The Gondola Company's Web Page Announcing Delaney's Sea Shanty Restaurant Opening for Dinner on June 9, 2008
Gondola Co. of Newport Web Page Announcing That Delaney's Restaurant Would Begin Serving Dinner June 9, 2008
Delaney's Restaurant Opening for Dinner

Newport Beach, California

June 9, 2008

The Gondola Company of Newport announced on its web page that a new seafood restaurant, opened by Michael Delaney and his family, would begin serving dinner the evening of June 9, 2008.

The announcement mentioned the original Delaney's restaurant that had been in business for thirty years in Newport. It indicated that "the original Mr. Delaney" [Fran Delaney] had sold Delaney's restaurant to the Blue Water Grill and that he had retired.

Source: (Oct. 2008)

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