Generation 6 Part 3

Frederick 1.5 and Dina 1.8


6CK Johanna BLUE (b.ca1824), m.1845 Nathan E. FRY (b.ca1824). They both were born in VA and were married in Seneca Co. OH. They were living in Superior Twp., Williams Co. OH in 1880. Margaret L. FRY (b.ca1856). J. Virginia FRY (b.ca1860). Douglas FRY (b.ca1863).
References: B351, C357. Ann C. BLUE (b.1828), m.1852 Felix BECK (b.ca1829). She was born in VA and he in MD. They were married in Seneca Co. OH. In 1870 and 1880 they were living in Superior Twp., Williams Co. OH.* Sarah E. BECK (b.ca1853), m. Albert E. UPDYCKE (b.ca1847). Anna B. BECK (b.ca1866).
References: B350, B351, C357. Peter G. BLUE (ca1830-bef1880), m.1853 Mary SLAINE (b.ca1836), m2.1866 Mary Jane FIG (b.ca1844). He was born in VA and both of his wives were born in OH. He married Mary in Seneca Co. OH and Jane in Williams Co. OH. He owned land in Superior Twp., Williams Co. OH and was living there in 1860 and 1870. Peter died before 1880, but his widow and her family are living in Superior Twp. at that time.
First marriage: Martha BLUE (b.ca1854).* Dennis S. BLUE (b.ca1857), m1?.1880 Ella BATES, m2. Flora B. _____ (b.1870). Johanna BLUE (b.ca1859). Ann M. BLUE (b.ca1860).
Second marriage: Oscar W. BLUE (b.1866), m. Elva _____ (b.1867). Jessie B. BLUE (b.ca1868). Did she m.1884 William D. JOHNSON in Williams Co. OH?* Peter BLUE (b.1870), m. Lee _____ (b.ca1868).* Horace G. BLUE (b.1872), m. Lovina _____ (b.1871). Gertrude BLUE (b.ca1874).
References: B349, B350, B351, B352, C357. Dennis H. BLUE (1832-1888), m.1857 Adaline C. PURDY (1840-1874). They both were born in OH and lived in Superior Twp., Williams Co. OH, in 1860 and 1870. In 1880 Dennis was in the same township, living as a widower with his sister, Johanna FRY. He is buried at Riverside Cemetery, Montpelier, Williams Co. OH.* Sarah Ann BLUE (1858-1930), m.1877 Jacob SHAULL/SCHALL. Is he []?* Dayton M. BLUE (1859-1930), m.1881 Amanda J. CUSTER (b.1855). Mary BLUE (b.ca1861), m1.1879 Frank SCHALL, m2. James SCHALL. Her first marriage took place in Williams Co. OH. Peter BLUE (1862-1909). Living with sister Sarah in 1880. Alice BLUE (1865-1865). Died at age 3 months.
References: B157, B349, B350, B351, B352, C357, C789. Sarah M. BLUE (b.1834), m.1853 David ZIMMERMAN. She was born in OH and was living with her parents in Seneca Co. OH in 1850. They were married in Seneca Co. James Frank ZIMMERMAN (b.1854). John G. ZIMMERMAN (b.1856).* David Barney ZIMMERMAN (b.1859), m.1881 Mary Esther ROSENBERGER.
References: B157, C756, C997, Jesse I. BLUE (1840-1908), m1. _____ HAUSMAN/CUSTAS?, m2.1870 Margaret Elizabeth TINGLE (b.1852). His first wife died soon after the birth of their child, Charles. Jesse and Elizabeth were born in OH and were married in Williams Co. OH. They lived in Superior Twp., Williams Co. OH in 1880. In 1870, before his marriage, he lived in this same township with his brother, Peter. Jesse was active in public affairs in the town of Montpelier in Superior Twp. In 1875 he was elected the town's first Marshall. He later served as Street Commisioner for several years. Jesse and his first wife may have had a daughter, Margaret BLUE (b.ca1864). Jesse's wife in the 1900 census was Sarah E., so he may have had a third marriage.
First marriage:* Charles Edgar BLUE (1865-1960), m. Viola WIESMAN (1874-1952).
Second marriage: Maud BLUE (b.ca1872).* Blanch BLUE (b.ca1874), m. Dr. SWARTZBACH.* Claud S. BLUE (b.1876), m. Carrie E. _____ (b.1879).
Possible third marriage (From 1900 census.): Blair BLUE (b.1872). Step-son? Margaret F. BLUE (b.1888).
References: B157, B350, B351, B352, C357, C596, C597, C598, C599, C677.

6CL Michael Bartholomew SCHALL (1851-1896), m.1854 Mahala Jane ANDERSON. Ledora A. SCHALL David A. SCHALL Oscar SCHALL Silas SCHALL John B. SCHALL Anson SCHALL Margaret SCHALL Almina SCHALL Nancy SCHALL Cora SCHALL Estella SCHALL* Jerome Bonaparte SCHALL (1875-1939), m.1895 Mary Olive SHRODES. Michael SCHALL Harriet SCHALL
References: C12, C21. Dennis D. BLUE (1841-1922), m.1864 Mary M. GOOD (1839-1919). They both were born in OH and lived their entire lives in Bettsville OH and vicinity. They were farmers and he raised race horses for harness racing. In the 1860's he was a member of the Tiffin OH baseball team. Mary was a daughter of John and Sarah (BAKER) GOOD. Dennis and Mary are buried at Liberty Cemetery in Seneca Co. OH.* Florenah E. "Minnie" BLUE (b.ca1865), m.1882 Milton VORHIES.* Dennis BLUE (1866-1939), m.1894 Allie LEASE (b.1866). Laura Ella BLUE (1868-1869). Buried at Liberty Cemetery.* John R. BLUE (1870-1947), m.1904 Jessie F. SHOBER (1878-1938). He may have m1.bef1900 Effie _____ (b.1872).* Oral BLUE, m.1896 George A. GEYER.* Bird Wayne BLUE (1877-1929), m.1904 Grace Estelle POWELL (b.1885).
References: A337, A338, A339, A340, B112, B161, B162, C262, C309, C357. Mary E. BLUE (1843-1906), m1.1859 Charles W. MURRAY (b.ca1837), m2. Sexion GANGWER. Orton MURRAY
References: C262, C413. Marion Hayes BLUE (1845-1919), m.1867 Clarrissa A. VANNATTA (1849-1917). They lived in Seneca Co. OH and were married there. They are buried at the Pleasant Union-Dukes Cemetery in Seneca Co.* James A. BLUE (1871-1933), m.1890 Evaletta C. FEASEL (1871-1969). Clay Marion BLUE (b.1875). Geraldine BLUE (b.ca1873), m.1897 Ira S. EDWARDS.* Cleveland Carlton BLUE (1884-1962), m.1907 Rosina Laura KAPP (1887-1977).
References: B159, B160, B162, C109, C157, C262, C357, C413. James W. BLUE (1848-1928), m. Jane E. MYERS (1852-1939). They both were born in OH and lived in Seneca Co. OH. They are buried at Pleasant Union-Dukes Cemetery in Seneca Co. Their marriage record in C357 names her Jennie E. WILLIS, so she may have had an earlier marriage.* Maude Elizabeth BLUE (b.ca1877), m.1897 Alburtus NEIGHSWANDER.* Franz Siegel BLUE (1879-1954), m.1915 Myrtle Arleigh HOMES (1894-1975).
References: A810, B159, B161, B162, C262, C357, C413, C758. Laura Ann BLUE (1850-1925), m.1871 Homer Alexander DAY (1847-1930). They married in Seneca Co. OH. Laura DAY Alexander DAY Dorsey DAY Jessie DAY Clifford DAY* Hazel Lucille DAY (1892-1945), m.Archie Burkett WEAVER (1890-1969).
References: C262, C357, C413, C689. Rudolphus BLUE (1854-1892), m.1879 Mary Eva MICHAELS (1859-1935). They were married in Seneca Co. OH. They are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Seneca Co. Rudolphus is also listed as being buried at Creasy or Andrews Cemetery with his parents. Howard R. BLUE (1881-1927). Buried at Greenlawn Cemetery.
References: B162, C262, C357. John Jesse BLUE (1826-1894), m.1853 Theodosia Farwell ABBOTT (1833-1913). He was born in VA and they were married at Ft. Seneca OH. They are buried at Pleasant Union-Dukes Cemetery in Seneca Co. OH. Her gravestone says she was b.1831.* George BLUE (1855-1895), m.1879 Elizabeth BARTO (1860-1895). Jenny T. BLUE Jesse BLUE, died in infancy.
References: B159, B162, C262, C357, C413. Dennis S. BLUE (1833-1911), m.1856 Eliza/Elizabeth M. NICHOLS (1834-1906). They both were born in OH and were married in Seneca Co. OH. In 1900 they were living in Sandusky Twp. of Sandusky Co. OH. Dennis was a master blacksmith and noted inventor. He invented the Blue Cultivator and a ditch digger, but never obtained a patent on them. Their home was on the corner of Front and Fulton Streets in Fremont, Sandusky Co. About three generations of Blues lived there. The house has since been razed. Florence BLUE (b.ca1858). Bertha A. BLUE (1861-1920). Never married. Jacob BLUE (1863-1868). Buried at Fravel-Shaull Cemetery in Seneca Co.* Charles Robert BLUE (1866-1940), m.1889 Catherine SPENCER (1866-1901).* Grace BLUE (1869-1923), m. Otis SHEPARDSON (1858-1926). Eveline BLUE (1871-1925), m. Val BIRTCH (1868-1926).
References: B158, B161, B162, C413, C461. Rebecca C. BLUE (1835-1894), m.1858/9 David SHAULL. Their children are buried at Fravel-Shaull Cemetery in Seneca Co. OH. Margaret Kathryn SHAULL (1858-1914), m. Clinton BASTIAN. No issue. (Son) SHAULL (d.1862). Jacob SHAULL (1864-1864). Clarence SHAULL (1867-1924), m. Lola PULTZ.
References: B162, B1512, C1082.

6CM Delilah MURROW (1817-1853), m.1838 Richard Sharp CRYSTAL (1817-1882). She was born in Fleming Co. KY and he at Lexington, Fayette Co. KY. They were married in Parke Co. IN. He was a son of John H. and Elizabeth (SHARP) CRYSTAL. Their children were born in Montgomery Co. IN. They moved to Des Moines IA where they resided in a log cabin on land now occupied by Laurel Hill Cemetery. He was a wagonmaker and blacksmith, and formed a longstanding partnership with William DeFORD. He was elected clerk of Polk Co. IA in 1854 and was a member of the Board of Supervisors in 1861. Delilah died in Polk Co. IA and is buried at Simms Cemetery at Des Moines.
Richard survived his wife, Delilah, and m2.1854 Mary Ann MITCHELL (b.1834), daughter of John and Mary (LYON) MITCHELL. In 1864 they moved to Oregon, assembling an Emigrant Train for the trip. Accompanying them were George Washington and Sarah Black (McWILLIAMS) CRYSTAL, Nicholas Wallingford and Phoebe (STRAIT) MURROW, John and Emeline Adaline (JURNEY) MURROW, and James and Caroline (JURNEY) STRAIT. In the fall of 1864 they reached LaGrande OR, where he worked at his trade. They later journeyed to Euola OR and then to Dallas OR, where they took up permanent residence. They were members of the Christian Church. He was a Republican and served in the State Senate 1874-1878. He was Polk County (OR) Treasurer at the time of his death and his son, George, filled out his unexpired term. He died at Dallas OR and is buried at the IOOF Cemetery. Amy Elizabeth CRYSTAL (1839-1891), m1. Isaac HUBBARD (b.1839), m2. George KIMMERY/ KINNEY. No issue from either marriage.* James Addison CRYSTAL (1840-1928), m.1865 Louisa SHANNON (1844-1923). John Henry CRYSTAL (1842-1892). Soldier in Civil War. Unmarried. Charles CRYSTAL (1844-1848).* George Washington CRYSTAL (1846-1917), m.1864 Sarah Black McWILLIAMS (1846-1911).
References: A971, C252, C1009, C1343. Narcissa MURROW (1818-1892), m.1836 Leroy LAMBERT (1816-1900). She was born in Fleming Co. KY and he in Mercer Co. KY. They were married in Parke Co. IN by John Vincent, J.P. They resided in Parke Co. until 1845, when they moved to IA. They initially lived on a squatter's claim near Ottumwa IA, then took a homestead west of Des Moines, Polk Co. IA. Later, they moved onto 220 acres in Dallas Co. IA. Leroy was elected to the State Legislature in 1853 and served in that capacity during much of the next two decades. In 1868, in partnership with Martin SMITH, he opened a bank in Dexter IA. In 1869, they opened the Dallas County Bank. Other positions held were Postmaster at Adel IA, School Fund Commissioner, and Elder in the Christian Church at Adel. He was also a Mason. Leroy was a son of Starling and Elizabeth (MARTIN) LAMBERT of Virginia. Narcissus and Leroy died in Dallas Co. IA and are buried at the Adel Cemetery. George Washington LAMBERT (1837-1894). Never married. Greenberry Triplett LAMBERT (1838-1839). Unmarried.* Benjamin Franklin LAMBERT (1840-1904), m1.1870 Laura HUNTER (1848-1872), m2.1875 Charity Alice MARSHALL (1848-1922). Charles Murrow LAMBERT (1843-1864). Died at Andersonville prison during the Civil War. Unmarried.* Amy Elizabeth LAMBERT (1845-1931), m.1861 Josephus SMITH (1838-1894). Mary Jane LAMBERT (1847-1847). Richard LAMBERT (1849-1853).* David Blue LAMBERT (1851-1884), m.1874 Louisa HUNTER (1852-1930). Eliza Ann LAMBERT (1853-1914), m.1871 Cyrus ELLIS (1845-1922). No issue. They adopted Maude Lam ELLIS (b.1881).* Alice LAMBERT (1856-1939), m1.1879 William Wilson CURTIS (1852-1885), m2.1898 George PARRIS, divorced 1901. John LAMBERT (1859-1860).* Ira Grant LAMBERT (1864-1929), m.1889.Dora Alma THALLS (1869-1951).
References: C252, C1128, C1164. Rebecca MURROW (b.1819), m.1844 John W. COOK (1817-1887). She was born in Mason Co. KY and they were married in Henry Co. IA. John was born in OH, a son of Abel and Elizabeth COOK. He died in Bourbon Co. KS and is buried at Woodcock Cemetery (Entzwood Cemetery per C1009) near Bronson, Bourbon Co. KS. She was a member of the Baptist Church. Martha/Martina J. COOK (1850-ca1867). Buried at Stevenson Cemetery, Xenia, Bourbon Co. KS. Not listed in C252 and C1128.* Alice COOK (b.ca1852), m1. N. H. TURNER, m2. Alson G. VESTAL.* Charles COOK (ca1859-1902), m1.1881 Rhoda O'NEAL (ca1863-ca1890), m2.bef1894 Jessie ANDREWS (b.1868). Vena COOK. Her body was interred at Osborn Cemetery, Linn Co. KS. Not listed in C1009.
References: C252, C1009, C1128. Phoebe MURROW (1821-1863), m.1843 Slemmons Clinton TAYLOR (1816-1891). She was born in Mason Co. KY and he in OH. They were married in Parke Co. IN. In 1849 they moved to Dallas Co. IA where he eventually owned 424 acres of land. He held the offices of Sheriff, County Supervisor and Justice of the Peace, and taught the first school in his township. They both died in Dallas Co. IA. They are buried at Kimrey Cemetery, Minburn, Dallas Co. Floyd E. TAYLOR (1844-1844). Melissa Catherine TAYLOR (1845-1850). Buried at Kimrey Cemetery.* Howard Wright TAYLOR (1848-1908), m.1870 Harriet Wade ALBIN (1846-1922). Mary Ann TAYLOR (1850-1851). Buried at Kimrey Cemetery. George Washington TAYLOR (1852-1874). Never married. Buried at Kimrey Cemetery. Sarah Jane TAYLOR (1854-1937), m.1874 William Jasper KING (1846-1929). James Buchanan TAYLOR (1857-1857). Buried at Kimrey Cemetery.* John Wesley TAYLOR (1858-1903), m1.1881 Millie KING (1860-1886), m2.1891 Lucy Ann GILLINGHAM (1863-1935).* Slemmons Douglas TAYLOR (1861-1933), m.1888 Cora MITCHELL (1869-1925).
References: C252, C253, C1009, C1269.

