Wedding Between Franklyn Henry Lowery and Mary Ellen Acker in 1888
Lowery - Acker


November 28, 1888

The newspaper article shown on this page reports that Mary Ellen Acker ("Mollie Acker") and Franklyn Henry Lowery ("Franklin H. Lowery") were married on November 28, 1888 at the residence of Mollie's mother, Mary Ellen (Bernard) Acker ("Mrs. M.E. Acker"). The "Acker Villa" where the ceremony took place was located at Bay Sixteenth Street, Bath Beach, Brooklyn, NY. The announcement reports that Mollie was "one of the best known young ladies in Bath Beach social circles."

Two of Mary Ellen's sisters, "Misses Annie and Jessie Acker" (Anne Laura Acker and Jessica Martha Acker) were the bridesmaids. And two of her brothers, Joseph Bernard Acker and Benjamin Dunham Acker, were ushers.

This newspaper article includes the names of many of our relatives as well as names of individuals who are related through marriages:

  • "Mrs. M.E. Acker" - Mary Ellen (Bernard) Acker. Mollie's mother and my great-great-grandmother.

  • "Mr. Benjamin Acker of Philadelphia" - Benjamin Dunham Acker. The bride's brother.

  • "Mr. Joseph Acker of Boston" - Joseph Bernard Acker. One of Mollie's brothers.

  • "Mrs. Smith Acker of Cincinnati" - Alice Augusta (Brennan) Acker. Wife of Smith Acker, who was one of the bride's brothers.

  • "Miss Lillian Acker" - Sister of the bride.

  • "Miss Gladys Acker" - Gladys Olive Acker. The daughter of Benjamin Dunham Acker, the bride's brother, and Henrietta "Etta" Maude (Mugridge) Acker.

  • "Miss Grace Acker" - Grace Vera Acker. Daughter of Smith Acker, the bride's brother, and Alice Augusta (Brennan) Acker.

  • "Mrs. E.J. Lowery" - Emily Jane (Martin) Lowery. The mother of the groom, Franklyn Henry Lowery, and the widow of William Benjamin Lowery, who is my great-great-grandfather.

  • "Mr. Walter Lowery" - Walter Gorham Lowery. Son of Emily Jane Lowery and William Benjamin Lowery, and the brother of the groom.

  • "Mr. and Mrs. Philip Acker of Iselin, N.J." - Philip Acker and his wife Jane (Evans) Acker. Philip was the brother of the bride's mother, Mary Ellen (Bernard) Acker.

  • "Mr. S.H. McFadden" - Stephen Henry McFadden. Anne Laura Acker (Annie Acker), who was one of Mollie's sisters, married Stephen McFadden in 1889.

  • "Mr. and Mrs. T.J. O'Connel" - Thomas J. O'Connell and his wife Catherine E. (Brennan) O'Connell. Catherine O'Connell was the sister of Alice Augusta (Brennan) Acker, the wife of Smith Acker.

  • "Master Chester O'Connel" - Chester Arthur O'Connell. The son of Thomas J. O'Connell and Catherine E. O'Connell.

Several other individuals are named as guests, some of who may prove to be related to our families pending further research: Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Coombs, Mr. William and Miss Addie Teed, Mr. and Mrs. J. Porter Whittier, Mr. William Spear, Congressman elect Thomas F. Magner, Miss Nellie Bergen of Newark, New Jersey, Mr. John Tabor of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy, and Mr. and Mrs. Milo P. Andrews of Menlo Park, New Jersey.

Source: Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Wednesday, December 5, 1888, p. 2.

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