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Updated - January 10, 2000
"Woah boy, we're in the oughts!"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season! I have removed the Christmas decorations to make room for Valentines Day!

<~insert musical interlude here~>
. . . time keeps on tick'in - tick'in - tick'in . . . in-to the fu-ture . . .
<~and now back to your regularly scheduled programming~>

The following corrections or additions have been made, and have brought our Family Relations count up from 653, to 662! YeeHaw!

Maria C. Nutick, A.E. (Tony) Collier, Lora Lee (Howard) Johnson, Jack Lee Johnson, and Philip Wayne Erwin, have been added to the Accolades page. Thank you so much for your help!

The birth & death dates for Daniel Hendricks Trout have been corrected.

The family info for Mary Sain has been corrected - Her parents are Elizabeth Huff, and John Sain. I had mistakenly listed her Grandparents, Rosanna Mauck and Casper Sain/Zurn, as her parents.

Caroline Dresser's nickname has been changed from Cali, to Cally.

The individual that I had listed as Robert King, is in fact Bob Nelce King. (Sorry Uncle Bob!) His children, Lonnie Nelce King, Storme Robin King, and Tonya Elizabeth Zuabelle King, have been added to the tree..

The family group of Monroe Madison Howard and Anna Mae Crow, has grown! Thanks go to Lora Lee (Howard) Johnson, her husband Jack Lee Johnson, and Lora's son Philip Wayne Erwin, for alerting me to errors and updating my information! I hear we will be receiving more from them soon, so stay tuned!

New surnames have been added to the "Surname" page.

Updated - December 26, 1999
"Tonight we're gonna party like it's nineteen ninety-nine!"

There have been two corrections made within the Family Scrapbook of Harry Wilson (HiButch) Holroyd and his wife Mildred (Wright) Holroyd.

It has been brought to my attention that one of the photos that I had labeled as a photo of Harry and Mildred, was actually a photo of Harry's sister Imojean and her husband. (OOPS) These are definitely the kinds of things that I need to know, thank you so much!

The second correction was that of another very interesting booboo that was found on that same page. You see, I had met with Harry on several occasions; as he was very interested in his Family genealogy, and desired to pass down any information that he could. Well, I of course wrote down everything (probably too diligently), and at some point he pulled a fast one that flew right by my overworked brain. At the time, he had probably thought that I knew he must be kidding, but I wrote everything down as it was told to me, and never questioned the fact that he had said, "I worked for the Postal Service. I was a Post Master General!" Well, I scribbled, bibbled, and moved right on to the next subject; completely missing the fact that he had just told me that he was THE man in charge of the ENTIRE United States mail system! He was probably waiting for me to ask him about it so that he could tell me he was actually an Assistant Post Master, and that his comment had been a, "HaHa". But, it went right over my head, and he most likely forgot about clueing me in later. But oh, it didn't stop there. Now, in my diving into so many branches of the family tree at once, and trying to type from my notes as accurately as possible, I missed it again! Dang it! (hehehe) Luckily, someone caught it for me (and will hopefully let me live it down someday).

HiButch, you're such a stinker. I love you, and you are missed!

Updated - December 20, 1999

The Family Tree has been planted, the Web Site has been uploaded, and Christmas cards have been sent to all those family members that I have current contact information for. WooHoo!!

Z z z z z z z z . . .

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