6CN Sarah MURROW (1822-1906), m.1846 Samuel Waterman LANGDON (1816-1880). She was born in Parke Co. IN and he in Tioga Co. NY. They were married in Jefferson Co. IA. He was a son of John and Mary J. (MOOREHOUSE) LANGDON. She died at Webb City, Jasper Co. MO, and is buried at Stevenson Cemetery, Xenia, Bourbon Co. KS. Samuel died in Jefferson Co. IA and is buried at Patterson Cemetery, six miles SE of Fairfield IA. They were members of the Methodist Church. Their children were born in Jefferson Co. IA.* Mary Jane LANGDON (1848-1874), m. Alfred WRIGHT.* Amy Ann LANGDON (1849-1929), m.1867 Phillip Washington PENINGER (1843-bef1921).* Amanda Eliza LANGDON (1851-1922), m.1869 William OWINGS (1848-1909).* Alfred Pierce LANGDON (1853-1927), m.1877 Elnora Elizabeth WATSON (1855-1921).* Sarah Ellen LANGDON (1855-1935), m.1872 John Richard OWINGS (1850-1941).* John Abraham LANGDON (1863-1916), m.1886 Atlanta BONNETT (b.1866).
References: C252, C1009. Mary Jane MURROW (1824-1872), m.1848 William WARREN (1818-1900). She was born in Parke Co. IN and he in Bath Co. KY. They were married and both died in Polk Co. IA, and are buried at the Powers-Warren Cemetery, Camp Twp., Polk Co.. He was a son of Robert and Polly (FITZGERALD) WARREN. Their children were born in Polk Co. IA.* Nicholas Robert WARREN (1849-1930), m.1874 Marilda Isabelle WARREN (1855-1907).* Nancy Ann WARREN (1852-1931), m1.1870 Charles WARREN (1851-1898), m2.1900 Morris ALEXANDER.* Mary Amy WARREN (1854-1924), m.1872 Andrew Jackson YOUNG (1850-1929). Melissa Murrow WARREN (1856-1876), m.1873 George Washington PRINE (b.1852). No issue. N. WARREN (b.ca1859) (female).* William Daniel WARREN (1865-1943), m.ca1890 Anna CARMON (b.1868).
References: C252, C1009, C1269. James Madison MURROW (1826-1853), m.1850 Mary Ann HARMAN (1832-1869). He was born in Parke Co. IN and she in Jefferson Co. IA. They were married in Jefferson Co. and he died there in a Lime Kiln accident. They were buried at Patterson Cemetery in Fairfield, Jefferson Co. IA. Mary Ann m2. Jeremiah BATES and had several more children.* Amy Elizabeth MURROW (1852-1894), m.1871 Ferdinand F. VOGEL (1846-1914).
References: C252, C1128. George Washington MURROW (1830-1899), m.1850 Elizabeth Ann RUNYAN (1833-1906). He was born in Parke Co. IN and she in Warren Co. IN. They were married at Des Moines, Polk Co. IA. They lived in Polk Co. initially, then between 1864 and 1868 they moved to Bourbon Co. KS. They both died in Bourbon Co. and were buried at Blue Mound Cemetery.* Sarah Ellen MURROW (1853-1934), m1. Clark GRIFFIN, m2.1878 Marcus Acel HAWLEY (1849-1899).* Amy Catherine MURROW (1854-1929), m. William Clark MITCHELL (1850-1919).* Willard Elgin MURROW (1857-1913), m.1887 Ada Louisa KING (1869-1949).* Charles Franklin MURROW (1859-1936), m.1888 Cloa Maude ELLITHORPE (1869-1943). George Washington MURROW (1864-1945).* Carrie Kansas MURROW (1868-1936), m1.1886 Artemus Ward GIBBS (1865-1902), m2.1908 John SHIRLEY, m3. _____ KERR. Julia Annette MURROW (1870-1889).* Alzie Torena/Rena E. MURROW (1873-1953), m.1896 Edmond W. SLACK (1869-1943).
References: C252, C1081, C1269. David Blue MURROW (1832-1911), m1.1859 Mary Jane KELLY (1839-1864), m2.1865 Ruth Caroline NOGLE (1843-1890). He was born in Parke Co. IN, and was a member of the Christian Church and the Masonic Lodge. His first wife, Mary Jane, was born in IN and they were married in Polk Co. IA. She died in Bourbon Co. KS and was buried at the Osborne Cemetery. He married Ruth at Ottawa, Franklin Co. KS and returned to Polk Co. KS where their children were born. They both died at Des Moines, Polk Co. IA and were buried at Woodland Cemetery. Ruth was a daughter of David and Mary (HARLAN) NOGLE. She was a Presbyterian.
First marriage: No issue.
Second marriage: Charles Harlan MURROW (1867-1956), m1. Minnie Mar McGARRAUGH (b.1874), m2.1924 Edna REITZEL (b.1893) []. No issue. He was a prominent family historian and the author of C252. Charles and Edna adopted Gertrude Lillian GROVER (b.1919) and she used the name Trudy MURROW. David Grant MURROW (1869-1892). Never married.* Nellie Maud MURROW (1875-1954). m.1899 Thomas Parsons McCURNIN (1871-1933).* Myrtle Eva MURROW (1878-1954), m.1905 William Erwin HENRY Jr (b.1876).* Code/Dode? Amy MURROW (b.1880), m.1900 Herbert Fletcher BISHARD (b.1877).
References: C22, C71, C252, C1061, C1081, C1128, C1269.

6CO Charles MURROW II (1836-1909), m.1863 Sarah Ellen (OSBORN) PICKETT (1843-1938). He was born in Parke Co. IN and she at Papsville, Bates Co. MO. They were married in Bourbon Co. KS. She was a daughter of Enoch and Anna (STARR) OSBORN. They were members of the Christian Church and he was a soldier in the Kansas 6th Cavalry during the Civil War. They died at Blue Mound KS and are buried at the Stevenson Cemetery at Xenia, Bourbon Co. KS. Their children were born at Blue Mound KS.* David Blue MURROW (1865-1943), m.1889 Anna May WHITE (1871-1949).* Olive Amy MURROW (1868-1947), m.1888 Chalmer Edgar WEST (1866-1903). Effie Katrina MURROW (1870-1880).* Cora Alma MURROW (1872-1944), m.1889 Orian Gayle LONG (1869-1941).* Charles Enoch MURROW (1875-1955), m.1899 Marinda Eliza WEST (1880-1928).* William Henry MURROW (1878-1972), m.1901 Mattie MORRELL (1883-1945). Nicholas Luther MURROW (1881-1885).* Eva Catherine MURROW (1883-1973), m.1903 Wilmer Stanton BAKER (1883-1958).
References: C252, C1009, C1269. John Salter MURROW (1839-1919), m1.1862 Emeline Adaline JURNEY (1843-1900), m2.1905 Theressa JOHNSON. He was born in Parke Co. IN and Emeline was born in MO. They were married in Polk Co. IA and had their children there. She was a daughter of William and Emeline JURNEY. In 1864 they joined their relatives on a wagon train for Oregon, but returned to Polk Co. IA by 1870. John and Emeline died in Polk Co. IA and are buried at Canfield Cemetery. His marriage to Theressa took place in Polk Co. IA.
First marriage:* Nancy Eliza MURROW (1863-1929), m.1878 Stephen Douglas BURNETT (1858-1923).* George Washington MURROW (1870-1927), m.1893 Bertha SMITH (b.1873).* Mary Ann MURROW (1872-1958), m.1895 Edwin L. ELLIS (1873-1940).* Alice Mabel MURROW (1874-1945), m.1895 Raymond Purl SHIVERS Jr. (1874-1946). Nicholas W. MURROW (1877-1968), m.1899 Alma KNOX (1877-1972). No issue.* Alfred Douglas MURROW (1879-1923), m.1898 Annie MACEK (1878-1953). Charles E. MURROW (1884-1909).* Benjamin Harrison MURROW (1886-1948), m.1908 Jessie LOWE (1889-1988).
Second marriage: No issue.
References: C252, C1081, C1269. Nicholas Wallingford MURROW (1842-1929), m1.1864 Phoebe STRAIT (1846-1873), m2.1873 Eolian Elvira BARNES (1855-1943). He was born in Parke Co. IN and and came with his parents to Iowa in 1843, first settling in what is now Henry Co. In 1846 the family moved to Polk Co. IA, where Nicholas resided most of his life. His first wife, Phoebe, was also born in IN. They were married at Des Moines, Polk Co. IA. She was a daughter of Ephraim STRAIT and his first wife, name unknown. Shortly after their marriage they joined a wagon train that left Des Moines in 1864 for Oregon. They settled in Washington Co. OR for a few years, but by 1870 they had returned to Polk Co. Also in this wagon train were Richard Sharp and Delilah (MURROW) CRYSTAL, and John Saulter and Emily (JURNEY) MURROW. Phoebe died after their return to IA and was buried in the Mitchellville Cemetery in Polk Co. IA. His second wife, Eolian, was born at Warsaw, Kosciusko Co. IN. They were married at Des Moines, Polk Co. IA. She was a daughter of Thomas Fuller and Harriet Ann (SPIRES) BARNES. Eolian was a teacher, and was educated at Baptist (later Callahan) College, Des Moines. They were members of the Christian Church. Nicholas and Eolian died at Mitchellville, Polk Co. IA. They are buried at Mitchellville Cemetery. Their children were born in Polk Co.
First marriage: Infant daughter (1866-1866). Born in Washington Co. OR.* Charles Milton MURROW (1867-1923), m.1889 Morna Magnolia MONTGOMERY (1868-1926). John Salter MURROW (1871-1872). Born in Polk Co. IA.* Roxie Eva MURROW (b.1872), m.1894 George B. HASTINGS (b.1868).
Second marriage:* Albert Alfonso MURROW (1874-1954), m.1901 Eva C. ALEXANDER (1874-1962).* David Blue MURROW (1876-1963), m.1897 Lillie Maude BARNES (1877-1962).* Amy Ann MURROW (1878-1963), m1.1897 Harry GRAY (1872-1901), m2.1907 James Creighton ROOKER (1868-1952).* Thomas Grant MURROW (1880-1962), m.1901 Eva Ann FERGUSON (1877-1958).* Nicholas Wallingford MURROW Jr. (1882-1952), m1.1903 Lucy Ann CANFIELD (1884-1918), m2.1920 Winnie ELDER (1880-1954).* Leroy Asa MURROW (1884-1965), m.1906 Nellie Lovering ELLEDGE (b.1887). Mary Elizabeth MURROW (1886-1887).* Etta May MURROW (1888-1926), m.1910 Aaron George WALDORF (1886-1959).* Emily Ethel MURROW (1891-1963), m.1909 Leslie James SEIBERLING (1891-1965).
References: C252, C1081, C1269.

6CP Thomas Wesley BLUE (1815-1888), m.1838 Alice LOFTUS (1821-1873). He was born in Mason Co. KY and she in Fleming Co. KY. They were married in Putnam Co. IN. By 1850 they were living in Greene Twp. of Parke Co. IN, then by 1860 they were in Wabash Twp. of Parke Co. They owned land in Wabash Twp., at the south end of Montezuma. They both died at Montezuma IN and are buried in the Montezuma Cemetery. Thomas was adopted by his grandfather, David BLUE []. William Burton BLUE (1840-1862), never married. Fought in Civil War, 8th Indiana. Died of measles.* Mary A. BLUE (1841-1920), m.1864 Samuel A. SPENCER (1840-1912).* James Marion BLUE (1844-1907), m.1878 Mary Ann BROWN (1856-1930).* Sarah Elizabeth BLUE (1846-1874), m.1869 Robert H. BROWN (1847-1914).* Nancy Jane BLUE (1848-1932), m.1887 John W. PRATT (1839-1909). Thomas Wesley BLUE Jr (1850-1922), buried in Montezuma Cemetery. C245 says he d.1892, however, he is listed in the 1900 census in Wabash Twp. of Parke Co. IN, living with his sister, Mary (BLUE) SPENCER. Martha Ellen BLUE (1852-1928), m.1891 William F. KINSER (d.1901). Allie Ana BLUE (1855-1856). Lafayette BLUE (1857-1858). John Chancy BLUE (1860-1892).* Wilbert Fisk BLUE (1862-1945), m.1892 Sarah Ellen ELDER (1860-1941).
References: A369, B416, B420, C245, C1061, C1125. Emanuel MORTIMER (1817-1903), m1.1843 Mary DIXON (d.ca1846), m2.ca1848 Amanda WHITACRE, m3.1859 Dinah (_____) WELLS, divorced, m4.1868 Arena L. (PARKER) SMITH. He was born in Fleming Co. KY and his first marriage took place there. He married Dinah in Hamilton Co. OH, and Arena in Coles Co. IL. Emanuel died in Labette Co. KS.
First marriage:* Harriet Frances MORTIMER (1845-1933), m.1867 Israel FOSTER (1839-1920).
Second marriage:* James Thompson MORTIMER (1850-1938), m.1875 Emma F. KING (1859-1936).
Third marriage: No issue.
Fourth marriage:* George W. MORTIMER (1868-1953), m.1891 Nancy Ellen RADCLIFF (1873-1921).* Marcus Lafayette “Lafe” MORTIMER (1873-1944), m.1894 Sarah Isabel FINLEY (1872-1944).* Wilson S. MORTIMER (1876-1965), m.1904 Ida M. POWELL (1886-1956).* Elvira L. MORTIMER (1878-1961), m.1900 Raleigh R. NEWLAND (1871-1940).
References: B1057, C747 Dorothy “Dolly” Rebecca MORTIMORE (ca1828-1860), m.1849 John SWAIM (1792-1875). She was born in Fleming Co. KY. They were married in Parke Co. IN and she died there. She is buried in an unmarked grave on the family farm near Judson in Parke Co. John had a prior marriage to Deborah _____, by whom he had seven children. Gilbert DeLafayette SWAIM (1850-1919), m1.1872 Margaret SHORTRIDGE, m2. Nina HARMLESS. Mortimer SWAIM (1852-bef1868). John SWAIM (1854-bef1868).* Moses SWAIM (1856-1919), m.1885 Margaret M. SPENCER (1856-1908).
References: C747 Nimrod Farrow MORTIMER (1830-1903), m1.1858 Helen MURPHY, divorced, m2.1869 Malissa GLAZEBROOK (1837-1896). He was born in Fleming Co. KY. He married Helen in McLean Co. IL. His second marriage also took place in IL. He died in Labette Co. KS and is buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery near (what used to be) Mortimer KS.
First marriage:* Belle MORTIMER (ca1860-ca1904), m. _____ DASHWOOD. She is believed to have died in the great San Francisco earthquake.* Isaac MORTIMER (1864-1935), m. Mary DUNN (1869-1934).
Second marriage:* Victoria MORTIMER (b.1871), m.1889 Benjamin M. CAMDEN (1867-1927). Amanda MORTIMER (b.1874). Probably died young.* Margaret Jane “Maggie” MORTIMER (1877-1958), m.1897 Crate COKER (1876-1951).* Emanuel “Mannie” MORTIMER (1880-1956), m.1908 Dorothea J. TAYLOR (1874-1954).
References: C747 Elvira Layton MORTIMER (1832-1907), m.1854 William A. LAYNE (b.1825). She was born in Fleming Co. KY and they were married in Parke Co. IN. She died in Montgomery Co. IN and is buried at Old Hickory Cemetery in Brown Twp. of that county. Mary E. LAYNE (1855-1856). Nancy J. LAYNE (1857-1904). Preston M. LAYNE (1858-1928).* Joseph A. LAYNE (1860-1943), m.1883 Isa BECK. Elisha Famous LAYNE (1861-1899). Harriet F. LAYNE (1863-1863). Margaret C. LAYNE (1863-1863), twin of Harriet. Fannie W. LAYNE (b.1865). William C. LAYNE (1867-1889). Samuel M. LAYNE (1869-1890).
References: C747

