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Scene in Bellingrath Gardens, Mobile, Alabama

The Bellingrath Gardens are located on Picturesque Isle-Aux-Oies-River, about 17 miles from Mobile on U. S. Highway 90.  The natural beauty of this estate is made more beautiful by the thousands of Azalea Shrubs, which burst into bloom the latter part of February.  At the height of the flowering season the blooms completely hide the limbs and leaves of these plants.  Solid masses of flowers in shades of white, pink, salmon, red, orange and cerise.


Casino Santa Catalina Island, California


Mission of San Juan Capistrano -- California

This Mission of San Juan Capistrano was founded by Father Junipero Serra of the Franciscan Order on November 1st, 1776.  While it contains the oldest church building in the state, it is the seventh in California in order of establishment.

The Mission is located in Orange County on the main highway about halfway between the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego.  It is named after San Juan Capistrano, or St. John, a native of Capistrano, which is a town in the Abruzzi in Italy.

This Mission, like all other Missions in California, was established for the noble purpose of civilizing the Indians, teaching them the Christian religion and useful industries and making them self-supporting.

The material used in the construction of the Mission were boulders, adobe, sandstone and iron, beside the tile, mortar and raw-hide.

The Stone Church, the most magnificent of all the Mission Churches in California, was started in 1797, finished in 1806 and destroyed by an earthquake in 1812.

The present bell-wall was built in 1813.  The bells rung daily.

The arch-lined quadrangle around which the mission buildings are clustered is called the "patio", each side measuring approximately two hundred feet.  In the Mission days, it was used as an outdoor workshop for the Indians.

Thousands of people annually visit the Mission, who find it most beautiful and interesting.  The Mission is now the parish church of San Juan Capistrano.  The grounds and buildings are open for admission to visitors daily.

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

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Mission Garden

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

North or Patio Garden, showing Fountain of the Four Evangelists

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

Campanario, Stone Church and Garden

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

East or Serra Church Corridor

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

Old Chapel Arches

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

Campanario and Statue of Father Serra

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

Altar in Serra Chapel

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

Front Corridor

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

Front Corridor

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

Sacred Garden

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

Front Cover


Fort Marion and Matanzas River.  St. Augustine, Fla.

Old Fort Marion - Interior.   St. Augustine, Fla.

Post Office Plaza.   St. Augustine, Fla.

The Sepia Albertype Card

The Albertype Co.   Brooklyn, N. Y.

Slave Market.   St. Augustine, Fla.

On Indian River Florida

The Oriental Gardens - Jacksonville, Florida

Sunset at Baywood Park, Panama City, Fla.


Jeep and 37 M. M. Gun  Ft. Benning, Ga.

Two Ship Models of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Collection, Little White House, Warm Springs, Georgia

Two ship models of the President's collection, both made by admirers and given to Mr. Roosevelt.  The larger model of wood, named "F. D. Roosevelt" is on top of sideboard in Living Room-Dining Room combined of the Little White House, Warm Springs, Georgia.

Stone Mountain, Largest Solid Stone in the World, Atlanta, Ga.

Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Cann,  Star Route, Cranberry, Penna.

Hello,  Having a grand time except I haven't seen Bud yet.  Have been busy every minute since I arrived.  Love, Millie

Postmarked Hapeville, Ga. Oct. 12, 1942

Greetings from Clarkesville, Ga.  (1960's)

Beautiful Northeast Georgia   Vogel State Park

Vogel, in Blood Mountain Cove high up in the Blue Ridge, is Georgia's most popular state park.  Its Lake Trahiyta is the ideal spot for swimming, boating and fishing.  Hiking and bridle trails lead to many scenic and historic spots, including the top of Georgia's highest mountain, Brasstown Bald, the peak seen in the distance.  The recreation area has cabins for vacationers, sites for campers, and a supply depot.  Vogel Park is on U. S. Highways 19 and 129, about 100 miles north of Atlanta, near Blairsville.  (1960's)

Kimsey's Motel

Clarkesville, Georgia

Next door to Hill's Restaurant. Located in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains, Georgia's best fishing lakes nearby. 16 units all with air conditioning, T. V., electric heat. Open year 'round.

Camp Pinnacle, Clayton, Georgia, owned and operated by Baptist Woman's Missionary Union of Georgia.


The Tribune Tower, Chicago.

To:  Mr. W. Wesley Blum  1144 E 2nd St.  Oil City, Pa.

Hello Sonny, You and Betsy should have seen the movie I did to-night with all sorts of wild animals.  I'll see you pretty soon now.  Hazel (Postmarked Chicago June 23, 1927)

Madison Street Bridge, Chicago.


Sectional View of Jaenicke Gardens (Swinney Park) Fort Wayne, Ind.

To:  Mrs. T. G. Pruin,  Rear 1124 E. Second St.,  Oil City, Penna.

Postmarked Nov 22, 1948 - Fort Wayne, Ind.

