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1696 Poll Tax

Aberdeen & Freedom Lands
P606 Isobell Castle, relict of William Sangster, weaver, no stock, child, nor servant, £0 12s 0p
P606 Jean Clerk, her grandchild, pollable.

Auchredie (New Deer)
P11 Lands of Nethermure & Old Mad. George Castell, cottar, & his wife, 12s 0p

P122 Nether Ardmachine & Dykesyde. Alexander Castle, servant,
P117 Turnalove. Issobell Castle, spouse of William Reid, grassman
P118 Over Ardmackrone. Jean Castel, spouse of William Watt, grassman

P278 Mains of Fyvie. Margaret Castell, wife, her general poll is, 6s 0p
P278 Mains of Fyvie. James Sinclair, cottar (no trade), the said Margaret Castell being his wife, 6s 0p
P283 Stonmanhill. Robert Fitt, cottar (no trade) & Issobell Castell, his wife, 12s 0p
P285 Mickle Gourdas, Andrew Castell, cottar (no trade) & Elizabeth Kennert, his wife, 12s 0p
P309 Mackterrie. William Castell, cottar (no trade) & Isobell Davidson, his spouse, 12s 0p
P309 Mackterrie. Andrew Castell, gets charity out of the Church, inde no poll

Old Deer
P621 Issobell Casile, hyrewoman, her fee pa 10merks, fortieth part & general poll, 9s 4p
P626 Meikle Kirkhill. Peter Castell, hyreman, fee £11 4s fortieth part & general poll is, 11s 6p
P626 Shanous. James Castle, herd, fee pa £2 fortieth part & general poll, 7s 0p
P626 Milne of Hakehillock. William Castell, suttor, & his wife, & good daughter, £1 4s 0p
P636 Lands of Quithell. Majorie Castell, grasswoman, 6s 0p

P147 Inlaisk. Patrick Castell, servant, 10s 0p

P179 Coulie. James Castell, 9s 6p
P181 Mains of Knapernay. William Castle & his wife, 12s 0p

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