6CQ Mary BLUE (1842-1923), m.1857 Irson Gates GILLETT (1833-1903). She was born in Knox Co. IL, near Abingdon, and he in Ashtabula Co. OH. They were married in Roseville IL. Shortly after her birth, her family moved to Warren Co. IL, where she grew up. After their marriage, Mary and Irson joined the Merridan Christian Church near Abingdon and remained with the Christian Church the rest of their lives. In about 1881 they moved their large family to a farm south of Stanberry, Gentry Co. MO. After the death of her husband, she lived with her son, Pearl. They are buried at White Oak Cemetery, Gentry Co. MO (Her obituary says she was buried in Cooper Cemetery). Irson was a son of William Shadrick and Hulda (WADE) GILLETT.* Famous Mortimore GILLETT (1858-1937), m.1882 Sarah MILLER (1866-1946).* Reuben Glenroy GILLETT (1860-1940), m.1886 May KELLEY (b.1862). Andrew Jackson GILLETT (1861-1864).* William Arthur GILLETT (1864-1936), m.1889 Almira JOHNSON (1872-1913).* George Benton GILLETT (1865-1948), m1.1897 Maria KELLEY (1867-1941), m2.1944 Bertha (_____) THORP, no issue. Thomas GILLETT (1867-1868).* Viola Jane GILLETT (1868-1939), m.1887 William Wallace MILLER (1856-1911).* Fred GILLETT (1871-1898), m.1895 Tuerrissa Ann JOHNSON (1877-1907).* Thalia GILLETT (1873-1945), m.1892 Richard WISEMAN.* Irson Alva "Zebe" GILLETT (1875-1954), m.1900 Jessie Isabel O'NEALE (d.1968). Pearl GILLETT (1877-1946), m.1919 Elmina SMITH (b.1890), no issue. Francis Marion GILLETT (1879-1889).* Freeman Daton GILLETT (1881-1938), m.1903 Maude Alice O'NEALE (1884-1971), sister of Jessie.* Frank GILLETT (1888-1931), m.1919 Rucia Arlette ALLEN (1891-1987).
References: B788, B789, C57, C245, C472. Permelia Ann BLUE (1846-1877), m1. Nathan TALLEY (1843-1868), m2. William T. TALLEY (b.1847). William was a soldier in Co. H, 83rd Illinois Infantry.
First marriage:* Nancy Jane TALLEY (1865-1912), m.1882 James Wesley WELCHER (1859-1936).
Second marriage:* Mary J. TALLEY (b.1869), m.1882 James Edwards PERDUE (b.1861).* Delia C. TALLEY (b.1873), m.1891 Fred NILES (b.1865).
References: C245. Thomas BLUE (1847-1883), m.1866/8 Mary Ellen GILLETT (1851-1930). He was born in Warren Co. IL and she in Ashtabula Co. OH. They were married at Roseville IL. They both died at Stansberry MO and are buried at White Oak Cemetery. Thomas was a Baptist and a member of Woodmen of the World. Mary was a member of LDS. She was a daughter of William Shadrick and Hulda (WADE) GILLETT. According to C245, William Shadrick Gillett was an Englishman (b. in NY), who married a daughter of a rich merchant in India. His family disowned him and he came to Hartford CT and married Hulda Wade. They lived in CT, then VT, then OH where they were members of Latter Day Saints. William was accidentally killed by being struck by a limb of a tree, falling on him in his own yard. Hulda Wade survived him and married Harvey B. SMITH, an Elder in the LDS. Mary Ellen m2.1885 Andrew J. WRIGHT and had a child, Rosa Ann. They were living in Gentry Co. MO in 1880. Mary BLUE, died in infancy. Thomas BLUE, died in infancy.* David BLUE (1869-1899), m1. Mary Jane WRIGHT (d.1892), m2. Jesse L. CRAIG. Marion BLUE (b.ca1874), died at age 19 years, never married.* Mollie BLUE (b.1875), m1.1892 Franklin Pierce DUXBURY (1863-1926), m2.1915 Jacob Elonzo JONES (b.1873), m3. Julian STREETER.* Famous E. BLUE (1877-1949), m.1901 Carrie Ellen GROOMS (1881-1923).
References: B134, B555, C22, C57, C245. Sarah Emeline BLUE (1850-1920), m1.1865 Reuben GILLETT (1837-1880), m2.1881 Arthur Luzerne GILLETT (1844-1914). She was born in Warren Co. IL and her two husbands were born in OH. Her first marriage took place in Warren Co. IL. Her husbands were brothers, sons of William Shadrick and Hulda (WADE) GILLETT. She died at Roseville IL, and she and her husbands are buried at the Holman Cemetery in Avon IL.
First marriage:* Oliver Milton GILLETT (b.1868), m.1891 Lillie Dell COURSON (1872-1938).* William Wellington GILLETT (1870-1940), m.1895 Rosetta MEADOWS (b.1876). Tessie E. GILLETT (1874-1904).* Lora Alice GILLETT (b.1875), m.1892 Charles W. JEWELL (b.1872).* Arthur Luzerne GILLETT (b.1877), m.1898 Effie RAY.* Minnie Jane GILLETT (b.1879), m.1898 Frank O. YOUNGQUIST (b.1870).
Second marriage: Reuben Glenroy GILLETT (b.1882). Mona Viola GILLETT (b.1883).
References: C245.

6CR William Martin BLUE (1830-1865), m.1850 Clarissa Elizabeth CHAMBERS (1833-1895). He was born in Knox or Parke Co. IL. In 1865 he was shot and killed, in Prairie Twp., Mills Co. IA, by Joseph Hale after being summoned to a barroom where his 14 year old son, Charles, was in a fight. They were married in Warren Co. IL. Clarissa was born at Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY and died in Fremont Co. IA. They are buried in the Chambers Cemetery, Prairie Twp., Fremont Co. IA. Clarissa was a daughter of Ezekiel and Gartra (MEREDITH) CHAMBERS. Clarrissa m2.1868 Jakob Singray LINDSLEY and had four more children. She died in Iroquois Co. IL and is buried in the Chambers Cemetery, Shenandoah, Page Co. IA.* Charles McDonald BLUE (1851-1898), m.1873 Luella BECKWITH (1855-1934). Dora "Maud" BLUE (b.1855), m1.1893 John WATKIN, m2. Basil HERBIG. She was born in Warren Co. IL. Evaline Mae BLUE (b.1858), m. _____ SHERMAN. She was born in Fremont Co. IA. Lilly BLUE (b.1860), born in Fremont Co. IA. Frederick W. BLUE (b.1862), born in Fremont Co. IA. John Milton BLUE (b.1864), born in Fremont Co. IA, killed in a hunting accident. William Martin BLUE Jr. (b.1866), born in Fremont Co. IA after his father's death.
References: B7, C12, C22, C57, C58, C59, C1324. Andrew Jackson BLUE (1837-1872), m.1860 Eliza Jane GOOKIN (1840-1913). He was born in Knox Co. IL and they were married in Russell, Lucas Co. IA. She was born in Noble Co.(?) OH. They both died at Russell IA and she is buried at Ragtown Cemetery, south of Russell. Eliza m.21875 Absolom A. BLUE, Andrew’s brother. William BLUE (1865-1914), never married.* George Sigler BLUE (1867-1946), m.1899 Avis June CALLAHAN (1876-1936).* Walter Langdon BLUE (1869-1953), m.1895 Mary Ethel KELLS (1876-1960). Martha BLUE (1871-1872), buried at Ragtown Cemetery near Russell IA.* Bessie Bertha BLUE (1872-1959), m.1892 Charles Arthur KELLS (1867-1917).
References: C22, C57, C58, C135, C227, C229, C679. Milton BLUE (1839-1903), m1. Martha LEAMON, m2.1868 Mary PATTERSON (1846-1922). He was born in Knox Co. IL and Mary was born in Guernsey Co. OH. They were married in Atlantic, Cass Co. IA. They lived in IA, then were in Nodaway Co. MO for the birth of Emma in 1872. By 1874 they were back in IA, then moved to KS by 1878. In 1880 they were living in Holmwood Twp. of Jewell Co. KS. Later they moved to CO. They both died at Longmont CO and are buried there. Mary was a daughter of John and Mary (ALBIN) PATTERSON. Milton and Mary were members of the Baptist Church, and he was a Civil War soldier in the 34th Iowa. He lived in Warren Co. IL in 1850.
Second marriage:* Clara BLUE (1868-1905), m.1888 Vincent A. ROE (1864-1941).* Rose BLUE (1870-1951), m.1893 Charles Francis SMITH (1856-1929).* Emma BLUE (1872-1942), m.1889 Charles WAGERS (1866-1936).* Sarah BLUE (1874-1934), m.1896 Sidney TALLMAN (b.1873). Maud BLUE (b.1876). Prob. died before 1880. Clinton H. BLUE (1877-1930), m. Julia HALL, no issue. Mabel BLUE (1879-1905), m. Thomas DWYER. C245 says she died in infancy.* Grace BLUE (b.1884), m. Bryant NEWBY (1881-1933).* Bertha Alice BLUE (b.1885), m.1903 Bert MYERS (b.1876).* Elva BLUE (b.1887), m.1909 George NEWBY (b.1884).* William Martin BLUE (1892-1960), m.1914 Ruby Elizabeth FEAMESTER (b.1893).
References: A244, B503, C57, C58, C245. Clara BLUE (1841-1909), m.1862 Thomas McMASTERS (1822-1888). She was born in Knox Co. IL and he at Pittsburg PA. They both died at Chariton IA and are buried there. He was a son of James and Agnes (McKELVEY) McMASTERS who were both born in Scotland. Clara and Thomas were members of the Presbyterian Church. Their children were born in Lucas Co. IA. Charles Scholl McMASTERS (1863-1915), never married. (Daughter) McMASTERS (1867-1867). Clarence Elmer McMASTERS (1869-1874). Lulu Belle McMASTERS (1870-1946), m.1910 Andrew Jackson CONLEE (1849-1930?).* Dora Mae McMASTERS (b.1878), m.1901 Harry Blaine BLANCHARD (1878-1926). Helen Blanche McMASTERS (1881-1882).
References: C73, C245. Cynthia Ann BLUE (1848-1938), m.1872 Benjamin Hastings KIDDER (1843-1932). She was born in Galesburg IL and he in Warren Co. IL. They were married in Warren Co. IL. She is buried at Galesburg IL. He was a son of Larned and Mary Ann (HOISINGTON) KIDDER. Cynthia and Benjamin were members of the Universalist Church. Their children were born in Warren Co. IL.* John Paul KIDDER (b.1873), m. Rosa May WAGGONER (b.1877). Gertrude Grace KIDDER (b.1878), twin. Maud KIDDER (b.1878), twin.* Mary Clytia KIDDER (b.1884), m.1906 William A. FORESEE (b.1881).
References: C57, C58, C245.

6CS Absolom A. BLUE (1850-1919), m.1875 Eliza Jane GOOKIN (1840-1913), widow of his brother, Andrew. He was born in Warren Co. IL and died at Galesburg IL, and is buried there. They were married in Lucas Co. IA and were living in Washington Twp. of that county in 1880. He left home shortly after daughter Gertrude was born and was not traced until 1964. Eliza Jane was still living with her two daughters in Washington Twp. in 1900.* Laura G. BLUE (1877-1920), m.1900 Henry CLARK (b.1880).* Gertrude Mae BLUE (1881-1916), m.1909 William Gratton SIMS (1873-1950).
References: B500, C57, C58, C157, C227, C245. Bailey Regan BLUE (1852-1931), m1.1873 Victoria Frances SMITH (1856-1941), divorced, m2. _____ _____, m3. Martha _____. He was born at Galesburg, Knox Co. IL and Victoria was born at Monmouth, Warren Co. IL. They were married in Warren Co. IL. Victoria was a daughter of Horace and Mahala (CARTER) SMITH. Bailey was living in Seward Co. NE in 1880. The census of 1880 indicates that his wife was Frances (_____) BLUE (b.ca1858), and they had three children, William BLUE (b.ca1874), Mary BLUE (b.ca1876) and Lizzie BLUE (b.ca1878). The children match quite well, considering the probable May/Mary confusion and some uncertainty in the birthdate of William. C58 indicates that Bailey married Victoria in 1874. The 1900 census of Beatrice, Gage Co. NE, also calls Bailey's wife Frances (with middle initial S). At that time he was living in Beatrice with his wife and son Harry J. Victoria died at Coffeyville, Montgomery Co. KS, and is buried there at Fairview Cemetery. Bailey died at Lincoln, Lancaster Co. NE, and is buried there at Wyuka Cemetery.
First marriage: William Vandeveer BLUE (1872-1897).* Lillie Mae BLUE (1876-1960), m1.1894 Alfred Enoch HAND (1872-1922), m2.1922 John S. STILES (1873-1929).* Mabel Elizabeth BLUE (1878-1927), m. Sherman GOLDSBERRY.* Nellie Marie BLUE (1882-1935), m.1898 George DOBBS (b.1874). Harry John Harrison BLUE (b.1894), m.1926 Ruth Aurie DUGGINS (1904-1968). They have an adopted son, John Delbert BLUE (b.1932).
Second marriage:* Thelma Mae BLUE (b.1910), m.1930 Thomas Peter HUGHES (1910-1971).
Third marriage: Glen BLUE Anna BLUE
References: A1065, B579, B1558, C57, C58, C245, C1233, C1347.

6CT James Riley MURROW (1824-1906), m.1845 Kiturah ASBURY (1822-1881). He was born in Mason Co. KY and they were married at Rockville IN. She died in Stafford Co. KS and is buried in Prairie Chapel Cemetery, 3 miles west and 24 miles south of Stafford. He died in Woods Co. OK and is buried in Pleasant View Cemetery. Based on the birthplaces of their children, they lived in Parke Co. IN through 1850, then by 1852 they had moved to Mahaska Co. IA. They were there at least to 1863>* Charles Thomas MURROW (1846-1934), m.1873 Harriet Elnora HUGHES (1854-1926).* Caleb Newton MURROW (1850-1922), m.1887 Susan Dora HOUGHTON (1859-1892).* Nancy Jane MURROW (1852-1925), m1.1872 William CLINE (1842-1883), m2. Charles BRIGHT (1854-1936).* John Blue MURROW (1854-1934), m.1876 Sarah Jane McMAINS (1858-1937).* Sarah Margaret MURROW (1856-1932), m.1879 Albert HOUGHTON (1851-1925).* Mary Susan MURROW (1858-1895), m.1881 Robert Amace HOUGHTON (1857-1927).* Stephen Arnold Douglas MURROW (1860-1938), m.1887 Fannie Eletha GROVER (b.1868).* Henry Clay Dean MURROW (1863-1939), m.1888 Mary Catherine DICKS (1864-1939).
References: A363, C252, C1211, C1444. David Blue MURROW (1826-1863), m.1844 Clarinda APPLEGATE (1826-1892). They both were born in Mason Co. KY. They were married in Vermillion Co. IL. She was a daughter of Joseph and Lavina APPLEGATE. He died in the Civil War and is buried at the National Cemetery at Paducah KY. She died in Poweshiek Co. IA and is buried in Montezuma Cemetery.* Sarah Amy MURROW (1844-1873), m.1863 William Atwell McCLURE (1841-1903). James MURROW (1850-1850).* Benjamin Franklin MURROW (1852-1933), m.1873 Sarah Ann MOORE (1853-1899).* John Milton MURROW (1854-1938), m.1880 Harriet Ann DeBORD (1859-1935).* Mary Ellen MURROW (1857-1912), m.1875 William Lewis ARNOLD (1855-1926).* Nancy Ann MURROW (b.1859), m.1881 Robert HOLT (1846-1926).* William Albert MURROW (1861-1902), m. Mattie Jane MEEKER 1868-1929).
References: A641, C252. Margaret Ann MURROW (1835-1910), m.1852 Thomas Bosley GORSUCH (1830-1884). She was born in Parke Co. IN and he near Baltimore MD. They were married at Montezuma IA. He was a son of Joshua and Mary (BOSLEY) GORSUCH. He served in Co. B, 40th Iowa, during the Civil War. She was a Methodist. They both died at Montezuma IA and are buried at the Montezuma Cemetery. Martha Ellen GORSUCH (1853-1927), m.1892 Henry L. JONES (1846-1925). No issue. David GORSUCH (b.1855).* John Joshua GORSUCH (1856-1939), m.1881 Lucy WEBBER (1860-1940).* Daniel Thomas GORSUCH (1858-1933), m.1882 Sarah Estelle WEBBER (1863-1939).* Sarah Elizabeth GORSUCH (b.1861), m.1885 John Otho BUTLER (1858-1935).* Rebecca Emeline GORSUCH (b.1863), m.1884 William Albert WELLS (b.1859). Laura Dorcas GORSUCH (1868-1942), m.1911 John Alexander FULTON (1847-1930). No issue. Charles Wesley GORSUCH (b.1873), m.1902 Laura Jane FORCUM (b.1876). No issue.* Verna Edith GORSUCH (b.1881), m.1913 Hilary F. GOOD (1880-1940).
References: C252. Thomas Alexander MURROW (1839-1912), m.1862 Evaline KING (1844-1820). He was born in Parke Co. IN and she in Kosciusko Co. IN. They were married in Lucas Co. IA. She was a daughter of John and Nancy (HAYES) KING. He died in Wayne Co. IA and she died at Russell, Lucas Co. IA. They are buried at Confidence Cemetery, Wayne Co. IA. They were members of the Christian Church.* Cary Lafayette MURROW (1863-1937), m.1894 Ida Swanger WALKER (b.1868). Adelia A. MURROW (1864-1865).* Iowa America MURROW (1865-1925), m1.1884 Henry Reuben REITZEL (1855-1907), m2.1908 William John McCRACKEN (1853-1908), m3.1916 William H. BLACK (1851-1919), m4. Charles W. HUMPHREY. Charles E. MURROW (1865-1872).* David Leonard MURROW (1871-1965), m1.1892 Estella Aurelia KENDALL (1873-1909), m2.1914 Bessie McPHERIN (b.1880).* John Riley MURROW (1874-1935), m.1897 Sarah "Sadie" Frances BOSWELL (1873-1959).* Jesse Lee MURROW (1876-1952), m1.1898 Hattie Hermie BYXBE (b.1881), divorced, m2.1907 May Pearl DIEMER (1880-1965).* Nellie Edna MURROW (1877-1923), m.1892 Edward WRIGHT (1872-1941). Freddie MURROW (1880-1880). Eddie MURROW (1880-1880). Byrney Ethel MURROW (1881-1882). Perry Otis MURROW (1883-1969), unmarried.* Joanna Evanda MURROW (1885-1954), m.1903 Daniel Virgil SHARR (1882-1950).
References: A365, A642, A643, A644, A645, A646, A647, B478, B800, B801, B802, B803, C57, C252, C331, C1061. Mary Jane MURROW (1842-1916), m.1860 Daniel Locke GORSUCH (1837-1918). She was born in Parke Co. IN and he in Deleware Co. OH. They were married in Mahaska Co. IA. He was a son of Joshua and Mary (BOSLEY) GORSUCH. Daniel was a farmer and belonged to Knights of Pythias. Mary Jane was a Methodist.* Sarah Elizabeth GORSUCH (1861-1940), m.1881 James Albert BANGHAM (b.1856). Dwight Martin GORSUCH (1862-1863).* Angeline GORSUCH (1864-1927), m.1891 John TILFORD (1866-1934).* Fred GORSUCH (1865-1941), m.1893 Sadie LOCKARD (b.1873).* Edward GORSUCH (1868-1908), m.1892 Chalnissa KIRBY (1873-1916).* George Robert GORSUCH (b.1870), m.1895 Margaret JACK (b.1872).* John Bosley GORSUCH (b.1871), m.1894 Blanche WILKINSON (b.1873).* Lillie May GORSUCH (1874-1902), m.1896 Oliver KIRBY. Rosa Belle GORSUCH (1877-1889).* Laura Ann GORSUCH (1879-1936), m.1899 Frank BUTLER (b.1876). Clay Cecil GORSUCH (b.1886), m.1914 Blanche FOSTER (1885-1941). No issue.
References: C252.

