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Arlington National Cemetery - Arlington, Virginia
Florence Victoria Delaney Grave
Cemetery Map
Calvary Cemetery - Woodside, New York
Abbott Interment Letter
Entrance and General Views
History of Cemetery
Fresh Pond Columbarium - Middle Village, New York
Edwina Acker (Lowery) Delaney,
Jessica B. (Lowery) Stocks &
Carl Winslow Stocks
Green-Wood Cemetery - Brooklyn, New York
Entrance to Cemetery
Lowery - Curran - Otto Graves
Lowery - Otto Headstones
Abner B. Curran and
John Hawkins Lee Lowery Headstone
Cemetery Map - 1872
Holy Cross Cemetery - Brooklyn, New York
Entrance and Views
Cahill Graves
Cahill Interment Letter
Delaney Grave
Delaney Interment Letter
Cemetery Map
Melrose Abbey Mausoleum / Angels Lawn Cemetery -
Anaheim, California
(Entombment / Burial - Bruce Delaney / Marian Bernice Delaney)
Mausoleum, Chapel, Grounds and Entrance
Oakhill Cemetery - Oakhurst, California
Carrie (Depuy) Glass and Roy Glass Burials
St. Michael's Cemetery - East Elmhurst, New York
Schreiber, Quimby and Ziesse - Interment Listing
St. Raymond's Cemetery - Bronx, New York
Abbott Family Graves (including some with King surname)
Abbott and King Interment Letter
Receipt for Purchase of Abbott Graves
Burial Fee Receipts For:
Agnes Abbott
Antoinette M. (Schreiber) Abbott
Cecelia Abbott
Jameson Francis Abbott
Cemetery Map
Westminster Memorial Park - Westminster, California
[Burial - Susan Ruth (Heil) Delaney ]
Entrance and Views
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