Obituary for William Montgomery Delaney - 1912
William M. Delaney - Obituary
Image of William M. Delaney's Obituary in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 1912 The obituary displayed in the image on this page indicates that William Montgomery Delaney died on Saturday, October 12, 1912. The death occured at 625 East 28th Street, Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. He was the son of John Francis Delaney and Margaret (Montgomery) Delaney. William had been born in East New York and "Most of his life he had lived at Nicco, Fla., where his father had an orange plantation." The Nicco, Fla. reference is most likely a mistake or typographical error. The property that his father, John Francis Delaney, had owned was actually in Micco, Florida. The obituary also mentioned that William "was formerly well known in racing circles, and was a cousin of William F. Delaney, Democratic leader of the Twentieth Assembly District."

Besides his parents, survivors included his widow, Florence (Merklee) Delaney, two brothers, Harold Delaney and Martin Delaney, and four sisters, Maude Delaney, Loretta Delaney, Florence Delaney and "Mrs. Jesse Hodges (Bernadette Marie Delaney).

Source: Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Tuesday, October 15, 1912, page 3.

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