6CU John W. BLUE (ca1832-1865), m.1860 Mary PERREAULT (b.1844). He was born in Jefferson Co. VA and she at Rochester NY. They were married at Delphi, Carroll Co. IN, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. She was a daughter of Joseph and Nancy (VAINCO/VAILLANCOURT) PERREAULT . John served in the Civil War with Co. B of the 86th Indiana Foot Volunteers from July 1862 to June 1865. He contracted a severe lung disease and died about five months after his discharge. His discharge papers indicate that he was 5'-8'' tall, of dark complexion, with blue eyes and dark hair. He was a farmer when he enlisted, however, the 1860 census indicates that he was a clerk, living with Christian Neff, a saloon keeper. There is also a slight conflict in his birthdate. The discharge papers say he was 30 years old in 1865, while the census says he was 28 years old in 1860. His 1850 census listing has not been found. Other military records indicate that he was 30 years old when he enlisted in July 1862, which is consistent with the census data. At Chattanooga TN on 20 Dec 1863 he wrote a letter to his sister, Sarah. His obvious literacy is consistent with that required to have been a clerk three years before, and indicates that he received a good basic education, even though his father died when John was quite young.* Sarah Agnes (Ann) BLUE (1862-1943), m.1881 Alvaro BATES (1860-1938).
References: A369, A656, A657, A659, B372, B807, B808, C607. James A/W. BLUE (1834-1900), m.1860 Rebecca W. SPITLER (1840-1907). They both were born in OH (James probably in Butler Co.) and were married in Carroll Co. IN. They were living in Delphi, Carroll Co. in 1860. In 1870 they were in Jackson Twp. of Carroll Co. and by 1880 they had returned to Delphi. The 1880 census indicates that James' father and mother were both born in VA. Their children were all born in IN, however, the 1900 census of Miami Co. IN indicates that Jesse was born in OH. In 1900, Rebecca was living with her daughter, Margaret, in Miami Co. James' middle initial is "A" on his marriage record, but it is "W" on his death record and obituary. James and Rebecca died at Peru, Miami Co. IN, and are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery.* John W. BLUE (1861-1907), m.1883? Theresa STORECAMP (b.1861).* Jesse BLUE (b.1862), m.1886 Minnie McCAULEY (b.1870).* Samuel Edward BLUE (1864-1938), m.1887 Catherine A. "Katie" DANNER (b.1869).* Margaret A. BLUE (1872-1943), m1.1886 Joseph A. BURGER, m2.1901 Frank LAWLESS.
References: A369, A473, B372, B1661, B1662, C608, C1389. Thomas Jefferson RUSSELL (1840-1902), m.1873 Mary Elizabeth SIMPERS (1854-1936). He was born at "Rock Hall", near Berryville, Clarke Co. VA and she was born at Westminster, Carroll Co. MD. They were married near Paris, Fauquier Co. VA. He was a prominent farmer living in Clarke Co. and their home was located on the Berryville Pike about 2 1/2 miles west of Berryville VA.
He enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861 as a member of the Clarke Cavalry and participated in many battles in the early years of the Civil War. He was unharmed until June 9, 1863, when he fell during the battle of Brandy Station, shot through the head.
The wound was severe and, no signs of life being visible, his comrads left him for dead on the field of battle. Later, Federal troops, caring for their wounded, found him to be alive. He spent the remainder of the war in the Federal hospital and recovering from his wound. It was judged to be too dangerous to remove the bullet from Thomas' head and, as years passed, it caused his condition to deteriorate, ultimately causing paralysis and death.
In spite of his handicap, Thomas lived the vigorous life of a successful farmer. They both died at "Rock Hall" and are buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester VA. Henry RUSSELL* Mary Hester RUSSELL (1873-1905), m.1895 Joseph Hamilton SAVAGE (1862-1946).
References: A226, B37, C161, C396. Joseph Gerrell BLUE (1836-1911), m1.1860 Margaret R. JONES (b.ca1839), m2.1867 Hester Ann HAYALETT (b.ca1840). Joseph and Margaret were both born in VA. They were living with his parents in Summit Point, Jefferson Co. VA, in 1860, shortly after their marriage. He served in the 12th VA Cavalry in the Civil War. In 1880 they were living in the Stonewall District of Frederick Co. VA. In 1900 they were in Martinsburg, Berkeley Co. WV.
First marriage: No issue.
Second marriage: Robert H. BLUE (1868-1919), never married. Died in Rising Sun MD.* Ida Belle V. BLUE (1870-1954), m. Harvey WILLEY. Margaret F. BLUE (1873-1923), m. William L. GAFF. Mary L. BLUE (b.1876), m.1903 William McANENY.
References: A457, B685, B691, C75, C262. Margaret A. BLUE (1843-1899), m.1868 J. H. STIPE. They married in Jefferson Co. WV. Harry STIPE William STIPE Stewart STIPE Edgar STIPE Hugh STIPE Belle STIPE
References: A377, C75. John W. BLUE (1844-1917), m.1867 Virginia GORRELL (1845-1912). He was born in Clarke Co. VA and they were married at Cedar Hill in Jefferson Co. VA. He was a farmer in Jefferson Co. and served in the Civil War. They lived n the Middleway District of Jefferson Co. in 1880. She was a daughter of Joseph and Eliza GORRELL. John and Virginia's marriage record calls her Virginia, however, other records call her Ginnie or Jennie. Her tombstone reads Eliza J. BLUE. They are buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Jefferson Co.* Benton S. BLUE (1867-1944), m. Mary R. "Molly" DONNER (1876-1963). Cora Belle BLUE (1869-1899), m. Charles E. MILLER (1868-1919). Buried at Green Hill Cemetery, Martinsburg WV.* Henry Judson BLUE (1870-1937), m.1901 Lydia KYNER (1876-1957). Fannie S. BLUE (b.1878), m. John TRESTLE.* James Campbell BLUE (1879-1942), m. Nellie KYNER (1885-1937).
References: A377, B104, B105, B686, B1597, B1719, C75, C1110, C1247.

6CV Frederick BRAYTON (1821-1894), m.1848 Melinda BARBEE (1827-1904). They both were born in Butler Co. OH and lived in that county most of their lives. Malinda was a daughter of Thomas and Mary BARBEE. Frederick was a laborer. They both died in Butler Co. and are buried at Springhill Cemetery in that county. Their children were born in Butler Co. Harriett B. BRAYTON (1849-1918), m.1879 Samuel HOLDEN. David BRAYTON (b.1852), m.1875 Elizabeth TODD. Cornelia BRAYTON (b.1854), m.1870 Samuel G. ALDRICH. Mary Marie BRAYTON (b.1855).* Martha Anna BRAYTON (1858-1930), m.1873 John BOFFING (1841-1926). Emaline BRAYTON (b.1860). Abigail BRAYTON (b.1861). John B. Weller BRAYTON (1862-1900), m. Alice L. _____. Sarah Elizabeth BRAYTON (b.1866). Viola BRAYTON (1867-1918), m. _____ BATCHELDER. Alice B. BRAYTON (1870-1886).
References: C781, C830. Peter Jared VAN VLEET (1815-1910), m.1837 Jane GULICK (1816-1904).* Clarissa (Clara) VAN VLEET (1840-1919), m.1859 George O'HANLON (1824-1897). Charles VAN VLEET (1842-1889), m. Mary Ellen SUTTON. Emma G. VAN VLEET (b.1844), m. John SUTTON (1840-1903). Anna VAN VLEET, m. Montgomery SANDFORD. Ann VAN VLEET (1847-1849). Samuel VAN VLEET (1849-1928), m. Addie Greg SMELTZER (1856-1930) Edward VAN VLEET (1851-1852).
References: C111, C248. James VAN VLEET (1819-1915), m1. Mary Ann COOLEY (1822-1892), m2. Mrs. Sarah (_____) WHITMORE (1832- 1923).
First marriage: Albert B. VAN VLEET (1842-1936), m. Edna BRAINARE (1846-1927). Ann Elizabeth VAN VLEET (1844-1930), m. H. FAIRCHILD (1845-1941). Jared VAN VLEET (1848-1925), m. Agnes J. GIBSON. John C. VAN VLEET (1852-1926), m. Ada MARTIN (1853-1945).
References: C248. Barna (Barney?) VAN VLEET, m. Caroline P. _____ (1819-1840). Edward Y. VAN VLEET, died in infancy.
References: C248. Edward VAN VLEET (1823-1905), m1. Helen DUNLAP (1835-1870), m2. Sarah LEONARD (1839-1912).
First marriage: Fred J. VAN VLEET (1855-1855).* Henry Judson VAN VLEET (1856-1940), m.1883 Mary Helen STOUT (1855-1937). Libby VAN VLEET (1860-1865). Carrie VAN VLEET (1868-1869). Cora VAN VLEET (1868-1869), twin of Carrie.
References: C248. Ethan Watson VAN VLEET, m. Mary SWARTHOUT (1828-1894). Mary D. VAN VLEET (d.1849). Edmont VAN VLEET (1850-1937), m. Effie JONES. George VAN VLEET (1853-1920), m. Andulucia SUTHERLAND. Amy VAN VLEET (1855-1936), m. John D. McLARON. William Robert VAN VLEET (1856-1942), m. Ida McCORMICK. Richard L. VAN VLEET
References: C248. Anthony VAN VLEET (1834-1913), m. Hannah MITCHELL. Fred VAN VLEET Grace VAN VLEET Roy VAN VLEET
References: C248. Albert L. BLUE (b.ca1836), m. Susan M. _____ (b.ca1841). They both were born in NJ and were living in Warren Twp., Somerset Co. NJ in 1860. George H. BLUE (b.1856), m. Annie A. _____ (b.1860). They lived in New Brunswick, Middlesex Co. NJ in 1900. Ella BLUE (b.ca1859). Catharine BLUE (b.1866).
References: B595, B599. John E. “Jack” BLUE (1840-1912), m.1864 Mary Pearce CURTIS (1840-1907). They both were born in NJ. She was a daughter of Stephen Cook and Mary Rebecca (PEARCE) CURTIS. Her family lived in Monmouth Co. NJ. Jack and Mary were living in New York City, NY in 1880. Their children, Eva, Ennis (Enos), Nor (Norma) and Elsie were born in Philadelphia PA.* Eva BLUE (1866-1908), m.1885 Charles F. MAIRE (b.1863).* Enos Lanning BLUE (1867-1952), m1. Millicent CORDUMAN, m2.bef1900 Marie M. GERSHAM (b.1874). Adelia Curtis BLUE (1871-1871). Buried at Atlantic View Cemetery, Manasquan, Monmouth Co. NJ. Vernon BLUE (1872-1872). Buried at Atlantic View Cemetery, Manasquan, Monmouth Co. NJ. Edward Melick BLUE (1874-1875). Buried at Atlantic View Cemetery, Manasquan, Monmouth Co. NJ. Norma BLUE (1875-1931), m1.1910 Ernest Melville BROWN, m2.Alexander K. SPENCER. Norma was an actress and used the stage name, Norma BELL. No issue. She is buried at Atlantic View Cemetery, Manasquan, Monmouth Co. NJ.* Elsie BLUE (1878-1954), m.1907 Charles M. FLEMING (b.1875).
References: B1495, B1532, C1064, C1068. Isaac N. BLUE (b.1842), m. Ellen _____ (b.1843). They both were born in NJ and lived in New Brunswick, Middlesex Co. in 1880 and in 1900. The 1900 census says she was born in Ireland. John H. BLUE (b.ca1866). Maggie S. BLUE (b.ca1868).* Isaac N. BLUE (b.1870), m. Mary E. _____ (b.1873). Albert L. BLUE (b.1872). Charles BLUE (b.1874). David BLUE (b.ca1877). Mary L. BLUE (b.ca1879). Frank BLUE (b.1881).
References: B592, B594, B595.

6CW Martha Anne BLUE (1826-1903), m.1845 James Wesley STUCKER (b.1825). She was born in OH and he in Scott Co. KY. They were married in Fountain Co. IN. He was a son of Valentine and Lydia (DeHAVEN) STUCKER. James was a farmer, owning a finely improved farm of 480 acres in Troy Twp., Fountain Co. Martha is buried at Prescott Grove Cemetery, Covington IN. John STUCKER Mary STUCKER, m. S. BALDEN. Thomas STUCKER Lydia STUCKER
References: C530, C610. Mary Alnetta BLUE (1830-ca1858), m.1852 William H. BROWN. She was born in OH, probably Warren Co. They were married in Fountain Co. IN. Their children were living with Richard BLUE [] in Fountain Co. in 1860. Mary A. BROWN (b.ca1854). Henrietta BROWN (b.ca1857).
References: A369, B405, B406, C610. Anna Eliza BLUE (1834-1904), m1.1865 Edward G. WELCH, m2. T. ALKIRE. She was born in Warren Co. OH. They were married in Fountain Co. IN. Her true name is uncertain. She is Eliza M. in her marriage record and Eliza in the 1850 census.
First marriage: Henry WELCH
Second marriage: No issue.
References: A369, B405, C610. Richard H. BLUE (1839-1915), m.1880 Mary Josephine HICKMAN (b.1858). He was born in IN and they were married in Fountain Co. IN. They were living in Troy Twp. of Fountain Co. in 1900. He may have m1.1877 Pamela DIXON in Fountain Co.* Squire BLUE (b.1881), m.1909 Gertrude NOBEL.* William Jesse BLUE (b.1884), m.1907 Anna NULKEN. Lou BLUE (b.1886). Never married. Mary BLUE (b.1890), m. _____ _____. No issue.* Della BLUE (b.1890), m.1919 David R. BRUCE. Margaret BLUE, m. Woodrow BOOE. Lived in Tilton IL.* Samuel BLUE, m. Ivene SMITH.
References: A369, B408, C262, C610, C1436. John Samuel BLUE (b.1839-1922), m1.1867 Rutha Jane MURRY, m2.1876 Lydia (BRINEY) BLUE (b.ca1827), widow of William []. His marriages took place in Fountain Co. IN, where they were living in 1880. He was living in Troy Twp. of Fountain Co. with the William HARDIN family in 1900. He may have m3.1910 Emma MILLER in Fountain Co.
First marriage:* Richard E. BLUE (1869-1950), m1.1895 Maude E. HARDIN, m2.1901 Lydia HOEL, m3.1907 Eliza HOEL. Mary BLUE
References: A369, B407, B408, C262, C618. Nancy BLUE (b.1834), m.1852 Asa B. GILBERT. She was born in IN. They were married in Fountain Co. IN and lived in Lawrence Co. TN. Laura GILBERT Mary E. GILBERT Charles GILBERT William GILBERT Frank R. GILBERT Elthea GILBERT
References: A369, B405, C610. Ezekiel Cass BLUE (1845-1924), m1.1866 Catherine WARD, m2.1878 Roxanna "Anna" CRONK/CROULS (1861-1933). He was born in IN and his first marriage took place in Fountain Co. IN. He married Roxanna CRONK in Montgomery Co. IN. She was a daughter of William and Lydia (SMITH) CROULS (per A831). He was a farmer and owned a farm in Troy Twp. of Fountain Co. IN. They were living there in 1880 and Roxanna (Ann) was living there, with her children, without Ezekiel in 1900. Ezekiel appears to be an inmate at the Central Indiana State Hospital for the Insane, in Wayne Twp., Marion Co., at that time. Anna died at Elwood, Madison Co. IN.
First marriage:* William L. BLUE (b.1867), m.1890 Alice Ella STEVENSON (b.1872). David L. BLUE (b.1870).* John M. BLUE (b.1873), m1.1898 Clara THOMAS (b.1878), m2.1901 Lulu TODD. Elmer BLUE (b.1876).
Second marriage:* Harrison E. BLUE (b.1880), m.1906 Emma O. GRIFFITH.* Gertrude BLUE (b.1882), m.1903 Wallace EPPERSON.* Norman BLUE (b.1884), m. Jessie (GRIFFITH) CONRAD. Jesse BLUE (1886-1965), never married. Elizabeth “Lizzie” BLUE (b.1889), prob.m.1909 Grover CLAWSON.
References: A369, A831, B405, B407, B408, C610, C615. Eliza S. BLUE (1852-1880), m.1868 William H. MILES. They were married in Fountain Co. IN. Wilbur MILES Evie MILES Anna MILES William G. MILES
References: A369, C610. Laura Elmira BLUE (1854-1904), m.1872 Henry C. WILSON (b.ca1850). She was born in IN and he in PA. They were married in Fountain Co. IN. Fred WILSON* Porter Cass WILSON (1881-1970), m. Emma TANNER. Anna WILSON Myrtle WILSON Carson WILSON Edna WILSON
References: A369, B406, C610, C1175.