Dear Annie -  I hope the black & blue spots have worn off.  We didn't see about your coal.  I hope you have enough to run until the coal strike is over.  The bus strike here is over so I went downtown yesterday.  I'd like to see a hill.  Millie is still here - getting anxious to go tho'.  Bud just got home (my ink ran out) He's been going back after supper most all this week.  Lovingly, Hazel

Fort of Gen. (Mad Anthony) Wayne in 1794, Fort Wayne, Ind.

I hope the wreaths aren't getting you down - I'm starting pretty soon - Bud & Millie are taking a nap - I'll sleep on the train - leaves about three.  I hate to leave them but I know you need me worse just now.  They are all O.K. Elaine is darling.  I'll be seeing you to-morrow I hope.  Hazel

Mrs. W. A. Cann

Cranberry, Penna.


Public Park Ackley, Iowa

There is no date on this but Annie Cann & T. G. Pruin were married here in 1907.

Written on front - How is this for a Park aint it a hummer.  The seats are like hens teeth.

On Back - Ma sent Will a bunch of papers so I'll send a bunch of cards.  The band plays every Friday eve in that band stand aint it fine.  Gosh won't we have a time here sauer kraut Day, wish you fellows were here.  Would have a time like a parrot & a monkey.  Will send Bill some cards the next time.

To: Mary Cann


Pretty Residence Section on Cherokee Parkway, Louisville, Ky.

Postmark - Ind. & Louis  Dec 11 T847  A. P. O.

Sun shone brightly as we crossed Ohio into Covington Ky.  Am at Louisville leave at 3 am for Bowling Green am enjoying scence along en route  W. A. & M.

Mrs. T. G. Pruin   18 Holliday St.  Oil City  Pa

Bridges over Little Trammel Creek on Jackson Highway in Allen County, KY.

Christ Church, Bowling Green, KY.


A typical "Gingerbread Cottage" in Oak Bluffs, Mass., on Martha's Vineyard.  Famous for its hundred of gingerbread cottages this town was once called Cottage City.  Color photo by DeWolf Thompson (1960's)

A lady named Jean Thompson lives here - She paints portraits for a living.  She must be at least 65.  Steve and I met her last summer.  She gave me the plant that I don't know the name of.

Old State House Boston,  Mass.

Mrs. W. A. Cann  Cranberry Pa  .

Dear Mary,  I'm having a fine time down here since Tuesday at Aunt Kate's. How are you all? and write me some time. Am meeting a lot of relatives that I have never met.   love Angelina


Post Headquarters, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

To:  Mrs. W. A. Cann,  Star Route,  Cranberry, Pa.

Dear Gram,

Well here I am in another hole.  I refused my commission cause I didn't think I'd be any grade.  They evidently didn't like it, so here I am with an A. P. O. number.  I wanted Specialist training but I guess I won't get it now.  I'll write when I know my address.  Lovingly, Budd

Pvt. Wm. W. Blum Co B-2 8th Inf.  8th Div APO #8 Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.

Postmarked Jan 14, 1943 - Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Service Club, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Postmark Jan 14, 1943   Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Mrs. Hazel D. Blum 1364 Lewis St. N. E  Washington, D. C.

Dear Mom,   Well here I am & haven't any address yet but I'll write as soon as I do.  We are almost 90 miles from nowhere.  I much prefer Alabama.  But everything is as I said in the letter.  So there aren't any hopes I guess.  Write just as soon as I let you know where.  Love, Budd

Pvt. W. W. Blum   Co B   28th Inf.  8th Div  APO #2   Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 

New York  

Colonnade, Chautauqua, N. Y.

(On Back - Published by Harry H. Hamm, Erie, Pa.)

Bathing Scene, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua Lake, N.Y.

(H. H. Hamm, Toledo, Ohio)

St. Elmo, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua Lake, N.Y.

(H. H. Hamm, Toledo, Ohio)

Entrance to Allen Park, Jamestown, N.Y.

First Methodist Episcopal Church, Olean, N.Y.

(Published by F. R. Brothers & Co., Olean, N.Y.)


Oil Derrick & Rock at Rock City near Olean, N.Y.

(Published by The Buffalo News Company)

Ithaca, N. Y., Central Avenue.  Cornell University Campus.

This is very hear the house we selected to-day.  It is a beautiful place.  Katherine M. D. Garrett

Postmark - Sept 10 1910 - Ithaca NY

Miss Margaret Cann  Care of Mrs. T. G. Pruin   Halyday Street Oil City

Oak Hill Park   Olean, N.Y. 

No. 11 Hand Colored

Twin Rocks, Rock City.

Published for "Up-To-Date" Variety Store, Olean, N.Y.

Olean, N.Y., Tank City near Olean.

Postmark - May 17 Oil City, PA South Side Sta.

Mrs. Mary Cann   Oil City, Pa.  R. F. D. #2, Box 123

Sorry to trouble you to mail the money but don't suppose I will see you so you can send my mail to  Oil City, Pa.  P. O. Box #33  Clara A. Tucker;  Paid May 25, 1911

North Carolina  

Gymnasium and Indoor Stadium, Duke University, Durham, N. C. - The new Duke University gymnasium has a seating capacity of 12,000, making it one of the most commodious structures of its kind in the South.  Not only is it used for various indoor sports, but for occasions of large assemblage such as commencement, concerts, etc.

