca1852). Nancy J. BLUE (b.ca1854).
References: B441, B442. William BLUE (b.1827), m. Rebecca _____ (b.1834). They both were born in OH and lived in Akron Twp. of Peoria Co. IL, 1860-1900. Helen BLUE (b.ca1855). Rosella BLUE (b.ca1857). Virginia BLUE (b.ca1859). Blanche BLUE (b.ca1863). Tillie BLUE (b.ca1866). Katie BLUE (b.ca1868). Harris J. W. A. BLUE (b.1872). Nettie BLUE (b.ca1875).
References: B441, B442, B443, B444.

6BT William Howard/Hampton BLUE (1850-1917), m.1875 Caroline "Carrie" BORKERT (1853-1929). He was born in Champaign Co. OH and she in Kosciusko Co. IN. They were married in Kosciusko Co. She was a daughter of Daniel M. and Mariah (HUFFER) BORKERT. William died in Champaign Co. OH. Carrie m2. before 1900 John F. RINGGENBERG (1854-1925), and they were living in Harrison Twp., Kosciusko Co. IN in 1900. John died in IN, and Carrie died at Tyner, Marshall Co. IN. Percival BLUE* Lafayette Pleasington BLUE (1877-1941), m.1902 Leota Grace PIFFHER (1884-1934).
References: C1437. Ellis Dow BLUE (1857-1935), m.1885 Martha Jane “Jennie” EIKENBERRY (b.1869). They both were born in IA. They were married in Lucas Co. IA and he is buried there in Derby Cemetery. They were living in Warren Twp., Lucas Co. in 1900.* Adah BLUE (b.1888), m. Lora SMITH.* Benjamin F. BLUE (1890-ca1993), m.1915 Ora TAYLOR (d.1966). Odessa BLUE (b.1893), m. Ira STRAIN. No issue. Margaret BLUE (b.1895). Lived in Woodland CA. Emma BLUE (b.1898), m. Floyd BURLEY.* William R. BLUE (b.1903), m.1925 Pauline PEARSON. Edward J. BLUE (b.1909), m. Helen BROWN. Lives in San Jose CA.
References: B500, C586, B1703. James E. BLUE (1865-1928), m.1890 Eugenia CHAMBERS. They were married in Moscow ID. He died in Medford OR. Leonard BLUE Archibald BLUE Laura BLUE Asa BLUE
References: C586.

6BU Mary CYRUS (1809-1869), m.ca1826 Rev. Marion Peyton NEWMAN (1800-1842). She was born in Cabell Co. WV and he in Stokes Co. NC. They were married in Cabell Co. He was a son of Rev. Peyton and Rebecca (REYNOLDS) NEWMAN. Marion Peyton was a Baptist preacher, however, family stories indicate that he may have had no formal theological training. He purchased land on Big Sandy River in 1826. He sold land in Cabell Co. in 1841. He died in the Butler District of Wayne Co. VA(WV) and she died at Gragston’s Creek in Wayne Co. They are buried at the Cyrus-Hatten Cemetery in Wayne Co.* Preston H. NEWMAN (ca1827-1914), m.ca1850 Martha A. WALKER (b.ca1833).* Arrena NEWMAN (ca1832-1909+), m.ca1850 Andrew Jackson CYRUS (1829-1919) []. Lavinia NEWMAN (b.ca1833).* Montague NEWMAN (1835-1928), m.ca1863 Martha E. SMITH (1842-1924).* Emeline NEWMAN (b.1836), m1.1854 Milo S. HATTEN (ca1829-1907), m2.1887 Jess FARLEY (b.ca1833). Virginia NEWMAN (b.ca1839).* Rebecca A. NEWMAN (1841-1913), m.1860 Mathew THACKER (1839-1902).
References: A676, A861, B1152, B1153, B1154, C816, C983, C986. Jesse CYRUS (1811-1901), m1?. Nancy LOAR, m2.1831 Sarah WHITE (b.1810). He was born in Cabell Co. VA(WV). It is not known if he was legally married to Nancy. He married Sarah in Lawrence Co. KY. She was a daughter of Solomon and Barbara WHITE. Jesse settled on the west side of the Big Sandy River in Durban Creek, Lawrence Co. KY, an area that became part of Boyd Co. KY in 1860. He was a farmer. Jesse served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War as a private in Co. D, 16th Virginia Regt. Jesse and Sarah are buried at the Cyrus Cemetery in Lawrence Co.
First marriage: Andrew Jackson CYRUS (1829-1919), m.ca1850 Arrena NEWMAN (ca1832-1909+) []. Their family is listed under her number in the 7th generation section.
Second marriage:* Barbara CYRUS (b.ca1832), m.1852 Elijah Greene NORMAN.* Julia Ann CYRUS (b.ca1834), m.1859 Stephen STROTHER. Sarah CYRUS (b.ca1836).* Louana "Louary" CYRUS (1840-1916), m.1862 James Henry LAMBERT (b.1841).* Samuel CYRUS (1841-1907), m1.1868 Margaret Ann "Annie" LAKIN (b.1846), m2.1883 Lucretia RUTHERFORD.* Susanne CYRUS (b.ca1844), m.1866 David Henson “Hence” CHADWICK (1834-1907). Elizabeth CYRUS (b.1848), m. Hiram Thomas CHADWICK Jr (1844-1921).* Helen CYRUS (b.1850), m. _____ _____.* Martha CYRUS (1854-1910), m.1896 George Washington MOORE (1846-1928).* Margaret CYRUS (b.ca1855), m. John RIDDLE (b.1847).
References: A862, B1155, C816, C983. Elizabeth CYRUS (1815-1893), m. Daniel DAVIS (1808-1875). She was born in Cabell Co. VA(WV). He was a son of Benjamin and Sarah (GILKERSON) DAVIS. They both died in Wayne Co. WV and are buried at Bowen Cemetery in that county.* Alvin DAVIS (1834-1906), m.1856 Adeline MIDKIFF (1838-1919). Waterman DAVIS (1835-1866). Sarah DAVIS (1838-1907), m. David BIAS.* Abraham DAVIS (1841-1878), m1. Columbia L. MANSFIELD (1851-1941), m2. Abigail SPURLOCK. Sophia DAVIS (1844-1933), m. William E. RAY. Frances DAVIS (1848-1876), m. Noah BOWEN (b.1843).
References: C816, C983. Abraham CYRUS Jr. (1818-1903), m1.ca1856 Phoebe HATTEN (1841-1871), m2.1874 Laura Elizabeth WILLIAMS (1846-1890). He and Phoebe were born in Cabell Co. VA(WV). They were married in Wayne Co. VA(WV). They lived in Wayne Co. and she died there. She is buried at the New Cyrus Cemetery in Wayne Co. Abraham then married Laura in Wayne Co. Laura and Abraham both died in Wayne Co. and are buried at the New Cyrus Cemetery. Abraham’s will was written 9 Dec 1902 and is on file in Wayne Co. WV. He left a considerable amount of land to his children.
First marriage:* James B. CYRUS (b.ca1856), m.1873 Pamelia BRADY (b.ca1853). Shelby D. CYRUS (1860-1891). Arthur W. CYRUS (1862-1892). Abraham J. CYRUS (1863-1890).* Georgia CYRUS (1867-1955), m1.1886 John Allen BARTRAM (1851-1910) [], divorced, m2.1903+ George CYRUS.* Perry J. CYRUS (1870-1898), m.1893 Leah DROWN (1867-1966).
Second marriage: Ruth CYRUS (1875-1875). Frederick CYRUS (1876-1918), m.1897 Fannie A. PYLES (1876-1969). Sallie CYRUS (1878-1892).* Herndon CYRUS (1879-1931), m.1903 Jennie PILES (1878-1970).* Mary CYRUS (1882-1964), m. John Malcolm MOORE (1864-1956).* Gertrude CYRUS (1885-1964), m. Otto HUMPHRIES. Otho CYRUS (1890-1891).
References: A860, A861, A862, B1152, B1153, C816, C832, C983. Joshua CYRUS (1820-1883), m.ca1849 Elizabeth RUTHERFORD (b.ca1830). He was born in Cabell Co. VA(WV) and they were married there. She was a daughter of Spencer RUTHERFORD. Joshua died in Wayne Co. WV and is buried at the Joshua Cyrus Cemetery in that county. Sarah A. CYRUS (b.ca1849). Eliza J. CYRUS (b.ca1850), m.1868 William BOYD. Anthony H. CYRUS (b.1853).* Francis Marion CYRUS (1855-1932), m.1881 Alice Gertrude HATTEN (1863-1934). Lucy CYRUS (b.1857). (Child) CYRUS (1860-1860). Sherman CYRUS (b.1867).* Oliver Hazard Perry CYRUS (1869-1944), m.1891 Iona Elizabeth BRUMFIELD (1876-1959). Joshua B. CYRUS (1872-1876).
References: A860, A861, A862, C816, C983.

