May 16, 1929 New York Times Article About Partial Sale of Tex Rickard's Furnishings
Image of New York Times Article About Auction of Tex Rickard's Possessions - 16 May 1929
Rickard Furnishings
Sold At Auction

On May 16, 1929, the New York Times published a story about the sale at auction of a "small part" of a $100,000 collection belonging to the late sports promoter Tex Rickard. The sale was conducted by Fifth Avenue Auction rooms, located at 341 Fourth Avenue in New York, NY. The furnishings and works of art were to have been used in a mansion that Tex planned to build in Florida, but which was not undertaken due to his sudden and unexpected death on January 6, 1929.

Maxine (Hodges) Rickard attended the sale along with Maxine's mother, Bernadette (Delaney) Hodges ("Mrs. B. Hodges"). The article indicated that Maxine had already sold her husband's yacht and that Tex's seven-passenger limousine was scheduled to be sold at a separate auction.

According to this article, Maxine Rickard planned to go to Florida to live in the fall.

Source: New York Times, May 16, 1929, page 4.

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