Postmark - Nov 6, 1942 - Camp Butner, NC

Pvt. Wm. Blum   Co A - 14th Tr. Bn; B. I. R. T. S.; Ft. McClellan, Alabama  From: Pvt. L. T. Button, Ind. Bn. H. Q. Co. Ind. Reg; 309 Inf. 78 Div., Camp Butner, N. C.

Hi Budd,   So we're all here in the Inf.  The whole 1st platoon just split up all over the camp.  It's new with barracks, good grub, no cussing.  Imagine.  Write, Button


Edgewater Park Beach on Lake Erie, Showing the Skyline of Cleveland, Ohio

(On Back - Edgewater Park, on the West Side of Cleveland, covers 117 acres with 6,000 feet of frontage on Lake Erie.  It contains beautiful lawns, shady walks, and driveways; athletic fields, children's playgrounds, refreshment pavilion and beach, and provides outboard motor boating.)

To:  Mrs. Hazel Blum,  1337 Valley Pl., S.E., Washington, D.C.

Postmarked Cleveland Ohio ? 1942

Hello,  We are having a grand time.  Will probably see you Friday.  Love, Millie & Budd

Other -  

Which One Do I Pull to Get Cream?

Dear Grandma,  We are in Atlanta for a week.  Budd has resigned his M. position as of April 15th.  He's looking now.  Judy picked this out.  Love, Millie

To:  Mrs. H. D. Blum,   Terrace Bldg.,  Polk, Pa.

Postmarked:  Madison, Ga.  Mar 28, 1949

Postmark - Apr 29, 1939  Chicago Ill.

From:  Lester Codert Chicago, Ill;  Coyne Electrical School, 500 S. Paulina St.

To: Wesley Bloom   Cranberry, Penn.

Chicago, Ill   April 29, 1939

Hello Bud, I am sorry I didn't write to you sooner but haven't had time.  I wish you lots of luck fishing.  I got a letter from B. Henderson he said he was out but it was no good.  Well so long and ans. soon.  From an old pal.  Less Codert

Wed AM   11-10-65

Dear Folks, Betty just called that Danny arrived in OC 9 last nite - got home at 11 - sleeping yet.  Said Bud tried to persuade him to stay.  At least you tried hard.  He told Betty some of our "junk" was in the trunk.  It was 21 deg at 8:30 AM - I guess the coldest this year.  Betty was pleased Linda sent the kids things for their collections.  I don't think I asked yesterday if you have any special Christmas

decoration needs from here - instead of our waiting till late to ask you.  My hands are like ice.  I've been carrying & cutting wood, using the fireplace & the kitchen stove.  Gram was wondering if the red lantern would work. (After the blackout started) It must have been terrible in elevators, on that bridge & in subways.  I guess people in subways could get out but would have to feel way along.   Mother

Postmark - Nov. 10, 1965 - Kennerdell, PA - To: Mrs. W. W. Blum, Rt. #3, Fayetteville Ga.   30214


Tusculum College, Greeneville, Tenn.  "Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains"

Rhododendron on Roan Mountain N. C. and Tenn.

Cherokee Lake Seen From Top of Cherokee Dam, Tenn.


Skyline Drive winding over top of Blue Ridge Mountains

Shenandoah National Park, Va.

Postmarked Oil City, PA   May 5, 1942

Miss Katie McLean   G. V. T. S.  Walker Park   Georgia

Having a grand time.  We were married Saturday.  We are at his Grandmothers now.  Write me.  Love Millie & Budd

Washington, D. C.  

The Pentagon Building, Washington, D. C.


23 Rockefort.-  Hopital Maritime - LL.

226 Saint-Malo.  La Grande Porte L?????e Miraculense. - LL

45  Le Mont-Saint-Michel.  Le Chateau et la Merveille (cote est) - LL


The War Scenes in Northern France.

Postmark Cranberry, Pa  Jan 12, 1942

Mrs. W. A. Cann   Cranberry, Pa.

There will be no class meeting this month.  Mrs. Kugler has been sick & the weather so cold, we are postponing it till Feb.  Mrs. Perry


24 Cartes Postales Artistiques   M. D.

La Place Colbert

Les Dupleix a passant sous le Transbordeur de Marirou

Porte de l'Arsenal

Poste - Telegraphs - Telephone

Prefecture Maritime

Les Cours - Grandes Allces

Place Colbert - Fontaine Monumentale

Porte de La Rochelle

Caserne Charente

Les Halles

Porte Lesson

Bassin No 2

Hotel de Ville

Caserne des Infirmiers

Eglise Saint-Louis

Flotille de Torpilleurs

Rue de la Republique


Square Grimaud et Statue Edouard Grimaud

Arsenal - Jemmapes


Statue de l-Amiral Pottier

La Nouvelle Gere

Tour des Signaux

Arsenal  Interieur de la Salle d' Armes - Allee principale

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