6CX John C. BLUE (1833-1858), m1.1854 Sidney Ellen PLOW, m2.1857 Caroline SERING (b.ca1836). He died before his father and his second wife and daughter are mentioned in his father's will. Caroline and daughter Jane were living in Richmond, Wayne Co. IN in 1860. Mary Jane BLUE (b.ca1858). Did she m.1885 Winfield S. GEORGE in Wayne Co. IN?
References: A369, A681, B383, C616. William Riley BLUE (1842-1891), m.1865 Marinda Rosella HOUSER (1848-1928). He was born at Laurel, Franklin Co. IN, and she was born in Butler Co. OH. They were married at Laurel, Franklin Co. IN. She was a daughter of John and Rachel HOUSER of Butler Co. OH. William was a farmer. They lived in Franklin Co., Posey Twp. in 1880. William was killed by a runaway horse in Franklin Co. He is buried at Little Salt Creek Cemetery, Rush Co. IN In 1900 Marinda was living with her sons, William and Joseph, in Pipe Creek Twp., Madison Co. IN. Her sons, Walter and Arthur were living in the same township. Marinda died at New Castle, Henry Co. IN, and at that time she was living with her son-in-law, Atwell CLOUD. She is buried in an unmarked grave at Elwood City Cemetery in Madison Co. IN next to her son Joseph and at least 3 infant grandchildren.* Walter L. BLUE (1867-1923), m.1898 Effie May DANIELS (1878-1957).* Edith BLUE (1869-1922), m.1886 Atwell Robert CLOUD (1866-1949).* Arthur Noble BLUE (1872-1932), m.1900 Anna Belle JONES (1876-1958).* Clarence L. BLUE (1875-1957), m1.1898 Rose Ethel MAYNARD (1881-1929), divorced 1913, m2.1914 Grace Edna GILBERT (1889-1983).* William Clyde BLUE (1880-1960), m1.1903 Sarah Ann “Sadie” COX (1884-1942), m2.1943 Stella Veronica KUCINSKI (1908-1954). Joseph W. BLUE (1881-1910), never married. Buried at Elwood City Cemetery, Madison Co. IN.
References: A369, A830, A831, B376, B382, B396, C612, C616, C738, C782, C1188, C1399, C1434. Updated by Sarah Bitter 2012. Mary Elizabeth BLUE (1834-1886), m.1856 James Newton MILLER (1834-1876). She was born in OH and died at Laurel, Franklin Co. IN. He died at Cambridge City IN. Ernest MILLER (1857-1862).* Fanetta "Fannie" Bell MILLER (1860-1940), m.1883 Lucius E. WILLIAMS (b.ca1856). Chester A. MILLER (b.1862). He went out west and was never heard from again. William R. MILLER (1868-1932).* Etta May MILLER (1872-1966), m.1900 John Albert PRESSLER. James Newton MILLER (1876-1923).
References: B1122, C782, C1434. Richard BLUE (b.1837), m.1862 Joanna WHITEHEAD (b.1847). They were both born in OH and were married in Butler Co. OH. They lived in Butler Co., Liberty Twp. in 1880. Joanna was living with her children, Albert and Flora, in Dayton, Montgomery Co. OH in 1900. Child Orvil was living with his grandfather, John WHITEHEAD, in Butler Twp. of Montgomery Co. at that time. Edgar BLUE (b.1863), m. Hattie _____ (b.1865). Leslie BLUE (b.ca1867). Albert BLUE (b.1869). Harry BLUE (b.ca1872). Stanley BLUE (b.ca1875). Nellie BLUE (b.ca1879). Flora BLUE (b.1882). Orvil BLUE (b.1896).
References: B305, B343, B344, C357 Mary E. PLEW/BLUE (b.ca1838), m. James H. HARSHMAN. She was born in IN. Mary and Alice were living with Mary's aunt, Susannah Blue, in Franklin Co. IN in 1860. Alice HARSHMAN (b.ca1858).
References: B409. Mary C. BLUE (1849-1886), m.1868 Eliphalet B. MILLER (1840-1887). She was born in Butler Co. OH and he in Rush Co. IN. They were married in Rush Co. He was a son of Archibald and Ann (BARBER) MILLER. They lived and farmed in Douglas Co. IL and returned ca1883 to spend their last days in Rush Co. IN. E. B. was a veteran of the Civil War, having enlisted as a private in C Company, 68th Reg., IN Volunteer Infantry. He served in that command for nearly three years and was discharged as a sergeant at Nashville TN on 25 June 1865. Mary died of hemorrage after childbirth. They died in Rush Co. and are buried at Little Salt Creek Cemetery. Stella MILLER (b.1869), m. _____ KINCAID. Orval MILLER (1873-1895). Ariel B. MILLER (b.1875). (His name was pronounced "Earl".)* Otis Logan MILLER (1877-aft1955), m.1897 Mary Lue SMITH. Ethel R. MILLER (1880-bef1921). Angus MILLER (1883-1950), m. Irene STEVENS.* Harry Theston MILLER (1886-1955), m.1911 Sylvia Bell WALKER (1892-1986).
References: A369, B615, C262, C619, C620, C1012. Nathaniel Revelee BLUE (1852-1935), m.1874 Sarah Ann EISENHOWER (ca1854-1936). He was born in OH and she in PA. They were married in Fayette Co. IN and lived in Wayne Co. IN. Sarah was a daughter of William E. and Caroline (HICKSENHISER) EISENHOWER of Lancaster Co. PA. Nathaniel worked as a farmer, street car motorman and as a worker in a bedstead factory and the Starr Piano Co. He played the bull fiddle and called the dances, and he was a clog dancer. In politics he was a Republican. Nathaniel and Sarah met while working for a farmer, she as a hired girl and he as a hired hand. She was short in stature (4'-11") and rather fiesty in disposition. At one time "Nate" was gored by a wild boar hog in the farmyard, but was saved by the family dog. They both are buried at Bryan's Chapel, Centerville IN. May BLUE (b.ca1873), died young. Clyde BLUE, died young. Minnie BLUE (b.ca1878), died young. Goldie Dove BLUE (1879-1970), m.1902 Walter E. JONES (d.1953). No issue.* Phoebe Matilda BLUE (1882-1960), m. Charles Elsworth LEWIS (1878-1950).* Amanda Melvina BLUE (1884-1962), m.1903 John Henry "Cubby" BEAR (1869-1951).* William Emanuel BLUE (1887-1979), m.1911 Myrl Flossie EADLER (1896-1979).* Essie Mildred BLUE (b.1889), m.1909 Alva Earl McELHANEY. Burl BLUE (1891-1969), m. Catherine REEVES. Divorced. No issue.* Lavona Zora BLUE (1894-1965), m.1912 Edward BUSSEN. Garfield BLUE (b.1887). Born in Wayne Co. IN. May be same person as [] Same birth date.
References: A369, A686, A687, B385, B410, B822, C262, C611, C612. Richard Newton BLUE (b.1860), m.1881 Mary Alcinda MEAD. They both were born in IN and were married in Wayne Co. IN. They lived in Centerville, Wayne Co. Levi Earl BLUE (b.1883), m.1920 Rosa A. KIDWELL. No issue. Anna B. BLUE (1885-1914), never married.* Martha "Mattie" Elizabeth BLUE (b.1889), m.1906 William Edward JONES.* Gertrude BLUE (b.1895), m1. _____ WHITAKER, m2.1916 Delmar C. GRIFFITH. Mamie BLUE (1900-1900).
References: A369, A687, A688, B385, C262, C612. William Henry Harrison BLUE (1866-1942), m.1887 Lenora ROBERTS (1873-1954). They were married and lived in Wayne Co. IN. He was a carpenter and cement mason in Centerville IN. They are buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Centerville.* Charles W. BLUE (1891-1954), m. Mary Catherine "Mamie" SCHELER (1889-1965).* Marion Francis BLUE (b.1893), m.1917 Anna W. FRANCHER. Divorced.* Edna V. BLUE (b.1894), m1.1912 John R. SIMMONS, divorced, m2. Tom POST. Laura M?. BLUE (b.1896), m1.1914 Lee CARR, m2. Harvey CULBERTSON. No issue. Bernice Louise BLUE (b.1898), m. _____ WHITE. Divorced. No issue. Gladys BLUE (1900-1915). Kathryn M. BLUE (b.1900/2). Annie BLUE (b.1902), died in infancy. Not in death records.* William Henry BLUE (b.1904), m1. Elizabeth RICH/RICE, m2. Elizabeth RADZINSKI.
References: A369, A687, A688, B385, B820, C262, C621.

6CY James Omer BLUE (b.1868), m1.1894 Romana "Mamie" BALL, m2.1902 May "Minnie?" ROBERTS. He lived in Wayne Co. IN and both of his marriages took place there.
First marriage: Flora M. BLUE (b.1896), m.1917 Joseph D. SMITH. Anna BLUE (1898-1899). Child (b.1901).
Second marriage: Georgia M. BLUE (1904-1904).
References: A369, A687, A688, C612. Eliphalet Miller "Liff" BLUE (1870-1959), m1.1892 Sarah E. SOPER (1874-1931), m2. Effie M. _____ (1880-1943). Lif and Sarah were married and lived in Centerville, Wayne Co. IN. All three are buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Centerville.* Clarence U. BLUE (1893-1920), m. Marie HARTMAN.* Ethel Marie BLUE (b.1894), m.1911 William G. HORNUNG.* Mary BLUE (b.1903?), m. Herbert BROWN. Robert V. BLUE (b.1917). Born in Wayne Co. IN. Ran off while in his teens.
References: A369, A687, B385, B820, C262, C612. Charles George Clayton BLUE (1876-1967), m.1900 Clara Bessie ROBERTS (1882-1967). He was born at Centerville, Wayne Co. IN. They were married in Wayne Co. IN and lived there all of their lives. He was a carpenter and enjoyed gardening. He also dug water wells. Being tall and slender with black hair, he could outwork a 21 year old when he was 80.. They are buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Centerville, Wayne Co. IN. Grace BLUE (1901-1902). Orville J. BLUE (1901?-1925), m. Bessie _____.* Pearl M. BLUE (1905-1974), m. John Frank GARTHWAITE (1900-1969).* George Clayton BLUE (1907-1980), m. Pauline Beatrice GELLINGER (1913-1981). Katherine BLUE (b.1910). She was a midget and never married.* Ethel L. BLUE (1913-1967), m. George L. MERVIN (1912-1966).
References: A369, A687, A688, A689, B820, C262, C612. Elizabeth HEATH (1829-bef1864), m.1856 William LAUGHLIN. She was born in Cabell Co. VA and they were married in Platte Co. MO. Charles H. LAUGHLIN, m.1879 Clara M. FREELAND.
References: C371, C614. Clinton HEATH (1833-1906), m.1857 Susan Margaret SEARCEY (1839-1920). He was born in Cabell Co. VA and she in Platte Co. MO. They were married in Platte Co. She was a daughter of Christopher and Helen/Ellen (SPENCER) SEARCY. Clinton was a farmer and they were Methodists. They moved to Southern California in 1875. They died at Covina, Los Angeles Co. CA, and are buried at Oakdale Cemetery in Covina. Martha Ellen HEATH (1858-1934), m. Amador COLTRIN. Mary J. HEATH (1860-1862). (Child) HEATH (d.1862).* James William HEATH (1863-1916), m.1887 Clara Bell LEGG (1863-1954). Sarah Anna HEATH (1865-1938), m. John DECK. John Leonard HEATH (1868-1916). Joseph HEATH (1870-1930), m. Bertha JORDAN?. Lewis HEATH (1873-1928), m. Mary KNIGHT. Lizzie HEATH (1876-1877). Laura HEATH (1877-1959), m1. Matthew MATNEY, m2. Norman WRIGHT.* Henderson Garfield HEATH (1880-1946), m.1907 Mary Lee "Leah" NORTON (1887-1970). Ethel May HEATH (1886-1943), m. Minter STANTON.
References: C614. Rebecca/Sarah A. HEATH (b.1835), m1.1858 Isaac W. BABCOCK (d.1859), m2.1865 William H. ARNOLD. C371 lists her as Sarah. How she had three children in 21 months of marriage to BABCOCK is not explained. However, the date of daughter Sarah's marriage indicates that Rebecca/Sarah's marriage date may be in error.
First marriage: Sarah BABCOCK, m.1869 Samuel Z. BABCOCK. Mary E. BABCOCK, m. Thomas PORTER. Nine children. Rebecca BABCOCK
Second marriage: William H. ARNOLD II Charles C. ARNOLD
References: A682,A683, C371, C613. Israel Love HEATH (1838-1888), m.1865 Louisa Jane BALDWIN (1841-1913). He was born in Cabell Co. VA and she in Platte Co. MO. They both died in Platte Co. He served as Justice of the Peace. Minnie Lee HEATH (1867-1872). William A. HEATH (1869-1923), never married.* James Leonard HEATH (1872-1945), m.1920 Jessie Mable SHANNON (1884-1972). Ella Maude HEATH (1884-1951), m.1906 Charles William BUCKLEY. George Baldwin HEATH (1880-1949), m.1903 Jennie Bell JONES.
References: C609, C614.

6CZ Aletha Angeline HEATH (b.1849), m.1867 James L. GRAY. She was born in Platte Co. MO. They lived in Leavenworth KS. Angeline was the third wife of James. He m1.1852 Elizabeth ARTMAN and m2.1855 Jane ZABRISKY. One report indicates that they moved to CA. George GRAY (b.1873). Fred H. GRAY (b.1880).
References: A682, A683, C371, C613, C614. Ella HEATH, m.1874 Hugh COLLINS. Perry COLLINS
References: C371. Lucy J. HEATH, m.1868 Sanders W. McCOMAS (b.1841) []. She is described as a delicate, handsome, spirited lady. He held the office of postmaster at Platte City MO during Harrison's administration. He also was a stock trader. He supported the Union during the Civil War. Ella "Tweety" McCOMAS Lizzie McCOMAS Dolly McCOMAS
References: C371. Sarah HEATH (b.1834), m.1854 Ezra KERR (b.1831). He was born in Holmes Co. OH, a son of William and Elizabeth (DUGAN) KERR. He came to Platte Co. MO in 1844 and settled five miles east of Platte City. John KERR Victoria KERR, m. Robert ST. CLEAR. Sarah KERR, m.1885 Edward FLEMING. Ezra KERR II, m.1884 Bertha J. CARTER. Waller KERR Laura KERR, m.1883 _____ POWELL. Daniel KERR Lucy KERR
References: C371. James Jackson HEATH (1838-1882), m.1859 Elizabeth Jane FRAZIER. She was a daughter of George FRAZIER. George W. HEATH, m.1884 Elizabeth ST. JOHN. William HEATH (b.1863), m.1892 Missouri A. COCKRAEL. Jackson HEATH Jennie HEATH Sarah HEATH* Mary B. HEATH, m. Warren H. POWERS.* Sue HEATH, m.1884 George W. BABER. Lethe HEATH David L. HEATH Oscar HEATH
References: C371. George Washington HEATH (1839-1931), m.1860 Arletha Jane HUNGERFORD (1839-1904). Martha Emma HEATH (1861-1937), m. John T. ZOLLARS. Charles HEATH* John Wesley HEATH (1864-1948), m.1891 Mary Diana LUTZ (1868-1963). David HEATH (1865-1922). Sarah Margaret “Sally” HEATH (1867-1913), m.1894 Stephen H. NEFF. Nancy Effie HEATH (1869-1934), m.1896 Joseph M. WRIGHT. Harvey HEATH Homer HEATH (1876-1957), m. Hattie _____. Virgil HEATH
References: C371, C1111. Louarie/Lowera HEATH (1843-1925), m.1863 John W. WAGLE (b.1829). Mary WAGLE (b.1869). Henry C. WAGLE (b.1872).
References: C371. C613. William B. HEATH (1841-1895), m.1865 Annie E. SMITH. He was born in MO. He owned a store at Waldron, Platte Co. MO for many years, then sold out and moved to Kansas City. He is believed to have been buried in Kansas City. Annie was a daughter of Wash SMITH. Holmes HEATH (b.1869).
References: C371, C613. Elizabeth Jane HEATH (1845-1898), m.1863 Thomas Hubbard SHACKELFORD (1844-1916). They both were born in MO and were married in Platte Co. MO. He was a son of Richard T. and Celia/Cornelia (HUBBARD) SHACKELFORD. Thomas served in the Civil War in Company A, 4th Regiment, Missouri S. M. Cavalry. They lived in Hardin Twp., Clinton Co. MO. She died in MO and he died in Clinton Co. MO. They are buried at Goss Cemetery in Clay Co. MO. Thomas m2.1898 Mary Jane LANHAM in Clinton Co.* William Preston SHACKELFORD (1865/7-1932), m.1902 Barbara Ellen TULL (1885-1969).* Laura SHACKELFORD (1871-1963), m.1894 William E. CARRINGTON (1866-1942). Mary B. "Molly" SHACKELFORD (1874-1957), m. Lewis A. MISNER. Stephen SHACKELFORD (1879-1955), m.1918/9 Lenora "Nora" (JUSTICE) CARPTNER (1872-1936). Myrtle SHACKELFORD (1885-1965), m.1902 Willie YOUNG.
References: C613.

