Bernadette Delaney of Brooklyn Visits Anna Montgomery in Burke, NY - April 1897 Newspaper Story
Bernadette Delaney
of Brooklyn, New York


Miss Anna Montgomery
in Burke, New York

Source: Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat

Friday, April 16, 1897

This newspaper story extract in the Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat announces the local events in the nearby community of Burke, New York.

One story in the column indicates that a "Miss Bernice Delany of Brooklyn, NY, is visiting her aunt, Miss Anna Montgomery."

Although the last name is spelling as Delany, this is almost certainly a member of the Delaney family. Furthermore, the individual named would appear to be Bernadette Delaney, daughter of John Francis and Margaret (Montgomery) Delaney. While it is possible that Bernadette went by or was called Bernice by family and friends, this is the only known reference to her in that manner. It is possible, too, that the reporter simply got the name wrong, just as the spelling of her last name was incorrectly printed.

Bernadette Marie Delaney, who was born in 22 August 1881, would have been about 15 years old when she paid this April 1897 visit to her Aunt Anna Montgomery in Malone, New York.