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Welcome to The NEW National Blue Family Association Homepage we hope you enjoy your visit and come back often.

Please take a second to bookmark this site before you forget.

This site was first post on the Internet in 1992.  We have enjoyed a very long and informative history at this site.  We have found many 'new" cousins over the years. We hope that you may be able to also find a "new" cousin from visiting our site. 

You are welcome to add links from your site to our site.  LINKS TO OTHER FAMILY BLUE SITES CAN BE FOUND AT BLUE FAMILY LINKS. We are always happy to add links from any Blue Family site to our site. Please send your URL to Sandi Koscak and she will visit your site then add a link to the NBFA site. If you have additional information you would like to share with the Association.  You can do it one of two ways.  :

  First,  The Chalice our NBFA newsletter, you are welcome to send family news, family research articles, new or old photos, births, marriages or Death information Please send your information to William H. Blue or  Sarah Bitter.  We are always looking for "Blue family news" 

 Second, The NBFA Website we are always happy to post Births, Marriages or Death announcements on the website. Please send your information to Sandi Koscak
If you have additional information on any of the Blue Family lines please contact William H. Blue .

Best of hunting and do keep us all updated on your family tree.

The National Blue Family Association is
now a registered non-profit organization in the state of Texas. Our members include people with an interest in the genealogy, history and origin of the Blue family surname and its many variations. (BLAW / BLEW / BLAUEN / BLAU / BLU et al) and allied lines. 


Most of the BLUE families in North America belong to either the Dutch BLUE family or the Scottish BLUE family.  There are Irish BLUEs, but most of these originated in Scotland.  Other BLUEs are of German, French, or Afro-American origin.

  The major Dutch BLUE family descends from a couple associated with the Dutch West India Company, Frederick Janss and Grietje Janss.  They are believed to have originated in the northern part of The Netherlands and appear in the records of the Dutch Reformed Church in Recife, Brazil, in the year 1646.  By 1651 they were in New Amsterdam, where Frederick Janss received a grant of land.  Their son, Jan Frederickse (John, son of Frederick) took on the surname BLAUW after the British took over the colony.  Many of Jan’s descendants migrated to New Jersey, then westward to Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia (West Virginia).  From these locations they spread throughout the United States and Canada.
 The great majority of the Scottish BLUE families in North America originated in Argyllshire, the maritime county in southwestern Scotland.  Some of these came by way of Ireland, and spent a generation or two there before coming to North America.  The earliest known Scottish BLUE family to emigrate was that of Malcolm BLUE (1700-1766) and his wife, Sarah SMITH, from Cantyre, Argyllshire, who came in 1748 and settled on the Cape Fear River in North Carolina.  In the following decades many more Scottish BLUEs arrived, settling in Ontario and the Maritme Provinces of Canada, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  At this time we have identified about thirty Scottish BLUE families.  Research in Scotland may eventually lead to the connecting of many of these families.

Please feel free to join us in the search for your roots. If we have been of any help in your search, please let us know by contacting any from the list below we would love to hear from you. If you have additional information on your line please contact one of us.


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