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I have spent many years discovering my family history and have come to find an awesome story. This adventure began for me in Austin County, Texas, in Bellville where I was born, and where I still live. It traces back to the very beginnings of this country, some branches reaching back into the 1600's to Jamestown and possibly Plymouth Rock. These pages will never be complete because the history just keeps accumulating and more stories evolving.

The majority of my ancestors can be traced back to Virginia in the early 1700's, living in the era of the Colonies, when the United States was still just a part of the British Empire, the New World where many who desired to escape tyranny and wanted religious freedom had fled. The following pages tells the story of many of these remarkable American Pioneers.

The states from which they come are: Alabama,Georgia,Florida,Illinois,Massachusetts, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee,Virginia

Countries: England, Ireland, Scotland,Germany, France









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