Everthing Happened to Him (Page 321 & 322) - Harold F. Delaney
Everything Happened To Him - The Story of Tex Rickard


Mrs. "Tex" Rickard
(Maxine Hodges Rickard)

Maxine = Maxine Hodges, daughter of Bernadette Marie (Delaney) Hodges and Jesse Thomas Hodges, and granddaughter of John Francis Delaney
Mrs. Hodges = Maxine Hodge's mother, Bernadette Marie (Delaney) Hodges
Harold =
Harold F. Delaney who introduced his niece, Maxine Hodges, to Tex Rickard at Madison Square Garden circa 1926

Maxine, Tex and Mrs. Hodges at the 1926 Philadelphia Sesquicentennial Exposition, the night of
the Dempsey-Tunney fight (Thursday, September, 23, 1926) recalling how Maxine Hodges and Tex Rickard were introduced
by Harold Delaney. Maxine and Tex are about to announce their marriage plans.

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