6BV Sarah Ann CYRUS (1823-1905), m.1840 Samuel Carpenter HATTEN (1816-1901). They both were born in Cabell Co. VA(WV). They were married in Lawrence Co. KY. He was a son of Phillip and Jane (CARTMILL) HATTEN. He was a farmer in Wayne Co. They later moved to MO. Sarah and Samuel died at Bethany, Harrison Co. MO. They are buried at Morris Chapel Cemetery at Bethany.* Frances Cyrus HATTEN (1841-1927), m.1864 Samuel Warren HATTEN (1836-1918). Melissa HATTEN (1843-1884), m.1867 Joseph BANCROFT.* Jasper Charles HATTEN (1845-1929), m.1863 Lucy Biggs VIERS (b.1845).* James Doliver HATTEN (1848-1919), m1.1872 Hannah Marie HARRIS, m2.1885 Hattie WOOD, m3.1892 Elizabeth CARR. Martha Ann HATTEN (1852-1934), m.1874 John BAISDEN (b.ca1844).* Albert Laidley HATTEN (1854-1930), m1.1875 Lucinda DALE, m2.1890/1900 Hattie WOOD/O’SHEA?.* David Kemper HATTEN (1858-1928), m.1878 Ann DALE. Louisa Jane HATTEN (1861-1920), m.1881 Elihu COLLINS. Addie HATTEN (1867-1944), m1.1885 Joseph BANCROFT, m2.1896 Thomas McCAVE. Minnie Grant HATTEN (1870-1953), m.1892 Charles MILLIGAN. Isabella HATTEN (1871-1871). C1022 gives dates (1856-1857).
References: B1152, B1153, C816, C983, C1022. Frances F. CYRUS (b.1825), m. Benjamin DAVIS Jr. She was born in Cabell Co. VA(WV). He was a son of Benjamin and Sarah (GILKERSON) DAVIS. Abraham DAVIS Francis M. DAVIS (b.1844). Amos L. DAVIS (b.1846), m.1867 July Ann KITTS. Columbus DAVIS (b.1848), m. Barbara Ann BLANKENSHIP. Parrasade DAVIS (b.1851), m. Stephen F. STRAUTER (b.1840). Roswell DAVIS (b.1855), m. Amanda FRASHER. Oliver DAVIS (b.1857), m1.1878 Mary SHANNON, m2. Alice SPENCER. Benjamin DAVIS (b.1860), m. Ella GILKERSON. Gertrude DAVIS, m.1885 James A. SHINGLETON (b.ca1855).
References: C816, C983. Roswell Franklin CYRUS (1829-1904), m1?. Anna RUTHERFORD, m2.1869 Caroline LOCKWOOD (1842-1876), m3.1894 Lexie LAMBERT. He was born in Cabell Co. VA(WV) and Caroline was born in Lockwood in what later became Boyd Co. KY. They were married at Lockwood. They lived at Lockwood KY, then at White’s Creek, Wayne Co. WV. She died at Lockwood and is buried at the Lockwood Cemetery. He married Lexie in Wayne Co. WV. Roswell died at White’s Creek and is buried at the Cyrus Cemetery in Wayne Co. WV.
First marriage?: Sarah Frances CYRUS (1863-1943), m. Floyd STALEY, divorced.
Second marriage: Leona CYRUS (1870-1950), m.1899 George Washington RIGGS.* William Franklin CYRUS (1872-1953), m.1900 Minnie May PYLES (1879-1960). Carnahan CYRUS (1873-1873).* Carnahan "Doc" CYRUS (1874-1924), m. Minnie WARD (1872-1961).* Bernard B. CYRUS (1876-1956), m.1908 Helena Augusta MALCOLM (1874-1958).
Third marriage: No issue.
References: B1152, B1153, C816, C983, C986.

6BW Eliza Jane BLUE (1823-1887), m.1841 Noah BERRY (b.ca1817). They were born in OH and were married in Champaign Co. OH. Noah was a farmer in Mad River Twp., Champaign Co. in 1850. Noah was mentioned in Eliza Jane's grandfather's will. Larina BERRY (b.ca1847).
References: A291, A294, B80. Samuel BLUE (1825-1862), m.1846 Nancy BROWN (ca1827-1871). Samuel and Nancy were both born in OH and were living in Mad River Twp., Champaign Co. OH in 1850. Upon the death of his father, he received an undivided moity, with his uncle Richard, in his grandfather's land on Section 21 in Mad River Twp. When Richard died in 1863, he bequeathed his moity to Samuel, which gave Samuel full title to the land. Samuel fought in the Civil War and may have been KIA in the war.. An administrator for his estate was appointed in Champaign Co. OH on 5 Jan 1863. Samuel and Nancy are buried at Terre Haute Cemetery in Mad River Twp. Their marriage record in Champaign Co. indicates that they were members of the Regular Baptist Church. Nancy was living with her children in Mad River Twp. in 1870. Sarah E. BLUE (b.ca1849). Married but no issue. Andrew J. BLUE (1851-1928). Married but no issue. Mahala BLUE (b.1854), m.1877 James KESLER. No issue.* Abijah BLUE (1856-1923), m.1886 Eva HUNTER (1856-1932).
References: A294, A312, A453, A633, B80, B300, B301, B772, C262, C279. Nelson Raper BLUE (1829-1898), m.1853 Mary Margaret SHAFER (1837-1899). He was born in Mad River Twp., Champaign Co. OH and they were married in Champaign Co. Mary was born in VA and came with her parents "in early life" to Champaign Co. C271 says that Nelson owned a farm of 160 acres in Mad River Twp. Land records show that between 1851 and 1863 Nelson R. Blue acquired the 80 acres owned by his father in Section 32 of Mad River Twp. by means of quit claim deeds from his brothers and sisters. He later (1872) acqired an interest in land in Section 33. Nelson fought in the Civil War, Co I 134th OVI, and was an advocate of the principles of the Republican Party. In 1854 he signed the guardianship bond for his brother, David, and sister, Sarah. Upon the death of his brother, Samuel, Nelson served as guardian for Samuel's four children. Nelson and Mary are buried at Terre Haute Cemetery in Mad River Twp.* Nancy Ann BLUE (1854-1893), m.1878 Silas JENKINS. Winfield BLUE (b.ca1857), died in infancy.* James Irvin BLUE (1860-1926), m.1887 Ida Ellen NITCHMAN (1868-1929).* David BLUE (1862-1936), m.1885 Ella GABRIEL (b.1866). Rosetta E. BLUE (1867-1941), m.1887 Wilson LEONARD. No issue.* Mary Ella BLUE (1869-1957), m.1888 Ezra Douglas LUTZ.
References: A292, A294, A312, A453, A496, A511, B300, B301, B303, B772, B1567, C262, C271, C279.

6BX James T. BARTRAM (1813-1883), m. Jane Gay FRASHER (1809-1907). He was born in Cabell Co. VA (WV) and she was born in KY. She was a daughter of William and Sarah Frances (WEBB) FRASHER. They both died at Catlettsburg, Boyd Co. KY and are buried there. William Henry BARTRAM (1834-1912), m.1858 Minerva RATCLIFF (b.1837). John Allen BARTRAM (1851-1910), m.1886 Georgia CYRUS (1867-1955) []. Their children are listed under her number in the 7th generation section. Lindsey Maynard BARTRAM (1858-ca1919), m.1885 Ceres STURGELL (b.1870).
References: C832, C983. William BARTRAM (1816-1877), m1.1836 Laurana "Raney" WELLMAN (1821-1871), m2.ca1872 Susanna (BAKER) WALKER (1836/7-1915). He was born in Cabell Co. VA(WV) and Raney was born in Lawrence Co. KY. They were married in Lawrence Co. She was a daughter of John and Nancy (WEBB) WELLMAN. Raney died at Ft. Gay, Wayne Co. WV and is buried at High Street Cemetery in Ft. Gay. Susanna was born in KY. She died at Huntington, Cabell Co. WV and is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Ft. Gay.
First marriage:* David BARTRAM (b.1836), m.1858 Elizabeth Jane RATCLIFF (b.ca1842). John BARTRAM (1839-1910), m.1862 Mary Stafford WELLMAN (1842-1928). James BARTRAM (b.1841), m1.1859 Mary Elizabeth PAULEY (b.ca1844), m2.1871 Julia BURGESS.* Perlina J. BARTRAM (1842-ca1892), m.1858 William PAULEY (1840-1872). Nancy J. BARTRAM (b.1846), m.ca1869 B. K. "King" DAWSON (1846-1921). Robert Samuel BARTRAM (1847-1916), m.ca1868 Mary Cynthia SCISSON (1852-1940). William Callahan BARTRAM (1850-1923), m.1869 Sarah Elizabeth THOMPSON (1850-1944). Elisha Wellman BARTRAM (1852-1919), m.1874 Martha Jane ROBINSON (1858-1933). Mary Elizabeth BARTRAM (1855-1933), m.1871 Felix G. WILSON (b.ca1851). George Washington BARTRAM (1857-1915), m.1881 Julia Margaret SEE (1863-1939). Jeremiah Lincoln BARTRAM (1863-1933), m.1883 Alwilda Paralee SEE (1860-1935).
Second marriage: William Sherman BARTRAM (b.1872), m1.1899 Nettie LETT (1880-1913), m2.1914 Elizabeth (PILES) SMITH (1891-1980). Rebecca BARTRAM (1874-ca1950), m.1894 Joseph Martin YORK (1874-1943).
References: C983, C986. Perlina Alafair BARTRAM (1818-1853), m.1833 Samuel FRASHER (1812-1892). She was born in Cabell Co. VA(WV). They were married in Lawrence Co. KY. He was a son of William and Sarah Frances (WEBB) FRASHER. Perlina died at Clifford, Lawrence Co. KY. Minerva FRASHER (ca1834-ca1892). John FRASHER (ca1836-bef1850). William David FRASHER (b.1838), m. Falla O. RATCLIFF. David Kemper FRASHER (1840-1925), m.1867 Elizabeth NAPIER. James FRASHER (1842-1920), m1.1867 Martha BRANHAM, m2. Ursula _____.
References: C983, C986, C1201.

