Cecelia Abbott's Burial Fee Receipt - St. Raymond's Cemetery (Bronx, NY) - 1933
Cecelia Abbott - Burial Fee Receipt

The image below shows a receipt issued to J.M. Mulligan, the Abbott family undertaker, in association with the burial of Cecelia Abbott on May 6, 1933, at St. Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx, New York. The receipt indicates that the undertaker paid the cemetery $25.00. According to the receipt, Cecelia died at age 16 at Presbyterian Hospital in New York, NY. This information corresponds with that which is provided on Cecelia Abbott's death certificate.

Cecelia was buried in one of the graves that her father, Jameson Francis Abbott, purchased when Agnes Abbott, died in 1926. Jameson had paid $100.00 to purchase two graves at St. Raymond's Cemetery, with enough space to accommodate six burials.

Source: The image shown below was scanned from a photocopy sent in 1991 to Dorothy Eleanor (Abbott) Delaney by her niece Barbara E. (King) Donaghey, who apparently had the original receipt in her possession at that time.

Image of burial fee receipt for Cecelia Abbott issued in 1933 to undertaker J.M. Mulligan by St. Raymond's Cemetery, Bronx, NY
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