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Ancestors of Betty Janelle Smith

Through a long and involved search, I have discovered that the pioneer families from which I descend not only did much to contribute to the creation of the state of Texas where I make my home, but also their ancestors helped to lay the foundation of this great nation we know today. Over 175 years ago, the Bell brothers made their way to Stephen F. Austin's Colony which became Austin County, Texas. Their friends and relatives soon followed, participating in the taming of a primitive wilderness, cutting the timber, cultivating the fields and carving plantations out of a land that had never before seen the plow. Their struggles with hostile Indians, disease and famine are only part of the story in their daily fight to survive in this fledling nation. They took up arms against Mexico when their freedom was threatened, dying at the Alamo and fighting their way on to San Jacinto. Religious freedom, another cause for which they continually fought, was always at the forefront of their push westward. Many of them Scots-Irish, driven from their native Scotland, pushed to live for awhile in Ireland, migrated to the colonies with a contempt for the British which eventually led to the struggle for Independence. Many of these early Texans descend from patriots who fought in the American Revolution.

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The ancestry report uses 'Ahnentafel' numbering. This means that the numbers for a person's parents will be twice as large as that person's number. For example, if a woman's number is 15, her father will be number 30, and her mother will be 31. Her child will be number 7.

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