6BY Mary Ann BLEW (d.1863), m.1828 Elijah SMALLEY (d.1876). Elijah came from PA and settled in Bath Twp. where he died. He was a successful pioneer of the state and owned large tracts of land in Franklin and Union Cos. She was buried at Big Cedar Cemetery, Springfield Twp., Franklin Co. IN. Margaret SMALLEY, m, Benjamin SMITH. Catherine SMALLEY, m. Thomas FLOOD. Hannah SMALLEY, m. Jacob WOOTERS. Sarah SMALLEY, m. Bartley DAVIS.* Allison A. SMALLEY (b.1848), m.1870 Alice TEMPLETON. Mary Ann SMALLEY, m. Berry WHITEMAN.
References: B88, C334. John BLEW (1799-1862), m.1832 Sarah A. SMALLEY (ca1812-1863). He was born in NJ and she in PA. They were married in Franklin Co. IN and lived there in Bath Twp. in 1850. In 1860 they were living in German Twp., Richland Co. IL. They were buried at Big Cedar Cemetery, Springfield Twp., Franklin Co. IN.* John BLEW (b.1834), m.1855 Martha Jane UPDIKE (b.ca1836). William BLEW (b.1835). Martha J. BLEW (1836-1892). Never married. Buried at Big Cedar Cemetery. James BLEW (1837-1927), m1.1863 Mary Malvina HANNA (d.1867), m2.1870 Eliza Jane “Jennie” OSBORN (b.1834) in Franklin Co. IN. Lived in Franklin Co. in 1900.* Samuel BLEW (1839-1883), m.1871 Lauretta Amina DICKERSON. Sarah BLEW (b.1842). Harvey BLEW (b.1846). Anna? Louisa BLEW (b.1849). Lived unmarried in Wayne Co. IN in 1900. Her nephew, Wilkie, was with her at that time.
References: A354, A369, A831, B88, B97, B385, B395, B396, B397, C319, C332. James BLEW (d.1844), m.1820 Maria Magdalena "Mary" HERGARIDER/HARKRADER (1802-1877). Mary was a daughter of Benjamin HARKRADER. James died in Fayette Co. IN and his will is on file there. His brother, John, of Franklin Co. IN was executor of his estate. Keziah BLEW, m.1849 Jesse B. McCONNELL.* Emily BLEW (1825-1894), m.1845 Ambrose R. KEATON (1822-1909).* Milton BLEW (b.1832), m. Isabel _____. Jacob BLEW (b.ca1838), m.1856 Nancy E. HOWELL (b.ca1840).
References: A369, A635, B417, C1203, C1272. Jacob W. BLEW (ca1806-1845), m.1829 Mary STOUT (1810-1841). They were married in Union Co. IN and are buried at Big Cedar Cemetery, Springfield Twp., Franklin Co. IN. In 1832 he received a grant of land in Fountain Co. IN in S31, T18N, R8W. In 1840, they lived in Fayette Co. IN. He may have m.2 1842 Eliza DANE in Union Co. IN. In 1850, the census indicates that the orphaned children of Jacob and his brother, James, were spread among several families in Fayette and Rush Cos. IN.* Mary Ann BLEW (b.1833), m.1851 Thomas WORSTER. Margaret BLEW (b.1834).* James M. BLEW (1835-1910), m1.1853 Melinda A. SILVEY, m2.1857 Ann GREEN (b.ca1837), m3.1889 Hannah BLEW (1864-1912)[].
Second marriage?:* John BLEW (b.1844), prob.m.1874 Queen V. DUBOIS (b.1846).
References: A369, A370, A371, A372, A710, B88, B408, C319. Sophia BLEW (1816-1899), m.1839 Ira BROWN (1813-1871). He was a son of William and Hannah (VAN METER) BROWN of Daretown, Salem Co. NJ. They lived in Indian Creek Twp., Pulaski Co. IN. Ira served as county commissioner and as a State Representative from the district composed of Pulaski, White and Jasper counties, IN, in 1843. In 1849 he was appointed Judge of Probate for Pulaski County. He was a Democrat up to the Charleston Convention of 1860 when, being opposed to slavery, he withdrew from the party and supported Abraham Lincoln. Sophia and Ira are buried at the Pulaski Presbyterian Cemetery at Pulaski IN. Michael BROWN. He was a lawyer and Judge at Big Rapids MI. James W. BROWN. He was a lawyer at Crete NE. Edmund R. BROWN. He was a merchant at Winimac IN. Stephen I. BROWN (b.1848). He was a physician at Franceville IN. Hannah BROWN (d.1879), m. C. D. WOOD.* Samuel G. BROWN (b.1853), m.1880 Ida GRAFTON. Emily BROWN Margaret BROWN
References: C320, C322. Hannah BLEW, m.1842 George CHRIST. They lived in Pulaski Co. IN. Michael CHRIST
References: C319.

