Maxine Elliott Rickard's Secret Wedding to Frank Dailey - Syracuse Herald Newspaper Article
"Tex Rickard Widow Wed Secretly A Year" - Headline from December 2, 1932 Syracuse Herald (NY) Newspaper Article - Image Maxine Rickard's Secret Wedding

Syracuse Herald Article - December 2, 1932

On December 2, 1932, the Syracuse Herald (New York) published what appears to be an Associated Press wire story out of New York City indicating that Maxine Elliott Rickard had been secretly married for a year to Frank Dailey, "a business man." She is listed as the widow of Tex Rickard, a fight promoter who had died in Miami Beach in 1929. The article states that "Officials of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, where the wedding took place, declined to give any details of the ceremony."

There is one piece of conflicting information and one discrepancy in this article worth noting for the record. A March 17, 1933, New York Times article places the date of the marriage to Frank Dailey on April 24, 1932, which would be less than "a Year" as indicated in the headline of the December 1932 Syracuse Herald newspaper article. The discrepancy involves the date Tex Rickard's death. This Syracuse Herald newspaper article indicates that Tex "died Jan. 10, 1929," whereas George Lewis Rickard's (Tex Rickard) death certificate places the death on January 6, 1929.

Source: Syracuse Herald, December 2, 1932, page 1.