6DA Pembert (Brooke?) McCOMAS (1833-1927), m.1852 Eliza/Elizabeth J. KERR (1830-1908). He was a farmer near Ridgely MO.* Sarah McCOMAS (b.1853), m.1876 Isaac MISSIMER (b.1848).* Nancy J. McCOMAS (b.1856), m.1874 Pleasant C. NEWMAN. Jos. M. McCOMAS (b.1872).
References: C371. Stephen McCOMAS (1835-1913), m.1855 Virginia BYRD (1834-1897). She was a daughter of William and Mary (SHAFER) BYRD. Stephen became a justice of the county court in 1886. Mary F. McCOMAS, m. William DOUGHERTY.* William B. McCOMAS, m. Margaret SIMPSON. Jeff. D. McCOMAS, m. Lucy Ann EDWARDS.* Thomas J. McCOMAS, m. Lizzie HON.* Kate McCOMAS (b.1860), m.1879 Thomas B. FLANNERY.* Melvina McCOMAS, m. Charles CHINN. John B. McCOMAS, m.1888 Nannie LUTES. 3 children. James McCOMAS
References: C371. Elisha McCOMAS (b.1837), m.1857 Catherine C. LUTES. She was a daughter of Joseph and Sarah (STEELE) LUTES. Elisha and Catherine lived in Butler Co. KS.* Joseph McCOMAS, m.1882 Mattie COX.* Burk McCOMAS, m.1885 Myrtle YATES. Walter McCOMAS (b.1864).* Laura McCOMAS, m. Luke MILLER. Nannie McCOMAS Sadie McCOMAS, m. Thomas SMITH. They lived in TX.
References: C371. Moses McCOMAS (b.1839), m.1860 Adaline KERR. William B. McCOMAS, m.1888 Etta BARNUM. James McCOMAS Mary McCOMAS, m.1892 F. M. DICK. Maud McCOMAS
References: C371. Sanders W. McCOMAS (b.1841), m.1868 Lucy J. HEATH []. Their children are listed under her number in this generation. James McCOMAS (b.1845), m.1871 Nannie E. KERR (b.1851). They lived in OK. Augustus McCOMAS William McCOMAS Burk McCOMAS Mary McCOMAS Jessie McCOMAS Low McCOMAS Nancy McCOMAS
References: C371. Israel Heath McCOMAS (1848-1925), m.1870 Mary Elizabeth MILLER (1855-1930). He was born in Platte Co. MO and she in Andrew Co. MO. They were married in Platte Co. She was a daughter of William and Susan Jane (FARRIS) MILLER. He died at Yukon OK and she died at El Reno OK. They are buried at Yukon Cemetery, Yukon OK. Edward McCOMAS (1872-1931).* Leonard Robert McCOMAS (1875-1930), m1. Hattie Gertrude WREN (1876-1909), m2. Mertie Lee SPICER (1871-1936). William Miller McCOMAS (b.1877). Myrtle McCOMAS (b.1877). Ora McCOMAS (1881-1967), m. Tom SHACKLETT. Susie McCOMAS (1884-1962), m. Harry FLECK. Samuel Isaac McCOMAS (1886-1955). Nancy B. McCOMAS (1888-1912). Grover Cleveland McCOMAS (b.1891), m. Mable JENSEN. Julia Melvina McCOMAS (b.1893), m. Will SPICER. Cora Grace McCOMAS (b.1896), m.1917 Gus NEWCOMB.
References: C371, C617, C1249. Elizabeth Melvina McCOMAS (b.1851), m.1869 Isaac S. MILLER. He was from Edgerton, Platte Co. MO. Nancy J. MILLER (b.1869). Cora MILLER (b.1872). Charles I. MILLER (b.1875). Burkee MILLER (b.1883). William MILLER (b.1886).
References: C371. Mary McCOMAS (b.1854), m.1879 David M. KIMSEY (b.1860). Lesley KIMSEY Charles KIMSEY
References: C371. Hiram McCOMAS (1856-1931), m.1877 Mamie DANIEL (1859-1929). Claude McCOMAS
References: C371.

6DB John BLUE (b.1850), m.1883 Mary T. WARNER (b.1858). They both were born in MI and were living in Fredonia Twp. of Calhoun Co. MI in 1900. Mary was a daughter of Maria J. (_____) WARNER, who was living with them in 1900. Florence BLUE (b.1889). William A. BLUE (b.1891).
References: B536, C567. Arthur BLUE (b.1859), m. Edith B. _____ (b.1864). He was born in MI and she in NY. They were living in Fredonia Twp. of Calhoun Co. MI in 1900. Roy C. BLUE (b.1885).* Norma G. BLUE (1891-1954), m.1920 Irvin Kramer STOUGH (1891-1955).
References: B536, C1379. Willis G. BLUE (b.1860), m. Ella A. _____ (b.1863). They both were born in MI and were living in Clarendon Twp. of Calhoun Co. MI in 1900.* Gilbert W. BLUE (1884-1938), m.1913 Blanch ANDRUS. Olive BLUE (b.1887).
References: B536, C1348. Samuel BLUE (1832-1893), m1.1860 Elizabeth (Mary?) WOLF (1834-1862), m2.1865 Clarinda MURRAY (1837-1927). He was born in Liberty Twp., Columbia (later Montour) Co. PA. He owned 160 acres in Northumberland Co. and lived on a 150 acre farm in Montour Co., which he bought in 1871. He was elected County Treasurer of Montour Co. in 1877. Elizabeth was a daughter of John and Elizabeth WOLF. She was buried at Billmeyer Cemetery. Clarinda was born in PA. She and Samuel were living in Liberty Twp., Montour Co. PA in 1880. Clarinda was living with her daughter, Jennie, in East Chilliaquaque Twp., Northumberland Co. in 1900. The family belonged to the Presbyterian Church. Most are buried at Harmony Cemetery, Milton, Northumberland Co.
First marriage:* Charles W. BLUE (b.1861), m. Josephine VORIS/VORHEES (b.1864).
Second marriage:* Carrie May BLUE (b.1866), m. D. COLLINS. Wilfred Murray BLUE (1868-1892), died in "Dakota". Frank Howard BLUE (1871-bef 1911), died in CT. George Herbert BLUE (1872-1896), died in CT.* Edgar BLUE (1874-1958), m.1899 Eva RITTER (b.1876). Jennie Belle BLUE (b.1880).
References: B639, B641, C567, C624, C626, C627, C1147. Martin BLUE (1838-1899), m.1867 Sarah BILLMEYER (1844-1914). They both were born in PA and were living in Washingtonville, Montour Co. PA in 1880. She was still living there with three of her children in 1900. Martin was buried at Chillisquaque Cemetery, Montour Co. When Sarah died, her sons had both her body and that of Martin buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery in Danville, Montour Co.* George Washington BLUE (1867-1945), m.1897 Clara SAVAGE (1872-1959).* Daniel F. BLUE (1870-1940), m.1901 Bertha M. ROBBINS (1882-1954).* Mary Ella BLUE (1875-1952), m.1895 Charles David GOLDER (1874-1962).* Charles B. BLUE (1881-1945), m.1901 Janette M. BEAVER (1884-1965).* Angeline "Linie" BLUE (b.1885), m.1901 Hunter W. PHILLIPS (1881-1961).
References: B637, B639, C567, C1147, C1252. Frederick BLUE (b.1843), m. Anna _____ (b.1865)..They both were born in PA and were living in Williamsport, Lycoming Co. PA in 1900. Florence BLUE (b.1888).
References: B669. Angeline BLUE (1845-1916), m.1865 Alexander BILLMEYER (1841-1924). She was born in PA. He was born in PA and died there. Ellen/Ella BILLMEYER (1866-1904), m. Glen CRAWFORD. No issue.* Alice Blue BILLMEYER (1867-1938), m. Thaddeus Stevens VINCENT (1866-1959).* Harry/Hiram BILLMEYER (1870-1937), m. Nellie Ione JAMESON (1877-1967).* Mary B. BILLMEYER (1874-1960), m.1901 Henry W. SWEIGART [Dr] (1866-1942). Florence BILLMEYER (b.1879), m.1899 George Gilbert KULP (b.1873). They had two sons who died in infancy.
References: B643, C1252. Margaret BLUE (b.1853), m. _____ TAGGART. She was born in PA. She and her children were living with her mother in Muncy Creek, Lycoming Co. PA in 1880. Mary TAGGART (b.ca1877). Daniel TAGGART (b.ca1879).
References: B666, C567. Mary Ellen BLUE (1836-1914), m.1866 Frank WILSON (1840-1912). They were married at White Pigeon MI and both are buried at Duluth MN. Coryate S. WILSON Otis WILSON (d.1907).
References: C1252. Margaret Ann BLUE (1838-1912), m. William Horace REYNOLDS (1825-1900). He was from Milton PA. They both lived and died in Denver CO. Thomas REYNOLDS Carrie REYNOLDS, m. _____ WILMORE.
References: C1252. Daniel B. BLUE (1840-1911), m.1867 Kezia LAVERTY/LAFFERTY (1842-1922). They both were born in PA and were married at White Pigeon MI. They lived in Mottville, St. Joseph Co. MI in 1880 and 1900. They were buried at the White Pigeon Cemetery. A Cora S. (_____) BLUE (b.1882) was living with the family in 1900 as a daughter-in-law. There is no indication as to which son is her husband. Charles BLUE (b.1869), m.1895 Maude Elizabeth MILLER (b.1869). Married and lived in Elkhart Co. IN.* Martha BLUE (b.1871), m. _____ FOUTZ. Harry G. BLUE (b.1874). Minnie M. BLUE (b.1878), m. _____ WADE. Frank B. BLUE (b.1880). Katherine M. "Katie"BLUE (b.1883), m. Reuben ROSEBROOK.* John B. BLUE (b.1885), m. _____ _____.
References: B196, B533, B534, B535, B826, B834, C567, C1252. John BLUE (1842-1927), m.1868 Sarah Jane BOUDEMAN (1845-1918). He was born in PA. They were married at White Pigeon MI and both are buried at the White Pigeon Cemetery. They lived in Constantine Twp. of St. Joseph Co. MI in 1880 and 1900. Rose Linn BLUE (b.1868), m. 1895 Frederick James McMURTRIE (b.1867). He was born at Three Rivers MI and they were married at White Pigeon MI. Margaret Louella BLUE (b.1870), m.1927 Theodore Talmadge BUCKLEY (b.1864). He was born at Schaghticoke, Rensslear Co. NY and lived in Cambridge NY. They were married at Utica NY.* Bernice Boudeman BLUE (b.1885), m. 1909 Charles Smith MILLER (b.1873).
References: B533, B534, B535, B826, B834.

6DC Benjamin Franklin FISHER (1829-1867), m.1858 Mary B. GIFT (d.1878). They were born in PA and were married at Danville, Montour Co. PA. Harry B. FISHER (d.1865). William W. FISHER (b.1861), m.1885 Laura A. DAVENPORT.* Flora E. FISHER (1863-1920), m.ca1882 Thomas Jamison VAN GILDER (1863-1917). B. Frank FISHER (b.1866).
References: C1108, C1441. Mary E. FISHER (b.1836), m.1855 Charles W. STICKER (b.1836). She was born in Washingtonville, Montour Co. PA. Thomas S. STICKER (b.1858). William F. STICKER (b.1858). Ella STICKER (b.1860). Carrie W. STICKER (b.1862). Andrew S. STICKER (b.1865). Harry C. STICKER (b.1869). Jennie May STICKER (b.1876).
References: C1108, C1441. Margaret Ellen FISHER (b.1842), m1. W. ANGSTADT, m2.1885 Thomas GLOVER.
First marriage: Emma Elizabeth ANGSTADT (b.1861), m. Francis ROUSE. Hattie ANGSTADT (1863-1889), m. James A. BACKMEISTER.
References: C1108, C1441.

6DD Daniel J. DeLONG (1839-1916), m.1864 Emma McCOLLEY (d.1917). He was born at Louisville KY. He served two enlistments during the Civil War in an IA regiment. After the first enlistment, Dan made a trip to the Pacific Coast, his destination being the state of Oregon. He took with him four yoke of oxen to haul his provisions and walked the entire distance. The journey took six months to complete. He remained in Oregon about a year, during which time he taught school and worked for a navigation company. Also, he spent some time in Portland OR in the carpenter trade. He took the water route back to Iowa, traveling by way of Central America. After his marriage in Henry Co. IA, Dan reenlisted and served to the end of the war. He took part in Sherman’s Atlanta campaign. Dan was a leading and respected citizen of Clarinda IA. He died at Clarinda and they both are buried there. Sarah DeLONG, died in infancy. Buried at Clarinda IA.
References: C808. Gilbert E. DeLONG (1843-1895), m. Mary E. _____. He was born in OH and served during the Civil War in an IA regiment. He was captured and survived nine months in Libbey Prison. He later became county clerk (Lane Co. KS?). Gilbert is buried at Dighton KS. His wife and children were named in the probate records of his aunt, Matilda J. BLUE in 1897. Mattie M. DeLONG, m. _____ CURME. Versie C. DeLONG, m. _____ CHITTY. Gilbert E. DeLONG Jr Willie D. DeLONG. Minor child in 1897. James C. DeLONG. Minor child in 1897. Nellie E. DeLONG. Minor child in 1897. Grace M. DeLONG. Minor child in 1897. Arthur E. DeLONG. Minor child in 1897. Charles DeLONG, died in infancy. Buried at Dighton KS.
References: A699. Martha “Mattie” DeLONG (1845-1899), m.1864 James V. CHANDLER (d.1899). She was born at Zanesville OH. They were associated with St. Paul and Trinity Methodist Churches in Lincoln NE. They both died at Lincoln and are buried there. Charles CHANDLER Veyne CHANDLER
References: C808. Bernard A. DeLONG (1848-1926), m.1875 Hannah GRIFFIN (1854-1923). He served during the Civil War in an IA regiment, enlisting at the age of 13 years. When his true age was discovered, he was sent home. After the war he took up a homestead near Horace, Greeley Co. NE. He later became a Post Office employee and worked at that until his eyesight failed. He died at Grand Island NE and is buried at Scotia NE. Hannah was born in MN(?) and died in NE. She too is buried at Scotia NE. Dora DeLONG (1877-1936). Never married.* Ralph Joseph DeLONG (1882-1958), m.1906 Veronica Amelia MILLER (b.1886).* Elizabeth DeLONG (1885-1944), m. Elton CLARK.* Alton Harrison DeLONG (1887-1959), m.1916 Jessie Belle HAMILTON (1894-1983).
References: C808. Virginia Elizabeth CURRY (1834-1865), m.1858 William HINKLE (d.1886). She was born at Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. They were married at Louisville. Virginia and her daughter were named in the probate records of her aunt, Matilda J. BLUE in 1897. She and William died at Louisville. William HINKLE Jr, probably died before 1897.* Annie C. HINKLE (d.1898), m.1885 Cullen Blackman JOHNSON.
References: A699, C1194. Mary Frances "Fannie" CURRY (b.1837), m. Dr. Henry Clay MOSS (d.1878). Fannie was born at Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. Henry was from Green Co. KY and after their marriage they moved to IL. He is believed to have served as a surgeon during the Civil War. Henry was killed by an intruder in their home at Venice, Madison Co. IL. Fannie lived in St. Louis, Jackson Co. MO in 1904.* Hugh Houston MOSS (1858-1933), m.1894 Adda "Dimp" TIMMONS (1861-1911).* Sophie MOSS, m. Thomas BARCO. Harry MOSS, died young. Lillian Belle MOSS* Frances "Fannie" MOSS, m1. _____ ROSS, m2. B. F. BERRY.
References: C1194. Oscar O. CURRY (1839-1911), m. Margaret GLASS (1841-1896). He was born at Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY, and he died there. Mary Elizabeth CURRY (b.1863). Charles Hugh CURRY (b.1865), m. Lula HILL. Margaret G. CURRY (b.1867), m. Harry G. DELAHUNT. They had two children. Oscar Orville CURRY (b.1873), m. Idele EARNESTBURGER. They had four children. Jenny CURRY (1882-1895).
References: C1194. Sophia L. CURRY (1841-1871), m. B. Y. N. CLARKSON (1842-1891). She was born at Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. Flora CLARKSON, m. James TAGGERT. They lived in Moberly, Randolph Co. MO in 1904. Ella CLARKSON
References: C1194. Bertram Henry CURRY (b.1843), m. Sarah NEVIL (d.1895). His children were named in the probate records of his aunt, Matilda J. BLUE in 1897. Hugh J. CURRY Bertram Henry CURRY Jr
References: A699, C1194. Sylvester Blue FLICK (1834-1918), m. Tacy Elizabeth STYER (1837-1910). He was born in Montour Co. PA and she in West Hemlock Twp., Montour Co. She was a daughter of Cornelius and Rosanna (FAIRCHILD) STYER. Tacy died in West Hemlock Twp. and they both are buried at Columbia Hill Cemetery, Montour Co.* Martha Jane FLICK (b.1856), m1. Henry CONWAY, m2.1887 Jared MILLER.* Mary Elizabeth FLICK (1858-1925), m. William GUFFEY (d.1909).* Clarisse Rosanna FLICK (1860-ca1888), m. Jacob Shultz TANNER (1856-1922).* Cyrus Leonard FLICK (1862-1937), m.1887 Emily Luzetta FARLEY (1871-1943).* Ellen Catherine FLICK (1863-1950), m. Jeremiah Moore SNYDER (1863-1929). Emma Girtrude FLICK (1865-1866).* Charles S. FLICK (b.1867), m.1889 Ida I. RIEFENBERG (1864-1901).* Harriet L. FLICK (b.1869), m1. Arthur SNYDER, m2.1888 Fred STURDEVANT.* William T. FLICK (b.1871), m.1893 Emma C. REEDY (b.1868).* Elton Gabriel FLICK (1874-1960), m.1897 Mary Catherine MULL (b.1878).* Sara Melinda FLICK (b.1875), m. John KITCHEN (1867-1940). Tacy A. FLICK (b.1878).* David S. FLICK (1880-1973), m1. Laura _____, m2.1903 Jennie Maude McQUAY.* Caroline Eva FLICK (1882-1966), m. Elwood CROSSLEY (1884-1961).
References: C1179.