6BZ Peter Moak BLEW (1820-1893), m1.1839 Hannah MOCK (b.ca1818), m2. Martha A. _____, m3.1864 Mary C. "Molly" OWEN (1838-1903). He was born in Franklin Co. IN and his first marriage took place in Clark Co. OH. Molly was born at Huntsville AL. She and Peter were married at Huntsville during his Civil War service there. On 5 Nov 1861, Peter enlisted as a Private in Co. "H" 46th Reg't Infantry Volunteers at Pulaskiville IN. He was discharged 31 May 1862 as a physician. He reenlisted 12 Jan 1864 in Pulaski Co. IN as a farrier and blacksmith in Co. "K" 12th Reg't Cavalry Volunteers. He was discharged 10 Nov 1865 at Vicksburg MS as an M.D. Peter and his third wife died at Pulaskiville IN and are buried there. The location of Hannah's grave is not known. Martha died in Pulaski Co. Peter was a shoemaker in 1850 and later became a doctor. In 1850 they lived in Pike Twp., Clark Co. OH, in 1860 they were in Indian Creek Twp., Pulaski Co. IN, and in 1880 they were in White Co. IN. Records indicate that Peter was 5'-10" tall, and had a fair complexion, black hair and black eyes. In 1900, Mary was living alone, but near her son, James, in Beaver Twp., Pulaski Co. IN.
First marriage:* Samuel BLEW (b.ca1840), m.1867 Mary F. PREFLY. Julia A. BLEW (b.ca1841). Born in IN. Elmira (Almira) BLEW (b.ca1844), m.1868 John LEACH. She was born in OH. They may have had a daughter, Bessie LEACH. Catherine BLEW (b.ca1846). Born in OH. Martha E. BLEW (b.ca1847). Born in OH. Malvina BLEW (1850-1867).
Third marriage: Charles Raver BLEW (1867-1892). Never married.* William Lambert "Bert" BLEW (1869-1946), m.1890 Melissa Jane SWARTZELL (1872-1949). James Edmond BLEW (1872-ca1959), m.1896 Lenore "Nora" GRIFFITH (1877-ca1950). Married in Pulaski Co. IN. No issue.
References: A355, A356, A369, B388, B399, C319, C321, C322. Michael J. BLEW (b.ca1826), m.1847 Mary ENNIS (b.ca1830). They both were born in IN and were married in Fayette Co. IN. She is a daughter of William and Cynthia (BRADLEY) ENNIS. They lived in Centre Twp. of Rush Co. IN in 1850. By 1860 they had moved to Indian Creek Twp. of Pulaski Co. IN. Isabelle BLEW (b.1849). Died in her teens of diphtheria. Joseph J. BLEW (b.1851). Sophia BLEW (b.1857), m. Newton HUGHES. Michael J. BLEW (b.1860), prob.m.1889 Melvina “Millie” HOLMER (b.1860). They lived in Pulaski Co. IN in 1900; no children at that time.* Hannah BLEW (1864-1912), m.1889 James M. BLEW (1835-1910) []. Triplet.* James B. BLEW (1864-1942), m.1890 Alice M. WASHBURN (b.1870).Triplet. Maggie BLEW (b.1864), m.1888 William A. KEMP. Triplet. They were married in Pulaski Co. IN. Ulysses S. Grant BLEW (1869-1906), m.1892 Lillian M. ANDERSON. They were married in Pulaski Co. IN.
References: A369, B365, B388, B399, C319, C589, C1134. John Stout BLUE (1807-1854), m.1827 Ann Mulby TIBBETS (1807-1879). He was born in NY and she in CT. They lived at Ovid, Seneca Co. NY and are buried there in the Sheldrake Cemetery. Mary E. BLUE (ca1827-1831). Buried at Sheldrake Cemetery.* Sally A. BLUE (1829-1917), m.1851 Lemuel YARNELL at Sheldrake, Seneca Co. NY.* John M. BLUE (1830-1917), m1. Elizabeth GRAVES (1836-1856), m2. 1859 Kate LOCKHART.* Mary E. BLUE (1831-1919), m.1855 Lewis CLARK.* Rebecca BLUE (1832-1924), m.1857 Augustus GRAVES. Frances R. BLUE (1833-1923), m. David V. W. WRIGHT (1830-1914). No issue. They are buried at Sheldrake Cemetery, Ovid NY.* Harriet M. BLUE (1835-1900), m.1860 Isaac V. D. DUNLAP (1835-1916).* Sophia BLUE (1837-1908), m. Evan YARNELL.* Bradner S. BLUE (1838-1876), m. Mary LEFLER (1838-1892). Samuel BLUE (1840-1863). Never married. Served in Co. C, 126 NY Regt. in Civil War and was killed at Gettysburg. Oscar D. BLUE (1841-1862). Never married. Served in same unit as Samuel and died at Camp Douglas IL.* Barnet T. BLUE (1842-1931), m. Millie _____. Abigail BLUE (1843-1909), m. _____ SMITH. George BLUE (1845-1863). Never married; killed in Civil War.* William M. BLUE (1847-1921), m.1871 Mina Cecelia VAN LIEW (1850-1936). Delia S. BLUE (1848-1935), m. Nicholas M. TOWNLEY. Lived in Ponca, Dixon Co. NE. Nancy BLUE (1849-1850). Buried in Sheldrake Cemetery.* Nancy T. BLUE (1851-1931), m. Robert WHEELER.
References: B126, B189, C319, C590.

6CA James ELLISON Jr (1805-1891), m.1827 Rachel JOHNSTON (1808-1885). She was a daughter of Lewis JOHNSTON. Melvin P. ELLISON (b.1829), m. Isabel JOHNSTON. Deborah T. ELLISON (b.1833), m. Nicholas JOHNSTON. Alonzo W. ELLISON (1839-1841).* Lewis J. ELLISON (1843-1918), m. Mary CLAPP (1845-1920).
References: B103. Thomas BLUE (1808-1858), m.1839 Catharine VAN AMBURGH (1818-1897). They both were born in NY, she at Dryden, Tompkins Co. They were married at Dryden. She was a daughter of Abram and Charity (LEWIS) VAN AMBURGH. They lived in Allegany Co. NY 1841/44. They were living in Sycamore, DeKalb Co. IL in 1847 when their 5th daughter was born; and in Beloit, Rock WI in 1854 when their last daughter was born. Thomas died at Beloit and Catherine m2. Elisha TRUESLEN and died at Charles City, Floyd Co. IA. Eliza Ann BLUE (b.1840), m.1859 John VAN AMBURGH. Wealtha BLUE (b.1842).* Flora BLUE (b.1844), m1. _____ HENRY (d.ca1876), m2. Moses FROST (b.1826). Nancy BLUE (1846-1846). Mary Susan BLUE (b.1847), m.1877 Elihu ORCHARD (b.1841). Cynthia BLUE (b.1853).* Emma BLUE (b.1854), m. _____ FISHER.
References: C735, C1200, C1205. Abigail BLUE (b.1816), m. Christopher FOOT. Lafayette FOOT Frank FOOT Nelson W. FOOT Mary G. FOOT
References: C735. Lafayette S. BLUE (b.1825), m1. Mary Melissa SPENCER (1827-1863), m2.1867 Mary A. GOULD (b.ca1834). Lafayette and Mary Melissa were born in NY, and were living in Ithaca, Tompkins Co. NY in 1850, in the home of Adam FARTENHEIMER and family. She was a daughter of D. D. SPENCER. Lafayette was a shoe dealer at that time and they had no children. Mary Melissa died at Ithaca. He and his second wife were living in Richfield, Otsego Co. NY in 1880. She was also born in NY. Mary’s brother, Lucius GOULD, was living with them at that time.
First marriage:* Wilson Spencer BLUE (1853-1892), m. Jessie C. STOUT (1857-1932).
Second marriage: Virginia BLUE (b.ca1870). Margery BLUE (b.ca1874).
References: B603, B604, B605, C735, C1131.

6CB John Holmes BLUE (1814-1875), m.1842 Martha M. (BELL) KERR. He was born at Dryden in what is now Tompkins Co. NY. He attended Jefferson Medical College and later graduated from the University of Kentucky. In 1836 he began the practice of medicine at Old Chariton MO. He married Martha at Prairie Hill in Chariton Co. MO. She was a daughter of John McKinley and Elizabeth (KNOX) BELL. In 1847 they moved to Brunswick MO. The 1850 census of Chariton Co. MO indicates that John and his family were living in Brunswick, and John was an editor, possibly of a newspaper. In his household was James KERR, age 18, printer, probably his step-son, and two other printers, seemingly unrelated to John. The 1860 census of Clark Twp., Chariton Co. MO, indicates that John was a druggist at that time. He died in Nebraska City NE and is buried there.* Adelia B. BLUE (b.ca1843), m. _____ CARSON.* Elizabeth Knox BLUE (1844-1882), m.1861 Granville Dunnica KENNEDY (1838-1929). Henry Lewis BLUE (b.ca1846), m. Jenny _____.* John BLUE (1849-1895), m.1874 Virginia S. JAGNEAU (b.1863).
References: B1004, B1005, B1011, C734, C752. Jesse Holmes BLUE (b.1816), m. Laura RICE (b.ca1820). They both were born in NY and were living at Barton, Tioga Co. NY in 1850. Sarah BLUE (b.1850), m. _____ POCKMEY.
References: B1006, C734. Edward Noyes BLUE (1821-aft1901), m1. _____ STRATTON, m2.bef1860 Mary MUNDY (b.1826). He was born in NY and lived most of his life in Perrysburg, Wood Co. OH, except for two years (1856-7) in Chariton Co. MO. He was a canal boat captain on the Miami and Erie Canal. His boat was the C. S. Vigus. In later years he was superintendant of Fort Meigs Cemetery. Mary was also born in NY. The 1850 census of Wood Co. OH calls her “May”.
First or second marriage?: Josephine BLUE (b.1849), m.1865 George R. SCOTT. She died at Lily Dale NY. Delphine BLUE (b.ca1853), m.1872 James H. MILLS. Edward L. BLUE (b.1858), m.1883 Mary Louise WETMORE (b.1860). He was born at Perrysburg OH and was editor of the Perrysburg Journal newspaper.
References: B355, B1003, B1418, C734, C756. Jerusha Amelia BLUE (1826-1906), m. Israel SWAYZEE. Minnie SWAYZEE, m. _____ DICKERSON. Oscar SWAYZEE (Daughter) SWAYZEE, m. E. YOUNG.
References: C734. Culver Hooker BLUE (b.1831), m. Hannah BUCK (b.1837). He was born in NY and was working as a farmer at Milo, Yates Co. NY, in 1850. In 1900 they were living in Lansing, Tompkins Co. NY. Lydia BLUE (b.1867), m.1886 Jay TODD. (C734 calls her Hannah A., however, B1008 calls her Lydia TODD). Luella C. BLUE, m.1885 Jerome BARGER. Married probably in Cayuga Co. NY.
References: B1007, B1008, C734. Mary Cecelia BLUE (1834-1905), m.1852 Edward PRATHER. She was born in Tompkins Co. NY and moved to Chariton Co. MO in 1851. They had seven children, three of whom died in infancy. Those who lived were: (Daughter) PRATHER, m. J. R. MARTIN. T. Edward PRATHER (Daughter) PRATHER, m. S. KNOTT. Alice PRATHER, m. _____ McADAMS.
References: C734. George Bailey BLUE (1837-1906), m.1864 Mary TOURNEY/LARSON? They were married at Sacramento CA. Myron R. BLUE (b.1866), m. Evalyn _____, or Emma _____, or both. Frederick E. BLUE (1869-1915). Never married. Robert M. BLUE, died in infancy. George BLUE, died in infancy. Maude BLUE, m. Dr. Eugene PITTS.
References: C734.

