Maxine Rickard Sues Thomas Gill For Divorce - Time Magazine - July 5, 1937
Maxine Rickard Dailey Gill Suing Thomas Gill for Divorce

Time Magazine Article - July 5, 1937

On July 5, 1937 Time magazine reported that Mrs. Maxine Rickard Dailey Gill, the widow of Tex Rickard, was suing Thomas Gill for divorce on the grounds of cruelty.

The story reported that after Tex Rickards death in 1929, Maxine Rickard married Frank Dailey who was a Chicago businessman. According to the story, Maxine married Thomas Gill, a broker, in 1936 after Dailey's death.

Background: Maxine (Hodges) Rickard was the daugheter of Bernadette Marie (Delaney) Hodges and Jesse Thomas Hodges. Bernadette was the daughter of John Francis Delaney and Margaret (Montgomery) Delaney.

Time Magazine Article dated July 5, 1937 - Maxine Rickard Dailey Gill, widow of Tex Rickard, suing Thomas Gill for divorce.
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