6DE Joel Gilbert BLUE (1840-1889), m.1866 Anna Elizabeth JOHNSTON (1846-1902). He was born in Knox Co. OH. He was a Captain in the 3rd Ohio Regt. in the Civil War. Anna was also born in OH. They lived in Cardington Twp., Morrow Co. OH in 1880. She was a daughter of George and Mary JOHNSTON. Joel and Anna are buried in Bethel Cemetery in Cardington Twp.* Johnston Willis BLUE (1867-1937), m.1896 Marie deLouise KARSHNER (b.1874). Mary Evelyn BLUE (b.1873), m. George H. HUFF.
References: B314, B315, B829, C546, C567. Abner W. BLUE (1843-1908), m.1863 Olive Amanda MILLER (1843-1911). They were born in OH and moved to Benton Co. IA shortly after the Civil War. They were living in Belle Plaine, Benton Co. in 1870. They returned to OH between 1870 and 1876, and lived in Darke Co. OH in 1880. Abner's application for enlistment in the Civil War indicates that he was 5' 8" tall, with fair skin, blue eyes and light brown hair. He died at Louisville KY, where they were living in 1900. She also died in Jefferson Co. KY. Louisa BLUE (b.1864), m. _____ PATTERSON. Laura Mary BLUE (b.1867), m. _____ HEARTICK.* Bartlett W. BLUE (1870-1930), m. Mary A. ROSELLE. Nettie E. BLUE (b.1876). She is Lida in the 1880 census.
References: A520, A523, B489, B631, C567, C1166. John DeMotte BLUE (1844-1930), m.1867 Nancy Ellen "Ella" ANDERSON (b.1844). They both were born in OH. They lived at Belle Plaine, Benton Co. IA in 1870, 1880 and 1900. He was a dry goods merchant. Iona Belle BLUE (1868-1936), m.1889 William Henry BURROWS.* Leonard Anderson BLUE (1870-1916), m.1896 Eva M. McCOY (b.1872). Alice E. BLUE (1871-1961), m1.ca1899 Ernest P. NOBLE (1868-1904), m2.aft1936 Payson PETERSON. Lived in Benton Co. IA in 1900. Thomas Chardyvoyne BLUE (1873-1942), m.1897 Winnie Mabel TAYLOR (1873-1953). Lived in Buena Vista Co. IA in 1900.* Robert Bruce BLUE [Dr.] (b.1876), m. Harriet READ. John DeMotte BLUE Jr (b.1878). Lived in Linn Co. IA in 1900.
References: B477, B489, B493, B494, B498, B629, C567, C1166, C1312. David L. BLUE (b.1846), m.1869 Caroline NEWTON (b.ca1848). He was born at Mt. Gilead OH and she was born in NY. They were married at Belle Plaine IA and lived at Guinnville, Benton Co. IA in 1880 and in Kane Twp., Pottawattamie Co. IA in 1900. He was a railroad yardmaster. Carrie was a daughter of Albert NEWTON, who was living with them in 1900. Lillian Mae BLUE (1872-1952), m.1898 Charles Franklin RAIN.* Daisy F. BLUE (b.1874), m. Will WOGERS. Albert R. BLUE (b.1877), m.1901 Maud ALLISON. Married at San Mateo CA. Nina F. BLUE (b.1888), m. Arthur CLEGHORNE.
References: B477, B499, C546, C567, C1166. Rebecca McKINSTRY (1844-bef1886), m.1863 Allen YOCUM. They had twin sons. Charles YOCUM John YOCUM
References: C634. Anna Maria McKINSTRY (1861-1894), m. Joseph MARSHALL (1860-1953). She was born in Morrow Co. OH and died in Knox Co. OH. He was born in Knox Co. They are buried in Hedding Cemetery, near Sparta in Morrow Co. Joseph was a son of John and Elizabeth (TROLLINGER) MARSHALL. After Anna's death, their son, Floyd, was adopted by Herbert and Ida Mae (HOWELL) WINTERBOTHAM, and Floyd's name changed at that time.* Clara MARSHALL (1890-1957), m. Charles BRUCE.* Floyd William MARSHALL/WINTERBOTHAM (1893-1977), m.1914 Charlotte Mary KAISER.
References: C634. Philander KITHCART (b.ca1842), m. Emma _____ (b.ca1849). He was born in OH and she in NY. Emma's parents were also born in NY. In 1880 they were living in Honey Creek Twp., Iowa Co. IA, next door to his uncle, Mathew M. BLAIR. Wallace KITHCART (b.ca1867). Benjamin KITHCART (b.ca1869). Sarah E. KITHCART (b.ca1871). Flora KITHCART (b.ca1873). Elizabeth KITHCART (b.ca1875). Ida May KITHCART (b.ca1877). Carrie KITHCART (b.ca1879).
References: B490. Jackson KITHCART (b.1848), m. Lucinda _____ (b.ca1857). He was born in OH and she in IA. They lived in Sherman Twp. of Furnas Co. NE in 1880, 1885 and 1900. William B. KITHCART (b.1875). Rhoda KITHCART (b.1879). She may have died before 1885.
References: B846, B847, B848, C636. William Burr KITHCART (b.1857), m. Carrie _____ (ca1855-ca1879). Born in Benton Co. IA and she was born in MI. He was living as a widower with his parents and his two sons in Iowa Twp. of Benton Co. in 1880. Moses KITHCART (b.ca1878?). William KITHCART (b.1879).
References: B477, C636.

6DF Emily Amanda BLAIR (1849-1921), m. Henry CARTER (1847-1926). Lon CARTER* Florence CARTER (1875-1956), m. Edward J. WIELAND (1871-1944). Emma Blair CARTER
References: C690. Henry Lafayette BLAIR (1857-1928), m1.1879 Mary Frances BAKES (1860-1932), m2.1906 Emma WEISER (1864-1940). He is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale CA.
First marriage: Henry Preston BLAIR (1880-1954), m. Marie L. LOVE.* George Cooper BLAIR (1881-1974), m.1916 Mabel OTT (1887-1968). Mary Caroline BLAIR (1885-1889).* Grace Marie BLAIR (1887-1968), m. George J. LEHNER.* Clarence Leo BLAIR (1893-1969), m. Edith DOVEL (1895-1953).
References: C690. John Ashen BLAIR (1853-1928), m.1875 Myrena Calcina ROGERS (1854-1934). He was born in OH and she in NY. They were married at Marengo, Iowa Co. IA. They were living in Honey Creek Twp. of Iowa Co. in 1880 and 1900. They both died at Marengo and are buried at Koszta Cemetery. The 1900 census states that Myrena was the mother of 10 children, 7 living at that time. Myrtle C. BLAIR (b.1877). Charles Eddie BLAIR (b.1880). Emma C. BLAIR (b.1880). Twin of Eddie. George G. "Fred" BLAIR (1883-1967), m. Mable Josephine ROBINSON (1886-1948). Etta M. BLAIR (b.1887), m. _____ ZIGLAR. Naomi BLAIR (b.1889), m. _____ HADENFELDT. John B. "Jack" BLAIR (b.1893). Lidia BLAIR, died in infancy. Buried at Koszta Cemetery.
References: B490, C632. Charles Sumner BLAIR (1857-1941), m.1884 Melissa MOITZFIELD (1864-1951). He was born at Victor, Iowa Co. IA, and she at Belle Plaine, Benton Co. IA. They were married at Beaver City, Furnas Co. NE. She was a daughter of Wymer and Christina (DEETER) MOITZFIELD. Charles and Melissa were living in Tyrone Pct., Red Willow Co. NE in 1900. They died at Tyrone and are buried in the Tyrone Cemetery.* Etta Luella BLAIR (1885-1927), m.1904 Roy BASSFORD (b.ca1878). (Infant girl) (1887-1887). Clarence Monroe BLAIR (1888-1963), m1. Genevieve Nell FARRELL, m2.1946 Charlotte WILLIS (b.1906).* Rosa E. BLAIR (1890-1980), m1.1908 Henry WILLIAMS (1869-1940), m2.1926 Harvey J. MOSS (1886-1960). Ethel Gaye BLAIR (1892-1976), m.1913 Claude R. JOHNSON. Jennie BLAIR (1894-1986), m.1917 Lawrence STEPHENS. Florence BLAIR (1896-1977), m. Jerry TEETERS. Jessie Mae BLAIR (b.1898), m.1928 Tippo HARRIS. Glenn Maxwell BLAIR (1904-1906).
References: B490, B847, C632. James FLETCHER (b.1864), m. Minnie _____ (b.1873). He was born in IA and she in IL. They lived on a rented farm in Custer Co. NE, Algernon Twp., in 1900, next door to his parents. Jessie FLETCHER (b.1892). Mable FLETCHER (b.1896). Glennearg? FLETCHER (b.1900).
References: B849, C636.

6DG William Blue HARRIS (1867-1926), m.1897 Julia Elizabeth PARK (1873-1911). He was born at Perryton and she at Viola, Mercer Co. IL. They were married at Aledo, Mercer Co. William died at Salem, Marion Co. OR. Julia died at Medford, Jackson Co. OR. Frank Everett HARRIS (1898-1898). Russell Lowell HARRIS (b.1901). Herbert Park HARRIS (b.1903). Ernest Alexander HARRIS (b.1905). James Stewart HARRIS (b.1908).* Walter Lee HARRIS (1911-1979), m. Shirley Scofield BREWER (b.1909).
References: C1089. Ephraim Ralph GILMORE (1858-1918), m.1885 Anna E. WILLIAMS (d.1898). He was born at Millersburg, Mercer Co. IL, and she at Delavan, Walworth Co. WI. They were married at Manchester in Delaware Co. IA. He was a businessman and they were Presbyterians. Their children were born at Millersburg and she died there. He died at Muscatine, Muscatine Co. IA. They both are buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Mercer Co. IL. Norma GILMORE (b.1887). Mable GILMORE (b.1892).
References: C638. Harriet GILMORE (b.1863), m.1893 Howard STEVENSON. She was born at Millersburg, Mercer Co. IL, and they were married there. She died at Aledo in Mercer Co. IL. Their children were born at Millersburg. Joseph Howard STEVENSON (b.1894), m.1922 Camilla I. DARNALL. Evanna STEVENSON (b.1895), m.1921 George H. OUDERKIRK.
References: C638. Ida Belle BLUE (1858-1947), m.1883 W. H. VAN HORNE. She was born near Aledo, Mercer Co. IL. They were married at Perry, Dallas Co. IA. She was living with her parents and son in Spring Valley Twp., Dallas Co. IA in 1900. She died at Perry and is buried there at Violet Hill Cemetery. Ralph Prentice VAN HORNE (b.1886).
References: B496, C567, C625. John BLUE (1862-1941), m.1890 Cora Ella MECUM (1863-1957). He was born near Aledo, Mercer Co. IL and she at Galesburg, Knox Co. IL. They were married at Jefferson, Greene Co. IA. She was a daughter of Charles Burt and Frances Ellen (RICHARDS) MECUM of Greene Co. IA. As a young man, John migrated with his parents, brothers and sisters to Perry, Dallas Co. IA. Then about 1 March 1896, he and his wife and children moved from IA by train to Boise, Ada Co. ID. He was a farmer and, at one time, had a part interest in a gold mine. He died at Baker, Baker Co. OR and she died at Payette, Payette Co. ID. They are buried at Eagle Valley Cemetery in Richland, Baker Co. OR. Lenora Janette "June" BLUE Edwin Welton BLUE Grace Pierpont BLUE Mark Richards BLUE Lucile Elsie BLUE Majel Virginia BLUE Helen Frances BLUE
References: B845, C567, C625. Mary Jeannette BLUE (1864-1937), m.1890 William Franz GRAHAM. She was born near Aledo, Mercer Co. IL. She is buried at Glendale Cemetery in Des Moines, Polk Co. IA. Frank Blue GRAHAM Mary Helen GRAHAM
References: C567, C625. Lenora Jane BLUE (1869-1945), m.1891 John Robert DERRY (1869-1947). She was born near Aledo, Mercer Co. IL and he in Brown Co. OH. They died at Springfield, Greene Co. MO and are buried there at Maple Park Cemetery. Harold David DERRY Ruth DERRY Aleen DERRY Beth DERRY John Robert DERRY Jr. Lowell Oliver DERRY
References: C567, C625. Rose BLUE (b.1871), m.1890 Amzi W. GREGG. She was born near Aledo, Mercer Co. IL. They married at Perry, Dallas Co. IA. She is buried at Coos Bay, Coos Co. OR. Clarence GREGG Edna GREGG Forrest GREGG Rowena GREGG
References: C567, C625. Lowell David BLUE (1875-1942), m. Mary ALEXANDER (1876-1955). He was born near Aledo, Mercer Co. IL and she at Portage, Columbia Co. WI. They are buried at Sumner, Pierce Co. WA. David BLUE Lowella BLUE
References: C567, C625.

6DH David Frank BLUE (1862-1948), m.1885 Emma COLKET (b.1864). He was born in IL and she in PA. They were living in Harrison Twp. of Vigo Co. IN in 1900. Kleo BLUE (b.1887). Mary BLUE (b.1890). Kaa (Kay?) BLUE (b.1894). Daniel BLUE (b.1899).
References: B373, C567. Lena Elizabeth BLUE (1866-1955), m.1894 Augustus R. MARKLE (1869-1957). She was born at Aledo, Mercer Co. IL, and he at Bowling Green, Clay Co. IN. They were married at Terre Haute, Vigo Co. IN. He was a son of Theodore and Lorenda Elizabeth (KILGORE) MARKLE. Augustus attended high school in Terre Haute. He left school during his sophamore year and was apprenticed to a blacksmith in Abiline KS. He later returned to Terre Haute and gained employment with the Van Shops, which made undercarriages for the railroad cars. About 1885 he went to Ohio to learn the electricians trade and by 1890 was established in Brazil, Clay County Indiana, and Terre Haute as the Markle Electric Company. Augustus had a great interest in the literary arts and was a member of literary societies and the local historical society. He wrote historical papers and, in 1931, began a newspaper column on local history and genealogy. He worked as a professional genealogist and was a member of the Indiana Chapter of the Sons of Colonial Wars, The Sons of the American Revolution, The Society of Indiana Pioneers, The Indiana Historical Society, The Historical Society of Brooks County Indiana, The Massachusetts Bay Society of New England, and The War of 1812. Augustus and Lena died at Flint, Genesee Co. MI, and are buried at Bethesda, Vigo Co. IN. John MARKLE (1895-1915). Never married.* Margaret Mary MARKLE (1900-1980), m1.1922 William C. ROSS, m2.1925 Arthur WOODCOCK (1899-1968).* Richard Theodore MARKLE (1906-1961), m.1935 Mary Elizabeth BEACH (b.1913).
References: A369, C953.