6CC Theodore VAN DYKE (1810-1887), m. Sarah WHITENECK (1825-1879). He was born in OH and she in Butler Co. OH. They were married in IN. They lived in Marion, Linn Co. IA and died there.* Margaret Ellen VAN DYKE (1857-1944), m.1874 Zimri SATTERLEY (1849-1925).
References: C587, C588. Uryann VAN DYKE (1820-1850), m. _____ BURNS. She was born in IN. Osker BURNS
References: C867. Lazarus Henry VAN DYKE (1826-1908), m.1846 Emily Camilla KINNICK (1828-1920). He was born at Brookville, Franklin Co. IN and she at Winston-Salem NC. He died at Monticello KS and she died at Kansas City MO.* Demetrius Pleasant VAN DYKE (1847-1888), m1.1868 Lavina Belzora WOLF (1849-1878), m2.ca1879 Emma Catherine ETTER (d.ca1888). Louisa Blackledge VAN DYKE (1849-1849). Arthelia Anne VAN DYKE (1851-1858). James William VAN DYKE (1853-1928), m. Celia MARQUIS. Mary Lillie VAN DYKE (b.1855). John Homer VAN DYKE (b.1857). Benjamin Franklin VAN DYKE (1862-1943), m. Fanny FULTON. Emma Belle VAN DYKE (b.1864).
References: B1176. Levi BLEW (b.1810), m. Lucinda SCHOONOVER (b.ca1814). He was born in NY and she in PA. They lived in Gaines Twp., Tioga Co. PA in 1850. In 1900 they were living in Clymer Twp. of Tioga Co. Lorenzo BLEW (b.ca1837). Silas BLEW (b.ca1839). Cyrus/Edward? BLEW (1844-1863). Martha M. BLEW (b.ca1847), m. John BOYD. Betsey BLEW (b.ca1848), m. _____ JACKSON . Emeline BLEW (b.ca1849), m. Stephen SHELLEY. Watson BLEW (b.1853), never married.* Jerome BLEW (b.1855), m. Agatha Victoria (SAWYER) BAKER (b.1857).
References: B653, B658, C591. John BLUE (1811-1896), m.1839 Charlotte FURMAN (1821-1875). They both were born in PA and were married at Gaines, Tioga Co. PA. They lived in Tioga Co. in 1850 and later removed to Grand Traverse Co. MI, where he was living with his son, Albert, in 1880. Charlotte is buried at Furmantown Cemetery, Gaines Twp., Tioga Co. PA. John is buried at Fife Lake Cemetery, Fife Lake, Grand Traverse Co. MI.* William BLUE (1840-1915), m.1870 Matilda G. LENT (1853-1929). John Merriman BLUE (1843-1844).* Albert Orren BLUE (1845-1910), m.1870 Elisa A. SHERMAN (1850-1931).* George Leroy BLUE (1847-1933), m.1874 Nancy P. GOFF (1854-1903). Isaac Martin BLUE (1850-1916), never married. Died at Fife Lake MI.* Marey Elizabeth BLUE (1853-1940), m.1875 Vincent J. GOFF Jr (1851-1936). Charles V. BLUE (1856-1921), never married. Waldorff M. BLUE (1859-1927), never married.* Denton G. BLUE (1866-1926), m.1897 Linnie HOLBROOK (b.1868).
References: B498, B531, B532, B653, C591, C1320. Elizabeth BLEW (d.1916), m. George HARVEY. Mary HARVEY John HARVEY Etta HARVEY Charles HARVEY Eliza HARVEY
References: C591. Mary BLEW (1817-1876), m.1834 Watson TROWBRIDGE (1789-1866). She was born in Schuylkill Co. PA and he at New Fairfield CT. They were married in Clymer Twp., Tioga Co. PA. He was a son of Caleb TROWBRIDGE. Mary and Watson died in Clymer Twp. Elizabeth TROWBRIDGE (b.1836), m. Lewis J. STONE.* Asher Blue TROWBRIDGE (b.1838), m.1871 Augusta SAWYER (b.1853). Onan TROWBRIDGE (b.1840).
References: C260, C591, C1393. Isaac BLEW (1823-1879), m. Abigail Jane HILL (b.1840). They both were born in PA. She was living with her three children in Clymer, Tioga Co. PA in 1880. In 1900 she was still there, living with son Frank.* Weltha E. BLEW (b.1859), m.1884 Charles MARVIN. Frank BLEW (b.1863), never married.* Effie C. BLEW (b.ca1876), m. Milo OWENS.
References: B657, B658, C591. Chloe BLEW (b.1827), m.1848 Chester ELLIS. Anna ELLIS Myra O. ELLIS Seymour Delbert ELLIS Simon W. ELLIS Ida Lucretia ELLIS Nelli J. ELLIS
References: C591. George Washington BLEW (b.1828), m. Nancy _____ (b.1836). He was a farmer and they both were born in PA. They were living with their son, George, in Gaines Twp., Tioga Co. PA in 1900.* Chloe BLEW, m. James BENN. George W. BLEW (b.1855), m. _____ _____, no issue. Harriet BLEW, m. _____ ANGOOD.
References: B658, C591.

