Monroe Democratic Club - Dorothy Abbott
Monroe Democratic Club - Dorothy Abbott

The image shown below is a clipping from The Home News (Bronx, New York) and is probably from the mid-1930s. Dorothy Abbott is pictured in this news item about the Young Women's Division of the Monroe Democratic Club planning a "cruise dance" to be held by the group at Vasa Castle Hall. Dorothy loved to dance and it's not surprising to see her connected with the planning and preparation of this event.

The caption incorrectly lists the order of the women pictured in the back row. Dorothy Abbott is the fourth person from the left in the picture and not the fifth person as the caption indicates.

Margaret Hogan, a very good friend of Dorothy's, is the third individual pictured in the back row. Aso shown in the picture is a woman named Rita King (next to last in back row). Although I have not yet documented the fact, it is possible that Rita is a member of the King family, which is related to the Abbott family through the marriage of Lillian M. Abbott to George Leo King.

Source: The Home News, Bronx, New York (no date of page number). Clipping is from Dorothy Eleanor (Abbott) Delaney's collection.

Newspaper Clipping Showing Dorothy Abbott - The Home News (Bronx, NY)
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