Fencing Class - Bernadette Hodges - 1927
Fencing Class - Bernadette (Delaney) Hodges

The image shown below, which was cropped from a page in a 1927 American Pictorial Magazine, depicts Bernadette Hodges with one of her fencing classes. It is likely that the scene is from some location in Brooklyn, New York. Bernadette (Delaney) Hodges, born in 1881, would have been about 46 years old when the picture was taken. Bernadette Marie Delaney was the first child born to John Francis Delaney and Margaret (Montgomery) Delaney. Around 1902 she married Jesse Thomas Hodges.1

I have been unsuccessful in finding the publisher of the American Pictorial Magazine in order to track down a better quality image of the picture and article. The isolated electronic image that I came across is simply dated 1927, without reference to the page number, month or where the magazine was published.

Source: American Pictorial Magazine, 1927.1
Bernadette (Delaney) Hodges Pictured With One of Her Fencing Classes - American Pictorial Magazine - 1927
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