6CD Jerusha (Rosetta) BLEW (1814-1902), m.1833 Abraham ENGLE (1805-1886). She was born at Tuscarora and died at Mahanoy City PA where she was keeping house for her son William. Abraham was a stagecoach driver, driving the stage to Catawissa which passed by the tavern owned by Rosetta's father. Abraham was also a a woodcutter and a farmer. He lived at several villages in the coal regions where he worked as a stable boss. He died at his farm at Heckla PA of gangrene, caused by cutting his foot with an axe. Rosetta and Abraham were married by George Reber, Esq., her grandfather. All of their children were born at Tuscarora, Schuylkill Co. PA.* Angeline ENGLE (1835-1916), m.1851 Andrew MOLL (1830-1913).* Charles ENGLE (1839-1922), m.1863 Rachel SHANNON (1844-1922). Abraham ENGLE (1841-1841).* John B. ENGLE (1844-1917), m.1868 Emma BROBST (1850-1916). William Henry ENGLE (1846-1916).* Cylinda Louise ENGLE (1848-1924), m1.1870 Charles MINNICK (b.1848), m2.1883 David HAUPT (d.1906). James Albert ENGLE (1850-1882), killed in the mines near Mahanoy City PA. Frank P. ENGLE (1855-1875), died of Typhoid Fever at Coles Village, Mahanoy City PA.
References: C10. Mary Ann BLEW (1818-1885), m.1835 Jonas REICHARD (1811-1881). Jonas was born in Berks Co. but lived in Schuylkill Co. PA most of his life. He was a mail carrier and in 1855 went into the hotel business in Locust Valley. They later moved to Ringtown where he operated the "Exchange House" in partnership with his son James. Mary Ann and Jonas were married at Tuscarora by her grandfather, Squire G. Reber. Son (b.1837), died in infancy. Son (b.1838), died in infancy. Catharine Ann REICHARD (1839-1893), m.1868 Adam MAYCORD.* Delila Elizabeth REICHARD (1842-1887), m. Jacob LAUDIG (1840-1909).* James W. REICHARD (1845-1903), m.1877 Emma G. GIGER (1856-1935). Mary Margaret REICHARD (1847-1847). Mellisa REICHARD (1849-1917), m. John GILBERT (1851-1936). Amelia REICHARD (1851-1928), m. Matthew TREWELLA. Charles H. O. REICHARD (1853-1914), m. Emma J. SNYDER (1862-1917). Ellen REICHARD (b.1857), died young. Adeline REICHARD (1863-1863).
References: C10. Hiram BLEW (1820-1872), m. Rebecca KLEIN (1828-1883). They both were born in PA and were living in Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA in 1850. He was a laborer and a farmer. His father gave him the farm known later as the Harley Farm. Hiram died of small pox in a house in the 200 block on East Mahanoy Street in Mahanoy City. His family moved to Bowman's Patch where they were employed by Mr. Bowman who operated a colliery there. Mary Ann BLEW (b.1850), died young.* James BLEW (1851-1895), m1. Rebecca LLOYD, m2. Anne HERRING (b.1856).* Alvina BLEW (1853-1901), m. William POWELL. George Abraham BLEW (1855-1922), unmarried.* John Daniel BLEW (1857-1904), m. Margaret Ellen HINKLE (b.1864). Christy Ann Selina BLEW (b.1860), m. Michael MOONEY. They had six children.* Charles William BLEW (1862-1924), m.1886 Emma Laura HINKLE (1867-1939). Frank Winters BLEW (1865-1882), unmarried.* Victoria Sarah BLEW (1870-1919), m. Frank SPANGLER.
References: B652, C10. Catharine BLEW (1825-ca1857), m.1847 Nathan James MOYER (ca1824-ca1864). She was born at Tuscarora PA and he was also born in PA. They both died at Pottsville PA. Nathan was a house painter, residing in Tamaqua, Schuylkill Co. PA in 1850. Alvina Permilla MOYER (b.ca1849).* Emily Cecilia MOYER (b.ca1850), m.1867 Elias Edward REED (b.1846). Willard Hunter MOYER (1852-1926), m.1875 Anna SAUSSAMAN (d.1917). Emily Catharine MOYER William Hunter MOYER Frank Edward MOYER (d.1948). Jerry Dively MOYER Anna MOYER (d.1950).
References: B652, B660, C10, C1327. Charles BLEW (1827-1909), m.1851 Sarah Ann FAUST (1832-1887). They both were born in PA. Charles took over the tavern of his father and lived in Tuscarora for some years. He moved to Barnesville, Ryan Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA, and engaged in farming and the lumbering business. Sarah Ann was a daughter of Jacob FAUST. Charles was living with his son, Robert, in Mahanoy City, Schuylkill Co. in 1900. Charles and Sarah Ann are buried in the Barnesville Cemetery. Hannah Malinda BLEW (1852-1853/4). George Franklin BLEW (1853-1854). Morgan Walter BLEW (b.1855), died in childhood. Sarah Catharine BLEW (b.1857), died in childhood. Eva Alice BLEW (b.1859), died in childhood.* Victoria BLEW (b.1860), m. Francis MESSERSCHMIDT (1856-1937).* Katie Adelaide BLEW (b.1863), m. Charles MESSERSCHMIDT (1861-1936).* Gustavus Edward BLEW (b.1865), m. Alverda DELONG (b.1879). Charles Grant BLEW (1867-ca1877). Eliza Lucinda BLEW (1868-1879).* Oscar J. BLEW (b.1871), m. Ada Elizabeth NEIFERT (b.1869). Thomas Sylvanus BLEW (b.1873), unmarried.* Robert Frederick BLEW (1877-1904), m. Lillian FAUST.
References: B660, B671, C10.

6CE John BLEW (1815-1893), m. Susan STARR (1817-1897). They both were born in PA and were baptized at St. John's Lutheran and Reformed Church at Friedendburg, Wayne Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA. She was a daughter of Peter and Elizabeth STARR. They lived in Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA in 1850 and in Mahanoy Twp., Schuylkill Co. in 1860. They both died at Barnesville. Reference C910 says that they had only two children, Oliver and Levi.* Mary Ann BLEW (1839-1918), m1. _____ _____, m2.1861 Jacob J. BELTZ (1840-1896). John S. BLEW (b.ca1846), m. Catharine COHOON. Levi Henry BLEW, died in infancy. Ellen Marie BLEW (b.ca1849), m. William BELTZ (b.ca1845). Lydia BLEW (b.ca1856). Catharine BLEW (b.ca1856).
References: B652, B660, B1230, C10, C910, C928. Henry BLEW (1817-1893), m.1839 Catharine SCHLIER (1822-1897). He was born in Norwegian Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA and she also was born in PA. They were living in Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA in 1850 and 1860. In 1880 they were living in Ryan Twp. of Schuylkill Co. Catharine was a daughter of John and Christina (UNGER) SCHLIER. Henry was a farmer and hotel keeper, owning considerable land. The Schlier's were among the first settlers of the Locust Valley. Henry was baptized at St. John's Lutheran and Reformed Church at Friedensburg. They are both buried at St. Peter's Cemetery in Locust Valley. Amos BLEW, died in infancy.* William BLEW (1841-1919), m. Rosanna KELLER (1845-1909).* Edward BLEW (b.ca1842), m. Lydia GARBER (b.ca1845). Lavinnia BLEW (b.ca1844), m. Isadore MYERS. Had 5 children.* Charles Franklin BLEW (1846-1932), m. Mathilda NEIFERT (b.1849).* Joseph BLEW (1848-1935), m. Angelina KELLER (1856-1927). Christianna BLEW, died in childhood.* Franklin BLEW (1852-1944), m. Mary Elizabeth OSWALD (1855-1943). Sarah Ann BLEW (1852-1936), m.1873 Edwin W. FOX (1847-1925). Had 16 children. Mary BLEW (1857-1938), m. Ammon R. MAURER (1844-1904). Had 12 children.* Henry Morgan BLEW (1860-1922), m. Henrietta EVERTS (1854-1922). Jerusha Ann BLEW (1862-1948), m. Horace BRIDYGHAM (1859-1906). Had 8 children.
References: B652, B660, C10, C909, C1004, C1433. Jerusha Anna BLEW (1821-1848), m. John THOMAS (1819-1849). They are buried in St. Peter's Cemetery in Locust Valley, Schuylkill Co. PA. In 1850, three of their orphaned children were living with their grandparents, Levi and Mary BLEW, and three were living with their aunt, Ellen (BLEW) BRAUSE. John was a gold prospector.* Mary Elizabeth THOMAS (1837-1924), m1. Perry YORKS (1819-1881) (her uncle by marriage, see, m2. David HUNTER. William L. THOMAS (ca1838-1909), m. Harriet RICE.* Edward Blew THOMAS (ca1841-1930), m. _____ _____.* Lucy Ann THOMAS (ca1842-1922), m. John BOUGHNER.* Hannah (Mary?) Jane THOMAS (ca1844-1926), m. _____ HIGGINS.* John Henry THOMAS (ca1847-1912), m. Anna M. GRADY.
References: B652, C10, C1433. Isaac A. BLEW (1824-1897), m.1848 Christianna SCHLIER (1828-1920). They both were born in PA. He was a farmer and timberman, and lived in Schuylkill Co. PA, in the Locust Valley and Girard Manor, where he died. Christianna was living with her youngest son, John, in Mahanoy City, Schuylkill Co., in 1900. She died at Pottsville. Isaac was one of the founders of St. Peter's Reformed and Lutheran Church. He is buried at the St. Peter's Cemetery.* Levi Francis BLEW (b.1849), m.1871 Sarah Elizabeth MESSERSCHMIDT (b.1852). Jerushanna BLEW, died in infancy.* Francis Henry BLEW (1852-1885), m.1874 Henrietta EVERTS (1854-1922).* William Alfred BLEW (b.1855), m.1878 Margaret JAMES (b.1860). Simon Isaac BLEW (b.ca1856), unmarried. Edwin Seburen BLEW (b.ca1857), m.1880 Emma Louise SCEIPE. Had 1 child. Mary Jane BLEW (b.ca1858), m. Thomas REEVES.* James Milton BLEW (b.1860), m.1885 Ella I. _____ (b.1863). Had 7 children.* Thomas Jefferson BLEW (b.1861), m1. Sophia SCHIERER, had 2 children, m2.1898 Sarah B. KNECHT, had 2 children.* Oliver Ellsworth BLEW (1863-1947), m.1892 Catharine FRITZ (1873-1952).* Adah Alice BLEW (b.ca1865), m.1886 Alfred BILLMAN. Had 6 children. Christianna Elnora BLEW (b.ca1867), m.1888 Elmer ARTZ. Had 4 children. Elizabeth Esther BLEW (b.ca1869), died as a young woman.* John Westley BLEW (b.1875), m. Emma Rebecca LONG (b.1873). Had 7 children.
References: B652, B660, B670, B671, C10, C1044, C1433. Mary Ann BLEW (1826-1854), m.1847 Perry YORKS (1819-1881). Mary was a teacher and Perry was a wagon maker. She is buried in Locust Valley. After Perry's second marriage (see, the family moved to MI.* Sylvester YORKS (b.ca1847), m. _____ _____. Harriet YORKS (1848-1893).* Thomas YORKS (ca1851-ca1930), m. _____ _____. Mary Allice YORKS (1853-1855).
References: C10, C1433. Hester (Ester?) BLEW (b.ca1828), m.1851 Samuel (Isaac) MILLER. Hester was living in the home (or rooming house) of Samuel MILLER (landlord), Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA 1850. They moved to Tioga Co. PA. Samuel was a tavern keeper. Clara MILLER Anthony MILLER
References: B652, C10, C1433. Ellen BLEW (1830-1900), m1.1846 Charles BROUSE (1816-1860), m2.1864 Jacob HEISER (1822-1869). She was born in Norweigian Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA. Charles is buried at Haak's Private Cemetery, Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co. Ellen died in Chicago, but her body was brought home to Barnesville PA by John, son of Lucy Ann BOUGHNER.
First marriage: No issue.
Second marriage: Luther William HEISER (1865-1887). Ida Eliza HEISER (1866-1892).
References: C10, C1433.