6DI Charles STARRETT (1834-1913), m.1859 Elizabeth “Libbie” McALLISTER/McCOLLISTER (d.1900). They were married at White Pigeon MI. Libbie died at Dowagiac MI. Frances “Fannie” STARRETT (b.1860), m1.1880 John BYRNES (d.1880), m2.1894 R. F. HUTTON (d.1894).* Lena STARRETT (b.1871), m.1895 A. L. EAST.
References: C368, C785. Sarah Montgomery STARRETT (b.1836), m.1856 John Sherlock FORD. They lived at Chicago IL. He was a partner in the firm of Ford, Johnson and Martin, manufacturers of furniture. Henry Thomas FORD (1860-1862).* Mary Alice FORD (b.1863), m.1887 Arthur Neal GITTINGS. Anna May FORD (1864-1873). John Sherlock FORD Jr (1874-1880). Reuben Alfred FORD (b.1882), m.1905 Frances VAN METER.
References: C368, C785. Henry Blue STARRETT (1838-1921), m.1870 Hattie J. PAINE/PAYNE (d.1891). They lived at Clinton, Lenawee Co. MI, where their children were born. She died at Nunda NY. George Edwin STARRETT (1870-1899).* Henry Floyd STARRETT (b.1873), m.1915 Erma BEHRENS. Charles Delos STARRETT (b.1874), m.1908 Imo VEST. Hattie Maude STARRETT (b.1879). Fletcher Paine STARRETT (b.1883), m1. Clara STITZ (d.1923), m2. Elsa HERMAN.
References: C368, C785. Elizabeth Hunt STARRETT (1841-1909), m.1868 Augustus B. VAN de MARK. They lived at Clinton, Lenawee Co. MI. Anna M. VAN de MARK (1868-1877). Claud L. VAN de MARK (1874-1877).* Fred G. VAN de MARK (b.1879), m.1902 Helen BENSON.
References: C368, C785. Robert Montgomery STARRETT (1840-1893), m.1860 Margaret Jane MONTGOMERY (b.1843). They were married in Franklin Co. OH.* Nettie Jane STARRETT (b.1862), m.1895 James F. WRIGHT. Samuel Thompson STARRETT (b.1864). Fanny M. STARRETT (b.1867). John Calvin STARRETT (b.1871). Amy Blue STARRETT (b.1877). George Alfred STARRETT (b.1883).
References: C785. George Washington STARRETT (b.1842), m.1870 Martha J. WHIPP (b.1845). They lived on E. Tompkins St. in Columbus, Franklin Co. OH.* Kate STARRETT (b.1871), m.1896 James Albert ASTON (b.1856).
References: C785. Mary Weaver STARRETT (b.1844), m.1868 Ebenezer C. ARMSTRONG (b.1842). Mary probably d.bef 1894, for in that year he m2. Jane YARDLEY. Olive Lorain ARMSTRONG (1869-1897). John Robert ARMSTRONG (1870-1893). Mary Naomi ARMSTRONG (b.1872), m.1901 Edward PFLOTZGRAY. James Ebenezer ARMSTRONG (1874-1894). Anna Jane ARMSTRONG (1876-1893). George Montgomery ARMSTRONG (1878-1878). Martha Mabel ARMSTRONG (b.1881).
References: C785. Emily STARRETT/SNOWDEN (1859-1943), m.1879 Jermain Gildersleeve PORTER (1852-1933). She was born in Perry Twp., Franklin Co. OH, and he at Buffalo NY. Emily was adopted by her Aunt Abigail and Philip SNOWDEN []. She and Jermain were married at Washington DC. He was a son of John Jermain and Mary (HALL) PORTER. He was a professor and served as chief astronomer in charge of Mount Lookout Observatory at Cincinnati OH for more than 25 years. She died at Hagerstown, Washington Co. MD, and he died at Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH.* John Jermain PORTER 2nd (1880-1956), m.1908 Edith Louise FRAZER (b.1879). Ruth May PORTER (1883-1889).* Harold Mitchel PORTER (1893-1963), m.1921 Nancy Beatrice BOYER (1898-1988).
References: C368, C785, C787, C886. Edward Alton (Alton Edward) STOUT (b.1847 at New Haven MI), m. Bessie Lee _____ (b.1855 in Oakland Co. MI). Minnie STOUT (b.1872).* Almon STOUT (1876-1903), m. _____. He was killed in a mine fire at Mine No. 1 in Saginaw Co. MI.* Alton Edward STOUT Jr. (1877-1950), m. Carrie Electra VAN WERT (1878-1950). Clifford J. STOUT (b.1878). Edward STOUT (1884-1899), died of pneumonia at St. Charles MI.
References: C23. Spencer Washington STOUT Jr. (1858-1925), m.1883 Jennie TEFFT (1866-1935) daughter of Charles and Emogene TEFFT. He was born in New Haven, Shiawassee Co. MI and died at Rocklake, Towner Co. ND. She was born in NY and died at Garfield, Saginaw Co. MI. They were divorced in Dec 1906. In 1897 the family homesteaded a quarter section in Rocklake, Towner Co., ND.* Ruby STOUT (1885-1918), m. Earl _____(OLSEN).* Charles Harrison (name changed to Harry Edward) STOUT (b.1888), m1.1913 Adine Margaretta JOHNSON (1884-1972). They were divorced in 1930. He m2.1934 Bessie SEXTON (1902-1973).* Pearl STOUT (1891-1950), m.ca1907 Tom WILEY (d.1940).* Louis Spencer STOUT (1894-1980), m.1915 Frances Willard BOYD (d.1978). Mae STOUT (1901-1914), died at Rocklake ND.
References: C23. Lorilla Ann "Rilly" STOUT (1862-1936), m.1881 Cal SPERLING (b.1858). She was born at New Haven, Shiawassee Co. MI and died at Traverse City MI. According to the 1900 census, Lorilla was the mother of six children. Floyd SPERLING (b.1885 at Swan Creek, Saginaw Co. MI). Nina SPERLING (b.1888 at Swan Creek MI). Edgar SPERLING (b.1891 at Swan Creek MI). Henry SPERLING (b.1896 at Swan Creek MI).
References: C23. George Edgar STOUT (1868-1950), m.1895 Lovica GOODFELLOW (1875-1948) at Branch Twp., Saginaw Co. MI; she was a daughter of Wesley and Sarah Angelina (BARTHOLOMEW) GOODFELLOW. He was born at New Haven, Shiawassee Co. MI and died in Saginaw Co. MI. She was born at Manlius, Onondaga Co. NY and died in Saginaw Co. MI. They are both buried in Riverside Cemetery, St. Charles, Saginaw Co. MI. George was a coal miner most of his life. Lula May STOUT (1896-1928), never married.* Sarah Angela STOUT (b.1903), m.1924 John Henry (Harry) LISTER (1901-1974).* Wesley Edward STOUT (1907-1953), m.1929 Dorothy Pearl MARSHALL (1911-1979).* Eva Henrietta STOUT (b.1910), m1.1932 Edwin James PALMER (1911-1945), m2.1951 Ray McCANN (d.1976). Son, born and died 3 Aug 1920.
References: C23.

6DJ Charles Adelbert VOORHEES (1851-1943), m.1869 Ann(a) E. BOLEY (1854-1931). He was born in Hillsdale Co. MI and she in OH. They were married in Lenawee Co. MI. She was a daughter of Horace and Alvira (HOLMES) BOLEY. Charles was a carpenter. He died in Madison Twp., Lenawee Co. and is buried at Dibble Cemetery in Wheatland Twp., Hillsdale Co. She died at North Adams MI and is buried at Northlawn Cemetery at North Adams, Hillsdale Co. MI. Louella VOORHEES (ca1869-1960), m. Ambrose HOUGHTALING. Minnie VOORHEES (b.ca1871). Adopted by a family in AK. Winnifred VOORHEES (ca1871-1955), m.1890 Emmit LEWIS. Twin of Minnie. Alvira VOORHEES (b.ca1873), m. William SHARP. Frankie (Frances?) VOORHEES (b.ca1875), m. _____ ESSELTYNE.* John DeWitt VOORHEES (1878-1958), m1.1898 Dollie LEWIS, m2.1923 Lida Delia MARRY (1895-1980). Nellie VOORHEES (ca1883-1969). Never married. Floyd VOORHEES (ca1885-1918). Never married. Harley A. VOORHEES (1889-1945), m. Ola SAWDY.
References: C640.

6DK Julia JENNINGS, m. Newland C. SAUNDERS. Grace H. SAUNDERS, m. Oscar M. LEVERSON.
References: C833. Laurette RAPPLEYE (1840-1916), m.1854 George STAPLETON (1834-1890). She was born at Houston, Adams Co. IL, and he at Red Marley, Worcester, England. They were married at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co. UT. They died at Elsinore, Sevier Co. UT and are buried there. The children of this family appear to have changed their name to STAPLES. George A. STAPLES (1856-1940), m. Susan HAWLEY. Sara Louisa STAPLES (1858-1926), m.1875 Joseph W. ROBINSON. James Tunis STAPLES (1860-1930), m.1881 Ruthette GARDNER. Lauraetta Jane STAPLES (1862-1943), m.1877 Elias GARDNER. Joseph Levi STAPLES (1864-1942), m. Matilda ANDERSON. William Henry STAPLES (1866-1952), m.1887 Mary Ella CRANE. Clara Semantha STAPLES (1869-1944), m. Otis Ely ROGERS. Mary Sophia STAPLES (1872-1947), m. Peter E. CHRISTENSEN. Ammon Franklin STAPLES (1874-1950), m. Caroline JOHNSON. Alveretta Augusta STAPLES (1876-1954), m.1899 Charles John ENGAR. Rachel Alice Dora STAPLES (1879-1931), m. Nels C. POULSON. Moroni Andrew STAPLES (b.1880), m. Carry TUNISON. Eliza Roxi STAPLES (b.1884), m. Lafayette HILL.
References: C985. Clarissa Cymanthe RAPPLEYE (b.1842), m. John Smylie LOTT (1826-1894). She was born at Macedonia, Hancock Co. IL, and he at Bridge Water, Susquehanna Co. PA. John died at Joseph, Sevier Co. UT. Adelbert Franklin LOTT (b.1860), m.1883 Susan FARNSWORTH.
References: C985. Ammon Llewellyn RAPPLEYE (1844-1903), m1. Elizabeth Larsen FARR, m2.1866 Anna Sophia LARSEN (1848-1908), m3.1886 Eleanor WOODARD (1840-1933). He was born at Macedonia, Hancock Co. IL. Anna was born at Aasum, Odense, Denmark. They were married at Corn Creek, Millard Co. UT. She died at Kanosh in Millard Co. Eleanor was born at Lundenham, London, England. They were married at St. George, Washington Co. UT. They both died at Kanosh in Millard Co. UT.
First marriage: No issue.
Second marriage: Sophia Louisa RAPPLEYE (1867-1966), m1.1883 William Freeman HUNTER, m2.1917 Hyrum Andrew NELSON. Elizabeth Cymanthia RAPPLEYE (1869-1941), m.1889 Julius Alonzo ROBERTS. Laura Francis RAPPLEYE (1872-1900), m.1892 George William ROGERS. Ammon Tunis RAPPLEYE (1873-1963), m.1906 Thursa Elizabeth NAYLOR. Edwin Alpheus RAPPLEYE (1875-1910), m.1903 Lillie Amanda PETERSON. Bertha Laurina RAPPLEYE (1877-1878). Mary Eleanor RAPPLEYE (1879-1955), m.1903 Frank Eugene BARNEY. John Aaron RAPPLEYE (1881-1881). Emma Ann RAPPLEYE (1884-1934), m.1910 Hyrum William ZWAHLEN. Lillian RAPPLEYE (1886-1965), m.1905 Lewis Warren PETERSON.
Third marriage: Mary Adelia RAPPLEYE (1887-1980), m.1909 Andrew CORTSEN.
References: C985.

6DL David Franklin Marcellus RAPPLEYE (1848-1914), m.1875 Laura Elizabeth MORRIS (1854-1944). He was born at Cartersville, Cerro Gordo Co. IA, and she at Payson, Adams Co. IL. They were married at Rockville, Washington Co. UT. David died at Fountain, El Paso Co. CO. Laura died at Cowley, Big Horn Co. WY. They are buried at Cowley. Laura Eleanor RAPPLEYE (1877-1933), m.1901 Robert O. BROADWAY. David Franklin RAPPLEYE (1879-1960), m1.1906 Myrtle CROSBY, m2.1915 Florence Luther CROSBY, m3.1937 Myrtle Celestia HARRIS. Clara Louisa RAPPLEYE (b.1881), m1.1902 Burt GIBSON, m2.1911 John Barnes SNELL, m3.1953 Joel W. FLAKE. Hyrum Tunis RAPPLEYE (b.1885), m.1914 Mary BALLARD. William Edwin RAPPLEYE (1887-1930), m.1913 Carrie Hulda DREW. Roy Adelbert RAPPLEYE (1890-1924), m.1922 Jean SLADE. Thomas Marcellus RAPPLEYE (1893-1896). John Rowe RAPPLEYE (b.1895), m.1937 Linda Maria Antonia DE LOUISIANA GUERRA.
References: C985. Ezra Tunis RAPPLEYE (b.1851), m.1871 Jane Lucinda BLACK (1855-1948). He was born at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co. IA, and she at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co. UT. They were married at Kanosh, Millard Co. UT. Jane died at Provo, Utah Co. UT and is buried there. Ezra died at Tropic, Garfield Co. UT and is buried there. Ezra Tunis RAPPLEYE Jr (1872-1953), m1.1900 Elizabeth JOLLEY, m2.1913 Mary Ellen DE WITT. Eva Almira RAPPLEYE (1874-1935), m.1894 David Franklin KLEINMAN. Ada Louisa RAPPLEYE (1876-1956), m1.1894 Sidney Josephus Nephi Albert BLACK, m2.1915 Andrew Jason HAWS. Ida Mary RAPPLEYE (1878-1958), m1.1896 Walter George ROGERS, m2.1908 William Ephraim CHATWIN. Jennie Maud RAPPLEYE b.1880), m1.1899 William Taylor REYNOLDS, m2.1953 Orson Pratt KING. William Valentine RAPPLEYE (1882-1963), m.1903 Mary Lirenda JOLLEY. Sarah Mabel RAPPLEYE (b.1884), m.1903 Henry Alphius JOLLEY. Victoria RAPPLEYE (1886-1946), m1.1904 Robert Dundack YOUNG, m2.1935 Francis HENRIE. Laura Ette RAPPLEYE (1888-1915), m.1907 Joseph Alvin BELL. Ruby Jane RAPPLEYE (1891-1959), m.1915 Raymond Alvin ROSEQUIST. Lillian RAPPLEYE (b.1893), m.1913 Heber Rollo PAGE. Clarcy RAPPLEYE (b.1898), m.1915 Antonio SEGURA. Edna Florence RAPPLEYE (b.1899), m.1919 George WILSON. John Adelbert RAPPLEYE (1902-1903).
References: C985. Edwin Richmond RAPPLEYE (1854-1926), m.1876 Alice Jane GROW (1857-1941). He was born at Lehi, Utah Co. UT, and she at Florence, New Brunswick, Canada. They were married at Kanosh, Millard Co. UT. They both died at Kanosh and he is buried there. Their children were born at Kanosh. Edwin Tunis RAPPLEYE (1877-1941), m.1902 Georgianna BIRD. Franklin Alonzo RAPPLEYE (1879-1914). Albert Llewellyn RAPPLEYE (1881-1907), m. Etta HOPKINS. Parley P. RAPPLEYE (1884-1920), m. Mabel GEORGE. Alice Irmgard RAPPLEYE (1888-1888). Mary Louisa RAPPLEYE (b.1890), m. Henry Clay PETTY. Lorna Lauraette RAPPLEYE (1892-1908). Jesse Elias RAPPLEYE (b.1895), m. Edith _____. Mildred Beatrice RAPPLEYE (b.1899), m. Lehi El POULSON.
References: C985.

6DM John R. RAPPLEYE (b.1842), m.1868 Margaret HENDERSON (1841-1891). He was born at Orange, Schuyler Co. NY and he died there. He is buried at Tyrone in Schuyler Co. Sardis RAPPLEYE (ca1869-1917), m. Ida GILES. Adelbert RAPPLEYE (b.ca1870), m. Ida CRANE. Daniel W. RAPPLEYE (ca1872-1894). Mary RAPPLEYE (b.ca1873). Homer RAPPLEYE (1874-1876). Cynthia RAPPLEYE (b.ca1876), m. Bert BENJAMIN. Jesse W. RAPPLEYE (ca1879-1965), m. Maude HUTCHINSON. Alex RAPPLEYE (b.1885). Oakley RAPPLEYE (1889-1963), m. Eva _____.
References: C985. Myra Lewisa RAPPLEYE (b.1843), m. Daniel OWEN (b.ca1840). She was born at Orange, Schuyler Co. NY and he was also born in NY. Their children were born at Orange. John OWEN (b.1866). Mary OWEN (b.1868). LeRoy OWEN (b.1870). Ellie OWEN (b.1872). Katie OWEN (b.1874). Elizabeth OWEN (b.1877). Willis OWEN
References: C985. Emily RAPPLEYE (b.1846), m. James O. SCOTT (b.1838). They both were born at Orange, Schuyler Co. NY, as was thier daughter. Myrtle SCOTT (b.1865), m. Albert A. HICKS.
References: C985. Margaret Elizabeth RAPPLEYE (b.1850), m. Nehemiah POWELL (b.1842). They both were born at Orange, Schuyler Co. NY. Leland POWELL (b.ca1867). Ellie POWELL (b.ca1869). Joseph POWELL (b.ca1881).
References: C985. Jackson Henry RAPPLEYE (b.1852), m. Ella E. POTTER (b.1855). He was born at Orange, Schuyler Co. NY and she was also born in NY. They were married at Orange. Ema Lee RAPPLEYE Lillian RAPPLEYE (b.ca1885). Edith RAPPLEYE
References: C985.  

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