6CF Julia Ann BLUE (ca1829-1915), m1.1855 John W. TURNBULL, m2.1858 Isaac THOMAS (b.ca1803), m3.1866 Phillip Benjamin WALTERHOUSE, m4.1868 James HENDRIX (b.ca1816), m5.1878 George SCHRINER (b.ca1840). She was born in OH. Her first three marriages took place in Starke Co. IN. The last two were in Marshall Co. IN. Isaac was born in SC. They lived in Washington Twp. of Starke Co. in 1860. James was born in OH. They were living in German Twp., Marshall Co. IN in 1870. She and George were living in German Twp., Marshall Co. IN in 1880. Julia died at the home of her son-in-law, Randall SELLERS, southwest of Bremen, German Twp., Marshall Co.
First marriage: No known issue.
Second marriage: Elizabeth C. "Lizzie" THOMAS (b.ca1860), m. Randall SELLERS. Sarah Alice THOMAS (b.ca1864).
Third marriage: John W. WALTERHOUSE (b.ca1867).
Fourth and fifth marriages: No issue.
References: A444, A445, A975, A976, A976, B421, B430, B1399, B1400, C1025. Michael BLUE (ca1830-bef1889), m1.1857 Lucy Ann LEIBZ (b.ca1839), m2.1884 Lydia A. (SNELLEN-BERGER) TROYER. Michael and Lucy Ann were born in OH and were married in Marshall Co. IN. They lived in Washington Twp. of Starke Co. in 1860 and 1870. Lucy may have died in the 1870's, for in 1880 Michael was living with his children, Charles and Harriet, and Lydia TROYNER was in the household as a housekeeper. Her daughter, Rosa TROYNER (b.ca1869), was also living with them. Michael was a blacksmith, and was killed while shoeing a horse in Warsaw IN. By 1900 Lydia had m3. George KELLOGG and was living with her husband and two youngest children in Wayne Twp., Kosciusko Co. IN.
First marriage: Alwilda J. BLUE (b.1860). Charles W. BLUE (b.ca1865). Jerusha O. BLUE (ca1868-bef1880). Harriet BLUE (b.ca1871).
Second marriage:* Alvin M. BLUE (1880-1959), m. Lulu HEMMER (b.1887). Lewis A. BLUE (b.1884).
References: A369, B421, B432, B1377, C998, C1025.

6CG Benjamin BARNHARDT (b.1811), m.1843 Sarah FREHN (b.1827). Benjamin was born in Schuylkill Co. PA. He was a timber cutter and a millwright at the mines. William BARNHARDT (b.1847). Charles BARNHARDT (b.1848), m. Catharine Jane BOYER (1851-1906). Mary A. BARNHARDT (b.1851). Sarah BARNHARDT (b.1854), m.1872 Lewis C. HEHM (b.ca1849). Benjamin Franklin BARNHARDT (b.1859).
References: C10, C936. Jacob BARNHARDT Jr. (1821-1854), m. Floranda SCHROOP (1818-1894). He was born and they both died in Schuylkill Co. PA. Frank H. BARNHARDT (1840-1896), m1. Emma L. KING, m2. Catharine P. SESSIONS (d.1888). Son (1843-1843). Amenta Tahlor BARNHARDT (b.ca1844).* Sarah I. BARNHARDT (1847-1917), m. William RICHARDS (1845-1897).* Mary Ellen BARNHARDT (b.1851), m.1878 John CLARK (b.ca1851). Ida Jane BARNHARDT (b.1854), m. William FAUST.
References: C10, C936. Michael BARNHARDT (1827-1881), m1.1849 Catherine ZERBE/ZERBY (ca1831-ca1865), m2.1862 Elizabeth SCHOFSTALL (ca1832-ca1873). Michael and Catherine were born in Schuylkill Co. PA. Michael was in the timber business, and Ref. C936 indicates that he was a coal miner, carpenter, farmer and (perhaps) a lay minister. He died suddenly in a store in Llewellyn, Schuylkill Co. His estate was divided between his seven surviving children. Catherine died in Schuylkill Co. Elizabeth was born in the Lykens Valley, Dauphin Co. PA, and she married Michael there. She died at Llewellyn and is buried at Lykens Cemetery.
First marriage: Henry/Andrew Francis BARNHARDT (b.1849), m. Lucy BIXLER. Sarah M. BARNHARDT (1852-1872), m. S. D. HESS. She died of small pox and is buried at the Llewellyn Cemetery.* Mary J. BARNHARDT (b.1855), m1.1871 Elias BIXLER (b.ca1848), m2.1881 Marcus WOLFF.* Clara BARNHARDT (1856-1928), m.1876 John WONN (1851-1929).* Thomas J. BARNHARDT (1859-1933), m. Mary FISHER. George BARNHARDT (b.ca1860).
Second marriage: Josephus BARNHARDT (1863-ca1869).* Walter Lincoln BARNHARDT (1865-1935), m.1889 Sevilla Marian STUTZMAN (1869-ca1953). Witfield Grant BARNHARDT (1868-1898), m. Sophia Jane CLARK (1872-1949).* William Rufus BARNHART (1870-1940), m.1891 Harriet May STOECKEL (1875-1935).
References: C10, C936, C955. Jerusha Jane BARNHARDT (1833-1895), m. Jabez PAYNE (1827-1895). Jane lived in Silverton at the time of her marriage. Jabez was born off the banks of Newfoundland. In 1871 he became land agent for the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Co. They reportedly had 16 children. John Jabez PAYNE (b.1849).* Hannah Maria PAYNE (1862-1925), m. Winfield Scott GARNER (1851-1935).* James Meredith PAYNE (1863-1922), m.1886 Clara BIERMAN. Show Walter PAYNE (b.1867), m. Sarah TREWELLA. Camilla J. PAYNE
References: C10, C1310. Isaac H. BLEW (1825-1904), m.1861 Catharine HEISER (1840-1919). They were married at Barnesville PA by Daniel Werntz, Esq. Isaac was a Civil War veteran, Co. H, 17th Regt., PA Cav. He was injured in a fall from his horse at Petersburg VA and was honorably discharged on 22 May 1865. He received pension #895987. His occupation was described as a teamster. He died at Weatherly and she at Lehighton PA. Both are buried at Barnesville Evangelical Cemetery. Isaac was enumerated with his nephew, Franklin HERRING, in Ryan Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA, in the 1900 census.* Sarah BLEW (1863-1911), m.1885 Leo Albert SPAAR (b.1864).* James BLEW (1866-1899), m. Ellen ZIEGLER.
References: B671, C10. Hannah H. BLEW (1827-1896), m.1852 Elias DRESH (d.1893). They were married in Rush Twp., Schuylkill Co. PA. He was a Civil War veteran, Co. I, 48th Regt., PA Vol. Inf., and is buried in the G.A.R. plot at Mahanoy City PA. She died at St. Nicholas and he at Boston Run PA. Charles DRESH (1854-1873), killed in the mines. Frank DRESH, ran away.
References: C10. Catharine H. BLEW (1831-1902), m.1850 Emmanuel HERRING (1826-1886). She was born at Tuscarora and he in Rush Twp. PA. They both died in Locust Valley, Schuylkill Co. PA.* David HERRING (1851-1910), m.1874 Mary Ellen HEIL (1853-1925). George HERRING (1853-1854).* Eliza HERRING (1855-1880), m. Samuel RUPPERT. Sarah HERRING (1858-1863). Soloman HERRING (1861-1861). Catharine HERRING (1862-1865). Mary Masoura HERRING (1864-1882). Alice Priscilla HERRING (1866-1874). Emma Malinda HERRING (b.1869), m.1895 Conrad IFFERT (1869-1921). No issue. Amanda HERRING (b.1871), m. Henry RUSH. No issue.* Frank HERRING (b.1873), m. Hilda APPLEGATE (1874-1907).
References: C10. Mary H. BLEW (1833-1914), m. Daniel KELLER (1836-1873). He died in Locust Valley and, in 1881, Mary and her family migrated to the Pacific Coast. They went in an immigrant train, crossing the Plains to San Francisco, and then by boat to Portland OR. They came inland to Pendleton and located at Cold Springs. In 1886 they moved to Enterprise OR. Mary died at Enterprise.* Catharine Litsch KELLER (1854-1937), m. Jonathon HAAS (1845-1928).* Samuel Franklin Litsch KELLER (1863-1933), m.1891 Nancy Ellendon WAGNER (b.1873). Flora KELLER (b.1865/7), m. Charles Ellsworth MEACHAM (b.1862).
References: C10. Charles H. BLEW (1836/7-1899), m. Lucy Ann BRETZ (1841-1874/5). He was a Civil War veteran, Co. D, 97th Regt., PA Vol. Inf. His finger was shot off at Petersburg VA on 30 June 1864. Both are buried at Barnesville Cemetery, Schuylkill Co. PA. William H. BLEW (1866-1886).* Sarah Elizabeth BLEW (1868/9-1921), m1.1885 John George BERNSTEIL (b.1862), m2. Joseph C. CRAMP. Infant (1874-1876).* Mary BLEW (b.1876), m1. _____ DAVIS, m2.1907 Henry DEISROTH.
References: C10.

6CH Madison Wright BLUE (1858-1946), m1.1883 Letty O. HENNIG, m2.1920 Ruth I. MULLIKIN. He was born at Westville, La Porte Co. IN. He married Lettie at Tekama NE.
First marriage:* Irvin F. BLUE (1885-1966), m. Lillie GRAY.* Elmer C. BLUE (b.1866), m. Mabel J. McCONNELL. Willis M. BLUE, died in infancy.
References: C594. John Wesley "Wes" BLUE (1859-1944), m. Hattie Mae PRUSSIA. Ethel B. BLUE (b.1891), never married.* Jessie M. BLUE (b.1893), m. Charles LYGHT.* Lena G. BLUE (1895-1951), m.1918 Bruce McCLUSKEY.* Mary V. BLUE (b.1897), m.1919 James WEBSTER. Mina I. BLUE (1899-1919). Never married.* Archie E. BLUE (b.1902), m.1931 Luida FRIMML.* Orville H. BLUE (b.1905), m.1941 Ruth DAVIS.
References: C594. Thursey Demituous BLUE (1879-1946), m.1898 Samuel KENDIG. They were married in Storey Co. IA.* Roscoe KENDIG, m. Bernice BURGESS.
References: C594.

6CI Billington W. GEE, m1. Ella HUFF (d.1877), m2.1879 Minnie HERSEY.
Second marriage: Ethel GEE
References: C881. Florence Rosabelle GEE (b.ca1855), m. Oliver Nathaniel LEWIS (1857/8-1928). She was born at Springvale, Fond du Lac
Co. WI. She moved to Stevens Point, Portage Co. at about age 21 (Dec 1876). Oliver was a son of Jonas L. and Zeliann
Sophronia LEWIS. Bertie LEWIS (1881-1888). George L. LEWIS (b.1889), m. Irene PLATTNER.
References: C881. Olive L. ERWAY (1844-1928), m.1864 George G. EDGER (b.1844). He was born at Geneva, Ontario Co. NY. They
moved from Steuben Co. NY to Rutland Twp., Barry Co. MI, ca1865, based on the birthplaces of their children.* Emerson G. EDGER (1864-1950), m.1889 Edna A. NEWLAND.* Lewis H. EDGER (1866-1937), m.1886 Hattie Estella OTIS (1868-1926).* Isaac “Brick” EDGER (1869-1937), m.1899 Ernestine ULLERY.* Nancy Ann EDGER (1872-1961), m. Delbert J. DIMOND (b.1866).* Josephine Hannah EDGER (1874-1956), m.1897 Herbert BLIVENS.* George R. EDGER (1876-1963), m.1897 Nellie B. ATKINS. Frank EDGER (1878-1879).
References: C881. Sarah A. ERWAY (1846-1904), m. Jacob EDGER. They had seven children.* Olive EDGER, m.1899 Peter VANDERBROOK (d.1945).
References: C881. Parker Gee ERWAY (1847-1923), m.1874 Sarah OTIS (1858-1947). He was born in Steuben Co. NY and she in Rutland
Twp., Barry Co. MI. She was a daughter of Ferel and Mary Jane (CARPENTER) OTIS. Parker and Sarah both died in
Rutland Twp.* Roy Otis ERWAY (b.1883), m. Ruby Lovila BRONSON (b.1883).* Louis Willard ERWAY, m. Nina Marian OTIS (1889-1980).* Bessie ERWAY, m. Homer McKIBBEN. Olive ERWAY (ca1896-1899).* Pearl Lovila ERWAY (1900-1991), m1.1921 Edward Wayne SMITH, divorced, m2.1941 Dean POTTER.
References: C881. Ira E. ERWAY (1849-1921), m.1876 Eudora COWELL (1856-1933). They had eight children. Earl M. ERWAY (1897-1975), m.1925 Bertha TUDOR.
References: C881.

6CJ John ERWAY (ca1849-1910), m. Catherine A. SHIVELY (d.1935). Eva ERWAY Floy ERWAY, m.1909 John FOREMAN. Ray W. ERWAY (1888-1976), m.1913 Frances OTIS. Carrie ERWAY, died young.
References: C879, C881. Daniel B. THORN (1852-1931), m. Emma GEE (1858-1929). Elmer F. THORN (b.1880).
References: C881. Mary Lorana THORN (1854-1934), m.1869 Charles Parker BIDELMAN (1850-1932). She was born at Virgil, Cortland
Co. NY, and died at Hastings, Barry Co. MI. Minnie L. BIDELMAN (1869-1901), m.1894 Eddison PALMATER (1849-1914).* Clara Effie BIDELMAN (1871-1952), m.1891 William Henry ROUSH (1861-1928).* Edward Asa BIDELMAN (1873-1934), m.1894 Cora E. ROUSH (1875-1959).* Mary Almira BIDELMAN (1875-1958), m1.1892 Clarence Lemuel LEWIS (1871-1919), m2.1923 David WATERS
(1872-1953).* Martha Eleanor BIDELMAN (1878-1942), m.1895 Fred Chauncey GAMBLE (1872-1949).* Samuel Garfield BIDELMAN (1880-1951), m1.1903 Libbie CARPENTER (d.1904), m2.1910 Myrtle MAIN (b.1892).* Charles Earl BIDELMAN (1894-1965), m1. Mary WENGER (b.1883), m2.1932 Ida NEWLAND (b.1892).
References: C879. Emma Jane THORN (1857-1930), m.1877 Charles Hopkins BROWN (b.1856). She was born in NY state. He was a son
of Edward Foster and Rebecca Jane (HOPKINS) BROWN. After their marriage they moved to Oxford FL, where he was a
lumberman. Addyman Elma BROWN (1878-1879). Bessie May BROWN (1879-1880). Nicholas Hopkins BROWN (b.1885). Charles Edward BROWN (1886-1887). Fred Thorn BROWN (b.1889). Arthur Mahlon BROWN (b.1892). Julia Belle BROWN (b.1895), m. _____ SPENCER. John Henry BROWN (b.1898). Nita Lucile BROWN (b.1899).
References: C881. Ida May THORN (1859-1946), m.1882 William Abram BIDELMAN (1861-1935). She was born at Virgil, Cortland Co.
NY, and he was born in Hastings Twp., Barry Co. MI. They were married in Hastings Twp. He was a son of Samuel J. and
Martha (PARKER) BIDELMAN. William was a farmer and Ida May was a school teacher. She died at Maple Grove, Barry
Co. MI and he died in Hastings Twp. of that county. They are buried at the Hastings Twp. Cemetery.* Ross C. BIDELMAN (1883-1964), m.1909 Genevieve BUCHANAN (1893-1978). Rex BIDELMAN (1885-1887).* Virgie Clare BIDELMAN (1888-1954), m.1906 Charles Orwin REID (1883-1922).* Pearl BIDELMAN (1891-1936), m.1916 Frank ROUSH (1888-1968).* Renn BIDELMAN (1894-1950), m.1917 Elizabeth WEEBER (1889-1976).* Lisle BIDELMAN (1897-1976), m.1941 Agnes C. BLIVENS (1902-1980) [].* Harry BIDELMAN (1900-1987), m.1919 Vera FRANCK (1899-1985).
References: C879, C881.






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